i love u and ur stupid hat


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

yall ready for part 2

-do u know those dating simulator apps? hanzo plays them when hes bored and mccree gets so jealous of them like!! “i can be that romantic too why r u not paying attention to me”

-mccree is so oblivious to when he does things wrong. he doesnt know until hanzo literally tries to murder him, and even then hes still so confused.

-genji loves to prank mccree. like when hanzo says romantic stuff in japanese genji will be like “he wants u to strap him to the bed and destroy him.”

-genji also gives him baby pictures of hanzo and mccree thinks they r so adorable he just falls over and dies

-hanzo doesnt even try to stop mccree from doing stupid stuff. he lets mccree face the consequences and then says “lifes a bitch” “wow i thought ur name was hanzo”

-they both love to listen to the other go off abt stuff theyre passionate abt. they could listen to each other for days tbh.

-if u piss one of them off, the other is gonna be pissed at u too. like if u say mccree’s hat looks stupid they both gonna want u dead

-hanzo actually thinks mccrees attire is rly cute even tho its so unnecessary

-mccree owns a motorcycle. he named it sally. he wants hanzo to ride it w/ him but hanzo is too smart for tht shit.

-they like to pokemon battle each other tbh. hanzo loves Rowlett and its evos so much…. its so good n cute..

-hanzo buys mccree shit all the time but he always tells mccree w/e it is was on sale and he didnt wanna waste a chance at saving money

-hanzo hates any temperature that isnt just right. if its too hot he will notice, if its too cold he will notice. mccree will go out of his way to cool down or warm up his bf because hes just that sweet