i love ukiss!!!!!!!

  • Jimin: Remember that time you dared me to lick the swing set?
  • Kevin: No, I said, "Jimin, don't lick the swing set," and you said, "Don't tell me what to do, Kevin." And then you licked the swing set.

Eli is a father now and nothing makes me happier than imagining him and the rest of ukiss interacting with his child like imagine how genuinely happy they would all be it would be the purest sight in the world i would pay to see it tbh

When someone won’t stop trash talking your favorite group and the only thing close by is a frying pan


he’s so graceful (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)ง

hoon and soohyun speaking english on asc
  • hoon and soohyun speaking english on asc
  • hoon, soohyun

H: Hello my-my-my-my kiss mes~ 

H: Kevin is like club. (1)

H: Come here Kevin, I-I wanna Kevin

H: Kevin’s like club. (2)

SH: My teams win.

SH: What are you doing Kevin? 

SH: #%#@* I can fly, you know?

SH: Wah-ha! Kevin I love you Kevin! 

H: Kevin’s like club. (3) After school club~~