i love u doc

me: i should do some work tonight so i don’t die tomorrow when I have to get it all finished

*hours pass and nothing gets done*


anonymous asked:

what about neil drawing on andrew's arms with marker and tracing his scars? maybe either as an anxiety thing for neil or even a comforting thing for andrew? neil is taking andrew's ugly past and making pretty pictures out of it, and instead of looking at his arms and seeing bad memories he can see the sunset or the forest or the ocean. maybe one day he gets a tattoo of one of neil's drawings over his scars because that was his past but neil is his future. (sry if you've already done this!!)

i haven’t already done it, but this wonderful person has!! and i love this, but i also… fckn love the idea so i’m doing it too, ha

  • neil has been a doodler like… literally forever
  • you put paper in front of him, he will doodle on it
  • if he didn’t have paper, he’d trace shapes with his hands - letters into his legs or arms, run his fingers over the lines of their new stolen car until he could draw it in his sleep

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Woooooo wynonna earp is trending guys!!!!! Yes I love this show its glorious as hell. Kudos to Emily Andras!

ok but my favourite thing about the wynonna earp fandom is that the general consensus in regards to the love triangle is “u kno i actually like doc he’s cool he’s a cool guy but i just like dolls more like,,,, he’s a deputy,,,,, but doc is cool tho he’s cool" 

it’s just nice to see ppl shipping things without blindly hating the character who “gets in the way of” their ship idk