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a bunch of soft klance headcanons!!

  • so despite everyone on the team thinking keith is super in shape and healthy, keith is actually on the thin side due to forgetting/being unable to eat while living in his shack. so after the Pool Scene, lance keeps thinking about the way keith’s ribs poked through his skin and how he’s noticed keith forgetting to come to meals
  • after this, lance finds himself standing at keith’s door with an extra bowl of goo, a little sweaty with nerves because what if keith laughs at him? what if he’s making his feelings too obvious?
  • keith opens the door to see a sheepish boy standing before him, who stutters through excuses, forcibly ladens keith with food and leaves, tripping over his feet a few times as he does so
  • keith is still, a bowl in his hands and suddenly realizing that he’s been hungry for hours. and lance.. knew? lance cared? 
  • just think about keith realizing that all the things he thought were lance being obnoxious were really just hidden ways of looking after him. he’d thought the rocks lance had put in his bed were there as a prank, but lance had left them there as a gift after seeing keith picking them up on a planet they’d visited. lance shutting down the simulator while keith was training was him wanting keith to stop overexerting himself!!!
  • so keith sits on the floor with his back against the wall, fingers tight around the bowl that lance had touched, that lance had brought for him, because he cared about him…. and feels something warm and new rise in his chest
  • he doesn’t think about it for a while, as they go into battle and emerge victorious time after time, lance’s reverberating whoops loud and vibrant in his ears
  • they leave their lions after a particularly hard fight, surging with energy and life, their smiles big and their hair sweaty and tussled when they tear off their helmets
  • they find each other after exiting their hangers, and while shiro congratulates keith for keeping his head, lance bumps his shoulder with a grin. his face is warm, his eyes are glinting but soft
  • keith… keith melts
  • lance touches his hair, combing his hands through the strands with a tender look on his face
  • “your hair’s all messy,” he says, and keith feels a momentary flush pass over his face before lance is pulling him gently out of the room and down the corridor
  • “what are you doing?” keith askes as he’s lead into the bathroom. lance just smiles and says, “i wanna wash your hair.”
  • despite having lived alone for so long, and being used to relying only on himself, there’s something about lance caring for him that feels less intrusive and more… natural. soft. loving.
  • keith never knew he’d ever want something as simple as someone caring about him, completely and unselfishly, but he’s okay with that. the feeling of lance’s hands on him as he rubs behind keith’s ear with a dorky laugh and a quick joke is more than enough to free him from any doubts
  • keith doesn’t want to be a burden, but god, how he loves being loved by lance.


          oh my god???  to think that over five hundred and fifty people actually like(??) my blog really does make me so,  so happy.  when i first started role - playing in this community,  i was super hesitant  –  i didn’t think that i would stay for long as i have had terrible experiences before,  and i was anxious™™ about writing a canon character in a really divergent way  –  but honestly?  people actually accepted this child and??  i am so,  so glad i’ve joined this fandom.  to know that there are people out there who love(?????) my portrayal(??????????) of zen really makes my day.  everyday.  anyways,  thank you all so much for being so amazing and wonderful people and even though some of you guys may not know me or like me,  thank you.

          under the cut is a long assed post of me rambling about people i truly hold dear to my heart + people i want to ramble about but i am SO lazy forgive me + people i really admire from afar!  once again,  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUAL SUPPORT.  i don’t think i can stress this enough;;  

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once upon a time ——
                       i thought i could be someone.
                 someone brave.
                                         someone { pure } .
                            —- now i’m all grown up
                                             — & all i am is tainted.
                              b l o o d s t a i n e d .

                                         ( i wish i could go back. )

[insp.] + [insp.]