i love ukiss!!!!!!!

Things International K-pop fans Say
  • “Shipping is how much?!?”
  • “is it subbed?!?!
  • “When will it get subbed?!?”
  • “The album + shipping is how much?!?”
  • “Is it subbed yet?!?”
  • “Why aren’t they coming to my country for the tour?!?”
  • “Shipping is how much?!?”
  • “The official light stick is how much?!?”
  • “What time will ___ KST be in my timezone?!?”
  • “Why do they never have fan-signing/fan-meets in my country?!?”
  • “Shipping is how much?!?”
  • “Does the contest include an airplane ticket?!?”
  • “Why is this restricted in my country?!?”
  • “Why aren’t I in Korea?!?”