i love transparent too much

Anonymous said: I saw your post about carmilla Pokemon AU and I realized 1. How much I didn’t know I needed that until now and 2. Carmilla would totally have a zorua or zoroark. I think I like the idea of her a zorua that hasn’t evolved into zoroark the same way ash’s pikachu didn’t evolve

who needs evolution when you have this much swag??

I wanna yell cause this took me a lot of time and it’s finally finished and I’m so god damn happy

Anyways, this is Danny (obviously) made entirely of triangles, in the style of low-poly art or whatever. Not particularly low-poly considering dat hair took a shit ton of triangles, but hey. It was fun. I’m planning on doing all the grumps and posting that all together, but that’ll be a ways off, considering how long this took. 

TLDR; this took forever, I love Danny too much, expect more of these, also it’s transparent