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OK KO is coming for Steven Universe


ah geez cramps are THE WORST!! im so sorry you’re dealin with that rn :c  

but honestly… this is such a cute idea *m* jasper’s got heat cramps and pearl, having been on earth for so long without homeworld help, has figured out a variety of nice ways to soothe them 💕

Eggbirth - johnkat

This week kind of has had a running egg-theme to it, so when I said to @bluearturtle I wanna do words but not too many and idek what Suvi said: egg.

So. Egg. Enjoy.

“Well. That was absolutely disgusting.”

John snorts. At any other time you’d think it a pathetic effort, but after just having seen him lay an egg you’re pretty fucking impressed. You’re not sure how he’s still alive. So much blood.

Some of it is still caught under your nails. Not the first time for that.

John’s face is still wet and he kind of stinks, but he’s smiling a little, you can hear it in his voice. “You put it in there, so you’re going to appreciate the fuck out of the miracle off childbirth. Or eggbirth. Hey! Eggbirth. Egbert. Get it?”

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I am almost 18 years old and I STILL love cartoons 

I like Adventure Time

I like Regular Show

I like Steven Universe

I like MLP

I like Rick and Morty 

I like Gumball 

I like Star Vs. the Forces Of Evil

I like Wander Over Yonder 

I like the original Teen Titans 

I like classic Spongebob episodes 

Some good old Simpsons episodes amused me 

I like the old Powerpuff Girls 

I like Over the Garden Wall 

And i ESPECIALLY love Gravity Falls <3

Like I said before, am I almost 18 and I still love cartoons 

My grandma still makes fun of me for liking cartoons but i don’t think there’s really an age to liking cartoons. 

Reblog if you’re old and a cartoon lover like me. :)


random tv and film au [11/ ]                    inception
min yoongi as cobb  
kim taehyung as arthur
jeon jeongguk as ariadne
jung hoseok as eames
kim seokjin as mal
park jimin as saito
kim namjoon as yusuf