i love u mikey baby oh my god

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hello, first i want to know if u heard of the accident that frank had in australia, he is ok but part of the crew are hospitalized. Due the accident G wrote in IG some of his feelings and "heartbroken" was one of them, Mikey and Ray sended love too to frankie, also in a interview Frank sai that G drove to venice to have luch with him while he was recordin parachutes in LA...did u knew that?

yes honey, heard of the accident :’( when i first heard of it there was no information on what exactly happened to whom and how serious it was and i almost vomitted, i swear to god,… it hit me hard…..but then Frankie said they were alright and omg, thank god billion times for that :’)

As for the lunch —Oh my god, now baby, this is SOME NEWS :-O  the two of them having lunch in venice…. wow….when did that happen? Did Frankie tweet that?

Wow, i guess ive missed some huge thing :-O

Thank you baby for informing me!!! 

you know these are the kinda things i like to hear :’D <3


whoa, whoa!!! but how could they have thought there would not be a huge reaction??? i mean, cmon, we’re all stuck in time, still talking about MCR and old times… :’D ….geez, majority of us is forever in denial about the break up…

And, shashitiw , honey, is that all he said? just that they talked about it? and that was during that lunch or…? and so what was th eoutcome of the talks? :D did it have any outcome? :D

whoaaa, so HUGE, though!!!!!!!

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AWW, just noticed  shashitiw also sent me a link to the vid, so here it is!! <3


let me just say Frank looks SUPER EXCITED and happy that people are still so much into MCR and …..lets just hope Gerard will realize that too that somehow for the world no matter what they ll do, they’ll still have had the biggest impact on it as MCR and that in fact it’s always been MCR that saved lives…..and that it has its place in this world……still…forever…..

I imagine Gerard liked the reaction too, after all Gerard does enjoy spotlight and feeling like a king of the world, occasionally :D ….it sure as hell did bring back memories…

Also the fact Gerard went all the way to meet Frank for lunch i mean, WHOA :D …..dont wanna get my hopes up or anything but im not gonna lie that this is making me super fucking happy, okay :D :D

A lot of things could come out of this…..dunno when….but it couls….daaaaaamn :”D

Summery of Graceland

Ep 1: Ahhhh this is awesome
Ep 2-4: Awwww Briggs/Mike Bromance!
Ep 5: Noo Charlie but we love you! Pauls cool. Also hot Mike.
Ep 6: Wait what?
Ep 7: Hang on what?
Ep 8: Oh my god what?
Ep 9: But baby mikey noo :(
Ep 10: WHAT?!
Ep 12: What?!