i love u so muchhhhhhhhh

it’s been a few days ; u; I’m finally backkk to myself

thankyou soooo much for the concern when I broke down.. stress, schoolwork, and a butload of other problems made their way to me and I had to produce an outlet for my negative emotions that have been bottled up, for so long as I can remember ; u; for those who offered to talk to me if there’s something bothering me, thankyou so much for the company ^^ it really means so much to me.. I just can’t thank you guys enough so I ended up finishing this piece ^^; this is actually a preview of another photoset I’m making yep another photoset I HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED THE OTHERS YET NGHHH, inspired by @seyaryminamoto‘s IHTBY, I was wondering how ATLA characters would adapt to an MMORPG >u<  and since Azula is not-so-obviously my favorite character in ATLA I had to draw her first >u<;;

now I’m all giddy giddy and idk how to finish all these wips ;____; btw please listen to a soundtrack of Tangled, the kingdom dance, it will make you feel giddy and game-y too ; u;

once again I thank you guys so muchhhhhhhhh I love y’all *u* >////<