i love u nonetheless

anonymous asked:

I honestly appreciate this blog so much. Like i always know i can come here for the good Sabo content™, and just all good content lol, you are a gift sent from the heavens.

awww man today was a longass day for me but this message made me smile even through the stress, thank you so much!!  you all know i love that good sabo content  ❤  and i love sharing it with you guys.  i promise i won’t ever stop.  




I’ve known you for such a long time that it’s weird to think about!!!! We used to talk a lot more than we do now but I feel just as close to u nonetheless I love and cherish your presence as a person on this earth and I hope that you are always doing well and that a cat pats you at least once weekly. You are a sweet sweet son of a gun and I would kill or die for you in an instant