i love too many of her outfits


I do not love the new outfit, but getting to be Wonder Woman last night for Princesses with a Purpose was so much fun!

So many little girls and boys came running up to me and I got so many excited fist bumps!

And even with the costume (pleather…sigh) constantly sliding up, shoes too big, arm bands too small (the joys of shared costuming) I felt awesome! I love cosplaying Wonder Woman, but performing as her for kids is 10,000x better.

Kotori and Umi for the da:i AU! Going to start tagging these with “idols of thedas”. 

Kotori and Umi met prior to joining the inquisition, through efforts to help refugees from the mage-templar war. Kotori was part of a dalish clan with one too many mages and ended up choosing to travel the world on her own. Umi is a human noble raised through strict andrastian chantry values and she is utterly confused how this supposedly scary dalish mage could actually be an absolute sweetheart. 

livinforluffy  asked:

8, 9, and 45 my dude!!! (Have a side of extra love for amazing mun with extra sugar (/ ; 3 ; )/

8: Favorite character out of any fandom?

Well obviously besides me (I’m her top favorite~) she has way too many favorite characters to count. There is this one girl she likes that’s sorta similar to her. Uh….she’s a gamer….um….her name is Chi….Chi-something. I know she has the character’s outfit! 

Mun:…. Here Usopp.

Oh thanks! Yeah this is her! 

9. Muse/mun’s relationship?

You mean like what she is to me? Um….a friend?? It’s a little weird because she has a lot of figures of me…..it’s a little creepy to be honest. But she’s pretty cool to hang around and so far hasn’t done much to make me dislike her…..except for letting these people mess with my hair…

45. Spirit animal?


Mun: Ahhhh thank you so much >//////<


Here she is (///////)
Her full name is Christine Marie Aikatsu.
Many people that I have showed her say she looks like Maria x’D. Boy, she can be a cinnamon roll but she is childish as the depths of hell
The necklace with the emerald piece is a one of the shards of the Master Emerald (SA1 heavy reference ). With that emerald piece, she possess a limited amount of Chaos power and can do small tricks.
She suffers from moderate asthma, and currently is an independent agent from G.U.N.
There’s more details about her at my side blog @ray-cherry-blossoms

Oh, wow :o Look at the detail on that art. I also love how she can be so childish. :P I wonder what kinds of small tricks she can do, and if she’s related to the Robotnik family if at all?

Modern Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen, frequenting “Stormborn”’s Coffee, with her oversized sweaters (because winter is undoubtedly always coming).


Tanni’s and her date Theron’s outfits. 

Tanara looked down at her bandaged sore fingers and sighed. Her two mannequins dressed in the garb she designed for the event on Saturday that she hoped on performing for. “I regret doing all this beading and embroidery work, but holy shit is Theron going to love his jacket.” She looked down at the wolf who somehow managed to put her beaded headband on. 

“Alas Speranza, you can’t go ‘cause too many people are going to be there in beaded dresses as well.” She heard the poor Frostwolf whimper in sadness as she took the beading off. 

“Oh fine you big baby, you can keep it on.” 

I’ve been spending wayyyy too much of my free time lately studying Marceline’s outfits and color palette and the subtle transformation of her style over the seasons, and I’m super excited for the in-depth symbolic analysis post I’m planning to put together once this semester ends. Like in the very first season we see Marcy wearing mostly reds and grays, but we also see really dull pinks and purples (a reference to PB?). These colors become brighter and more vivid as we see her and Bonnie repair their relationship and Marcy finally comes to terms with her past, and I just think it’s really nice how well the writers are able to reflect these huge changes in something so simple. There’s all kinds of little connections like that I’ve made recently 

Look at our Pearl a second okay

Cute tiny 80s Pearl!

Lovely S1 Pearl!

Stunning present Pearl!

Oh, but what’s this? What is this difference in her appearance each time?

Each outfit change has less of that sheer fabric.  Now compare with the other two we’ve seen:

Someone probably commented on this already, but I think it’s interesting that as our Pearl continues to grow, her clothes continue to become more solid. The sheer stuff is most probably a symbol of subservience, and this may be silly, but I think that the more sheer fabric, the more compliant the Pearl. Little Blue there has a long flowing skirt. Yes, the Blue society consists primarily of flowing patterns (Blue Diamond’s entire outfit is one big drape of blue, Sapphire has that floofy dress, etc.), but when you compare to Yellow, with the big puffed up sleeves, she seems quite a bit less… subdued isn’t the right word, because nothing in the Yellow world is likely to be subdued, based on what little we have seen so far.

At any rate, this is just interesting to me. Maybe this has been said before, but I thought I’d point it out with pictures.

Oh, one more thing on our Pearl’s look.  There is a lot of talk about her belonging to Pink Diamond - which, sure, it makes sense, since she follows the big pink Rose Quartz and has pink hair - but look at her gem placement.


I know for a fact that that has been established already - there are  lots of posts about Yellow Diamond and her Pearl having their diamonds on their chests, and the Blues have the same. A bunch of the theories I’ve seen say that this is probably done to fit in with that pattern.

We know that Rose Quartz has her gem on her tummy. Pearl’s gem is on her forehead.  Peridot said that Quartz is supposed to be a big soldier, not the authority.

That’s why I can’t get behind the “Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond” theory. I also think that Pearl used to be in White Diamond’s court. Could it be that the closer a gem is to their Diamond, the more likely it is that their gem is placed in the “matching” position?

This post is long enough, I’ll talk about other theories another time.

TL;DR, Pearl’s appearance has changed and it is probably very significant and telling of her place in Homeworld - not to mention how strong this presumably very valued soldier belonging to the lowest(?) diamond must have been to take one of White Diamond’s Pearls away.

Ever since my husband died, I’ve found a renowned faith in the church. 

So, I take Mia every Sunday. We dress up a little, have a quick breakfast, and head to church.

It’s very non-conforming and very relaxing. I don’t feel judged if we miss a week or two. I feel welcomed, safe, and supported.

And Mia has made some friends there too!

This was her outfit this morning. She loved it at first but then…

We had meltdown #1 of the day. There were many more. 

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Sooooooo this happened. I drew the things. The many things. Succubus Chara’s outfit and design came from Dig though. SkeleChara belongs to Mika. And Emma was talking about playing Portal on our Skype Chat, so I couldn’t resist.

And I believe OctoChara was based on a video Lia shared of a “knife wielding tentacle in a box” so i like to imagine Frisk just has a tank in her room and this happy lil homicidal octopus in it. It likes to attack people and snuggle up with Frisk while she sleeps… you dirty sinners know where I’m going with this. I know you’ve seen enough anime to know that. XD (That’s not a bad idea actually…hmmmm)


“Have a good afternoon, honey.  try not to go to work so late next time.”  Nell scolds her husband for leaving way past his usual hour.  “Your teammates are going to toss Gatorade all over you.  I don’t want to wash your sticky, sweaty Gatorade outfit one more time.”

“I love you too, babe!” Riley sings back to his wife.

Nellie headed to her summer drink, a nice pitcher of limeade and contemplated her ever closing old age.  Hillary, her mother, had a really hard time with the process.  She was vain in many ways, but her own mother had literally beaten that into her brain, so who could blame her.  Unfortunately, bad habits do sometimes transfer to the children.