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dear 10 year old me,

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prompt- write a letter to your 10 year old self with advice about life and what to do and what not to do, and tag another 5 people to do it!

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this is about to get v personal sooo here we go!

Dear 10 year old me,

It’s gonna be okay. Everything will be okay. Your world isn’t going to end because mom and dad are separating, turns out it doesn’t even happen so relax. You aren’t crazy cause you have anxiety or because you’re depressed. Don’t listen to those bitches, they aren’t shit. It’s totally okay to like both girls and guys, you aren’t broken and you certainly aren’t the first to feel this way. Please spend as much time you can with Nana and Uncle Jesse. Beg mom to take you to see him and don’t let his bitch daughters ruin your relationship with him. You’re so gonna regret not spending time with him.

When dad loses his job, you guys aren’t struggle. Let him know you’re proud of him and that you love him. He’s gonna go through a hard time and he’ll say some stuff he doesn’t mean, but know that he loves you so much. Make sure mom takes care of herself because her not looking after her health is gonna have bad consequences.

Your sister will piss you off to no end, but you will always make up. You’ll end up getting closer to her and she will be your mother when your real one can’t. Don’t ever be afraid to tell her your secrets. She will never judge you and she will always love you.

Friendships will come and go. It’s gonna hurt like hell, but you will grow so so much once those toxic people are out of your life. You will meet your bestfriend in 6th grade and she will help you through your toughest times. Don’t take her for granted. Your childhood bestfriend will still be there, but things are gonna change. Don’t be sad about it though, you’ll still have her. You will meet amazing people online and you will get out of your shy shell.

Homeschooling will come into your path and it will be the best decision ever. Your health will improve. Don’t slack! Do your work on time and don’t stress, everything will be okay.

Eventually you will become so comfortable with yourself that you will not give a flying fuck about what people think about you. Do your makeup how you want, dress in what you feel good in and do not let anybody control you.

P.S. You’re beautiful and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


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nct dream watching a horror movie
  • Chenle: *screams his high pitch chenle scream*
  • Renjun: shh it's ok i'll protect you *tugs chenle closer*
  • Jaemin: i can't watch hold me
  • Jeno: *holds jaemin tightly* i'm here don't worry
  • Mark: *whispers* hyuckie i'm scared
  • Donghyuck: fuck what do you want me to do call ur mom? suck it up u coward and keep watching

If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
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@peabnaut The way they met wasn’t exactly the friendliness of greetings..

I was going to add more onto this…and then I promptly discovered that I cannot draw action at all… 


Bakugou Katsuki | Quirk: EXPLOSION |
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when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation


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I drew this a loooonnnnggggg time ago but look, it’s my Sesshy bby <3

I don’t really have anything else to say other than I still love him