i love u so much wow

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Hi can I just say I adore your art style so so very much!! I am basically obsessed with the way you draw Yuuri Katsuki especially. I think the way you draw him makes him look much more confident and masculine than other art I've seen of him. But he's still adorable and great. Like he's so pretty but also still handsome and sexy!! Anyway, love this blog. I hope your having a good day!! :) ahhh I'm sorry I'm awkward this message felt awkward.

OH MY GOD……….. THANK U!?!! you think I draw him sexy? heck yeah life goal accomplished haha TBH confident sexy yuuri is really important like we need more of that eros wow BUT LMAO TYSM YOU MAKE ME WANT TO DRAW HIM MORE <3

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Omg I absolutely love Forbidden and Forbidden 2!!! Hoseok isn't my bias, Jungkook is, but WOW u have a way of making me like Hoseok more in this fic. I'm excited to see what will happen next!!!!

Thank you for all your post! Keep writing! And aaahh! Forbidden!!!! Must be my fav.! Even though hobi is not my bias i love reading it. Please update more~ can you write a yoongi fic too? I’m going to wait for that master piece as well. 😘😘😘

forbidden 2 left me with so many emotions. I’m happy, sad, angry wow im just WHY I JUST WANT O/C AND HOBI TO BE HAPPY 😭😭

forbidden deserves soo much more attention from everyone y'all!! the angst is gorgeous and now that Jungkook is in it the plot is so thicc. I love it! I know you said it won’t be a long series and I’m kind of thankful for that because there aren’t many directions to go in but I’m so pumped to read the rest of. It’s so sweet!

I’m trying to relate to Forbidden, but all of my brothers close friends are either straight girls or gay guys, so the only problems he’d have with us is age differences and sexualities lmao

I can just imagine if hobi and Y/N ever got together, hoseok casually mentioning to tae that he fucked his sister before he got permission to be together and tae coughing mid way through a drink and getting ready to strange hobi lol

Poor hobi!! Lol watch taehyung tell the reader “yeah I give you permission to date jungkook” and the reader just be like lol no

Hahaha, I think Tae would flip! And Jungkook too, after he went through all that trouble :D I’m glad you guys like the story so far! Thank you all!! :)) And yes, I have plans for a Yoongi fic, but not right now since I have too many already! Also, to the anon with an older brother, you’re l u c k y. My brother is three years older and I was drooling over a couple of his friends all throughout high-school, but I couldn’t say anything. I even kissed one of them, but we decided never to mention it again because my brother would have killed him. He found out a couple of years ago and he’s still bitter™ about it.


Happy Birthday, Viktor Nikiforov! and Merry Christmas

“I don’t feel like kissing it unless it’s gold.”


happy birthday to my one and only baby angel!! i hope you’re spending the day smiling countless times and laughing so much that your stomach hurts but in a good way i wish you happiness always. if i could give you the world, the sun, the stars, every drop of joy, love and respect, i would, and maybe i’ll get to one day. you’re the only one i hold onto when things get rough you’re my sweet escape you keep me sane you’re the rush of happiness running through my veins. you have this ability to create this atmosphere solely filled with happiness and positivity for me there’s no space to be sad whatsoever i’m honestly so thankful. and i will always be thankful to have the greatest privilege which is to love you i learned a lot of things from you that i will keep with me forever. thank you ❤

happy 24th birthday, park chanyeol • 92.11.27


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more


I’ m   p r o u d   o f   y o u.

remember when alec a gay character got to say “you’re confusing me” to another man he was attracted to… and remember how magnus a bisexual  character then got to explain to him (and the audience) what attraction/love is supposed to feel like? can you believe shadowhunters gave us a scene that was so explicitly for lgbt viewers… a scene meant to guide us, to understand us… to accept us… 

ok i put this off for ages!!! so I wanna start off with thanking y'all sOOOooO much for 1k!!!!!! I think I turned this blog into “”“mainly Astro”“” last September or October ??? so it’s been quite a while,,.but I love all y'all so much ❤️❤️❤️ there’s not much that makes me happier than editing and talking to yall !! thank u guys so so much i love love love u <333

faves- bolded <33

(the holy trinity)

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Honorable Mentions ~ (aka essays declaring my love for pingu squad noot noot)

@fairymyungho ,,,shveta darling. I love u so much and ur the best mom I’ve ever had. you are literally the sweetest person I’ve ever met on here and I’m so thankful for you. sometimes I still read that email you sent me a long time ago bc it is honestly one of the nicest/most motivating/heart warming things someone has ever sent me. i love it when u send the group chat voice notes of you laughing hysterically at something one of us said they literally make me SO happy and no ! u don’t sound like a dying whale ! u sound like a beautiful majestic bird ok I love u so much. i always know i can rely on u and ask ur for opinions or advice. ur the wisest chick i know and i look up to u. i’m so thankful that i can have real meaningful conversations with u. (p.s thanks for stopping the fights w Kaylah before they get too serious ) I love u shweeda

@simplesanha gravy,,,the cause for all of my suffering,,probably the reason why I returned to being an official woozi Stan once again. Gaby I love u so much you’re my favorite hoseok Stan. I know u don’t talk a lot in the group chat (except for when someone mentions jhope or smthing shady)…but when u do….u make me laugh a lot. you’re so sweet but also so savage which I admire about u…I love u so much. u have this light about u that i really love!!!! ur so bright and thoughtful. u always have smth good to say. u are so kind and thank u for sending me pictures of dogs a lot I’m so grateful (burger king still sucks)

@pastelsuga Hanna!!!! my wife!!! I’m so grateful for u and ur puns..although they’re not as good or as frequent as mine, they’re still really gud ok and I really appreciate them. ur the best Hanna montanan/goat/egg I have ever met. ur always so happy and energetic and I love u so much I picked a gud wife. you’re literally such a goddess and I love u and ur fluffy hair !!!!! I love torturing u with jongin pictures..,u always brighten my mood and I love u a lot u nerd. ur so strong and i admire u so much. I love u even tho u put the group chat on silent a lot :/ stay tru

@joyridingmikey maru child….1/3 of the beagle line,,I love u and ur memes. over the past few months I have collected a lot of memes but I will never reach ur collection,,,I’m still amazed. I’m also amazed by ur artistic skills!! like wow!!! thank u for drawing Kim jongdae (a while ago) …I really appreciate it. truly. even tho u make fun of my height and say u don’t care about woozi the “old small man” and u like to spoil shows and u suck……I still love u. ur still one of the three stooges ,,godo lick in life Maru,,,ur still young,,,and way cooler than me when I was 13 :/ stay cool. Stan Maru.

@dinosgf-deactivated20161019 Kaylah,,,,i know u aint on here anymore but imma include this anyway,,,,,most of the time when I’m sad I go back and listen to ur voice notes tho. Kaylah,,,,,,,,,I loaf u so much. ur always on the same exact page as me,,u always know exactly what I’m thinking,,,we hate the same people, we say the same things at the same time, we’re practically the same person. if there’s someone who makes my day every day it’s u Kaylah. I never get tired of ur shadiness or ur typos. I love how creative u are,,,u truly express it through your 50 Dino urls. u are literally the funniest person I know,,,,u never fail to make me laugh. I love that we can joke around and make fun of eachother and fight all the time but still when I need something ur really there for me!! ur truly my number one fan…always being the first to reblog my edits and leave compliments. sometimes I think about when u asked ur dad to tell u to do ur chores so u could get out of a certain call ! and i just laugh out loud. ur constantly full of humor and love for Dino,…I truly admire how quick witted u are. I love u so much Kaylah. thank u for having Lipgloss jam sessions with me and tagging me in numerous pictures of dogs and jongdae. I love u so much !!!!!!!!!!! I honestly can’t even express in words how much I appreciate u and everything u do. ur such a great friend and I’d sell my left foot and all of my hair to meet u irl. ur truly so genuine and I know that whenever I need anything I can come to u. no one hypes me up more than u do and u help me love myself!! there’s no doubt that if knew eachother irl we would dominate the world. ilysm more than words can say.

@all of the pingu squad

……I love all of you guys so much. I had a really tough school year last year but I joined the sanha net and met you guys and I honestly believe y'all are how I made it through the year without breaking down completely. y'all make me so happy. there’s not a day that goes by that y'all don’t make me laugh. you guys are so supportive and always have my back, even tho y'all live far away. you guys boost my confidence so much and motivate me and make me laugh and cry and scream and I’m literally!!!! so glad I met y'all. I’m comfortable telling you guys anything and I can’t even express how much I love y'all and I hope we can all meet one day ️️️


i drew this last night. i stayed up until 4am for it, yeh.

also this is one of the 3 drawings i’ve ever put real effort into and colored! so im very proud.

also i did scripting in the black area but it didn’t show up. rip.

ok im gonna leave u alone now

i hope you likey ;v;

Simon Snow’s shampoo smells like apples and he blushes when people pay attention to him and he’s loyal and dedicated and he stammers when he speaks and Simon fucking Snow is such an angel why do make him suffer

  • interviewer: would u say a few words about mr. stan? say a few words chris. please. god. a few please just a f-
  • chris evans: well since u asked , i think he is great. i mean wow he's just such a cool guy. like would i suck him off? i mean. who wouldn't u kno what i mean? i mean im not gay but like. you know what i mean? he's a great guy. like god he's just so cool. i mean i love him so much you know ? like i'd love to suck him off. like as friends because he's so awesome. he's just such a nice person. he's the sweetest guy in the world. like i wish u guys could meet him. i guess i'd marry him haha i mean i don't know...you know what i mean? he's just so cool. i love seb. anyway