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How rfa+V react to MC as the dom


this is for @spankmeyoosung

  • you were tired of vanilla sex… by vanilla I mean the boring missionary style that Yoosung was barely getting use to…. you couldn’t blame the man because he was never inside pussy before and well like he always tell you… your pussy is the ultimate achievement he ever unlocked
  • What yoosung didn’t know about you is that you have tendency to be animalistic…. a tendency to conquer….a need for dominance… you need POOR yoosung to submit his cock and his soul to you… you wants to fuck the life out of him.. you want him to beg for you… to scream your name…. just thinking about it brings chills up your spine… you need to dominate him TONIGHT
  • While he was in class you went to the sex shop and bought the things you needed…. it was going to be his first time being dominated so you didn’t want to scare him off…so you bought handcuffs, vibrators and a gag holder… the night was going to be perfect :’)
  • You went home to set the mood… you cooked his favorite dish and decided to cuddle on the couch… YOU DIDN’T WANT THE MAN TO HAVE A TUMMY ACHE so you waited for him to be ready :) after 3 episodes of YURI on Ice….it was time.. It was TIME TO SHOW YOUR EROS
  • You started to run your hands around his cock…it was soft but not for long “ Yoosung I’m craving you baby…” you continued to rub his cock and you notice his breathing became more heavy… GOOD you love how sensitive he was :’)
  • You moved your body in between his legs and you noticed he was turning red… okay yoosung keep thinking its gonna be a normal blow job :)
  • You unzipped his pants and pulled down his pants with his underwear and his cock sprang open and he was a red mess while you were getting ready to devour your meat…..you slowly went to the tip and started to kiss around the tip and he was getting harder and hard “please baby I can’t handle it no more… please take me” god submitting so easily?? -.- no fun….
  • You told him to sit on the chair and to put his hand behind his back he complied but he was a little worried you handcuffed him and he was like O.O “ Yoosung do you trust me? Do I have your consent of gagging you, near orgasms, whipping and fucking the living brains out of you” he gulped hard but you noticed his cock was growing more… you looked down and smirked cause he was enjoying this “ there will be a safe word…. if you feel uncomfortable or pain just say Stop and I will stop agreed?” He was a blushing mess “ Ye- uh Yes master?” FUCK ME YOOSUNG JESUS CHRIST. YOU SMIRKED AND GOT THE WHIP and glided around his body gently… you noticed he was he was nervous but you tried to go gently at first and then WHIP you whipped his leg and he moaned ????? Okay submissive let’s play
  • You went between his legs and kissed the red area and he shuddered. You then took his cock slowly in his mouth and he was struggling because he wanted to put his hands thru your hair but you wanted to pleasure him because pleasuring him makes your pussy moist.
  • You felt his cock twitch and he was expecting to cum but then you stopped and he was whining while panting “ Baby what the fuck I I need release baby plleeaaasee”
  • You smirked “ SILENCE!! You haven’t earned your release” he was getting impatient he was to pure he was to use to immediate release. “ how do I earn my release master please PLEASE”
  • you straddle his lap and began to grind against his cock….. his cock was being covered in your juices and he was a moaning mess “ you must spank me yoosung. Spank me FUCKING hard. I want your handprint to be on my ass till tomorrow” he wasn’t paying attention so you stopped grinding and BAM another orgasm denial this poor boy was going to cry
  • “FUCK FINE UNCUFF ME AND ILL OBEY MASTER ILL SPANK YOU” and you did just that c: you uncuffed him and you bended over on his lap “ do it not yoosung… SPANK your master” you felt hesitation in his body so you had to yell again “ yoosung SPA-” this boy gave you a little tap…. what kind of spanking is this…. okay time to reassure him “ yoosung I want to feel pain please SPANK me” he gave a little harder tap. You were getting frustrated “ I swear to god I will punish you… you will not come for a whole week enjoy blue balls” you were about to get up and then SLAAAAAPPPP holy fuck that hurt and you loved it “ um more?” “ FUCKING SPANK ME AGAIN YOOSUNG” boy was playing drums with your ass
  • He proceeded to SPANK more and you lived for it. He noticed your juices going down your inner thighs and he had the nerve to wipe it and lick it….you got up and got the vibrator and rubbed it against the side of his cock and you sucked the tip and this man never came so much or so hard in his life
  • He wanted more.


  • you guys had nice sex :’) it was really loving and EVERYTHING. LIKE IT WAS SO FULL OF LOVE AND PASSION. but ….. you wanted to add some spice :’) something to spice up your sex life… you wanted to unleash your inner beast !
  • You told her about how she felt like about her being a submissive and you being a dominant
  • She was a bit hesitant but she was scared because she didn’t know the whole attributions and rules…. JESUS CHRIST her only experience with dominance and submissive is literally 50 shades of grey t-.-t
  • You had to reassure her that it wasn’t going to be like the movie because the movie did a poor representation of BDSM because Christian Grey broke Ana’s trust and everything
  • So you tried to ease her into it. You guys were kissing in the bed and everything and you started to grab her left tit and you caressed her nipple. She let out a small moan because she loved how sensitive you made it. You then left a trail of love bites all the way down to her pants. You looked at her and she gave you a small nod ( consent is always important C: ) you took of her pants and then proceeded to kiss her pussy thru her panties. She was already squirming under your touch. You never done that before and she is fucking living for it.
  • You were thinking….. okay……. slowly but surely dominance…… you pulled her body closer and made her legs rest on your shoulders. Jaehee was like !?!?!?!?. She is waiting for you to take of her panties and get to it. Wtf. I NEED my pussy licked now.
  • But nope. You needed her to NEED you. To feel you. To crave you. You were pushing your face deeper into her panties that you were starting to feel her fat pussy lips spreading. You then start to nibble on the lips and tried to give it a tug. She was growing impatient. She ran her fingers thru your hair and then pushed your head deeper into her pussy. “ Baby…. (y/n) take it OFFFF NOOOOWW”. You were trying to please her but NOOOOOO she wants release right away…. you were gonna teach her a lesson. You removed her legs from your shoulder and got up. She was cussing you out in her mind. You went to the drawer and took two of her toes and a vibrator. You told her if she trust you and she said yes but she was scared. You caressed her head and gave her a forehead kiss. You tied her wrist to the headboard and blindfolded her.
  • You went back to her pussy and continue licking it thru her panties. She was trying to let loose but you tied the tie to tight D:  she was shook. Like what is the pleasure??? What is this??? You then got the vibrator and put it on low and put it around her nipples gently. You put the vibrator on her right nipple and then you started sucking her left one. She was screaming. She was in pure bliss. She was already begging and SCREAMING your name that you had to go quickly to the good part.
  • You went back down and made her get closer to you. You then glided the vibrator down her stomach and you notice her panties was already drenched. You chuckled because you loved how sensitive she was… especially now that her senses are all heighten
  • You then got the vibrator to put it near her pussy. You were going near her thighs and then her inner thighs and you saw her legs ready to shut “ Not today princess “ you made her legs spread even further” you teased her with the vibrator and then you slide the panties to the side and just full force put the vibrator on her clit and you fingered her. She was fucking SCREAMING. SHE WAS SCREAMING that the neighbors were shaking their head. But Jaehee didn’t care. She was about to come
  • You noticed her pussy clenching on your finger and you stopped everything she was furious. But then she felt your fingers touching her lips and she tasted herself. You didn’t let her come for 2 hours. She was dying. When it was about to be the 3rd hour… you finally let her release and she squirted everywhere

SEVEN: *takes place before saving saeran* *quickie*

  • you guys were taking a shower together. It was all romantic and cute because the previous night the both of you had sex. It was full of love and passion. As if he was spilling his heart and soul out to with every stroke and kiss.
  • You guys were suppose to take a quick shower but you thought of why not a quickie. He was washing your back and hair and when he went down to scrub your legs you grabbed his head and forced it to your pussy. He was shook cause this was just suppose to be a quick shower cause y'all had to go. But you didn’t give a fuck. You needed him there and now. You needed to use him to please yourself.
  • You kept grinding on his face and he happily complied because holy shit is she using me as her toy !!?!?!?! You put one of your legs on the shower room wall so he can have better access. You made you come twice and he got up and kissed you. But you weren’t done yet C;
  • He was waiting for you to clean his back and his hair but you had other plans. You grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. You pushed him onto the bed and started to suck him off. He was in fucking heaven. He thanked god he sent the alarm WAY earlier than when he was suppose to. Fuck. You saw his hand trying to grab your wett hair but you stopped sucking and then started sucking on his balls. His cock was twitching. You notice his breathing become heavy. You then got ontop of him and he was so confused like why is everything happening so quickly O: “Baby WE WE don’t have to ru-” you interrupted him by sitting on his cock. He wasn’t use to being man handled like this is not even a quickie D: but he didn’t care because he was honestly getting more hard seeing how you used him like a fucking toy ( kink unlocked )
  • You kept riding and rubbing your clit and he was about to cum because you saw him turning red. You weren’t going to let him cum. Not now. You weren’t there yet. You got up and sat on his legs. You got his cock and put the tip a little but inside you. You then started to rub yourself and you were feeling the heat coming “let me leave evidence that I existed on you “ and fuck he couldn’t take it anymore. Right after you squirted on him he picked you up and slapped your ass and fucked you in the shower.


  • it’s been a long day D: your boyfriend STILL hasn’t shown up to the restaurant. You decided to wait an hour more hoping… praying… he will show up soon :(. But right when you were about to leave pist, you got a text from him saying to go to the music music building and you went there pist. You were huffing and puffing till you went to the main stage you saw a rose petal trail to the center of the stage. You continue following the path till you saw your handsome boyfriend sitting on the little dinner set up he did. HOW CAN YOU BE MAD AT HIM NOW. you can’t. He is one smooth mother fucker. You enjoyed dinner together and had an amazing meal… and probably to much wine….  
  • He went backstage and turned on music and you two were dancing. The dance was nice and romantic and you two were kissing. You were rubbing your hands all over his chest and you took off his clothes. He was shook. You didn’t give a fuck. You sat him down on the chair and straddle him and continue kissing him. You started to nibble his neck and he was grabbing your ass hard… like your pussy lips was spreading… HOLY FUCK. you were getting wet and then you looked into his gorgeous blood shot eyes and stared into them. He was staring at your beautiful (e/c) and got lost in them. He was smiling… you were horny. You got up and told him to lay down on the floor. He did what he said because he never seen so much lust in your eyes that turned him on because he knew this was gonna be exciting.
  • You took of your dress and revealed that you had lingerie on. He was getting back up and your eyes pierced thru him “ Be good daddy. If not your gonna get punish.”  He chuckled “ cmon princess you really think you can control me” you went and stood over him and you picked up your high heels and gently push them to his chest to make him lay back down. “ Oh baby can’t you see.. *you slid your panties to the side and exposed your pussy* I always been in charge baby I’m the one that makes you moan.. I’m the one that makes you beg for this pussy” you fixed your panties and smirked and left to the dinner table. You grabbed the other wine and unpopped it “ if you know what’s good for you when I turn around and head back to you.. so expect you to be fully naked. “ you heard clothes being thrown to the ground and you loved how obedient he was being.
  • You gave him a few mins to go back to his original position and you walked back and took of your heels and went to sit on his lap. “Are YOU sure you want more wine princess” you let the wine drip slowly off the bottle onto his chest “ yes I’m sure” you went closer and licked the wine off. You loved the sweetness mixed with the sweat of his skin. You sucked a little harder and he was trying to grab you to take over but you moved his hands away and went in for a kiss but stopped “ you’re gonna be punish if you do one more stunt” he just rolled his eyes and you were thinking that he was gonna pay for that eye roll. You proceed to cover him in wine till you reached his abs. The whole wine bottle was almost done and then you scooted down and went to his cock. You drinked the last bite of wine and then you just pushed his cock into your mouth. He felt you swallow the wine. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WHAT IS THIS. you continue bobbing your head and he was moaning. He was in pure ecstasy. He was thrusting his hips into your mouth and you stopped. You had enough of him trying to take over.  You went to the candles and blew out the fire. You stood over him and sat down next to him. I’m tired of you being naughty ZEN. Time to get punished. You slapped his stomach and then you slowly dripped candle wax onto his abs and V Line. He was screaming but your notice his cock twitching. He was loving this.
  • You then layed down on your stomach and started to suck him off again. He was losing it. His cock was already twitching inside your mouth. You felt the pre cum forming and you let your tongue lick it up and removed his cock slowly me he saw how there was cum connecting his cock to your mouth. He was begging for you. He needed release. You dripped more candle wax and you saw more pre cumming forming. “ Sit on the chair.” He did what he was told and he sat on his cock and started to ride him. You took off his hair tie and tugged it and you went faster and faster while pulling his hair. He came inside you 10 seconds later.

Jumin:  * listen to 50 shades of grey crazy in love by Beyoncé please”

  • you felt his cock going deeper inside you than ever before “ WHOS YOUR DADDY PRINCESS HUH WHO DOES THIS * He thrusted harder* BELONG TO HUH” you were hanging grabbing the wall for dear life. You were scratching it because this man was fucking you till you saw your brain. He noticed you didn’t respond so he pressed his body to yours even more and your felt the coldness of the wall crawl up your spine. He then bite your shoulder and kept thrusting. You let go of your ass and was only holding you with one hand. Holy fuck this man is gonna kill you. “ he grabbed your face “ speak to when your spoken to princess” he trusted even harder and slapped your tit and he put it in your mouth “ YES MASTER HAN FUCK DADDY ITS YOURS MY PUSSY IS YOURS” you were screaming because you were gonna come. He was sucking on your tits and then he nibbled your nipped. He then grabbed your chin again and made you look into his eyes. You swore you were getting more wet. “ come with me Princess come with me” and he thruster harder and faster. Like how the flying fuck. Fuck. You felt your pussy clench. He then grabbed your hair and pulled it to expose your neck. He started to suck and went faster. You guys came at the same time.
  • *2 days later* you were still sore as fuck. Like you could barely walk. He had scratches, bites, hickies, all over his body. Literally his ear had a bruise. 2 nights ago was the roughest and sexiest sex you two ever had. JESUS Christ you needed another nap. When you woke up you notice Jumin was already home. He was naked… looking like the statue of David. One can even dare to say he was created carefully and precisely just for your legs to fit around his waist. JESUS Christ you did not care that you were sore. You were craving his cock to be inside you. You were craving Jumin Han to be SCREAMING your name. To be begging to be inside your pussy and for his cum to enter your way to your womb. You got up and hugged him from behind. “ I’m surprised you are still able to walk my queen” he chucked and turned around and hugged you. You kissed him and sat him on the bed. “ Jumin do you trust me to try… new things….” he started to laugh “ to try new things !!?!? Kitten we are inventing new positions, new pleasures and even new records!!” You laughed and kissed him “ GOD Jumin im FUCKING in love with you “ Don’t say FUCKING around me princess” he hissed while gently tugging a strand of your hair.  You leaned into him and whispered in his ear “ Let’s try something new daddy please” you backed away and got up and told him to lie down. He complied but there was curiosity in his eyes. You went inside the walk in closet and got the hidden key and opened up the toy room…….;)
  • You got handcuffs, whipps , vibrators, and you put them on the bed. “ should you be the one in my spot princess ?” He said with a matter of fact tone. Cocky bastard. You opened the handcuffs and went closer to him “ nope you are right where I want you to be” you handcuffed him to the bed and smirked. You got the whip and you were touching it and memories came back about how he used it on you and how he made you came with just the whip. You exhaled softly and his eyes were staring at you. You were feeling the hint of the moment and you whipped your tits. You inhaled and let out a small moan escape. You heard him grunt. You needed more. You whiped your self on the tits and one on your ass. You were already marked. You forgot Jumin was there and you were losing yourself in pure ecstasy. You started to pinch your nipples and slapping them. You put your fingers in your mouth and then slowly led them to you pussy. You were imaging Jumin with his firm hands all over your body and SHIT SHIT SHIT.  You snapped back into reality but Jumin thought you were teasing him because his eyes were already fucking you over the table. You smirked trying t play it off and whipped him. He didn’t make a sound. He didn’t even move. What the fuck. You decided to slide the whip past your pussy to collect some of your juices and you passed it through his mouth and you saw a little smile forming. You whipped his stomach again and he tilted his head BACK. You thought he was trying to make you feel better so you hit him harder and he finally let out a moan. You saw his cock become a bit harder if you knew that cock was going to be begging for your pussy.
  • You went to the mini fridge and took out the ice cubes. He was just staring at you and then he saw you with a bucket of ice. Holy fuck. “ Princes. I’m going to punish you so fucking hard after this.” “ Good. But this isn’t about me Mr. Han. And refer to me as Master or you will face consequences for defiance” YOOOOO HIS EYES WERE LIKE O_O you were even surprised like where the fuck did this came from.
  • You put 2 ice cube near his cock 2 on each side of the v line and a trail going down his legs. You got on top of him and put a ice cube on your mouth and you glazed it near his neck. He was gasping. You didn’t care. You love seeing him vulernable. You continue to grace the ice against his shoulder and then you went to the other side and did the same. You kissed him and pushed the melting ice cubes in his mouth. You leaned into his ear and whispered “ you got me… you got me…..” and then you got up and whipped hm again. “ Beg for your master Jumin” and bam you whipped him again and he jerked upwards a little. You knew he wasn’t in pain because his face was started to flush in a light shade of pink.
  • You proceeded to go near his cock and you got the finger vibrator and you were stroking him with it. He was going crazy. He was already moaning. When you decided to put your mouth on him and put the vibrator on his balls he was thrusting his hips up “ FUCK PRINCESSS” you stopped. You got in ice cube and rubbed it around the length of his cock. “ what am I Jumin. What I am”. He was a moaning mess. “ YOURE MY MASTER (Y/N) MY MASTER. YOU GOT LOOKING CRAZY RIGHT NOE FUCK STOPPP. GIVE ME THAT PUSSY PLEASE”
  • *the guards outside were shook. Holy shit a change of pace*
  • “ save me master please….. save me…..”
  • you went ontop of him and looked him into his eyes “ your love got the best of me…. you got me…”
  • and you were fucking riding him. Like the bed was rocking. He was screaming. You put the vibrator to your clit and you were screaming.
  • You then woke up from your nap cause Jumin was shaking you. “Princess are you okay !! He then saw your panties wett… were you dreaming of me baby” you then realized what you needed to do ;). Yes it was a sex dream LOL


  • it’s been 4 whole months since he got his eye surgery. It was a very slow and horrific process for him because when he FINALLY agreed to go to the doctor he was almost fully blind. So the process was going really slow for him :(. He was really sensitive so it was four months without sex. He didn’t really have the energy to masterbate and well you went to the shower and used the shower head. 2 WEEKS past of constant masterbation for you and V actually walked on the shower when you were using the shower head. You gasped and you were embarrassed. He smiled and looked at you “ you are truly beautiful….. I’m glad I got to see what you were doing” how can he sound so romantic when you were doing something nasty??? He is to pure. You guys were taking a shower together and he was looking at every single part of your body. As if he remembering every curve and every line you had. You went closer to him and traced the scars he had because OF THAT FUCKING BITCH.
  • “ My love… uh can we go to the bedroom” awww HE WAS FLUSTERED HOW CUTE. YOU nodded and he led you to the bed. He was expecting you to lie down but you brought him closer to you “ let me be in charge my king” you pushed him gently onto the bed and you heard him grunt. ( YOU WERENT GONNA BLIND FOLD HIM CAUSE THAT SHIT IS RUDE AND AND WEIRD MAN HAS BEEN BLINDFOLDED FOR A LONG TIME)!
  • You were scratching your nails around chest and he was literally staring at the marks you left behind. You scratched harder as if you were trying to mark your territory. You got close to his scar and you just gently rubbed them and kissed him. He sensed your uncertainty that he was feeling guilt. Shit. Our first time wasn’t suppose to be like this. He had to find a way for you to feel comfortable. He grabbed your head gently and guided your way to his lips. His tongue asked for permission to dance with yours and you happily accepted. He broke the kiss and stared into your soul “ please… don’t hold back” YAALLL YAAAAL OKAY OKAY FUCK LOVEY DOVEY LETS GET READY TO RUMMMBLLLEEEEEE
  • Your kissed him again but with more hunger your bit his lip and tugged it. You went to his bench and nibbled on the tender skin and then sucked you sucked your own bites. He was breathing heavily because he wanted to touch you but you keep pinning his hands down. Now this giant can easily flip you over and fucked your pussy tilll you were seeing god but he wanted you to HE in charge he wanted you to be you…
  • Then went to where his heart was and you bit his chest so hard blood was coming out and you even licked the small amount of blood. You were making him yours. You were marking your territory in fear someone would try to get him back. You left bite marks till his V line and you yanked his pants down. Aaaaa you saw his bulge. You started to strike his cock gently through his boxers while your other hand was cupping his balls. His was getting firm and you needed to pleasure yourself as well. So you got on top of him and grinded on his bulge.
  • “ fuuuhhhuukk baby fuck” you kept grinding deeper… faster…. and he was getting harder and harder till your finally felt the tip hitting your clit. You rode him like that and when you saw him about to close his eyes your grabbed his chin “ don’t you ever take your eyes off me… I want you to see how hard you got for me…. how my pussy is gonna fuck you”
  • You guys were forehead to forehead and you looked into his eyes while you keep grinding. It was getting harder for you because you were going to release soon. You grinded faster and you leaned back and finished yourself off. His whole stomach was covered with your cum and you cleaned it up for him with your mouth.
  • You took of his boxers and you slowly went down because you were still sensitive. He felt like he was in heaven. He was staring HOW HIS COCK WAS BEING DEVOURED. You finally grabbed his hands and you grabbed your own breast with his hands and you were riding faster. When he came you got up slowly and he saw how his cum was leaking down your pussy onto his cock. He then flipped you over and fucked you. Hard.
hamilton characters as texts from our group chats
  • Aaron Burr: "yup, im full of bad decisions and shitty judgment"
  • John Laurens: "i guess nothing about me is straight *does finger guns, trips, falls down stairs*"
  • Lafayette: "thanks also kindly fuck off"
  • Alexander Hamilton: "i cannot be quiet for the life of me"
  • Eliza Schuyler: "but wait till its like mad late and cuddle your way out of it"
  • Angelica Schuyler: "imma fucking grab you and throw you in the trash where you belong"
  • Peggy Schuyler: "my parents are sleeping im not going to fucking lunch they can't see if i did or not ahahahahah HAHAHAHAHAH"
  • George Washington: "stillllll i worry i'm the mum friend i can't help it"
  • Samuel Seabury: "*does jazz hands, dances away*"
  • Charles Lee: "ALL I DO IS COMPLAIN"
  • King George III: "i actually have an evil smile on my face right now sbahfjskf its so fun being in command"
  • Thomas Jefferson: "im not going to consider your opinion cause it makes mine wrong"
  • Philip Hamilton: "at least im going to die with style"
  • Maria Reynolds: "i just stood in front of the mirror in my underwear for a good three minutes looking at myself like,,,, bitch"
  • John Adams: "i can't understand whats happening"

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'i don’t know who you are but we keep running into each other on the street and getting into screaming arguments over the stupidest things and i’m actually looking forward to our next meeting bc you’re annoying as hell but gdi you’re hot as fuck and its kind of fun to argue with you’ au REYLO!!!

A gold star I tried modern AU, combined with “i’ve had a really awful day so i started kicking a car out of frustration and it turned out to be your car i’m so sorry” requested by several anons (I love that you were all on the same wavelength here) and “why are you dancing in your underwear to kelly clarkson in a public bathroom while brushing your teeth“ requested by @starssight​!


“Overall,” she tells him, “moody existentialism doesn’t quite feel like the right tone for what is essentially a swashbuckler.”

He manages a curt nod. “I know many critics who would agree with you.”

“Then they’ll probably also join me in bemoaning the fact that you killed your protagonist,” she chides.

“It comes with the job, unfortunately.”

“What— people taking issue with your narrative choices?”

“No.” He flashes a self-deprecating smirk. “Killing your darlings.”

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