i love u doc

me: i should do some work tonight so i don’t die tomorrow when I have to get it all finished

*hours pass and nothing gets done*


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what about neil drawing on andrew's arms with marker and tracing his scars? maybe either as an anxiety thing for neil or even a comforting thing for andrew? neil is taking andrew's ugly past and making pretty pictures out of it, and instead of looking at his arms and seeing bad memories he can see the sunset or the forest or the ocean. maybe one day he gets a tattoo of one of neil's drawings over his scars because that was his past but neil is his future. (sry if you've already done this!!)

i haven’t already done it, but this wonderful person has!! and i love this, but i also… fckn love the idea so i’m doing it too, ha

  • neil has been a doodler like… literally forever
  • you put paper in front of him, he will doodle on it
  • if he didn’t have paper, he’d trace shapes with his hands - letters into his legs or arms, run his fingers over the lines of their new stolen car until he could draw it in his sleep

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Idk if anyone follows me that followed me on babyitsfiction/babyitsbts…

Casual reminder that I don’t do a ton of RPing here anymore for various reasons. But I still RP frequently on other platforms and with a wide variety of muses!

Please don’t be shy to approach me if you wanna write with me via Skype, Discord, Email, Google docs, etc. Etc. I’m happy to write in a huge array of AUs, game sandboxes, or worlds. Ace is obviously always available, but I have tons of muses for other fandoms or cross fandoms. I’ve got a pretty decent final fantasy, league of legends, and resident evil cast, along with various other fandoms any one is free to inquire about.

OCs too! I’ve got a billion of ‘em that be thrown virtually anywhere.

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LILO i fucking loved ur fic OKAY and like if u would idk ever want to write one where isak does his makeup like a #professional and even loves it and isak does even's make up this one time????? like u could totally write that if u wanted to idk anyWAYS @ that contour kit tho and isak's bone structure that boy got that natural contour going wOW ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

kassie the actual fucking love of my life thank u so much djnfj i’m so glad u liked it!!!!!!!!!!! i will totally write that just for u and let u know when i do okay nd i KNOW !! like honestly me as sara wanting to put make up on his pretty face??

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please give us a Whole List of reasons why u hate bluestar bc i crave more bluestar hate ...

i love how u capitalize whole list

first read this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OsZ3afP1wtUF0evJy6DDsPpMoToWOo4xYBTU3Ws-FwA/mobilebasic
it focuses on thistle but it talks a lot about blue

other reasons
- she gave away her kits, killing one of them, on the unfounded belief that thistle would be a terrible leader. she also dumps the responsibility of her children on oak
- she selfishly runs away with oakheart. then drags her sister about her choice in mate
- refuses to view thistle fairly
- was only a good leader for like two books before going insane
- really overprotective and father unsupportive of her sister
- her unrealistic drowning bugged me
- she refuses to listen to logic and reasoning and instead acts only on her own beliefs.

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☮ even tho i know u love the doc

NOSY MUNDAY MEME  |  still accepting

[ there’s not much i don’t like about rping him? i mean other than the fear of “i’m doing something wrong,” or my crippling self-doubt that keeps me inactive from threads for days, there’s not much i don’t like. he’s sort of the villain i’ve always wanted to do? he’s smooth and absolutely charming, but he can be abusive, angry, and manipulative. and i love writing characters who can be really dark and scary, threads where facilier manipulates people are my favorite.

but other than my self-doubt, i’m afraid of anons? or disappointing people? i don’t want to make some wrong assumptions about voodoo, or any spiritual thing and upset people. i’m also afraid of people who will generalize me because i’m a white avidly christian woman, rping a black voodooist man. which, shouldn’t make any difference, but – this is tumblr, you know. ]

ok but my favourite thing about the wynonna earp fandom is that the general consensus in regards to the love triangle is “u kno i actually like doc he’s cool he’s a cool guy but i just like dolls more like,,,, he’s a deputy,,,,, but doc is cool tho he’s cool" 

it’s just nice to see ppl shipping things without blindly hating the character who “gets in the way of” their ship idk