i love u nah


anyway, consider, witch mccree au

keith kogane told me himself that he is a stoner and when he smoked w lance for the first time, lance pulled too hard and swallowed bong water

Let me love you
  • Never let you go(Nunca te dejare ir): Tauro,Cáncer,Aries,Capricornio,Escorpio,Piscis-
  •  Never let me down(Nunca me decepciones):Virgo,Geminis,Leo,Libra,Acuario,Sagitario

 Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah

 I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah.

 Let me LOVE YOU


anonymous asked:

this is gonna sound weird, but headcanons for the babes soldier, mccree and gabe about what they're like traveling with their s/o? preferably at the airport! like for ex: who hates being cramped in a tony seat, who gets moody and who gets fast food etc. type stuff! thank u so much,,, i love you u and ur work!!

Nah, not weird at all. ^-^ Thanks for the request!



  • He’s so tired and immensely irritated
  • He can smoke his way to almost anywhere in a matter of minutes
  • Why is he getting on a stupid plane?
  • Ah, that’s right
  • You
  • And you’re the one who has to stop him from killing the next person bumps into him after 50 other times before
  • You also have to stop him from throwing someone out the plane
  • You have to stop him from misting out of the plane completely
  • Lord help him, he hates regular human travel so much
  • A while after the flight’s taken off, his rage and edginess wears him down to a sleepy boy and he falls asleep on your shoulder with his arms crossed over his chest
  • You have to stop him from destroying the entire plane when the kid behind him kicks his seat enough times to wake him up

Soldier 76

  • Planes will probably give him a bit of anxiety
  • He’s familiar with Overwatch transportation, so he’s not nervous with those; however, with unfamiliar transportation like a random plane
  • He gets a little clammy while waiting for the plane and hangs onto your hand the entire time
  • You rub his back and shoulders and tell him it’s going to be just fine
  • Once you’re on the plane, it’s not too bad
  • You use a double headphone jack and you both plug in and enjoy some movies
  • He’s still holding your hand
  • He might doze off for a bit, the grip on you loosening a bit and his head resting against the window
  • Any sudden movements make him jump awake though, tighten his grip, and have a mini panic attack until you calm him down again
  • PTSD is a bitch


  • He thinks flying is cool
  • He’s buying snacks and stuffing his face until the plane gets there
  • Wide awake boy
  • Constantly staring out the window and chattering to you
  • Gets more snacks on the plane
  • You’ll probably fall asleep on him, rather than the other way around
  • If you do, he’ll wrap you in his serape place his hat tipped down on your head so stewardesses know not to bother
  • His excitement calms down halfway through the trip and he ends up watching movies with you instead

blanc-wolf  asked:

C,D,I,L please.

C- crush?
No one currently.

D- did u get ur first kiss?
Unfortunately not.

I- in love?

L- longest relationship?
Three days in kindergarten and then i threw grass in his face and told him i didn’t like him