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@squishwithasideofnaughty​ I really like that concept of 2D pleasing himself with Murdoc’s staff look what you’ve done


Maia and her boyfriend have been dating for eight years, but they’ve never said “I love you.”

Our FYB team wishes Baekhyun the best on his 25th birthday. ❤

Staff Member C:  Happy birthday to the one that always brings a smile to my face, Byun Baekhyun ♡ Although I am not good with words I want to convey my feelings through this on how much you mean to me. Throughout these years you’ve brought nothing but happiness to me and to many other people around the world as well. Your cheerful bubbly self but also your serious self that we all know and love. The voice that we long for, the voice that we’ve come to love. I am so happy for you but now I just want you to be happy, you deserve everything from love to happiness from everyone around you. I guess what I’m trying to say is, nothing makes me happier when you’re smiling. 4 years with you and many more to come, I love you, so so much so happy 25th birthday love ♡ sing your heart out~ and have fun on your birthday party that you’ve been wanting one for so long now! I wish we, fyb staff, could have gone~

Staff member E:  My cinnamon byun ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ It seems like only yesterday you were debuting.Time flies by so fast. I feel honored to be your fan. I can see it in your eyes how much I (your fans) truly mean to you and it warms my heart. I wish I could tell you how much I love you. How much I long to have the opportunity to see you, but for now I’m satisfied knowing you’re happy. I wish I could tell you that I will always love and support your decisions. You deserve to be happy and to me that’s all that really matters. You’re so kind hearted and I wish I could tell you what a precious human being you are. I will love you in your brighest hours and darkest hours. I will love you forever. Happy Birthday my love. ♡

Staff member MR: ,my heart flutters when i see your breath taking smile, and i escape to another world when i hear your voice. you gave me a happiness i needed most and i ended falling for you so damn hard. and its a bittersweet experience but i love every single second of loving you. i want to thank you for being my angel that came to my life when i needed you most. and one day im going to tell you that myself. i can write for days and days about your beauty inside and out, but there’s only so many words that humans can speak, and my feelings for you cannot formed into words other than that i love you so much and im proud to have you in my life and i’ll always be here to help you the way you’ve helped me baekhyun. your name is my favorite word simply for you being the reason im smiling again. thank you baby, thank you so so so much.

Staff member MI: (me as the worst member expressing feelings) Thank you for letting us being part in another year of your life, i hope this day is the best for you and only brings you good memories and good pleasant times with fans that appreciate you so much. I feel so grateful to see you growing up each passing day, becoming a fuller person and an incredibly artist in all ways. I hope you realize how an important aspect you are in my life and how imporant you are to people who follow you steps one by one. Please just be happy❤ after all storms you have been through just be happy for knowing you make other people amazingly happy too❤ happy 25 years sweetest loving baby❤❤ i promise to keep working on this blog until i can’t do it anymore for you and all the fans who love you unconditionally ;u;

Staff member T:  Happy birthday! I sincerely hope that you have a fantastic day. I know there are going to be an extraordinary amount of fans to give you more affection and care than you can dream of in person for your party. On top of that there will be even more people sending out so many positive thoughts and love into the world for you. I think for one person to have that kind of effect on people is something so admirable and says a lot about the person as well. These types of complements are probably something you hear very often, everybody deserves to hear nice things on their birthdays, because those are the days that celebrate your existence. And as corny as this will sound, I am very glad that you exist! I’m glad you’ve been blessed with the natural talent that you have. I’m glad that you don’t settle with these talents and continue to try improve yourself so you can always show everybody a “better you.” I’m glad you were chosen to join EXO and put so much of yourself into every song and every performance. I know there must be many hardships in your life that a fan like me never know about or understand. I’m sorry that your career has forced you to put a brave face on at all times, but I hope that you will have many moments in your life that make those hardships worth it.