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Request! You’re in love with juice but he doesn’t know. You whine to chibs about how cute and great juice is and juice overhears. 😘 love u!

A/N: I know this is kinda short, been a crazy week for me! But if I get a good response, I’ll probably make a second part 😏

When I first started to work for my aunt Gemma at TM, I wasn’t expecting for anything grand or special. Until the day my cousin Jax got back from a run with this absolute babe, Juan Carlos, also known as Juice. And my, did my heart fall for his sweet smile.
That was a year ago and ever since then, juice and I have become best friends. My feelings for him are strong, but at least we can be friends. I know he just thinks of me as Jaxs cousin.
Driving to TM, I really hope Juice isn’t there yet, my thoughts about him are getting too much and I just needed sometime with Chibs. Chibs is like a father figure to me, he’s always been there since I moved to Charming. Pulling into TM, most of the bikes were gone along with the van. And of course, Juice bike is still here. Taking a cig breath, I got out of my car and walked into the clubhouse. As usual, Chibs and Bobby were at the bar, having a glass of beer.
“You guys, it’s 10 am!” I exclaimed at their unhealthy habits.
“Y/N, you seem to forget I’m way older than you! And Chibs too!” Bobby said with his bellying aching laugh. Chibs stayed silent though, his eyes were on mine, I could never keep something from Chibs, he can read me like a book.
“Aye bobby, give us a sec?” Chibs asked his brother, who nodded grabbed his beer and headed off to the dorms. I walked over to the couch and plopped down.
“Lass, is it Juicy boy?” Chibs asks, pulling up a chair. I rolled my eyes and he couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Ah, lass, what happened?” Chibs inquired.
“Just….just he’s SO perfect Chibs! It’s like…he’s a god or something.” I say, putting my hands on my face, sighing loudly.
“Juice? Juan Carlos we talkin bout?” Chibs says to me, chuckling.
“Stop. He just treats me so nice! I don’t understand. Am I doing something wrong?”
“Yer are by not tellin the poor boy, I know he likes ye” Chibs says, sparking up a cigarette, giving me one as well.
“It’s just…I’m in love with him. He’s my best friend. He’s so handsome. And he always puts everyone before himself. He follows me home after work just to make sure I get home safe and lock my doors. Not many guys are like that” I explained to Chibs, who was taking drags of his cigarettes.
“Juicy boy is in fact a good brotha, but ye need to make a move. He thinks you fancy me” Chibs reveled.
“Oh my god” I said, staring at the doorway opposite to us, Chibs moved his head.
There stood Juice. And who knows how much he has heard. He looked so shock and didn’t say anything.

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francois 45 35 21 7

45. If your character was given a slice of pineapple pizza and they HAD to eat it (or something bad would happen), how would they react? Do they even LIKE pineapple pizza?

he’d be up for trying it at least? part of me wants to say he wouldnt like it bc im very grossed out by it but actually i think he’d like it. at the very least like… when it comes to most things he’ll at LEAST give them a try. usually enthusiastically

35. How is your character’s imagination? Daydreaming a lot? Worried most of the time? Living in memories? 

i think he def daydreams a lot, he can get kinda spacy when he’s bored and doesn’t have something to do. DEFINITELY not worried most of the time, and i wouldn’t say he lives in memories either? he doesn’t like… have a ton of noteworthy ones lmao. he had a really boring first 20 years of his life until he left for school

21. What personal problems/issues do they have? Pet peeves? 

he personally has a big issue with not letting himself be negative sometimes. he’s like… aggressively optimistic and worries that if he’s not people won’t like him, so he definitely ignores a lot of issues bc of it. his pet peeves are when people spill their coffee, or ask like 30 questions about the drinks he doesn’t know the answers to bc “i uh, i just make them ma’am!”

7. What element would your OC be?


this is a weird ques but do any of u know good apple juice brands cos i love apple juice but everytjme i buy some it tastes like shit most of the time

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✨rose (obviously) and kind of like a mix of 10 and Juice from 17776? Idk I'm bad at these things I just wanted to participate.

hopy shit i love 10 and juice godbless thank u

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do you have any prompts for summer? a nice, warm, sticky summer, please. i love you guys a lot, thank u !!!

sun spilling its juice over your shoulders / “have you been outside today? it’s so humid, we’re practically swimming!” / car stalls on a road trip / ice cream cones melting over her fingers / dancing in the streets at midnight / mid afternoon naps, the whole #squad in one bed / rain washes out every nightmare / saltwater crusting to his lips / driving through the forest, driving through the desert, driving to the coast, driving back home / watermelon & peaches & summer squash / swimming in those lakes your mother always told you to avoid / your teachers visit you at your summer job / buying snowcones & elotes with your siblings / football fields abandoned until fall / ideal instagram aesthetic / ladies gossiping at the bodega / sunrise or sunset, you’re always half clothed & wildhearted