i love u bf

bffs ponyboy & johnny as college roommates !
  • ponyboy gets up early to start coffee for them, but he’s clumsy and perpetually sleepy so he kind of always makes a mess
  • the apartment is really small but they’ve decorated it all cute (maybe have a sort of soft green+blue+neutrals aesthetic going on?)
  • ponyboy makes the grocery lists but they go shopping together
  • johnny always gets onto pony for leaving his painting stuff, notebooks, & homework everywhere
  • they both love living together bc it’s always peaceful & quiet (unless the gang comes to visit….)
  • johnny brings home dinner sometimes after work or class
  • ponyboy always has music playing but johnny doesn’t mind bc he likes pony’s taste in music
  • if one of them falls asleep on the couch, the other will always cover them up with a blanket
  • the first time they did laundry together they mixed up all their clothes, so now they just share everything 
  • johnny always has to check the door before he goes to bed bc pony forgets to lock it all. the. time.
  • they 100% take care of each other when they’re sick
  • johnny hung up some of pony’s art on the walls bc he is the sweetest ever & wants to support his best friend’s talents
  • & pony always helps johnny study when he needs it
  • they always say “hey i’m home” when they come through the door bc they’re basically an old married couple

NCT U/127 Reaction - You surprise them with a warm back hug

Taeil: Oohh!!!” you just startled him, but he becomes happy in a moment. It was unexpected to receive such a melting hug…he was longing for some warmness and you knew exactly how to make him feel better… “Can we please go somewhere else? People are just staring at me, we are in public…let’s go to our hidden place ^^” he starts to feel a bit shy after a while, since you won’t let him go but you’ll have to continue your cuddle session somewhere more comfortable :D

Taeyong: Aiiii!!! You’re tickling me, what are you doing?” you just order him to stay like this for a while since it was your wish to make him feel loved this time. You knew he always acted like a big man showing you warmly all the love he has for you, but deep inside he just a cute baby who also needs to feel loved and be cherished…Of course, he really loves your surprise, so much that he will even start talking in a aegyo voice asking you how was your day, if you ate, if you are tired…not even in this moment, he won’t stop worrying about you..

Yuta: “But who’s that? Oh…my baby! What are you doing?” he feels your body touching him from behind and your hands travelling around his chest and he doesn’t even know what happened to you today. “If this is an attempt to feel my abs today, you better make sure to pay me back for that! This is not for free, even if you are my girl!” Of course he loves it, he would sleep like this forever in your arms! Later he will laugh about how innocently you fell for his joke… It wasn’t that kind of “pay” but well, if you want…how could he refuse it? :p

Kun: “I wonder who’s that? Honey??” Of course it’s you! It was such a good surprise…he totally loves it! Your arms wrapped around his waist suddenly made his dirty-mind fly away…no, he just thinks he should enjoy first your warmish body and receive your love, before he could decide how to retrieve all that warmness he received…

Doyoung: Wait…don’t tell me you also love doing these kind of things? Honey? Answer me…” you just moan an “yes” after burying your face into his shirt so you could feel better his scent and warm heat…Your hands touching his chest can feel already his heart beat increasing…he’s overflowing with love!

Ten:Uhhh, hold a minute…where are you touching?” you accidentally wrapped your arms a bit too low…but he somehow likes it? “Wait! Who said you could let me go? I did not give permission! ”he hold your hands firmly strongly around him, giving you no time to react. He needs to enjoy a bit more the feeling…

Jaehyun: My baby? Awww! Is it a special day today?” he is pleasantly surprised because you never did such things before, not even when it was just the two of you alone…He admires your courage hugging him in a public place and he’ll even turn to hug you back tightly, because you really deserve it! You just made him feel even better and increased his love feelings for you!

WinWin: Aaahhh this is what I love honey!” he spreads his arm up so you could wrap around himself better…he really, really loves long warm hugs and now feeling you from behind, you are like a warm soft blanket…he wishes you could stay like this forever…

Mark: Ahh I almost had a heart attack…stop doing these things, you’re gonna get me killed one day! “ but in the end he lets out a giggle since he feels a bit ticklish too…you better stay like this for a while since it’s embarrassing for him facing you, this is not an usual kind of affection girls do…at least that’s what he thinks…

Haechan: “But first, where is my kiss? Is this how you greet me??Tzzz…” he always complains even if you do something he loves…it’s in his nature, of course. But naturally he will accept your warm feelings…don’t get surprised if he will fall asleep later, it’s not everyday he gets to relax into your arms…

  • Genji: *inhales*
  • Genji: I love--
  • Everyone: Yes we get it, you love Zenyatta, you love Zenyatta so much. He is the light of your life and you adore your boyfriend so much, we get it, you love him! You love him so much! You are head over heels for him! YOU LOVE YOUR BOYFRIEND! WE GET IT

finally finished all the crackship requests!! gosh these were all actually super fun to do

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honestly im like THAT annoying bitch whos like obsessed w her boyfriend and will talk about him to whoever will listen to me and i honestly love it?? like YES i fuckin love my boyfriend and so WHAT and its so weird bc i used to be that skeptic bitch that was all like hatery to that type of stuff like it reminds me of that weird tumblr stage in like 2012 that everyone was like “hi if you’re reading this i hate you peasant” and its so refreshing to see my transformation from tumblr relatabley hater bitch to head over fuckin HEELS in love w her fuckin bf bitch