i love u too much to let go

Honest thoughts about the signs
  • Aries: ur so fun to get lit with and u will fight anyone if they try to put your bff down
  • Taurus: SUCH A RIDE OR DIE and u guys are so warm and loving
  • Gemini: You guys are so funny and ur dreamers which I love
  • Leo: "me me me me me" + super loving and protective when they genuinely care about you
  • Virgo: ur that honest friend that I can depend on for telling me if I look fat or not + u guys go out of ur way for ppl u care ab
  • Libra: ur so pretty and funny and do way too much to please everyone even if they don't deserve it
  • Scorpio: u guys are loyal to a FAULT when it comes to people (usually like only 2) that are close can run you over and you'd still be like "are we still on for lunch"
  • Sagittarius: you guys wanna know the world and you want people to be themselves
  • Capricorn: can you say GO-GETTER?? Ur literally so committed unless ur doing drugs and ur depressed bUt stiLl and u guys are silly
  • Aquarius: u guys seem heartless but it's not true it's just u guys can express love through actions also u love a select amount of ppl
  • Pisces: emooootionallll but ur rly good friends and amazing at comforting ppl :)
the foxes as things i've tweeted
  • andrew: i like hot chocolate and chain smoking instead of doing things i'm supposed to be doing
  • + bonus andrew: 20 likes and i'll kill my crush
  • aaron: exam self care is eating a pound of chocolate covered coffee beans and astral projecting into a wendy's parking lot to knife fight with god
  • neil: this is just a gentle reminder that i am pretty much permanently Emotionally Unavailable thank u goodbye
  • + bonus neil: kiss me or kill me. or both. lets just get this over with
  • kevin: i'm listening to tchaikovsky and shostakovich and getting drunk. this is the fucking #life don't bother me
  • + bonus kevin: my kink is when my teammates do their fucking jobs
  • allison: do i want to kiss her or steal her look?
  • + bonus allison: i want to look good AND fuck people up
  • seth: i'm a literal wet heap of garbage and i want to die
  • nicky: i'm not here to be reasonable i'm here to be gay and have fun
  • matt: listen to me. every time this girl breathes i want to give her everything i own she deserves the world i love her
  • dan: men are weak and disgusting. except for that one he can stay
  • renee: having good friends is a religious experience and i will protect them with my life
  • additional
  • wymack: [letting my cats outside] you are idiots. i hate you. i know youre going to get hurt. [opening door] i love u go get 'em
  • jean: je don't know, je don't care, je want u to go away

[TRANS] Youngjae message to JInyoung, BamBam & Yugyeom 

Jinyoung: And actor Jinyoung hyung. Our Jinyoung hyung who is always frugal. While doing many schedules your appearance is working hard(really handsome). Thank you for always taking care of us. I like it better to have someone like you that says the good and the bad things. Because that way the people who listen can feel more and do better. I feel that I’m fortunate to have a person like you. I’m always thankful. 

BamBam: And our baby Bam to the Bam. Even during the debut days it felt like you were really like a baby. But now you are already 21 even though i’m only 22 and you grew a lot taller& more mature so it feels like I should learn from you too. Bambam always fighting and just grow up mature & cool like now. 

Yugyeom: Lastly our Yugyeomdaengi. Your dance is the best. Honestly… just dont worry. Maybe I saw too many dramas lately but even if i’m born again I don’t think I will see anyone who dances better than you. On the program where u said u will break the stage on and seeing u win 1st place it gave me lots of motivation so thank you so much. I learned a lot from you to maknaes.

I’m not saying that i didnt learn anything from the hyungs

JB: ok ok

I think u became more cooler. 

Our GOT7 I love you and lets go for 30,000 years I love you.

trans by igot7_MarKP

LINK for [TRANS] Youngjae message to JB, Mark & Jackson: 


husband | chanyeol

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

  • probably no longer cares about accidentally hitting u when u play fight
  • but will kiss u so much if he hits u but lets u hit him too
  • sleeps basically on top of u 
  • picks u up a lot and juST??!?!??!?! shakes u? coS HES SO !!! EXCITED UR HIS !!!!!! WIFFFE!!!!!!!!
  • loves grocery shopping with u
  • i love Exo (Korean: 엑소; stylized as EXO) is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups
  • like i was saying
  • loves grocery shopping with u and making u push the cart so he can be gross and wrap hiS arms around u >:(
  • purposely puts things not even on the top shelf BUT ON TOP OF THE WHOLE DAMN SHELF UNIT 
  • and kisses the top of ur head when u ask for help 
  • makes sure u go deaf whenever he claps his hands from laughing
  • loves cuddling u esp at night when u two whisper to each other and he mumbles into ur damn neCk >>::(((((
  • no one ever sees u two ever cos his wild ass always taking u everywhere and ur like why and hes like cos i wanna mark every place ive ever made u cu-
  • when hes away sends u 6 second voice messages of him singing some cheesy ass song
  • yall pray and thank god that exo is REAL!!!!!!!! AND UR REAL AT THE SAME TIME HOW CRAZY IS THAT 

minseok | junmyeon | yixing | baekhyun | jongdae | kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

songs that remind me of gafou

1. I Don’t Want To Let You Go - Weezer

No one likes too much attention from a desperate fool
Still I don’t believe that I can keep it all inside
When I see your pretty face, I almost want to cry

2. The Reason - Hoobstank

I’ve found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

3. Brutal Love - Green Day

Oh, how you want it
You’re begging for it
But you can’t have it
Even if you tried

4. Wasted Time - Vance Joy

Why do you go wasting your time on me
You’re so beautiful now
There’s so much that’s left for you now

5. Always On My Mind - Elvis

Maybe I didn’t treat you
Quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didn’t love you
Quite as often as I could have

6. Dive - Ed Sheeran 

So don’t call me baby
Unless you mean it
Don’t tell me you need me
If you don’t believe it

7. I’m Not In Love - 10cc

I’m not in love
So don’t forget it
It’s just a silly phase I’m going through

8. Many Of Horror - Biffy Clyro

You say, I love you boy.
But I know you lie.
I trust you all the same.
I don’t know why.

9. Time Is Running Out - Muse

I wanted freedom
Bound and restricted
I tried to give you up
But I’m addicted

10. Take Me To Church - Hozier

The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you
I was born sick, but I love it
Command me to be well

11. Two Men In Love - The Irrepressibles

When I look into your eyes
There’s a danger inside
When I see the edge
I can never hide

[Listen to the playlist here]

argetcross  asked:

I love your tiny and elderly Shimura Nana drawings soooooo much. We need more about her. I can just imagine Toshinori piggy backing her until he can't do the muscle form anymore and then it's Midoriya's job, haha. @u@

fdklsjflkjdlsf this is just my interpretation of older Nana but I feel like this would happen after she like…. pushed herself too far? She’s not supposed to walk around without her walker, but she has the mindset of “I’m faster without it” and Toshi and Izuku are just “pLEASE USE YOUR WALKER…” so they carry her and let her dictate where to go. She probably teases them like

“I’m hungry, go over to the cabinet!”

“Okay, I’m - “

“No not that cabinet, the other one!”

“All ri - “

“Actually now I want to eat ramen. Let’s go to the place down the street - wait, I need to get my bag first! On the couch!”

Meanwhile Gran is tired of All Of Them because there’s Midoriya i-can-break-these-limbs Izuku, Shimura i’m-not-That-old Nana, and Yagi how-am-i-not-in-hypovolemic-shock Toshinori

saeranshoe  asked:

It may have already been requested but rfa v and saeran helping mc with a period of bad depression and like they like self harmed/ tried to kill themselves (totally not a self indulgent ask hides in the darkness) thank you so much for your work

oooh what a good time for me to write this, in the middle of my depression wave :0 this actually was a good rant for me, thank u for the request! -Green💚

Warning: Mentions of self harm/attempts of suicide 


-it was just a normal day. that’s how they all start, right? 

-you and Yoosung had actually just came home from a date

-nothing bad actually happened. It really was a great day. 

-so why were you in the bathroom in the middle of the night, yoosung just in the other room, cradling yourself and sobbing your eyes out? 

-you don’t know. you dont know you dontknwo you do n t k n oww 

-god it all just hurt so bad. you don’t know what hurts, but it was throbbing 

-you feel like your whole body is struggling against you and you’re about to burst out of your own skin. 

-so you desperately get up and tug open drawers, not even aware of all the noise you were making

-you finally found some scissors at the bottom of one of the drawers. you cut yoosungs hair with this occasionally because hairstylists cost too much. 

-you’re able to dig the blade deep into your hip only once by the time the bathroom door slams open

-when that door open, so did all the realization and the buzzing pain in your side

-you don’t even look at yoosung, you drop to the floor, throwing the blade away from you and cry 

-there’s so much blood

-yoosung doesn’t really know how to act, because everything is happening so fast 

-but the two of you are in each others arms and crying so loudly you’re scared you’ll wake the neighbors 

-he’s petting your hair with shaking hands, telling you with a watery voice how he loves you and whatever you need he’ll get it, he’ll do it, anything for you, so don’t leave him.


-most likely the two of you are doing it together

-that was a horrible joke oh my god ANYWAYs

-Saeyoung was actually out on a mission for his agency let’s just pretend he didn’t quit yet

-and you’ve just grown numb without him around the house let’s also pretend saeran isn’t here okay 

-you miss him a lot. like. way too much. but there’s something else. 

-and you can’t even think straight as you’re walking out the bunker and out towards the road

-you doubt any cars will come but you lay down on the road and look at the sky. hopefully you’ll get hit while looking at the clouds change shape.

-happy thoughts :)

-your mind is cloudy and the world is hazy you really don’t notice the car coming towards you

-you jump when you hear the screech of breaks and you’re suddenly too aware of how close you were to dying

-and when you see your redhead come out of the car, you break and curl into yourself.

-more than anything, you’re ashamed. guilty. ashamed he saw you like this, in this state. 

-Saeyoung is more confused than anything because it hasn’t clicked in his head fast enough that you were there hoping someone would run you over, but when he’s hearing you sob saying how you were sorry and you just couldn’t take it anymore, it does click. and now he’s crying too. oh god he’s crying so much

-he brings you back in the bunker, and barely is able to get you into the bedroom before he collapses. 

-he’s holding his head in his hands and just crying all by himself, with you there infront of him. 

-he’s crying for you to never leave him, that he’s sorry, that he’ll be better, just don’t leave him

-don’t leave him


-committing suicide was too easy in his penthouse

-you were all alone all day. it was so easy. so so easy

-those pills were just mocking you, so you finally took action and downed the whole bottle

-ha. take that, pills. you finally beat them and their stupid game. you finally won

-but did you really?

-little did u kno,,, Jumin came home early that day! Hooray…!


-you hear him call out for you and out of instinct you turn around, slam the bathroom door and lock it. 

-of course he hurries over and he asks what’s wrong

-and you kind of just

-look down at the empty bottle in your hands and you realize you’re going to die. 

“Jumin… I think I’m going to die.”


“What?! ___, princess, are you alright?! What happened?! Open the door-”

“I took all the pills. I just… they’re all gone. I took all of them..”

- “____, honey, what pills?”

“I-i don’t really know? The title is hard to read… it’s the ones the therapist gave me..”

-the knocks get louder and more desperate

-without really thinking about it you open the door and suddenly you’re being dragged through the halls of your home with Jumin ,,

-jumin crying

-jumin crying?

“Honey, why are you crying?” 

“___, you just tried to kill yourself. I don’t want that. I don’t want that ever, ___.”




-she walked in on you struggling to breathe while hanging in the air. your noose is the bed sheets

-she screams for what feels like the first time in her life. She’s never been more terrified then in that moment.

-Jaehee, if anything at all, is a quick thinker. She get’s up on the bed and quickly rips the sheets from the ceiling, making you drop down to the floor, gasping for air

-she tears the sheets off of your neck and shoves you into her, making you fall ontop of her and she doesn’t care

-her hands are gripping on your hair and back so tightly, and they’re moving all over you so fast like she’s trying to convince herself you’re still there 

-she’s sobbing so bad and eventually her hands make it to your face and she’s kissing you all over


-you have a low enough self-esteem as is

-being with zen really doesn’t raise it any higher

-he tries, he really does, but it makes you feel that much worse knowing that his efforts will never be enough for you. 

-the comments will always get to you. the looks will always burn you.

-so maybe you should just do him a favor for once and just leave?

-you’re mindlessly cutting yourself in the mirror, not really thinking about anything other than dying and how you should run the blade a little deeper this next cut

-when you hear Zen come through the front door, you don’t really know what to do. So you sit still, frozen on the tile of the kitchen of course you have a mirror in the kitchen there’s a mirror in every room 

-you don’t try to hide it. maybe when he sees you like this, he’ll finally get the idea that you aren’t worth it and you don’t deserve him. that he should leave you in the dust like you deserve. 

-you make eye contact with him in the mirror, and his smile immediately drops

-good. you don’t deserve that either, that beautiful smile. you don’t deserve to look at him.

-Zen basically glides to you and forces your hand into the kitchen sink, spraying cold water over your wrists. 

-you flinch at the feeling as he’s suddenly rubbing disinfectant over your cuts

-he hasn’t said a word, even as he’s began to bandage your arm. you don’t say anything either. 

-when you’re all patched up, that’s when Zen finally takes a big breath, and you prepare yourself for the heartache when he breaks up with you. why would he want someone so obviously broken?

- “____, I love you. I’m not a liar, don’t think I am. I haven’t lied to you once since I’ve met you. I love you. I love you way too much to let you go. So don’t. Don’t go, okay? We’ll…. we’ll work on this. Together. Because you’re not alone. I’m here. I’m always going to be here.”


-this h u r t s 

-you could never be like Rika. V would always have her in his heart, and you thought you could accept it. But that feeling. that feeling you could never truly earn V’s full love just because you weren’t who he wanted you to be stung more harshly than the water running through your nose

-you were drowning yourself in yours’ bathtub. 

-it was ironic, no? didn’t V say that’s how Rika died? by drowning?

-ha. maybe this will make him love you more? 

-your vision finally starts to go hazy and black when all the sudden everything is white and cold

-you’re gasping for air suddenly, and you look around you

-but. no one is there.

-you curl into your naked body in the tub, and you sob

-you couldn’t do it. you couldn’t do anything.

-by the time V came home, you were still in the cold water, holding yourself and shivering. 

-he couldn’t really know anything was wrong, other than the fact you were horribly cold, and you needed to get out of the water and warm up, honey!!

“V, I tried to kill myself.”



- “I tried to drown myself in the tub and it never worked, I kept coming out last minute. I guess… I was hoping you would find me. But you didn’t.” 


-n nn ooo o oo my ba b ab yyyy y

-Saeran had been a tad bit more… difficult to handle, lately. 

-Saeyoung had noticed you struggling, so even he was trying to help a little more, even with the small amount of time he had. 

-it was actually Saeyoung that had found you bleeding out in the bathroom, and it was Saeyoung who brought you to the hospital for emergency treatment.

-and it was Saeran who was called by his brother to inform him of your state. 

-it was Saeran that punched the wall. Cried his eyes out and rushed over to the hospital 

-he couldn’t understand it at first. why? why would you do this to him? why would you try to leave him?

-he almost wanted to get angry at you. but he couldn’t. he couldn’t do that when he knew it wasn’t your fault. it was his.

-you were fast asleep in the hospital bed, and Saeran wasn’t surprised. Apparently you had a very exhausting day. 

-so he held your hand, and refused to leave your side until you woke up. And when you did, he had gotten his act together and greeted you with a smile. 

bae jinyoung as your boyfriend

wanna one boyfriends 8/11 - dedicated to @milktaeh

  • let me start off by saying one word only: s h y
  • like listen baejin can look pretty intimidating at first but he’s actually a soft floof
  • especially when he’s around you
  • he just feels very very strongly for you
  • you somehow manage to make his heart race without putting in any effort whatsoever
  • ngl he can get frustrated from time to time because he wants to have the same effect on you
  • will try to make you flustered by stealing random kisses from you but tbh he’ll be the one to end up blushing
  • you’re his emotional anchor and vice versa
  • frequently asks you about your day and genuinely cares about your answer
  • he just cares about you in general and always makes sure to let you know
  • “tell me if things are stressing you out too much, i’ll help”
  • “make sure you stay healthy and get enough rest okay”
  • “you can do it, i believe in you”
  • you’re his number one motivator and bring out the best in him so he’s eternally grateful for that and wants to return the favor
  • the type to send you cute little texts throughout the day to let you know how much he appreciates you
  • “remember that i love u”
  • “never give up babe i’m supporting u so much”
  • “i was about to go to bed but now i can’t stop thinking about u wow”
  • basically he thinks about you all the time so he might get distracted during dance practice with wanna one sometimes
  • which results in the older members teasing scolding him
  • appreciates skinship but he gets shy about it in front of people especially wanna one so he tries to play it down a little
  • speaking of skinship, he loves resting his hand on the small of your back
  • and boi your kisses are his favorite
  • like he will find incredibly dumb reasons and excuses to get you to kiss him
  • even if it’s just a cute little peck, the feeling of your lips on his will make him fucking weak
  • likes having you in his lap with your back resting comfortably against his chest
  • he WILL try and mess up braid your hair so be prepared
  • sometimes he’ll try and tickle your sides but your ass ain’t having none of that so tickle fights are a thing
  • wants to have these cute cooking dates with you but doesn’t want to fuck up so he always buys things that incredibly easy to make
  • “omg jinyoung instant ramen doesn’t count”
  • “well it’s the thought that counts isn’t it”
  • takes you to the beach or a nice, quiet spot in the city to watch the sunset with him
  • y’all frequently tell dumb jokes or pick up lines to each other and crack up at every single one of them
  • could laugh with and at each other for days
  • one time baejin tried using dish soap to clean up a spill on the floor and slipped and you couldn’t stop laughing at his dumb ass for about three hours
  • so sometimes when y’all are being a bit loud again his members will be lowkey highkey annoyed with you
  • “can you kids stop with your obnoxious antics some of the elders do value their beauty sleep thank you”
  • “daehwi shut up you’re like 12″
  • rests his head in your lap
  • likes having you close all the time, especially when the two of you are sharing a bed
  • spooning
  • likes to be the big spoon because he can pull you flush against his chest and nestle his face in the crook of your neck
  • doesn’t ever let go of you throughout the night because he’s the most comfortable with you by his side
  • honestly he just wants to be the perfect boyfriend for you so he tries really hard please appreciate him a lot

exo will love being on knowing bros, because overall is a very free variety show where the guests get to show individual talents/skills, tell stories about their childhood or pre debut, they get to make jokes freely, they get to have fun where not everything is about idol life, but more about their personal life. the hosts job is to make it entertaining for the viewers, but the guests always have a good time being themselves or doing crazy crap they wont do on another show.

Morning After - Yuta (M)

Requested: can you make yuta morning after too?? i know tht request is currently closed but ill wait ^^ thank u!!

A/N: Thank you~ I loved writing this so much^^ This was so short damn!!
Me: Okay, I’m not going to make any of the “Morning After”s smut-
Also Me: *makes the Yuta one smut-ish bc Yuta*


Word Count: 393

He snuggled closer, his soft breathing warming your exposed back. You opened your dreary eyes, letting them focus on the bedside clock.

“Yuta” you whispered.

He shifted, the hand that lay innocently on your hip lazily pulling you closer. You looked at the clock again, breaking free of his caress. He let his arm fall limply to the bed, a sigh leaving his lips.

“Get some more rest” you cooed, lovingly running your hand over his lax arm, giving a reassuring squeeze before you stood up.

You basked in the steaming shower, an unconscious sigh leaving your plump lips as you ran your hands over your sore body under the hot water. You heard a groan from outside the bathroom door. You grew worried and reached to turn off the water. However, curiosity got the better of you. You left the water on, quickly stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around yourself. Quietly, you snuck to the bathroom door, cautiously sliding it ajar.
You brought your hand up to your mouth quickly, stunned by the scene before you. He moaned breathily, pumping faster. He chanted your name quietly, knitting his eyebrows together as he came. His white seed landed on his chest, his hand soon covered. His chest heaved, your gaze trained on the sticky substance that trailed down his broad chest.
You tore yourself away from the door, quickly turning off the shower. You grinned to yourself before biting your bottom lip softly.

You didn’t want to tell him you had watched-

“Is something burning?”

You looked down at the eggs before you and gasped.

“Are you alright?” Yuta asked, a small chuckle escaping his lips as he eyed you.

You nodded, giving him a warm smile. He smiled back before glancing at his watch.

“Ah- I should go pick them up…” he murmured, referring to his parents who were coming over for the holidays.

He stood from his seat, sliding his phone into his back pocket. He made his way over to you, affectionately grasping your hips, leisurely pulling you close. His silky lips met your own in a slow, but passionate kiss, catching you off guard. You clutched the spatula tightly, deflating as he pulled away.

“Minty fresh” he chimed, making you giggle as he placed a kiss on your nose.

“I’ll be back soon.”

Firebender!Mingyu as Your Boyfriend

Originally posted by thirteenhoes

  • He’s the worst person to cuddle with during the summer cause his body is significantly warmer than most 
  • Mingyu loves hugs, but you just can’t put up with that when he’s constantly a hot stove
  • It’s actually really nice during the winter though, so he’s always super happy when the cold weather starts cause that’s when he can cuddle with you without protest
  • It’s so bad when he gets sick with a fever cause he literally breathes out smoke
  • Plus he burns the bed sheets and he’s a whiner 
  • When your hot drink gets lukewarm, he warms it up for you with his hands
  • One time your microwave broke when you wanted popcorn, so Mingyu kinda just put his hand over the bag and it… it just popped 
  • He never wears long-sleeved shirts cause he’s always whining about being too hot
  • Sometimes he doesn’t even wear shirts and you get flustered like mingYU No!
  • He eats at least two pints of ice cream every day during the summer to cool himself down (which is why y’all are broke lmao)
  • I mean there are better ways to cool firebenders down but Mingyu just can’t stop eating ice cream so yeah 
  • Likes to nuzzle his nose into the crook of your neck
  • He purposefully moves around in his sleep until you let him wrap his arms around you 
  • He says it’s because your skin is cooler and it feels really good but he’s like a hot thermos of soup like pls i love u but ur literally too hot
  • Will not hesitate to cuddle with you for the next four hours 
  • He’s always going to come into contact with a part of your body since your skin is so much cooler than his
  • It’s very comforting for him and complaining would be the last thing on your mind if all he wants is to stay cool
  • He’s only ever shown you literal fire once and that was because there was a blackout and u almost died tripping over a chair leg
  • It was cool cause it was the cutest ball of fire in his hand and he was freaking out like:
  • “HeY Are YOU OkaY!? I knOW WhErE thE BANDaGes are!”
  • He’s a handful, but you love him just as much as he loves you and really even if he’s a little hard to take care of, there isn’t anyone else you’d want to be with 

The Blind Boy - Phanart - @jilliancares

Okay, first before we start, let’s please give my poor pens a big round of applause bc poor things I thought I would lose them on the way.

This is the phanart i made for the phanfic The blind boy by jilliancares (which if you are part of the phandom and you haven’t read. Just. Why. Go. Now.) There were so many more parts I wanted to drawwwwww, I actually had more but after a tiny accident in my kitchen (kids, don’t eat while drawing), well, stuff happened, but i really want to draw moreeee. Who knows maybe i’ll do a part two.

hEY jILLIAN. I managed to finishhhhhh. Wuhuuuuu. Pls don’t stare at it too much or else the mistakes are going to reveal themselves. Jk stare at it as long as u want hujujujuuuu. Getting to the important bit, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORY WAS AWSOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MISPLACED (im saving up the chapters, why do i do this to myself) AND JUST LET ME TELL YOU THAT I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE AND sorry if i let you down with the drawings I TRIED MY BEST. I LOV U



bitchynightmarepost  asked:

OMG YOU ACTUALLY ANSWERED ME OMG IM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. Lol sorry I lost myself there for a second lmfao. OK. I'm good now. How would the rfa react to an mc that can purr like a cat? I can and my friends get a kick out out of it lol. Omg I love your blog senpai!!!

omg i would like that tbh 
i love this request lmfao

[ Admin Jiyeon ] 

RFA reacts to an MC who can purr like a cat


  • “Princess/prince.. that’s.. that’s cute but please dont do that again.”
  • He’s a bit sad he cant enjoy his princess/prince who can purr 
  • but he just asks for it 
  • “Babe can u do it again.”
  • “Zen no ur allergic to cats.”
  • “yeah but”
  • “no ur turning red pls no”
  • overall, he enjoys but still get allergic reactions
  • he’d boast you off to seven and yoosung lets be honest 


  • this puppy would love it 
  • his eyes would go wide and his mouth would open wide too 
  • silence
  • “mC THAT’S SO ADORABLE OMG” and he pounces on MC, just fanboying
  • let out the fanboy 
  • Like MC and Yoosung could be cooking and when he’d pat MC and they’d purr, he’d just squEAL AND HUG MC TO DEATH
  • “yes yoosung, I know, Its cute! I can do it! unlike rika who can just hiss.” (to all Rika fans, i’m sorry its just a joke)


  • bad cat experiences but
  • its so cute so she couldn’t resist grinning like a happy child it’s so cute MC picture it for me
  • “That’s.. that’s adorable. You’re so cute, MC.” Her eyes would light up and would pat MC  everytime MC did something right
  • “MC, can you do this for me please?”
  • “ok.” “Jaehee.. did I do it right?”
  • “yes, yes you did!” She’d pat MC and when she hears the purr, she’d me l t
  • like
  • yes MC please keep purring you are so adorable I cannot
  • “MC… I love you so much. Really.” 
  • “I love you too, Jaehee!”


  • Y E S 
  • MC and Jumin were sitting down, just having a normal conversation and when he patted MC and MC purred, he just Mr. Han.exe. stopped working
  • He just stared at MC and just s h o o k
  • then when he started working back, he asked if MC can do it again and when they did, he just became the most happiest person
  • also more cat projects 
  • more cat projects! MORE AND MORE!
  • the whole C&R can turn into Cat & Cuteness 
  • which means Jaehee and Zen will hate jumin more and yoosung and seven will pr a i s e jumin


  • when MC and him were arguing and MC purred because of something (probably a feather flying around) he froze
  • “..what was that. Let’s stop this argument right here and now. You can purr? OMG  THAT’S AMAZING MORE PRANKS TO COME AND MORE ZEN GETTING ANNOYED!”
  • “I can do better. Jk. I cant.” 
  • He l o v e s it
  • he also recorded it once and sent in to Jumin in high quality and bribed him
  • “MC can be your model because she can do this and that.” 
  • he agreed
  • 707 and Jumin are now cat partners 
  • Again, RIP Jaehee!
  • zen being annoyed 25/8

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dating yoon jisung and park woojin

yoon jisung: 

  • you already know he’s a meme
  • he knows exactly how and when to make you laugh
  • probably sends you old memes he finds funny, like the ones with the big text in white with the black outline
  • you’d probably criticize his memes
  • “,,,,hey i’m old i don’t know all this internet stuff”
  • also imitates you for fun sometimes and it can get annoying but it’s okay because you love him
  • he’s so random with it like you two would be cuddling on the couch and he’d just out of the blue
  • “you know the other day my trainer was making me learn this dance combo and i swear i looked like a chicken doing the hands”
  • continues to imitate himself
  • but all the memeing aside 
  • he’s also really surprisingly deep into the relationship
  • it’s nice that he’s not afraid to be emotional and genuine and he’s the same around you
  • because he’s so sensitive he’s always in tune with how you’re feeling
  • “just tell me what’s going on, don’t lie to me and say it’s nothing”
  • and although he tries to hide some struggles from you not to worry you he ends up always telling you everything (after you find out of course)
  • just very honest and open it’s nice
  • he’s soooooooooooo clingy and loves skinship
  • “jagiyaaaaaaaaaa” “honeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy” all day every day don’t expect it to stop
  • will aegyo you to death don’t try and avoid it
  • clings on to you
  • if necessary will let you drag him to wherever you’re going as long as he’s still touching you in some way
  • sometimes the excessive sweetness is for memes but like it’s cute so you play along
  • wow just realized the amount of times i have said “memes” in this headcanon
  • oh well it’s for jisung how can you not
  • would definitely adopt a million animals (only if you were willing to)
  • always wants to take you out on fun dates (arcades, fairs, bowling, etc etc) and will probably whine when neither of you have the time
  • but tbh,,,,,,,, he’d be kinda frugal like he would beg to split the check from time to time
  • doesn’t mean he doesn’t get you gifts, he just really likes free stuff
  • “jisung this teddy bear has the logo of some sort of medical company on it”
  • “hey they were giving them out for free and it’s still cute”
  • fights would be super rare and only if something was super serious
  • and at the point where the two of you are yelling you’re both also crying so like,,,,, what’s the point
  • they end really quickly you two will probably hug it out then talk it out
  • jisung’s a huge fan of talking it out

park woojin:

  • if he’s not already completely comfortable around you before you guys date he would be kinda shy
  • if he’s uncomfortable at first he would try so so so hard to be the model gentleman but ur just like
  • “,,,,,, woojin i got into the car you can close the door now”
  • a cute lil blush on his face that makes it all okay
  • it’d probably take some gentle nudging from you to get him to open up more
  • on the first date looking down and constantly licking his lips
  • nonstop blushing
  • honestly though i think woojin opens up to people from sharing experiences, so as you spend more time with him he will slowly become the lil silly woojin we know and love
  • once the shy phase is out of the way whew you better prepare for the skinship
  • honey this boy is bouta cuddle you to death and you can’t do a n y t h i n g about it
  • just accept that he really likes keeping you in bed and giving back hugs even while you’re doing important things
  • he’s going to be like a puppy that follows you around it’s cute
  • but ofc he’s also that good balance of having his own social life and knowing when you two don’t need to be together
  • let’s be honest though at this point he’s introduced you to all the bnm boys and his friends back in busan and you’re part of each other’s social life
  • mutters “why are you so pretty/cute” all the time under his breath
  • on random nights probably stays awake with some trivial question
  • at 3 am: “y/n do you think fish exist on other planets”
  • “woojin you have practice tomorrow go to sleep”
  • will pick you up, throw u over his shoulder, then go on his merry way
  • or he’ll just pick you up and flip you like a fuckin
  • i don’t even know anymore have you all watched episode 10 because then you know what i’m talking about
  • “woojin please don’t pick-”
  • grabs you from behind “i want food we’re going to the kitchen” keeps walking while you’re just propped up on his shoulder like a flour sack
  • jam sessions all over the place
  • microphone hairbrush, hair whipping, loudspeakers and all
  • for dates he likes really chill ones
  • would occasionally go on busier/wilder dates farther from home but like
  • on a daily basis the most “interesting” it gets is like,,, together in the dance studio or something
  • but it’s okay stay-home/domestic dates are always cute and relaxed there’s never pressure
  • veeerryyyy good listener, he processes everything you’re telling him but sometimes doesn’t know what to say in return
  • he’s not the best with words when it comes to serious or emotional conversations 
  • sometimes that gets you frustrated but it does take a bit to get used to
  • not the most emotionally sensitive (won’t really be able to feel your emotions) but always always always wants you to tell him what’s up
  • “hey, just tell me what’s going on, even if i can’t do much to help it’s better than just letting everything build up”
  • may seem mellow but oh god don’t let him get mad nope nope nope
  • not afraid to ignore you and probably too stubborn to give in
  • but eventually he does because he loves u and it would take a couple days for things to get to normal but that’s because things are getting worked out and compromises are being made

Eating chocolate and complimenting yourself is great and all but in the nitty gritty when you need to help yourself you’ve often been procrastinating and have that task looming over you that’s really getting you down.

1. Prepare. Preparation is the first step to actually starting. Get all of your equipment and resources together, open up your program, go take a shower if you need to. Having a nice drink or snack there to enjoy whilst you start work is good too.

Don’t drag this out too much though! When there’s something to do it’s easy to go spend 40 minutes in the shower under the excuse of preparing to do it. The sooner you do it, the better you will feel!

2. Start. I know it feels really hard, but it’s not going to stop feeling like that until you’ve started. The work isn’t going to do itself, love! You don’t need to rush, and you don’t need to do it all in one sitting! The task at hand is important, whether it be a report or an assignment, so dividing your time can help you a lot. In fact, I think you’ll find yourself somewhat addicted to the work and feeling of productivity once you start.

If it’s a 1500 word report that you have to get done in 2 days, you have 48 hours. So for 15 of those 48 hours, write 100 words. Just 100. That’ll take you 25 minutes tops, and you don’t do them hour after hour - as long as you do that 15 times, your report will be finished, and you’ll still have time to edit!

Alternatively, do it section by section. Scientific reports usually have 8 sections. Instead of doing it all in one sitting, break it up and focus on smaller areas rather than the big picture. Don’t scare yourself!

3. Reward yourself. I’m not saying write 200 words and then go eat a massive bar of chocolate (unless that 200 words was the last 200!) but acknowledge your effort! Half way through? Go take 15 minutes to listen to some music and come back to it. No really, come back to it. I see you trying to extend your break. Just remember that you’ll enjoy those treats so much more without something looming over you that you have to do once you’re finished. It’s so much better to eat a nice snack thinking of what cartoon or movie you’ll watch after rather than how much time you’re wasting and how much faster you’ll have to work on your assignment.

4. After you’re finished, relax. You did it! You should be proud of yourself - you kicked that procrastination in the butt! That said, let this be a lesson. You shouldn’t leave things to the last minute! You save yourself so much stress by doing things early, especially if you do that time dividing trick! Allocate an hour to just write 100 or 200 words and do that until the assignment is done. This makes scheduling a lot easier too!

So now, if you do have that big assignment or report to get done, go and start. Right now. Don’t put it off any longer, love. p l u i e f r o g  believes in you!

ALSO if you like, I’m willing to help you or read through your draft for you! The subjects I take are in my faq, so if you feel like you need help or you want help editing, just send me a message and I’d be more than willing to do that for you. <3

Enemies to Lovers w/ Jaemin
  • sup fam
  • i finally have a jaemin request after yEaRS
  • lmao maybe no
  • but i really love writting about him, he makes me so happy
  • but it doesnt’t matter, shall we start right away ¿?
  • let’s go~
  • okay so, this was basically a one sided hate relationship
  • because i just can’t imagine this baby hating on someone
  • he’s too pure
  • and tbh you don’t even know why you hated him so much
  • he was just positive and bright and everyone was in love with him and ugh
  • basically, he was so perfect that ugh you know
  • woah, how professional
  • also, he would flirt w you all the time and you really hated that bc this bih would always make you blush and let you all flustered and shy
  • he would always be by your side and smile whenever you were talking and wink at you constantly
  • and he would compliment you constantly but at the same time always low-key teasing you
  • “you look really pretty today, yesterday your hair was kind of weird but today it looks great”
  • “your eyes are so pretty, especially with my reflection on them”
  • “your hands are so small compared to mine’s,,, but they fit so perfectly”
  • oh boy, little did you know that you liked him just as much
  • you would be like “boys are ew” but then you would blush whenver he smiled at you and your heart beat would be so fast
  • i mean, it was pretty obvious but you would just kept lying to yourself and it was taking both of aNYwhEre
  • and probably the minis were the ones who made you realize how much you liked him
  • like, you were with all the dreamies going to eat something and each one was talking about different stuff
  • chenle and jisung were probably talking shit of the older members and laughing their asses off 
  • jeno and renjun were probably scolding them and also talking shit about them
  • and hae and mark were in their own world probably fighting 
  • and so were you and jaemin lol or at least you
  • “you’re so annoying”
  • “am i? tell me more about it”
  • “oh, i can go on for hours”
  • and out of the blue renjun would look at both of you and laugh out loud at how stupid you guys are
  • and that laugh of him would caugh the attention of all the members and they couldn’t help but smile too because y’all are adorable
  • and then donghyuck was like
  • “since when are both of you dating?”
  • “me and y/n? since..”
  • “never”
  • “but i like her a lot anyways”
  • both of you just got really blushy while the other members were scrEaMING in the middle of he street
  • y’all probably just laughed it off but for the rest of the day you felt like something changed between you and jaemin
  • suddenly you hated him a little less and would get too shy or flustered to talk with him at all
  • what i’m trying to explain here is that he clearly had a crush on you, right? he wasn’t afraid of showing it
  • but he would do it in such a natural way that it could easily misunderstood as something friendly and this literally surprised everyone
  • i mean, the other dreamies probably knew about his crush bc he would talk about you non stop but hEllo since when are you so sHamELess na jaemin
  • he litterally didn’t left your mind for the rest of the day
  • you were so confused and curious about his words and everytime you thinked about it you couldn’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach
  • and seems like he couldn’t either because guess who sent you a message at like 1 am bc he couldn’t sleep
  • spoiler, iT WAS JAEMIN
  • “please tell me you’re thinking of me just as much as i am thinking of you”
  • “it would be really embarrassing if not”
  • and you could help but giggle at his cuteness
  • both of you talked until your eyelid could barely be open
  • and even if the convo was mostly lots of terrible pick up lines and terrible flirting you still got to know him a bit better that night
  • and damn you loved this cheesy and stupid side of him
  • but both of you decided to go on a little date the next day that made that sleepless night completely worth it
  • you guys probably have a little picnic in a park and talked a lot about yourselves
  • and you were so surprised by how funny and kind jaemin actually is
  • like, you hated on this angel??? whats wrong w you lol
  • both of you kept having lots of dates after that but never confirmed being in a relationship until both of you had y’alls first kiss <3
  • his lips are probably rlly soft and so addictive that as soon as he left yours you had to kiss him again
  • oH mY gOd okay the end
  • i’m so done with myself lmao

ultprocrastinator  asked:

Hi there! I hope your day is going well! So I was wondering if I could get a small (like, 5'1" small) chubby fem!reader playfighting with McCree (and Reaper, if it isn't too much)?

My day was okay so far, hope yours is better ;u;


  • he likes to playfight since he loves to touch you and the way you laugh when he’s silly 
  • the playfight’s starting pretty harmless with bumping and gentle punches, lots of giggling and playful swears
  • unfortunately he gets carried away very fast 
  • lets his temper go wild and the playfight becomes an amateur wrestling match between the two of you 
  • Jesse gets a little sadistic; he’ll let you beg for him to let go
  • he will apologize afterwards for being so rough, but you laugh it off (knowing next time he will get carried away again, so why the fuss?)


  • it’s very hard to get him into a playfight since he’s so stern and grumpy all the time
  • he has to be in a exceptional good mood and the stars have to align
  • he’s a little rough but he makes sure not to hurt you 
  • has a big advantage because of his ability to turn his body into fog (and of course he uses this ability - he plays dirty)
  • Reaper’s not as enduring as McCree tho - he will cancel the playfight when he’s getting annoyed
  • he silently enjoys it

So last year i made an appreciation post and I love making them and I have not made appreciation posts in a hot min so here we are.  (I meant to post yesterday on my bday but i forgot to oops) 

@ragnarable lau, my alien loving friend. I am so sorry I did not make you a bday appreciation post or a graduation one. I just want to say I am so proud of you. You graduated??? No more IB??? Stress is out??? Shitty school is over for you?? I am v proud and excited for you if you can not tell. I love the pictures you send of all your pets. I treasure them dearly. Thank you for always being there for me deer.I appreciate you so much. You are such a great friend. I love you very much deer.

@acmilans Kat, my favorite hoe. I love you so much. One of the people I trust the most (i mean like ya got all the passwords lmfao) Thanks for being you hoe, and trusting me a lot. I LOVE HOW MAD WE BOTH GET OVER DUMB SHIT AND JUST BE RANTING OH MY GOD i live for those convos. Thanks for hyping me up on ig sometimes. You too sweet. I love u v much pal. ((OUR STREAK IS GOING SO STRONG I’M V HAPPY V PROUD)) also that private message you sent really warmed my heart i want to print it out  

@fabiantasticschaer IS BEEN A HOT MINUTE you have come such a long way since we first met and I am so happy for you??? You deserve to be happy and I am glad you getting that. I hope you getting that. Let me know if ya ain’t i got it lol. I love you so much pal and I appreciate all that you have done for me. Thank  you. ((i think abt that eric short story you wrote for me a lot actually.thank you for that blessing)))

@boreussia-durmmund MY LOVE we been friends for such a long time. Lord knows how you put up with me but thank you. Out of the two of us you are the most reasonable and bless you?? We gon be adulting next year and that’s so crazy to me. I am so excited to have 500 pets with you, the only thing that makes adulting seem okay???i love you so much.

@pjacas Idk if you even gon see this bc you never on but BIh. We finally hit our 100 streak??? After like ages of trying to get there. Thanks for putting up with all my complaints i really appreciate it. I know we don’t get sappy a lot and all but I love ya hoe. Even when we don’t talk for 600 years lmao.

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Dating Mafia!Taeyong

The second part to http://sebooty-lyfe.tumblr.com/post/149305747914/mafia-taeyong-au

•basically to sum it up for anyone who hasn’t read my other post, Mafia leader! Taeyong is a smol eomma that pretends he tough
•you’re Jisung’s noona who is like Taeyong’s girlfriend now I guess and a medical student
•they way he confessed was in the last post so check that out if you want to
•now onto the actual post
•basically Taeyong wears a lot of white dress shirts that are tucked in because he likes to keep it neat
•always has a backup black blazer or leather jacket in his office because he thinks he’s a bad ass
•you sometimes stealing the jacket when you visit because who in their right mind wouldn’t
•he’s not even mad bro
•like you look fucking adorable so he lets it go
•if it was one of the boys, they would have gotten smacked already
•bringing him food when he’s working is a must
•he’s always working and not taking care of himself since he’s busy taking care of the boys so guess who’s left with the job of taking care of him?
•that’s right, it’s you
•always has time for you unless there’s a deadline coming up
•then expect to hand feed him and watch him work
•if he’s not busy though…
•sitting on his lap when he’s eating
•Taeyong trying to be cute and feed you too but you already ate
•him pouting because he can’t feed you
•you giving up and letting him feed you even though you’re full
•the boys spying on you and taking pictures
•especially Jisung because he wants some blackmail on his favorite noona and hyung
•making sure you learn to protect yourself incase he’s not there
•but he’s like always there
•or leaves another boy with you and Jisung
•since you’re a medical student, you help everyone get healed up when there has been a fight or some shit
•you even have your own room for all the medical stuff because Taeyong wants the best for you and his members
•becoming the group’s 2nd eomma when Taeyong is busy
•taking care of the minis and making sure they go to school and not skip like they usually do
•he leaves the scolding to you because you’re better since your Jisung older sister and have a lot of experience scolding him
•when you got kidnapped he looked v v v calm
•and was like deadly silent
•even though he was bad shit crazy on the inside
•everyone was like ‘shit’s about to go down’
•and shit did go down
•you were saved in record time
•Taeyong has many many connections so it wasn’t that hard
•plus the guys who kidnapped you weren’t very smart to begin with if they decided to even touch you
•they didn’t even take the tracking device that Taeyong had on your phone
•when Taeyong found you he scanned you to make sure weren’t hurt
•Sniper!Taeil and Hansol already had most of the guys down
•and assassin!Winwin was already beating the shit out of whoever was left with the help of his partner Kun
•he saw a bruise on your face and did finally explode in rage
•made sure he covered your eyes with his jacket so you don’t see world war 3
•you don’t even try to move it after someone untied your hands and legs
•because when Taeyong is serious, you listen
•and he was scary
•but his jacket also smelled v v nice
•when he came back, his fist were bruised and there was some blood on his white shirt
•but you didn’t care because you instantly held onto him tightly because that was scary as fuck
•he doesn’t let go either
•the others that came with him mentally went ‘aw’
•but that didn’t last long since the cops were going to come soon
•but you guys stayed like that all night
•'never leave me again’
•kisses to where ever it hurt all night
•'I love you so much’
•'I love you too’
•even more kisses + cuddles