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Since requests are open if you don't mind could ya do a extra petty MC/Reader giving RFA++ a case of blue balls because they got into an argument over the littlest thing. If you don't want to I completely understand. Thank you ❤️ AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WRITING LIKE THIS ANON MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE TAKEN SOME TIME TO READ EVERYTHING ON YOUR MASTERLIST🙄❤️

Lol, I kept laughing everytime I read this request, idk why. Thank you, honey, hope u like this!^^

RFA with a MC on sex strike (NSFW-ish)


  • He was late for dinner with your family. Again.
  • When he finally arrived, you pretended that everything was fine, and everybody believed, including Zen.
  • So after you two get home, he’s pretty sure you’ll be in a good mood and ready to play with the beast a little… WRONG!
  • “Good night, Hyun.” You turn your back on him and keep it like this all night. And so it continued for the next two weeks.
  • And he thought the beast would be crazy, drooling and biting its leash, but… the beast now is just a puppy curled up in a corner, whining.
  • You wish you could say you feel bad for him, but in your defense, it’s not the first time he prioritizes work over you, as he told a million times before he wouldn’t do.
  • So yeah, you’re kinda having fun looking at him pouting at you and trying to get more than a quick kiss or hug.
  •  And though he’s struggling so much, he knows why you’re doing this, he deserves. But he needs to focus, he can’t keep forgetting his lines and missing marks like this, if you at least went to watch the musical he’s been working so hard…
  • You might be mad at him, but you wouldn’t lose a premiere of his new musical, it must be really good for him to keep dumping you in order to rehearse for this.
  • And boy… it’s not only good, it’s AMAZING! Maybe it’s because you’re missing him as well, but… this character of his seems a little sexier.
  • As soon as the musical is over, you run to his dressing room. “Hey, babe… did you like the mus…mmmmm.” You practically attack him.
  • “B-babe?” “Why didn’t you tell me this was the musical that was taking all your time?” you ask, but don’t even let him answer, your mouth is on his again.
  • Zen is shook, but in a good way. He’s kinda relieved you missed him as much as he missed you.
  • “B-babe… let me… ahh… let me just take the costume off…” he says breathlessly while you kiss his neck. “I want you to keep it on.”
  • Okay… so who’s the real beast here?



  • He failed one of his tests in college. The one he did the morning after pulling an all nighter to play LOLOL
  • You can’t count all the times you told him to forget this game and go to sleep that night. Did he listen? No. So now here he is whining about this exam and you’re not having it.
  •  All he wanted was a little… comfort from you after the test fiasco.
  • “Go play some LOLOL or whatever to get that comfort, since this works so well for you.” And you go back to your book.
  • That long book you’ve been reading for two weeks and a half now, it must be good since you’re not paying any attention to your boyfriend. Any kind of attention.
  • This poor baby, he could handle not having sex when he was single, but he never prepared himself to be without it when you came along.
  • So yeah… he’s back to those very loooong showers and that constant nervous state of mind from when he was single.
  • But he never shows it in front of you, so you’re pretty sure he’s doing fine without smexy times…
  • And he is, most of the times, the problem here is that it feels like he’s grounded, like a little kid. Because he behaved a like a little kid and ugh… he feels so pathetic.
  • So he replaces those long showers for long study sessions, he needs to ace the next test to get his grades and his relationship back on track.
  • And you’re not made of steel, so of course you help him study. And having this boy so close, so focused, acting so serious and mature… it’s so sexy…
  • “Earth to MC?” he calls for you as he notices you keep staring at him. “I… think you understand a lot about the… constitution of amphibian’s hearts now, Yoosung.”
  • “You think? Well, we’ve been studying for a couple of hours now and… hum… MC?” you keep coming close to him, he’s shuddering.
  • “Why don’t we focus in human’s heart right now? For example, mine and how you’re making it race by acting so grown up…” you manage to sit on his lap, and he’s sweating as you nip his jaw lightly.
  • “M-MC… what about… my test tomorrow?” “It’s early, you need some encouragement for tomorrow and after I’m done with you, you’ll sleep like a baby.”
  • That’s exactly what happened. And after he aced his test, you gave him a reward.


  • Of course you like Zen’s DVDs, okay? You just don’t like that’s the only thing you two watch.
  • You want her to relax and have fun, but… come on, she really needs to be that selfish and not even consider your suggestions for movie night?
  • And she gets so in the mood after watching it, so generally movie night leads to something else… well, not tonight.
  • You doze off in the couch while the DVD is still playing and wake up a little later, telling her you’re tired and going to bed now… oh, okay.
  • And every movie night has been ending like this for a couple of weeks now…
  • Okay, sex is not the most important thing in this relationship, she enjoys just spending time with you without getting all hot and bothered.
  • But… a woman has her needs, you know?
  • And Zen’s DVDs may do the trick for a while, but… she’s missing the real thing… with you…
  • She handles pretty well, but she keeps getting distracted at work and getting a little snappy even at Zen in the chat room.
  • But she knows why you’re mad and… well, it wouldn’t kill her to give a chance to your choices, would it?
  • So yeah, she’s wondering how to discuss it with you and apologize after you two close the café for the day.
  • And you’re kinda worried you’re being too harsh on her, since she’s obviously acting like she’s in some kind of abstinence crisis.
  • So time to make it up for lost time… “Honey, do you mind showing me how to do that brownie dough again?”
  • She sighs, she’s so tired, but you just called her ‘honey’, how can she say no? She stands by your side, you hands moving messily around the dough on purpose.
  • “No, MC. It’s not like this, it’s just…” “Why don’t you guide my hands? Here, you can come behind me.” Lord help her…
  • She’s behind you, but her hands are not guiding yours, they’re all over your body.


  • He got jealous of an old friend of yours.
  • No matter how much you told him this guy was almost like a brother, he was still acting cold and distant.
  • Usually when this happens, you give him the most passionate kiss you can, and you two end up in bed, but… he can’t get away this easy this time, not with such a good friend of yours…
  • Is he acting cold? You’re acting colder as you told him you were sleeping with Elizabeth in the guest room that night.
  • And so it continued for the last three weeks.
  • Okay, this man lived not minding sex for a very long time, so he should be fine, right?
  • WRONG! He lived fine without sex because he had no idea it could be this good with someone he loves.
  • Though he looks all calm and collected, deep inside he could climb up walls in despair.
  • He’s drinking more wine than usual and coming back from work more and more exhausted.
  • You’re feeling a little bad? Yes, but just remembering how your friend said goodbye to you telling he didn’t want to put you in trouble with your fiancée makes your blood boil and you end up enjoying this punishment a little longer.
  • But then you get a call from Jaehee asking if something is going on, since Mr. Han is acting really weird, getting all distracted and rude to some employees.
  • Ugh… you didn’t want to harm his job and his employees… also, you miss him too.
  • So you show up to his office for your usual lunch with him, not so usual when you sit on his lap, he widens his eyes as he realizes you’re not wearing panties.
  •  “I-I apologize for what happened with your friend, MC, I…”. You reach for his ear “You’ve been a bad boy to me, and I already punished you enough. Am I not being bad to you right now?”
  • “I… yes, kitten. A little.” “So… what are you waiting for? To punish me?” his lips crash to yours as you smile teasingly.
  • Mr. Han was calm for the rest of the afternoon, the employees now are trying to find when it’s your birthday to send you a gift.


  • Honestly, you don’t even remember why you were fighting.
  • Probably it was because of a bunch of little things that turned into a big thing as you usually don’t discuss a lot.
  •  Because he quickly fixes what he did wrong with some big weird gesture like showing up at your workplace dressed as a teddy bear to apologize, you laugh and forget why you were mad before.
  • Which is usually adorable, but talking like the two adults you are would be better in order to not get into big messy fights like this last one.
  • And since you’re not even talking, he wasn’t expecting you would let him touch you, so… yeah, he’s pretty conformed he’s not getting any of that.
  • But after almost three weeks, he’s starting to freak out a little.
  • And since he doesn’t have his job anymore to hide himself in his office and just work, he’s spending even more time with his brother.
  • Saeran knows these bonding moments are important, but… ugh, his brother is getting even more clingy than usual.
  • Seriously, his brother is annoying him more than he normally does, making him do these weird hobbies like pedicure and gardening.
  • “Go easy on my brother, MC.” Saeran asks you bluntly, but deep inside he wants to beg on his knees for you to take his brother away from him, because he’s driving him nuts.
  • And though it’s kinda of funny, you’re worried for both twins. Saeran really needs his own space and you… need your boyfriend.
  • So at night, when you finally roll your body to face Saeyoung in bed, you smile sweetly and stroke his hair.
  • Your mouth finds his quickly and he has no shame in showing how desperate he is and how much he missed you.
  • “I’m sorry. Let’s not fight anymore, please?” “We’ll fight again, but it will be fine as long as we talk about it, okay?” he nods, and your lips crash against his again.
  • “MC, before we continue, just know that’s been three weeks of sexual frustration, I hope you don’t have any plans tomorrow because I won’t allow you to leave this bed so soon, copy that?”
  • You copied, and neither of you walked straight for the next two days, which grossed Saeran out.
Art of Seduction Pt.2 (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Warning: NSFW, Swearing, Blowjob

A/N: Turns out I wrote a lot more than I thought I would. So I decided to break it into more parts. There will be more to come for sure. This part is Hercules’s so hope you enjoy~

“….So that’s what I’ve been trying to do for the past week. I'mreallysorrypleasedon'tbreakupwihme.” You emitted, your hands gripping your dress as you sat on the couch in the living room, sandwiched between John and Lafayette.

Laf, Alex, John, and Hercules (who had a bandage over his nose) listened intently to your explanation. The silence was excruciating as you waited for what they were going to say. Finally the silence was broken by John.

“You did all that for us?” asked John, his grin making you confused.

You nodded.

“So wait, you were trying to go down on me?” Hercules inquired.

You nodded again. “I wasn’t trying to hurt you and I really didn’t mean to break your nose! I’m so sorry!”

Finally the guys couldn’t hold in their laughter anymore.

“Why are you all laughing? I seriously hurt you guys! John, I sent you to the hospital! Hercules, I broke your nose!”

The guys could barely contain themselves at the cute flustered expression you were making. Before you could realize it, John had pulled you into his lap, making you blush.

“Everyone makes mistakes, babe! Besides it’s not like you knew I was allergic, even I didn’t know!” John beamed, nuzzling your neck. “I’m just happy that you put in so much effort to do something for us!”

“Can I ask why you did all this in the first place?” asked Alexander.

You face went as red as a tomato. “Well you know how I was a complete virgin when we started dating.”

“Oui, it was such an honor to be your first kiss.” said Lafayette, smiling as he remembered how he had to lean down to kiss you.

“I still have that stuffed turtle plushie you won for me on our first date! I love Jack Shellington!” said John, resting his chin on your head.

“And wasn’t she just adorable her first time. How she bit her lip and wouldn’t let go of Hercules all night.” added Alexander, making you go redder.

“That’s the problem! I don’t want to be adorable all the time! I want to be a sexy dom!” you shouted, getting confused and shocked faces from the boys. “I mean, all of you are so sweet and caring and experienced and are always doing stuff for me. I wanted to do something for you guys too. Make you guys feel as good as I do when we’re together. Return the favor you know…”

“Awww, that’s so sweet of you, (Y/N)~ I just want to eat you up~” John gave you a gentle nip at your neck, making you moan. You felt as he began to untie your wrap dress.

“Wait John–Don't–”

“Holy shit!”



John had opened your dress to reveal the sexy black and white bralette with a frilly neckline, a skirt with white apron trimming, matching lacy garter belt, panty, and thigh highs.

“Guys, I can explain! This was supposed to Laf’s surprise and I was going to —”

John crashed his lips into yours, It was long, hot, and so full of sex you found yourself reaching to feel his skin with your hands. Though John was skinny he was definitely well toned. The muscles in his shoulders and neck were solid, but his skin was so soft.

Growing bold you teased his mouth with your tongue, exploring, traveling deep, soon you were pulling your thigh across his lap until you heard someone clear their throat did you pull away. Leaving you and John blushing panting messes.

John’s forehead touched yours as he whispered, sounding out of breath, “Damn. Where’d you get *that* outfit from, (Y/N)?”

“Angelica took me shopping. She was saying how guys’ love the french maid outfit and thought Laf would really like it.” you looked up at Laf expectingly. “Vous aimez la tenue, maître?”

Lafayette’s jaw dropped at what you said. Alexander was just as shocked, being the only other guy to understand french, while John and Hercules wondered what you said.

“J'adore la tenue, mon ange. I really love it~” cooed Laf snatched you into his arms.

“Hey!” protested John.

“It is ma surprise, so it is only juste that I go first.”

“Hey, if (Y/N) wants to be in charge then she should get to choose!” interrupted Alexander, getting agreements from the others. They looked at you eagerly.

“What do you want to do, (Y/N)/mon ange/babe/hun?”

You became flustered under their stares. “Um…well…I kinda wanted…you know…showyouwhatIlearned…anddostuff…nekked…”

“Sure, but let’s not do it in the living room.” said Hercules with a comforting smile as he picked you up and carried you to the bedroom, leaving the others to turn off everything in the living room.


You were now laying the giant bed you all shared with the guys laying around you.

“So what do you want to do, mon ange?”

“Idunnowhatdoyouwanttodo?” you asked, looking eager and nervous at the same time.

“It’s more about what you want to do, hun. We don’t want to do anything that will make you uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, you’re in charge so don’t be afraid to boss us around!” stated Alexander, as outspoken as ever.

“Can I give Herc a blowjob?” You ask, in a sweet, diminuitive voice that completely contrasts with the request you’ve made.

“Of course!”

You kneeled down as a now naked Hercules sat on the edge of the bed. His tall and broad-shouldered shadow looming over you. Your other boyfriends looking from the sides with deep hunger in their eyes. Meanwhile, your eyes focused on Hercules’s large cock that that was stiff with anticipation.

You were overwhelmed, your head spinning with nervous thoughts and fevered imaginings.

“It’s big…” You gulped.

“Too big?” asked Hercules, his voice kind and understanding, but hoarse with arousal.

“N–No…Not…too big…” Licking your lips, eyeing Hercules up and down, gazing at the large cock waiting for your attention. You were deeply aroused, one of your hands going to play with your damp folds, giving his cock slight pecks.

You closed your eyes as you guided your lips to his staff, parting your lips with a sigh of pleasure.

He tasted salty and smelled musky. You were surprised to feel and taste him in your mouth. Hesitantly, you started to move your tongue up the length of his cock, mimicking the method you read about.

“Oh, (Y/N). That feels amazing.” moaned Hercules. His cock pressed against the back of your throat, staying there for a moment before you eased him deeper inside. Your eyes watered at the feeling of suffocating.

“Calm down, sweetie. I know it’s hard to take at first.” you heard Alex say. “Breath through your nose.”

You did as he said and felt your panic ease. When you were able to swallow him, an action that made his pleasure increase, as demonstrated by his pleasured screams. You alternated between sucking and swallowing. Feeling daring, you reached one of your hands up to gently squeeze his balls.

Judging by the sweat trickling in beads down Hercules’s face and his moaning, he was about to cum. You enjoyed watching him get lost in pleasure.

“F-u-u-ck, gonna….gonna…” He babbled senselessly, face flushed, breathing shallow and rapid. He grabs handfuls of your (h/c) hair in his fists and throws back his head, his Adam’s apple jumping up with every exclaimation of pleasure.

Hercules lets out a tremendous howl of ecstacy, as several, thick white spurts of his seed are forced from his cock fill your mouth and paint your chest. He fell back on the bed in a dazed bliss, panting like a dog.

“Like that, Herc?” joked Alexander as John helped you up.

“Whaddya think, Alex?” breathed Hercules. “That was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had.”

“Really?” you asked happily, licking the rest his cum off your chest.

“Really. Shit, I can’t even feel my legs.”

“Usually that takes it takes a few rounds with Laf to do that.” stated John, hugging Alexander. “You okay?”

“Gimme some rest and I’ll be ready again…maybe…” Hercules panted.

Laf gave a dry laugh before reaching around your waist and hoisted you up against him. Running his hand underneath the base of your head, then kissed you deeply. Your legs wrapped around him as passion ignited between you and him.

“It is time I enjoyed mon cadeau.”

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The members (+ V & Saeran) discovering MC had a child/children? Or their reactions of MC admitting she wanted children? (You don't have to do both, either one would be nice. I just didn't want to send 2 asks.)

Doing the first one because it is!! Super cute! (I work in a toy store so I LOVE KIDS lmao.)


  • Your hands are shaking from your nerves when you finally work up the nerve to type up the text. Her name is Iseul. She’s two, and her dad left me just before she was born.
  • His reply was near instantaneous. Can I see a picture?
  • You turned to your daughter and put on a grin. Say cheese, honey!
  • “Heez!” She reached out to you, her little chubby fingers fanned out, and you snapped a picture of her face, of her red cheeks and big, broad smile. The little smiley face in the caption when you sent it to Yoosung felt like a lie.
  • You told him that you understood if it was a deal breaker, seriously you did. Even if you did date, you didn’t expect him to become her father. You got it, you got it, you understood, he was young and you’d -
  • You can’t even finish your string of messages before you get one back from him. She’s precious, just like you, and I’m not going to let you struggle raising her alone.
  • Yoosung’s desire to grow up and become a man increases twofold. It isn’t that he’s really excited about a kid - honestly, he’d never thought of it - but he’s so, so determined to support you that he’s willing to give fatherhood a go.
  • Despite his determination, it’s a bit… rough at first. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing and he often panics about little things. 
  • (am I feeding her enough? Am I feeding her right? why is she crying DID I BREAK SOMETHING OH NO HELP)
  • she’s chewing on the keyboard wire omg no stop
  • “oh shit i’m in the middle of a LOLOL match and she’s cry ing fuck”
  • (you come home one day and yoosung is in the fetal position because drew ALL over the apartment walls and he doesn’t KNOW WHAT TO DO)
  • After learning the ropes though he is great at being a dad. He’s just this big huge kid paling around with your kid and it makes your heart melt. Sometimes he’ll sit her on his lap and she’ll watch him play LOLOL. (at first it annoys him when she presses keys and paws at the screen but eventually he chills out and thinks it’s adorable)
  • He’s so proud of her. He never once thinks of her as being anything but his child, and he brags about her SO MUCH to his guild. (sometimes he’ll turn on voice and let them say hi to her)
  • (she always babbles back)
  • (they love her protect ur daughter 2k16)


  • You have a daughter?
  • Can he see her?
  • Oh god she’s the cutest he loves her already. Wait, that’s not weird, is it? He’s not weirding you out?
  • Great - first time he meets her, he brings her hair clips and buys her ice cream and dotes on her like the happiest new father imaginable.
  • Zen doesn’t hold back on either his love for you or your child. He is so happy to be a dad. He’s always taking photos of her, taking photos of you, taking photos of BOTH of you and just… grinning. He has a family.
  • He has a family.
  • like seriously this is Zen
  • When he finds out her father left you he is S T E A M E D. He wants to hunt him down and give him hell but respects you when you say you just… want that period of your life to be over now. It’s done.
  • He’s here.
  • He does puppet shows for her. He acts for her. He does all the funny voices for the bedtime stories and takes her to amusement parks when she’s old enough.
  • Daddy loves playing dress up with his little princess
  • (When Isuel starts imitating daddy while he’s performing he M E L T S.) 
  • If the media says an goddamn thing about u and your PERFECT DAUGHTER he will cut someone
  • (seriously he has like a million photos of her in his wallet his coworkers are sick of it)


  • She is understandably nervous when she learns you have a kid, and you tell her it won’t affect her relationship with you. You’ve been doing the single mother thing for two years now, you can manage it.
  • She’s not really expecting to get attached, only thinking of your child as something akin to taxes or a loan you’re paying off. She cares about it because it puts a burden on you, and she’ll help put when she can, but there’s no maternal affection there…
  • …Until, both by bit - your daughter, worms her way into Jaehee’s heart.
  • It’s the little things at first. The way she grins when she finishes a puzzle, the way she wiggles and dances to the music Jaehee plays while she’s working… and the way she sits right in front of the television whenever Zen is on screen. it’s just cute.
  • (seriously she touches Zen’s face and Jaehee LOVES IT)
  • Jaehee thought of children much like cats - messy and just… a burden - but watching the way the two of you smile at each other when you’re holding her… she’s just…
  • She’s filled with love - for you, for her, and she can feel that love that she’d forgotten, of a parent who deeply cares for their child.
  • (One day she offers Jaehee a cookie and says ‘mama have cookie!’ and JAEHEE ALMOST STARTS CRYING AHHH)
  • Jaehee learns how to make really killer hot chocolate for her since she’s too young to drink coffee, and the way she wipes the whipped cream mustache off your daughter’s face is just… precious…..

(more under the cut!)

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I see ur askbox open~ so if u don't mind can I ask a fanfic abt zen x mc , abt MC somewhat got burned so bad at her face that it leave scars, she's so afraid for Zen knows this so she always avoides meeting him since? (Yea ofc he ended up know) Ty!

This one may be a bit short since I’m also busy with a Jumin fanfic atm so I hope you don’t mind!

Finally you were done with work, now you could relax and talk to your sweet boyfriend. You opened your phone and saw that you got tons of messages and missed calls. “ Seriously Zen I’ve only been offline for 3 hours Oml”, you thought. You went online and saw that there was a chat room open. You entered it and Yoosung and Seven were spamming the room about some new video game that came out. Then you noticed that Zen was also there, “hey MC you’re finally back I missed youuuuuu” he said with his wink emoji. “ hey zen I missed you too how was your day?” Zen told you about his day, about his practice, Jumins new cat project that annoyed the crap out of him and about how much he missed you again.

Suddenly Zen asked when you were going to see him. “ I know I asked this before but I just really want to see you MC” yes he asked this question multiple times but the answer is always the same, it’s just a different excuse each time. Since Seven and Yoosung were still fangirling and spamming the chat room you used that as an excuse to leave the chat room. Not knowing which excuse to tell Zen now. You hoped he would just let it go, it’s not like you didn’t want to meet Zen because you really wanted to, but you didn’t think he would still love you if he saw what you looked like. When you were young you got into a accident and burned your face. There are some scars on it and you’re very insecure about them.

Suddenly Zen calls you. Since you’re kinda shocked it takes a while for you to pick up.
“Uh h-hi Zen what’s up?” You hoped to God that he wouldn’t talk about the meeting up thing. “ Hey MC, is…are…is there a reason why you don’t want to meet me? You just always seem to avoid the subject and get really on edge. If you don’t like me in that way you can just tell me you know, because I’d understand but I’m just a bit confused right now”, Zen sounds sad. You feel really bad and don’t know what to say. Of course you love him you never loved anyone as much as you love Zen.

You sigh. “ Of course I love you Zen. It’s just that I’m scared that you won’t love me when you see what I look like. I’m not like usual girls and since I really love you I don’t want to lose you. I’m sorry if I gave you that impression of me it’s absolutely not the real me”. It’s quiet for a while. You were getting more nervous then you already was. “Out of all people I understand the most how it feels to be judged by the way you look. I would never do that to you. Just your personality is already so beautiful you can’t possibly be ugly in any way whatsoever. You’ll always be my princess no matter how you look”. You almost started to cry, you could hear in his voice how sincere Zen was so you believed him and decided to meet up.

Finally it was THE day. You got all dressed up, did your hair, and walked to the cafe you decided to meet. You walked in and there he was even more beautiful than you thought he was. You were a bit scared at walk up to him so you just stood there next to the door watching him. Zen finally noticed someone staring and him and he looked up. When he did his eyes widen, he was amazing you looked so beautiful he thought he was dreaming. “. M-mc is that you?”, he slowly stood up still thinking he could wake up any moment. “Yeah… H-hey Zen” you say shyly. You’re still scared he’ll love you less now he’s seen you. He runs up to you and hugs you. He’s so happy that he can finally touch you.

After the two of you finished your drinks you went to the park and just walked, hand in hand, enjoying each other’s company. You found a bench and sat down. “ To be honest MC I don’t understand why you felt so insecure you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on” he says. You were kinda taking back by what he said. “ well I didn’t think you would think that since I have scars on my face” you say that while you look down. “ I think it only makes you even more beautiful, it makes you look like a survivor, a beautiful survivor”. You looked into his eyes and saw that he meant it. You leaned over to him and kissed him, and with that the day ended.

anonymous asked:

Headcannons of Kiba, Kankuro, and Neji as dads please! Preferably with their children as toddlers 😍

Congratulations because this will be my 100th post on this blog. I am going out of order on this one because this ask is SO IMPORTANT TO ME. How freaking cute. ❤❤❤ 

Straight up listened to “Dear Theodosia” when I was writing this.


Kiba would have a daughter. The second he sees her, he is a sobbing mess. He can’t stop looking at her and giving her little kisses on the top of her head. He is beyond ecstatic that he and his s/o are bringing a little miracle into the world. He loves the idea of expanding his clan and welcomes fatherhood with open arms. 

This little girl would have Kiba completely wrapped around her finger. There wouldn’t be a single thing this child wants but doesn’t have. Kiba would spoil her with everything - dresses, flowers, stuffed animals, etc. With Kiba, there is no such thing as letting your child cry until they calm down because the second she even thinks about crying, Kiba scoops her in his arms and rocks her until she is happy again. 

Once she is a toddler, Kiba starts putting the Inuzuka clan fangs on her. He lives for how adorable she is with her tiny markings. She just gets excited that she gets to look like daddy. She ends up being a spitting image of Kiba, with thick brown hair and tiny fangs that grow in place of lost baby teeth. 

Kiba wastes no time taking her to meet all the pups that belong to his clan. He doesn’t just give her a dog like Tsume did with him. He introduces her to each dog that is ready to get a master and he lets her choose. Kiba doesn’t even care that she chose the biggest breed of dog they own. In fact, he is extremely proud that she chose a companion who will be able to protect her. 


Kankuro would have a son. At first he would be disgustingly nervous about having a kid, but once he sees his son and realizes he helped make that tiny human, all the initial fear melts away. He wouldn’t cry but he would have to take a few moments to really understand this new chapter of his life. He would be so careful with this child so he would never experience the pain Kankuro did.

He would want to be around for all the important moments in his son’s life. He wants to hear the baby’s first laugh. He wants to watch him discover his hands. He would die when his baby says “papa” first (after rubbing it in his s/o’s face). Kankuro would cheat the system and use his chakra strings to hold his baby up while he was trying to take his first steps. 

Kankuro and his son would get into so much trouble. He would teach his son the art of pranking his mother, starting with hiding and jumping out at her to scare her. He would love to be the type of dad who makes his kid laugh as much as possible. 

Kankuro would get yelled at for not being as protective as he should be. All the lecturing would be left up to Mom. Despite this, Kankuro is not that affectionate with his child. He gives him little pats on his head and will lift him up on his shoulders while they’re going on walks. He’ll call him “kiddo” when he’s being cute.


Neji would definitely have a daughter. He would wonder if he is really cut out to be a father, but after seeing his baby, he knows he is meant to raise a child. Part of Neji wants to drop everything and focus on her, while the other part wants to keep fighting to make sure she is protected long-term. 

Neji is the type of dad who will make sure his daughter is disciplined but still so happy. He’ll gladly give her whatever she wants in the world as long as she earns it first. He wants to instill respectfulness and sophistication in her.

She is his sun. His entire life revolves around her. He melts every time she laughs. He tears up when she first begins to speak. He teaches her to walk by holding her hands and putting his feet under hers. He likes to just lay on the floor and watch her play and dies when she holds his hands.

Neji is not shy about wanting her to be a strong shinobi. When she is old enough, he will start off with teaching her about the different types of weapons. He’ll make sure he teaches her all the basics of chakra and sparring before she even gets to the Academy. He’ll always go easy on her and let her win until she is tough enough to really hold her own. Neji almost screams when she lands a hard hit on him with her Gentle Fist because he is overcome with pride. 

anonymous asked:

I love your URL!! Btw, not a hate or anything, but I'm just wondering why everyone is so obsessed over Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan? I just don't understand the hype I guess. I hope I don't sound rude.

i can give you few examples/observations/my own reasons why people are obsessed with these two nerds. if you put aside their ridiculously good looks.

chris evans:

  • considers his dog his best friend, and not a pet
  • has severe anxiety and has spoken about how he deals with it
  • loves to touch male left boob, but is respectful towards female left boob
  • laughs like his whole body is on fire and he’s trying to put it out
  • adores steve rogers and considers him a goal every man should aspire to be like
  • allows people to call him dorito 
  • yells when he sees women with babies and begs them to let him hold their children 
  • one time he invited whole crowd to go to disneyland with him
  • knows every word from “little mermaid” by heart and sings disney songs all the time
  • is heart eyes at chris hemsworth so much
  • thinks best place to turn into a hulk would be the bedroom
  • curses like a sailor

sebastian stan:

  • while filming the winter soldier chase scene dressed as the winter soldier actually tripped and nearly fell over the car
  • tends to use fake british accent and regrets it immediately
  • is horrified by how many contracts marvel gave him to sign and is struck by realization that they will never let him go
  • calls fans “friends”
  • while filming cw he was told some fans were standing in front of the bulding he was in and in the middle of the night he went outside in his pjs to greet and hug them
  • told a girl he met on a train that she is beautiful after she told him she is ugly and no one could ever love her
  • chases fans with bucky tattoos to take pic with them
  • when a fan cries in front of him he hugs her/him, doesn’t judge and turns into a nanny 
  • makes bitchface whenever someone calls bucky a villain
  • was so starstruck by robert redford, his childhood hero, that he was trying to play it cool and actually bumped into the refrigerator in front of him
  • one time saw a fan he once had photo op at con with and recognized her and stayed to chat 
  • called anthony mackie’s falcon “icarus”
  • has zero chill for racist/sexist comment
Dancing in the Moonlight (m)

Word Count: 4,607

Warning: Namjoon smut

If there were a way for you to escape responsibility, you’d gladly accept, whatever the consequences might be.

“Now smile and hold your head up high,” the voice behind you says drowning with sternness and expectations.

“Yes, mother.”

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stephisdrowningfast  asked:

My duuude u still do requests?? IF SO, can u do RFA reacting to MC in a coma?? (Maybe MC waking up after like so long) sorry if I'm bothering 😅

 I’ve never stopped trying to trick people into requesting my crappy writing. God. I’m so sorry. I got so excited about this request I monologued again. Oopies. Oh well. And trust me you’re not bothering me in the slightest. Enjoy, please! And be sure to request more. 

[[ I’ll add Saeyoung later. I’m really beat and wanna post this anyway :))]]

● • · Jumin · • ●

  • Jumin and You had been out and about on one of his rare days off shopping and such for the next big event, Chairman Han had arranged for your recently announced engagement. 
  • “Jumin I don't think we had to buy all the dresses for one event.”
  • “But you looked so lovely in each of them, how was I too chose?
  • You hated when he said it so bluntly as if it was the most obvious thing in the world…
  • “Still…” you started stopping after feeling a hand on your shoulder spinning you around to face him. A serious look gracing his features…
  • “I wish to give you the world if you wish it, _____. A few dresses are nothing but the start of it.”
  • “THats not what I want, Jumin. I just want you.” You gave him one of your trademark grins that melted him deep in the core
  • “Then so be it, Mrs. Han.”
  • “Jum-”
  • “Mr. Han” A new voice intruded your conversation taking you by surprise. You had gotten used to it being just the two of you, Jumin had rented out the entire store for your convenience and you being escorted by his bodyguards to the car. 
  • “Yes” He said looking clearly angered by the newcomer the bodyguards’ parting way so he could take a good look at him. 
  • “May I help you?”
  • “Yes, you can.” He was shaking dressed in a well-do suit you noted everyone in Jumins’ circle dressed as so it took you by surprise to see his disposition. Sure Jumin was intimidating but not this much.
  • “Jumin I think we should go.” You said placing a hand on his arm hoping to communicate the obvious discomfort circulating through your veins. 
  • He shushed you, clearly not reading the situation correctly.
  • “By…” He shouted as he reached into his bulging coat pocket only to be tackled to the ground by security. 
  • “See ___? Nothing to worry about” he trailed off noticing your hand was off arm. 
  • Looking around puzzled ignoring the shouting man and the grunts of the bodyguards to find your crumpled form on the ground.
  • Panic rising, he immediately knelt beside you turning you over to see your closed eyes face. Not seeing any cause he brushed back your hair to see the large gash from where your face had made contact with the ground. Hands shaking.
  • “______!”
  • “Someone call the damn hospital. “ 
  • “Hold on, _____. Hold on…!”
  • “Mr.Han?” 
  • “Yes? Any news?”
  • “I’m afraid despite our best efforts. Miss.____ has slipped into a coma for an unknown amount of time due to the head injury,”
  • “It’It was just a tiny scratch. What do you mean head injury?”
  • “It caused bleeding in her brain leading to her body in defense to slip into a coma, sir. Outlook is neither good nor bad. Head injuries are very unpredictable.”
  • “Unpredictable?”
  • “Yes, see-”
  • “I don’t care. You’re a doctor, I’m paying you to fix it.”
  • “Sir? Its not that simple.”
    “Yes, it is. Money is no object so make no mistake either you fix it or I’ll find someone who can.”
  • “Sir..!” He looked taken back at his brisk attitude
  • “And make no mind its Mrs.Han to you, understand?” He looked at him with an icy glare.
  • He turned around thinking…
  • “I’ll keep my promise _____. I’ll be yours till you wake up and forever after…”

● • · Zen · • ●

  • “A coma?”
  • “Yes were very sorry sir but due to complications from swelling from the accident. We had to medically induce the coma in hopes it went down. 
  • “She was wearing a helmet. We both were.” He protested sitting straight up.
  • “Yes but in this case, while it protects her from fatal injuries, it did cause some problems. See when she hit the ground-”
  • His ears simply allowed white noise to wash over him as he put his face into hands and begin choking out sobs as the previous events flashed through his mind.
  • “ZENNNY!” 
  • “What, babe?”
  • “Not so fast, please.”
  • “Faster? Sure.
  • “Zennnnn!!” 
  • He chuckled at your groans and allowed the motorbike to slow as they approached the red light.
  • It had taken weeks to convince you to ride with him having the picture of him riding with his best girl ever engraved in his mind since he started riding. You had been hesitant due to fear of falling off. But he had met your concerns with a big grin and said…
  • “I’ll just have to catch you then, princess.” Pinching your cheeks.
  • So after late night practice, he had found himself with a perfect excuse to take a ride with you. Roads were clear and morning rehearsal was canceled.
  • “Ouch!” He groaned feeling harsh tugging at his ponytail.
  • “THats for going so fast!” You said in his ear, wiggling closer to him. 
  • “Oh, you said slower I could have sworn.” 
  • “You know what I meant” 
  • Well apologies then, princess.”
  • You simply giggled. 
  • The light turned green and he begins to gain speed as he accelerated forward. 
  • “Hold on tight, Bab-”
  • A stray car barrelled forward through the red light horn blaring catching his attention as he swerved to avoid it. Turning his bike into the deserted sidewalk.
  • “ZENN!” You screamed behind him as he hit the curb causing you to fly forward onto the ground. 
  • Hands atomically attempted to find you as he attempted to twist your body to catch you from making contact with the ground the last ditch effort but it was in vain as you spiraled away from him.
  • He heard a crunch as his arm that was outstretched towards you snapped. Vision blackening due to the pain.
  • Groaning he heard people coming out stores surrounding as he came to, looking for you, he held his arm pushing himself up finding you eyes closed chest barely moving your body bunched together.
  • “Babe” He rasped out.
  • Ablumbalnces rang behind him as he felt his conciseness slipping back into the black.
  • Tears fell down his face as the memories faded out.
  • “I’m so sorry, _____. I didn’t catch you.”

● • · Yoosung · • ●

  • “Yoosung I’m going to lay down. I have a major headache. You said leaning against the doorframe slightly dizzy.
  • “Okay ___!” He called half listening as he began a new quest in LOLOLOL.
  • [8hrs later.]
  • “Done! Yeahhh!” He shouted triumphally voice echoing across the empty living room after many hours of raiding he finally achieved a new armor that he had talked about since Monday. 
  • Looking at the clock, he winced noticing the time. 3:00am? It had been 8hrs since he had last seen you. He suddenly remembered about your headache rushing from his computer, he swiped the aspirin bottle making way to your bedroom.
  • “______….?” He whispered letting the door creak open surprised to see the bed empty and the bath water running, confusion dulled his senses in why you were bathing at 3 am. Crossing the bedroom in easy strides. He rapped on the door attempting some attempt to catch your attention. Noticing the soggy carpet seeping through his socks made the alarm bells go off in his mind. Flinging open the door the bathroom floor was covered with icy water your body in the middle of the room face up as your hair floated in the freestanding water. 
  • Ignoring the still flowing water he swooped down to you cradling you.
  • “______? _____?!?!” He shook your freezing body in an attempt in to wake you fumbling for his phone in his hoodie almost dropping in the water filled room. 
  • “911, what is your emergency?”
  • …..
  • He paced around the waiting room, the entire RFA surrounded him. All voicing their concern for you. 
  • “ Miss. ____’s  family?
  • “How is she, Doctor???” He raced for the doctor eyes wild.
  • “I’m afraid, Miss.____ had a hyperglycemia episode that’s what cause her to pass out…” He paused looking at Yoosung’s lost face.
  • “That’s from her diabetes right?”
  • “Yes her blood sugar was dangerously high. The cause unknown should have shown signs…”
  • “It did. She said she had a headache.” Feeling guilt aching in him. LOLOLOL feeling utterly silly right now.
  • “Well she should have paid more attention to that, nevertheless she suffered from that and very low body temperatures…”
  • He spaced out feeling hollow, he should have checked on her or at least removed his headset. How long were you lying there?
  • “Resulting in a coma even though we regulated her blood sugar and body temperature. She may not wake up.”
  • He crumpled in half guilt making him choke out sobs at this blocking out everything. 
  • ______, I’m so sorry. 

L o v e,

M o c h i

candysims4replies  asked:

Hello, first I would like to congratulate u, love your items are really beautiful and very well made. And I would like to ask you how you did to put the dress created by TrashyGames in The Sims 4. I've done 5 items in the same program that she used, I exported to .obj but I really don't know how to put them in the game, if you can answer me how you did it or direct me to a place that explains how to do this. And thank you for your attention, and all items are my favorites. ♥

I assume you understand the basics of cc making for the game. (If you have never made anything from scratch, I suggest you follow this tutorial and try to make something simple first, earrings for example.) 

To make the mesh from MD work with the game, you need to:

  1. Reduce polycount. The mesh exported from MD has a crazy amount of polygons, which is not friendly for some people with less powerful computers. I suggest using Zbrush to remesh the export into a quad mesh (tutorial). Result from Zbrush will need to be polished in blender. Join seams, remove unnecessary vertices, etc.
  2. Scale and move the UV map to a proper location on the sims texture map. This varies, depending on the type of clothes you’re making.
  3. Transfer weight from a similar EA mesh. Follow this tutorial.
  4. Follow this tutorial to unwrap uv_1 map.
  5. Make the texture map. Follow this tutorial to bake a base shading image to overlay on top of your texture map for a more realistic result.
  6. Make normal (bump) map (tutorial), shadow map (tutorial 1tutorial 2), specular map (tutorial).
  7. Vertex paint the mesh (tutorial).
  8. Import the mesh, texture map, normal map, shadow map, specualr map into sims4studio and test in game.

izaaking  asked:

tell me your crit role ships, i need to know honestly


I’m going to do romantic AND platonic because I’ve always believed that platonic ships are just as important! (e.g.: STEALTH TWINS, pike+grog, etc.)

(very long post under the cut!)

Vax’ildan + Vex’ahlia:

  • familial relationships are so fucking important
  • my entire goddamn critical role tag is a love letter to their relationship
  • vex is the most important person in vax’s entire life and he would fight nations and gods to keep her safe
  • he challenged the god of fucking death for her life without hesitation or fear because like hell he was going to let his sister die before he does
  • he was miserable the entire time he was separated from her during the trial of the take
  • the first thing he did upon seeing her again was giving her a long, silent hug
  • “hey”
  • “*vex’s ugly sobbing noises*”
  • i’m still crying over that moment don’t look at me
  • vax tying his cloak around vex’s shoulders and telling her fiercely to stay safe, to stay hidden, because he can’t bear to lose her
  • the nat 20 acrobatics for vax to reach vex and screaming at someone to help when vex loses consciousness in the temple of ioun
  • “talk about my sister again” and then slitting the rakshasa’s throat in vex’s name g o d
  • vax’s entire life has been dedicated to his sister’s happiness and wellbeing because to him she is the best thing in all of creation. she’s the one person in his life that he can trust unconditionally, love unconditionally, without fear of harm or rejection. she’s his baby sister, she’s the best and brightest thing in his life, she’s the only true family he has left, she’s kind and good and giving and fierce and strong and she is his everything. vax would lay down his life in a second (which he’s done) do anything for her to keep her safe (a stick made of human tongues comes to mind, and the criminal he sacrificed in her name without remorse or hesitation) and whole and untouched by the horrors of the world because she’s his sister, his twin, the other half of his soul and above everyone else he loves her best.
  • “do not go far from me. if you’re out of earshot you’re too far from me.”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • vex nearly memorized an entire book within a few days in order to reassure her brother in his time of need, setting aside her concerns and worries in order to make sure that her brother was alright
  • vex asking vax in complete sincerity if he wants her to essentially assassinate kashaw when they see him again because like hell she’s just going to stand there when her brother’s in pain watching kashaw and keyleth interact oh my god
  • “well now that i know that you’re not interested in my brother i don’t care”
  • being so possessive and protective of vax like y’all better not hurt her brother because although he’s made of shadows and knives and death he’s also got a big, soft, vulnerable heart that vex guards with her words and her bow. her big, foolish, loving brother who dives headfirst into danger for the ones he loves, who scares her with his recklessness and his rash decisions, who spends his entire life being guided by his heart instead of his head, who protects her so fiercely he forgets to protect himself, she is the keeper of his heart and she will absolutely destroy anyone who harms him.
  • like honestly i’m 10000% certain that whenever anyone says shit about a twin the other twin is just *KILL BILL SIRENS* and that’s beautiful
  • listen i could go on for years about the stealth twins but i’m going to stop here because i feel y’all get the point, ye?

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Wrong Number

[Annabeth Chase’s phone]

Saturday, April 26 

2:37 am [to 673729225]

Annabeth Chase (6266223842): lisen jerkfac answet you dam phoe im tryig to screm at yo
Annabeth Chase: do yu kmpw how hasrd id too typr rifht now?
Annabeth Chase: aND A Small DICK
Annabeth Chase: youuARE A FCKING ASDHOLES

9:46 am

673729225:  so, um, hey, you kind of left me a voice message yesterday?
673729225:  Weeeell, maybe a few and some texts but i think you got the wrong number, you see unless i have been living a lie my whole life my name is not ryan?
673729225: so yeah, wrong number

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anonymous asked:

i am rly in love with your writing atm, so i totally wanted to request something about the reader dating hoshi but being rly close with the other members and he gets a lil bit jealous bc one of them (i rly don't mind who) actually has a crush on u and sort of almost does something about it. a fluffy ending would be lovely ^.^

((Let me start off by saying thank you. Thank you so much, Anon, for the compliment and the request! This was fun. This was so much fun and, again, it turned out a lot longer than I originally thought it would, but hey…what can you do? XD Anyway, I hope I followed your prompt closely enough. Enjoy!))

Pairings: HoshixReader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 3,413

Summary: You couldn’t be blamed for being so sweet and likable, especially not if it meant that you got alone well with the other members. However, Hoshi might have to remind one of them that you were his girl and he was not going to give you up to anyone. 


Hoshi was a nervous wreck and it wasn’t because of anything good. He had just received the news from Seungcheol that their one night of freedom became a surprise appearance on a radio show about to air in a few hours. That wasn’t the problem, though. The problem was that he had already promised you a night out all to yourselves in celebration of your birthday. Your birthday wasn’t until the next day, but since Seventeen’s schedule was jam packed for a while, he practically made a blood oath that you would have all of his attention the night before.

He promised this two weeks ago and you were going to be so upset.

“Oppa, I’m here!”

Well…speaking of losing his life. You came bounding through the door with a heart melting smile directed straight at him. Considering how often you were at the dorm since the two of you started dating, you had dropped all formalities and don’t even bother to knock anymore, especially not if they were expecting you.

“Jagiya!” he exclaimed, catching you in his arms when you jumped on him, “You look great!”

“Of course! I have to look good for our night out.” Oh, you looked so excited…why did this have to happen to him? “Speaking of which, why are you dressed yet? Are you still getting ready?”

Hoshi swallowed his nervous lump when you analyzed his half-dressed state, avoiding eye contact with you, “Actually, Y/N, about that-”

“Is Y/N here? I heard her name.”

“And I heard her voice.”

“Y/N-noona! You’re here!”

“Happy early birthday!”

Like responding to a dog whistle, all of Seventeen tried to pile into the entry hallway to greet you. You brightened up even more at the sight of them, saying your hellos in turn. Hoshi was beginning to hate the close relationship you had with the boys because they made you just that much happier and he didn’t need you happier right now. Not when he was about to disappoint you.

How he hated disappointing you.

“Noona, you’re dressed really nice,” Dino observed, giving you the once over, “Oh! You’re supposed to go out with Hoshi-hyung, aren’t you?”

“That’s right! An early celebration for my birthday since he’ll be too busy on the actual day tomorrow.”

He was starting to feel sick. Joshua looked at Hoshi, brows furrowed, quite perplexed. “You didn’t tell her yet?” he asked quietly.

Not quiet enough. You whipped around jut as Hoshi shook his head. Your eyes drilled holes into him, the smile dropping from your face, “Tell me what?”

“Well, Jagi…” Hoshi wrung his hands together, “I…I was thinking that…we…could stay in tonight and celebrate your birthday with the rest of the members!”

You narrowed your eyes in suspicion, “Why? You promised me we would go out. Just the two of us.”

“I thought it would be more fun this way!”

“Oppa…” Your voice grew hard and your crossed your arms. “Stop lying to me. Why?”

Hoshi was defeated. He took a deep breath and locked eyes with you, “I won’t be able to take you out tonight, Jagi. We have a schedule in less than three hours.”

“Are you serious?!” you screeched, the shift in atmosphere compelling the others to make their retreat, “Hoshi-ah!”

“I know, Jagi, I know and I’m really sorry! I didn’t know they were doing this, I swear! They just told us a few minutes ago!”

You scoffed, positively peeved by the sudden change in plans, all of which didn’t involve your birthday celebration in the least. Hoshi stepped closer and took hold of your arms, stroking them to soothe you.

“Please don’t be mad, Jagi. More than anything, I wanted to take you out. I wanted you all to myself, too.” He cupped your cheeks when you continued to frown and kissed your lips. “Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad,” you mumbled, wrapping your fingers around his wrist, “I’m disappointed. I was really excited for tonight, especially since you’re going to be busy for the next few weeks. I really wanted to spend time with you before that happened.”

He frowned with you, but nodded in understanding. He hated being away from you just as much as you hated being away from him, probably more. There wasn’t much that could be done about it, though, not right now and the only thing Hoshi could offer was a short movie night in with the rest of the boys.

“Y/N-ah, you should stay!” Mingyu appeared out of the blue, making the both of you jump, “That way we can all celebrate with you! I’ll even cook dinner if that’s what you want!”

“Yah, what are you doing there? Were you eavesdropping?” Hoshi questioned while you laughed.

“I was worried about her! I don’t like it when she’s upset either!” Mingyu came around and placed his hands on your shoulders, snuggling up to you and accomplishing two things:

Making you smile and Hoshi jealous.

“Yah! Aren’t you too close to my girlfriend?” he whined, you waving him off.

“He’s harmless, Jagi. He’s just trying to make me feel better since my birthday celebration was ruined.” You had to be a little sadistic and relish in Hoshi’s whining coupled with his fingers roughly carding through his hair, obviously feeling aggravated and guilty that he had to break his promise to you.

Satisfied, you turned to look at Mingyu, who had gotten a little too comfortable hanging on to you, though you ignored it; “Thanks , Mingyu, but I think I’m just going to leave,” you answered, your smile soft.

“What?! Why?!”

You laughed at their echoed question, Mingyu and Hoshi staring at you as if you just confessed a promiscuous sin to them. You shook your head and waved your hand dismissively again.

“I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself knowing that everyone’s going to be antsy and trying to get ready for your schedule at the same time. Besides, the original plan didn’t involve the guys, so it wouldn’t be fair to just spring it on them like this,” you answered, shrugging and smoothing your hands over your outfit, “Besides, I’m dressed too nice to just stay indoors! I think I’ll call up a couple of my girlfriends and go out with them. Just to put the outfit to good use, hehehe.”

“What? Go out with your friends? Go where? What do you plan on doing? You’re not going to drink, are you? Or to a club? It’s dangerous for a bunch of girls to go out like that, Jagiya. I’ll worry about you!”

“Aish, Oppa,” you reprimanded him, shoving his shoulder lightly, “Enough. I’ll be fine! I wasn’t thinking about clubbing, although that actually does sound like a fun idea.”


“Fine, fine! No clubbing! But I am going out tonight and you have to rest up for your schedule.” You sidled up to him and slid your arms around his neck, kissing away his pout with cute pecks. “I’m going to be fine, Hoshi, I promise. And don’t worry, I’m not mad at you. Just promise me that we’ll do something when you have free time?”

“We’ll spend the whole day together, Y/N. Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go, I will take you and do it with you,” he promised, wrapping his arms around your waist and pecking your lips before holding you tight, “…Oh! Wait, wait! Don’t go just yet! I have something for you!”

He pulled away and rushed into the dorm towards the bedrooms, leaving you and Mingyu to giggle to yourselves; you had forgotten that he was still there and almost felt badly for showing PDA in front of him.


“I’m sorry that your plans had to be cancelled with Hoshi, Y/N,” he apologized, “I know you were really looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, I was,” you sighed, “but it is what it is. I knew that things like this would happen sometimes when I started dating him, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. It’s okay, though, I know Hoshi and I will do something in honor of my birthday.”

You both fell quiet, Mingyu nodding his head thoughtfully and shuffling his feet. “…Well, if you don’t mind, I do have an idea,” he said, piquing your interest.

When Hoshi came back with a small box of your favorite treats in his hands, he found you and Mingyu smiling excitedly at each other, chatting animatedly about something. He suddenly felt leery.

“Jagi, these are for you,” he announced, face nearly splitting in half with a smile when you squealed and lunged for the gift, “I was going to give these to you tonight after dinner, but now will be the only time. What were you two talking about?”

“Oh,” you glanced back at the younger, “Mingyu and I planned an outing tomorrow for my birthday!”

“You what?!”

“Yeah. He told me that the Performance Unit is going to be busy all day tomorrow, but everyone else will be done by late afternoon. So he offered to take me out to celebrate. Isn’t that sweet of him?”

“A little too sweet,” he mumbled, glaring holes at the other male who smirked and shrugged his shoulders innocently.

You clicked your tongue and smacked his shoulder, “Be nice. He’s just being a good friend. Thank you for the gift. You get some rest and good look on your schedules. Fighting!”

You gave his cheek a kiss, hugged Mingyu, and peeked your head into the doorway to the living room to bid goodbye to the rest of the boys who all echoed their own farewells after you. You made your exit to the sound of Hoshi making you promise to call him once you were with your friends…and once you were at the place you were going to hang out…and once you were home just to make sure that you were safe.

When you were gone, Hoshi turned a sharp look to Mingyu even though the younger one had already turned around to return to the living room. Hoshi didn’t trust this outing that Mingyu had arranged with you, especially not since he started picking up on these vibes that were rolling off of him in waves when it came to you. Hoshi was far from oblivious to how much Mingyu cared for you. The only thing he didn’t know was how deep those feelings ran…and he really didn’t want to find out.


The schedules for the next day went according to plan, the Performance Unit having their extra appearances just as Mingyu had stated that kept them out longer than the rest of the group. However, since everything had gone so smoothly, they were released early and allowed to return to the dorm. Their early was your late, though, and chances were that you were getting ready to go to bed. Regardless, Hoshi hoped that he could at least spend the night at your apartment with you, maybe pick up some ice cream or something and watch a movie on Netflix for the last few hours of your birthday.

It sounded like a great idea! Now if only you would pick up the phone so you could agree with him!

He called your phone for the umpteenth time, but it went straight to voicemail for the umpteenth time. Same thing with Mingyu’s phone; the both of you having turned your cells off. The younger should have been back at the dorm by now and you should have been home, answering his phone calls, letting him know that you were safely back. The lack of an answer from either one of you made him feel as if a block of lead was sitting in his stomach.

“I’m sure there’s a good reason for it,” Jeonghan had tried consoling him as Hoshi paced back and forth, staring at his phone expectantly, “Don’t worry so much.”

“Yeah, hyung. Y/N is in good hands with Mingyu!” D.K. added.

“No, I don’t like it,” Hoshi declared, worry reflected in his eyes, “They both should have been home by now. There isn’t anything they could possibly do together that would take them this late into the night without one of them picking up their phones.”

He paused in the middle of the room, making up his mind. “I’m going to Y/N’s. Just to make sure that she’s okay,” he announced, already heading for the door.

“Hold on, take your mask!” Joshua advised, handing him his black face mask.

“Thanks, hyung!” Hoshi slipped the mask on and pulled the hood of his jacket over his head before jogging out the door, silently slipping into the night and starting out for your apartment.

It was a twenty minute walk, tops, but felt so much longer as negative thoughts filtered through his head. Why did you both have your phones turned off? Why were both out so late still? Did something happen? Were you in an accident and suffering at the hospital? Were you attacked? Were you laying kidnapped!? Or worse, lying dead somewhere?!

These thoughts were making him feel sick, gaining minimal relief when our apartment building loomed just ahead. He turned the corner and picked up the pace, nearly missing the two people that were stationed a few feet ahead of him. A shriek filled his ears, startling him out of his troubled thoughts. He knew that sound anywhere, having heard it many times as you tripped over countless objects with your clumsy self.

He slowed to a stop, watching in a daze as Mingyu kneeled in front of you as you took perch on the bench outside your apartment complex. Your heels were off and he had his hands around your ankle, watching your face intently even though he was smiling so big. You were laughing in response to whatever he said, but all Hoshi saw was Mingyu getting far too close and comfortable with you for the last time.

“Yah! Yah! What are you doing?” Both you and Mingyu snapped your heads up at Hoshi’s shout, watching as he sprinted towards the two of you and grabbed a startled, frightened Mingyu up by his collar.

“Hoshi, what are you doing?!”

“Hyung! Hyung! What’s wrong?!”

“You! You’re what’s wrong! I’m not dumb, Mingyu. I know exactly how you feel about Y/N, I just never knew how much and to what lengths you were willing to go,” Hoshi sneered, his eyes alight with an angry, jealous fire, “But I don’t care if you’re taller than me or stronger than me, Y/N is mine! She’s my girlfriend! I love her more than you could ever imagine, more than I ever thought I could possibly love someone, and I will fight for her, even if I have to fight you!

“Hoshi, STOP! AH!”

“Jagiya!” Hoshi exclaimed, turning to watch you fall to your knees when you tried to stand, your face pinched in discomfort.

He quickly gathered you up in his arms and placed you gently back on the bench, replacing Mingyu as he held your ankle in his hands tenderly.

“What happened?” he asked, looking at you first and then cutting a sharp look to Mingyu, “What happened to my jagiya?”

“Hoshi,” you called, drawing his attention back to you, “It’s not Mingyu’s fault. He tried to protect me as best as he could. We were chased by fangirls and I twisted my ankle. He carried me all the way back here from the main street.”

Hoshi looked between you and Mingyu, finding the younger looking away remorsefully, as if he felt guilty that he couldn’t do more to prevent your injury. You gained his attention again with a hand to his cheek.

“I know how he feels about me, too, Oppa. We actually talked about it.”

“You confessed to her?!” Hoshi jumped up, Mingyu beginning to cower away from the intense look in his eye, “That’s too far!”

“Hoshi!” You grabbed hold of the front of his shirt and yanked him down again, hissing at him. “He did not confess to me! I figured it out on my own and we talked about it. You have nothing to worry about. He knows that I only have eyes for you, as should you know as well! Besides, it’s just a little baby crush. He’ll get over it and move on to someone better.”

You grinned at the younger who appeared to blush while he looked away shyly. Hoshi looked between the two of you, his bottom lip pouting out slightly. “I tried calling you both earlier. Hundreds of times, but your phones are off. How come?” he questioned, voice a grumble.

Both you and Mingyu looked confused, looking at Hoshi and then looking at each other.

“Our phones were off?” you muttered, diving into your purse to retrieve your cell, Mingyu going into his pocket. After a moment, you started laughing, “Oh no! We forgot to turn our phones back on!”

“Oops,” Mingyu mumbled, flinching as if he had been hit.

“Yah, why were they off in the first place?”

“Because the place Mingyu and I went to said that we had to,” you explained patiently, flinching when Hoshi aggravated your injury by pressing down on it a little too hard, “It was some kind of Zen, performance thing with a new age dance ritual. They instructed everyone in the audience to turn off their phones to keep the electrical waves from interfering with our chakras.”

“…Where exactly did you take her?!”

“Hey, I liked it! Don’t yell at him anymore!”

Hoshi grumbled under his breath, still tending to your wound by gently massaging it. You sighed and cupped his cheeks in your hands, forcing him to lock eyes with you. “Oppa, I need to know that you understand,” you started gently, stroking his cheeks with your thumbs, “I need to know that you’re not mad at Mingyu. He’s young and he had a small crush on me because I was the only girl that was around a lot, so it was almost natural. But he loves you as well, Hoshi, and he would never do anything to hurt or betray you intentionally. Don’t be mad at him…please.”

Hoshi smiled warmly and kissed your palms before moving to stand up, facing the quiet Hip Hop Unit member who had taken to keeping to himself lest he make the situation worse. He eyed his hyung warily and gulped. Hoshi held his gaze before bowing his head.

“I’m sorry, Mingyu. Please forgive me for my brash actions. As your hyung and a leader, I shouldn’t have allowed myself to get so angry.”

“No, hyung, you had every right to be mad. I’m sorry for causing unnecessary trouble for you. Please forgive me.” Mingyu bowed back in return, his head lower.

The two men then stood straight, Mingyu fidgeting slightly and asking with a wary smile, “So…are we okay?”

Hoshi beamed as bright as the sun, “Of course!” And then he was embracing the younger, you and Mingyu sighing in relief.

Mingyu stated that he would head home and let Hoshi take care of you, bidding you a good night as you thanked him for a wonderful evening. When you two were alone, Hoshi gave you his full attention and dove in for a well-deserved kiss, his hands cupping your cheeks and his lips playing lovingly against yours. He stole your breath away without hardly even trying and when he pulled back, you were dazed and flushed.

He placed your purse and your shoes in your lap before hooking one arm under your knees and wrapped his other one over your back, hoisting you up into his embrace. “Let’s get you inside, Jagiya. I want to take care of you and spend the rest of your birthday with you,” he murmured, softly sealing his lips over yours.

“I’d like that,” you replied just as quietly, laying your head on his shoulder and nuzzling into his neck with a smile, “And you can tell me about your schedules from today.”

Hoshi shook his head, “We can talk about my schedules later. Right now, I just want to focus on you…I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

He kissed you slowly, “I really, really love you.”

“I really, really love you, too.” You sighed against his lips, giggling and relaxing in his embrace as he turned to carry you all the way up to your apartment like the princess you are to him.

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Steven Stone! (I saw you already posted some headcanons- but if you have more? owo)

I can talk about Steven Stone for hours u have no idea. attackfrommarsbars asked me about this too so praise helix

  • The nerd legit has no relationship experience and has no idea how to confess his love. The one time he tried all he did was give his crush their favorite stone but they didn’t understand.
  • He is completely oblivious when people try to hit on him. He just thinks everyone’s being nice but he needs to be explicitly told when he’s being flirted with.
  • Everyone puts him on this high pedestal and although people admire him he only has like one friend because everyone’s too scared to talk to him.
  • He really likes cuddles with both people and pokemon. He really likes the warmth of another human being after only cuddling with steel types for so long.
  • It takes him forever to get dressed every morning because of all the accessories he needs to put on.
  • Hoenn is very tropical and he gets very hot from standing outside in all his clothing after a while he just refuses to admit it.
  • He did really well in school and probably helps tutor people.
  • He really loves interacting with people.
  • The man is ace as hell. I know I said this before but still
  • He thinks about rock and steel puns 24/7 but everyone thinks he’s cool and suave so he doesn’t say them ever.
  • He likes the idea of setting his romantic partner’s favorite mega stone in an engagement ring but rendering the stone useless drives him insane
  • He get really flustered whenever anyone suggests that he and one of his friends are romantic partners.
  • He is so kind and sincere about everything. Like whenever anyone talks to him they have his full attention and will never break focus about the person or the topic at hand.

I have so many more but that’s all for now

Put a character in my ask and I’ll give some headcanons!

the different types of youtube comments
  • “um actually I’m nine and two months and I finished this game in 0.2 seconds so shut the fuck up and learn to spell bitch I’m more mature than you”
  •  “lolololololololol I died at 3:24 XDDD pause at 3:24 for the best face ever you’ll thank me later hahahaha”
  • “stupid fucking fangirls. they’re not gay!!!!!!!!!!! he literally stared at a girl in a video once okay so shut up!!!! and even if they were it’s none of your business so stop harassing them with dumb comments saying they’re cute!!!”
  • “sweetie :) didn’t your mommy ever teach you manners? :)“
  • “Hi! my name is Erica and I make youtube videos about my life and friends and funny things that everyone can relate to, so check out my channel! peace and love - Erica xoxo”
  • “no way I have the SAME EXACT SHIRT :O WHAT ARE THE ODDS”
  • “omg did anyone else get that reference or was I the only one who noticed?”
  • “I just wanted to say thank you so much for being who you are. you inspire me, you always make me laugh, you’re always there on a day I feel sad. so I’m just here to say I love you and keep being yourself <333″
  • “are those her real eyelashes?? also does anybody know where that dress is from? also that lipstick, can I buy it in the U.S.?? thanks xx”
  • “no offences but hes cuter than u sorry no offense but just truth”
  • “subscribed”
  • “did you see how sad he looked for one eighth of a second???? obviously he feels left out and abandoned because he had a shitty childhood and now all of those suppressed memories are coming back and I’m sure when he goes home now he’s gonna cry himself to sleep but pretend everything’s fine right now because he doesn’t want to upset anybody :( <333333 I feel so bad for him”
  • “they aren’t even funny just really fucking annoying”
  • “anyone else watching in 2015?”
  • “anyone else watching in the year 2890 in their iHouse?”
  • “lol I just laughed so hard my parents gave me a really weird look I’M SUCH A DORK no one will ever understand me”
  • “FIRST!!!11!!!!!!11!!!!!”
  • “you weren’t fucking first there are like a hundred comments below yours”
  • *random panic at the disco quotes in all caps*
  • “am I the only one who’s starting to ship them?”
  • “ **you’re “
  • “this comment is hacked so you can’t like it”
  • “there are four fridays this month. like this and your crush will ask you out this friday. repost ten times or your love life will be cursed for twenty years.”
  • “no offense…….but are they gay. no offense I’m just wondering no hate”
  • “omg I’m crying X’D”
  • “don’t cry”
  • ……………………………………………….
  • ………………… ……………….
  • ………………………………………………. ………………
  • ………………………………
  • “craft”
Summary of Kill La kIll
  • satsuki: my life sucks time to preach it
  • ryuko: dafuq where is my scissor
  • senketsu: u gonna get raped LOL jk just put me on!
  • mako: *gets kidnapped*
  • ryuko: dis is so embarrassing wtf dad
  • satsuki: wut
  • aikurou: yes!
  • mako: AWESOME!
  • satsuki: time to send someone obviously less powerful than ryuko
  • aikurou: u gonna get raped LOL jk u no dress properly
  • mako: *gets kidnapped again*
  • hakodate: NO I'M NEKKID AND I LOSE
  • satsuki: time to go home to get mah kamui
  • ryuko: DAFUQ U WEARING
  • satsuki: DAFUQ
  • ryuko: ima beat everyone so we can fight again
  • satsuki: OMG LMAO k sounds good
  • maiko: new friend! LOL jk just die
  • tsumugu: my life sucks so GET NAKED
  • mako: BOO-HOO dont get naked ryuko
  • ryuko: SENKETSU!
  • senketsu: RYUKO!
  • tsumugu: is dat love?
  • ragyo: its been 3 episodes im gonna ask satsuki about her wedding dress
  • ryuko: how cute *beats sanageyama*
  • iori: dafuq?
  • satsuki: whoa!
  • ryuko: OMG HE BLIND
  • mako: lol their lives suck now so theyre fighting you
  • ryuko: OMG I'LL START A FIGHT CLUB though i have never seen the movie
  • mankanshoku family: YAY
  • ryuko: never mind life sucks
  • mako: I HATE U
  • mankanshoku family: WE'RE SO SORRY FORGIVE US
  • ryuko: k ur forgiven
  • satsuki: lol i used ryuko to purge the clubs just so i can start an election
  • elite 4: WHAT
  • ryuko: WHAT
  • *weeks later*
  • satsuki: now to waste more money by ruining more of the academy for the election lol u first gamagoori
  • ryuko: how bout no?
  • gamagoori: thats cool i'll just crush u
  • satsuki: dumbass
  • gamagoori: NO I LOST MY LIFE SUCKS NOW
  • inumuta: bitch please i'll just use invisibility
  • ryuko: found ya *uses a huge flyswatter*
  • inumuta: NO SHE FOUND ME i'll forfeit because my life sucks now
  • nonon: bitch please music is the way of life
  • ryuko: HOLY SHIT U CAN FLY
  • nonon: *blasts beethoven*
  • ryuko: OMG TOO LOUD *defeats nonon*
  • nonon: NO I LOST MY LIFE SU- LOL jk time for an encore
  • ryuko: WTF *blasts music*
  • sanageyama: ohai
  • ryuko: I REMEMBER YOU
  • nui: HEYYYY~
  • ryuko: DAFUQ
  • sanageyama: DAFUQ
  • satsuki: OH FUCK
  • sanageyama: im falling nao
  • ryuko: *rage face*
  • satsuki: CRAP
  • mako: NO DIE RYUKO
  • ryuko: *passes out*
  • mako: ryuko? r u ded? OH WOW I GOT A PERFECT TAN
  • ragyo: CLOTHING IZ EVIL *wearing a dress*
  • ryuko: life sucks i'll never wear you again
  • senketsu: plz wear me ryuko!
  • ryuko: k i'll wear you
  • senketsu: *gets torn to pieces*
  • satsuki: how disgraceful
  • ryuko: SENKETSU time go to everywhere in the kansai area
  • ryuko: WHERE IS MY GLOVE!
  • satsuki: lolumad?
  • satsuki: oh we have a draw keep my sword ryuko
  • ryuko: *throws satsuki's sword*
  • satsuki: thx man
  • nui: you're wanted at home, satsuki!
  • satsuki: k brb everyone
  • elite 4: k
  • ragyo: lmao time to purify
  • satsuki: oh shit
  • ragyo: here im-a show you the life fiber so you can destroy it later
  • satsuki: dafuq
  • aikurou: nudist beach wants to use ur clothes to win ryuko
  • ryuko: NO *gets naked again*
  • tsumugu: k then just die so our plans can foil
  • ryuko: lol k
  • satsuki: mama's coming
  • elite 4: WHAAAAT ok then
  • ragyo: time to dress fancy by looking like a clown!
  • ragyo: IM THE BEST LOL k time to devour all of you
  • mako: *gets kidnapped AGAIN*
  • ragyo: im so evil it turns me on!
  • satsuki: *stab*
  • ragyo: dafuq im stabbed
  • ryuko: WTF
  • satsuki: i was pretending to obey you trolololo
  • ragyo: WHAT A SHOCK never mind u suck anyway
  • satsuki: shut up and die *beheads*
  • satsuki: finally it's over
  • ragyo: JK im not ded at all
  • satsuki: FUCK
  • ragyo: TROLOLOLO *brainwashes Ryuko*
  • ryuko: DONT FUCK WITH ME *punches self*
  • ragyo: OMG she's my daughter!
  • satsuki: DAFUQ
  • ryuko: DAFUQ
  • *a month later*
  • ragyo: and that's how ur father faked his own death
  • satsuki: ryuko is my sister wtf?
  • aikurou: u want the d?
  • sukuyo mankanshoku: i doooooo
  • ryuko: life sucks im a monster i'll never wear you again again senketsu
  • ragyo & nui: come fight us at the academy!
  • ryuko: k g2g guys
  • everyone else: our lives suck
  • inumuta: oh i found nekkid satsuki our lives dont suck anymore
  • aikurou: time to fuck the ship wheel
  • everyone: wtf
  • nui: ur lonely ryuko i understand how you feel!
  • ryuko: *stabs*
  • nui: NO IM DED LOL jk im a monster too
  • ryuko: shit
  • ragyo: ryuko put on junketsu
  • ryuko: WTF IS HAPPENING time to go disco dancing
  • satsuki: when fucked, drink tea
  • everyone: HALP
  • ryuko: U GONNA DIE
  • satsuki: take off ur outfit ryuko
  • ryuko: shaddup *can-can kick*
  • satsuki: fuck
  • mako: KILL MEH RYUKO
  • ryuko: k sure *takes off junketsu*
  • everyone: SHE NOT DED?
  • nui: MY ARMS
  • hououmaru: NUI RETURN
  • satsuki: sorry ryuko
  • ryuko: let me punch you
  • satsuki: i said sorry plz fight by my side
  • ryuko: k fine and after the croquette party lets go kill mom
  • satsuki: fine by me
  • ryuko: n-n-neecha-
  • ragyo: troublesome daughters *cuts ryuko*
  • everyone: NOOOOOO
  • satsuki: lolumad mom?
  • ragyo: wut
  • ryuko: *stabs the life fiber*
  • ragyo: DAMMIT oh well *changes outfit*
  • everyone else: shit
  • gamagoori: ELITE 4 AND MAKO I CHOOSE YOU
  • nui: meh *stabs gamagoori*
  • everyone else: NO HE DED
  • satsuki: hell yeah
  • gamagoori: JK IM ALIVE *breaks the barrier*
  • everyone: U IDIOT
  • ragyo: NUI COME IN ME
  • nui: K
  • ragyo: CYA LOSERS *flies to space*
  • ryuko: everyone get naked so i can kill mom
  • everyone: k sure
  • ryuko: *flies to space*
  • ragyo: you cant kill me trolololo
  • ryuko: fuck k i'll just absorb your power
  • ragyo: wut
  • ryuko: go away life fibers!
  • life fibers: k sure *releases all victims and vanishes*
  • ragyo: m-m-m-my life... sucks...
  • ryuko: mom
  • ryuko: she ded oh well
  • ryuko: NO HE DED TOO *depressingly falls back to earth*
  • everyone: RYUKOOOOOOO
  • all the guys: OW MY BALLS
  • mako & mama: OW MY BOOBS
  • gamagoori: EVERYONE IS ON MY DICK
  • aikurou: shit we have to clean up now
  • satsuki: sister T_T <3
  • ryuko: sister T_T <3
  • *during the date*
  • ryuko & mako: WHOA SHE CUT HER HAIR

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!! MC coming out as a trans boy possibly? :3c thank u!! (also Pls do V if you don't regularly?)

Of course !!!!


  • He had a feeling for some reason, maybe he is just good at judging ? But no matter what he would be super supportive and he would reassure mc nonstop 
  • “ I’ll love you no matter what, so don’t be scared to tell me anything okay ? “
  • He would take you shopping to get all new cloths and he would let you wear his to be more comfortable
  • He would instantly be able to switch pronouns without a problem, he might slip up sometimes but if he does he corrects himself and says sorry
  • He would help you pick out a binder that would be comfortable and fit you and help you with it as well
  • He wouldn’t hesitate to tell people you are his boyfriend and if anyone tried to correct him and say ‘’ girlfriend ‘’ he would just go ‘’ excuse me, this is my boyfriend ‘’
  • If you went by a new name it would be hard for him to adjust too so he is gonna call you nick-names a lot till he is use too it


  • You want to be a boy ?? This confuses him a little honestly but he would offer you all the resources to get surgery and everything, of course that’s so sudden and you don’t want to just suddenly change your whole body so you say you will wait for now
  • though he will buy you binders and help you dress how you want and get you a haircut how you want as well.
  • He is still a bit confused but if you ask him to call you a boy he would do it because it makes you happy and he would do anything to make you happy ?
  • He would probably ask V for advice though because Jumin probably doesn’t know exactly what’s going on and V would explain and jumin would have a better grasp on it now
  • And then jumin would start to be a lot more supportive and instead of saying you are his ‘’ girlfriend ‘’ or ‘’ partner ‘’ he would take a deep breath and say you are his ‘’ boyfriend ‘’ and if anyone tries to tell him otherwise he might slap them.
  • He would probably use your real name a lot on accident because he is so use to it but after maybe a good two weeks he would start using your new name


  • He wouldn’t how what to do ? He is confused ? He would need a lot of explaining and once eh fully understands he is gonna say he is sorry for not understanding and making you explain something like that to him
  • He is gonna try to look up things on the internet to help but he is nervous he is gonna mess up and upset you and he doesn’t wanna hurt you so he is gonna ask zen and 707 for help.
  • He would probably blab to 707 a lot and even if 707 things him being clueless is funny and probably laughed at him he probably still helped yoosung buy you a binder so you can feel better in your own body
  • Yoosung would probably take awhile to adjust to your pronouns but honestly he is the one who is gonna cry a lot because he is scared to upset you because he loves you a lot, and he will love you no matter what 
  • Though I bet he would gush about you to all of his friends still and he would call you his boyfriend and if any of them asked he would say that he doesn’t care because he loves you and if they try to say anything mean he is gonna block them lmao
  • He is the worst with getting pronouns right but probably the best at calling you by your new given name.


  • She wouldn’t even hesitate to help you get all new clothes and to shop for binders and to get your haircut, she wants you to be comfortable.
  • She would adjust to pronouns very easily and call you a boy with no problem
  • She would probably still ask 707 for a bit of help, even if she isn’t the most fond of him he is good at research and will be helpful since this is important to both you and her
  • She would give you endless encouragement and reassurance on how much she loves you no matter what
  • She would probably slip up with your name a lot though so she is gonna resort to calling you by your last name …. It feels so weird and formal though


  • He has a lot of of internalized homophobia so this honestly made him really weary at first, But the one thing he remembered is you are still you no matter what and he didn’t fall in love with you because he was a girl he fell in love with you because you were sweet and kind and compassionate.
  • So after a day or so he would start using your correct pronouns even if it’s really hard for him, you can probably see he is struggling
  • He would ask Jaehee and 707 for help on what exactly to do and they would both just tell him to make you happy and to be supportive and helpful
  • It is still gonna take him a while to adjust and he is so sorry about i but he would still get your new cloths and a new haircut and still tell you how cute he thinks you are and how much he loves you so that hasn’t changed at all.
  • He might adjust to calling you a new name faster then new pronouns but it would still be hard, but he would be able to do it in maybe a month’s time
  • Not introducing you as his boyfriend might take a long while, especially since he is famous as well, He doesn’t care about his own fame but he cares about you possibly getting hurt so he would have to make sure you are okay with it because he doesn’t want you getting hurt or something.
  • No matter what he still loves you to death, he is probably the slowest to adjust to everything though.


  • He would be happy honestly !! He is happy you are finally figuring yourself out and trying to be happy and comfortable in your own body, and he will support you through it all
  • He would ask jumin for helping to get you all the things you need, not really money but more of where to go to get really good cloths and such because you deserve the best.
  • Gonna ask saeyoung on help for getting you good binders because he is good at doing research and ya know, V can’t read
  • He would probably take a small amount of time to adjust to both your pronouns and given name but he would do it for you
  • When he introduces you to people he would no doubt call you his boyfriend and if anyone said anything he would just smile and be all ‘’ Is it any of your bussiness ‘’ and continue on with the convo lmao

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www(.)mirror(.)co(.)uk/news/uk-news/man-wakes-coma-tells-girlfriend-3621775 // If this doesn't scream Klaine, I don't know what does, right?*v*

roooh *u* my heart is exploding

Let’s have it for some Blangst, shall we?


This was never supposed to happen.

Then again, Blaine muses as he rolls away from the empty space in his bed to keep himself from crying, nobody ever plans for that kind of things.

Nobody ever plans for their fiancé to get hit by a swerving car as he was coming out of the subway to get back home.

Nobody plans to see them lying in a bed–again–with tubes coming out of his body–again–and unresponding.

Fucking. Again.

Blaine throws the covers away from himself, his anger at the unfairness of it all making the blanket stifling and too warm.

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knzyjsk  asked:

Heloww!! I was dying to come and talk with u' I missed you! T__T I been so busy and tired, but see Youngjae always lift my mood <3 I love his new hair style! He looks so handsome and manly! I just love it! <3 And I just see the scans of the Monograph version, and it's so cute and sdñfhdñas I'm so happy that I bought it!! haha And don't apologize for being busy! Don't worry, you're always so kind and sweet with us, people should understand! So don't worry and don't push yourself!! I Love u' <3

Helooooo dear, 

I miss you too TT_TT How are you? I hope you have enough rest despite your busy schedule. Thank you so much for always understand me and I really appreciate that.  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I think every Youngjae’s fan has the same thought like you where Youngjae always manage to lift us our mood whenever we feel down, sad or tired. Even for me. I always smile whenever I update my tumblr. Choi Youngjae is such a sunshine who shining us all with his aura and presence. I love his new hairstyle too!! I totally agree with you that he looked more handsome and manly even in that dress…hahaha I just don’t know if I’m able to take it if our Choi Youngjae keeps getting handsome and hotter in the future. He’s just too irresistible. 

Oh I bought GOT7 monograph too but mine still haven’t arrived yet. I can’t wait to see the beautiful pictures of our sunshine and watch his adorable self in that DVD. 

Anyway dear, these are for you…I hope we both can get through this busy time together with Youngjae by our side. Hwaiting dear and I love you too  (✿◠‿◠)

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