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What's your Atlantis fan cast?



Milo Thatch would be: 

Dorky, still hot, good actor (if you deny you thought Milo was AT LEAST cute, you a lie)

Princess Kida: I have a couple people 

Zoe Saldana 

Zoe Kravitz or

Antonia Thomas 

The Mole:

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Commander Lyle:

It’s Tommy Lee Jones. He’s like our grumpy grandpa who low key is an OG with a lot of love. Need I say more?


Charlize Theron is hot, badass, a great actress. She’s Helga. 

Preston B. Whitmore:


Dr. Sweet:

I got two people in mind! Taye Diggs. Great actor, really legit on Empire, seems cool. 


King Kashekim: 

Bill Cobbs! 10/10 would cry while watching character die in live-action Atlantis movie (wanted to say Morgan Freeman but I feel like I’m pushing it with national treasures on this list). 


The bae Oscar Issac, no reason needed (also eye candy)

Audrey my love:

America Ferrera please and thank you (or me, because I love audrey a lot)




Is there any other choice?

I wanted to send you a note of thanks. I adopted a cat on February 25, 2017. At the time, his name was “Ronald,” but I renamed him Tommy.

I love Tommy. He was very shy, reserved, hid under the bed a lot, and it took some coaxing for him to come out. After four weeks, he now sits on the couch with me, lays on the bed with me overnight, and is a very playful and loving cat. I have attached photos from the day of adoption up to last night. He uses two litter boxes in two different locations of my condo, eats and drinks from two different locations, and does very well with both. He hasn’t had any accidents, and he’s adjusting very well to his new home.

Thank you for the great service you do for animals of all species!!



The 11th studio album by Aretha Franklin was released on 10 March 1967.

In her label debut for Atlantic records, the 24-year-old Franklin delivered a blend of “rocking soul, dreamy pop and reflective testifying” (Robert Christgau wrote in the Village Voice a the time) that went to #2 on the Billboard charts but received bland critical reviews at the time. Rolling Stone was critical of the production and playing of seasoned studio musicians, including guitarists Chips Moman and Jimmy Johnson, keyboardist Spooner Oldham, and bassist Tommy Cogbill. In 2002, Rolling Stone placed the album at #1 on their "Women in Rock: 50 Essential Albums” list.

I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You was the 2nd of 4 albums released by Franklin in 1967.

Pipsqueak (Tom Holland x Reader)

Hello there, I just have to say I love your writing so much. I think you’re amazing, I was wondering if I could make a Tom Holland x Reader request? Where reader and Tom are dating but it’s like been for a month or so and reader is short and always has trouble reaching things and doing things. (I’m 4'10 so my short problems are real) and Tom just laughs but does help and keeps reminding reader how much he loves how short she is? I just really need some fluff at the moment :)

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“Tommy? Come grab this for me, please?” you ask your boyfriend while standing on your tiptoes, pointing at the baking sheet on the top shelf. You’re baking cookies for Harrison because he just got cast in a short film. The celebration is in an hour and you really want to make him his favourite biscuits before you went. Tom steps forward and wraps one arm around your waist, his hand making contact with your uncovered midriff. You stop reaching towards the cupboard and choose to hug his arm against your body. His other arm reaches out and grabs the baking sheet before handing it to you. “Here you go, sweetness,” he whispers into your hair before stepping back. He retreats back to the couch, but not without pinching your bum first. You swat his hand away.

God, he thinks as he backs away while watching you, I love you.


“Babe! Where’d you put the movie?” you called out to Tom. “On the shelf above the TV!” he shouts back from the bedroom. You reach up to grab it but find yourself unable. Instead of struggling, you opt to grab a tall stool from the kitchen counter and to kneel on that. Tom walks in to see you standing on a wooden stool with your arm raised holding the movie out to him. He sighs happily at the sight before choosing to carry you off the stool to the couch. You squeal with laughter when he picks you up. He tosses you onto the cushioned couch and leans to kiss your forehead. Yup, you think as you pull him into a kiss, I definitely love this guy.


From that first day, you swear that Tom repeatedly places everything high up so you can’t reach. Your tea mugs have gradually moved from the lowest shelf to the second highest, the cereal lives on top of the fridge instead of on the counter beside it. Everything has moved so you can’t grab anything, and now you’re having family over for dinner. Your families are coming at quarter to six so you have to set the table while dinner is cooking. 

The plates are on the highest shelf above your mugs. With a huff, you pull yourself up onto the counter. Kneeling there you can reach the plates. You hear a snort of laughter from behind you and you turn to see your boyfriend leaning in the doorway. “Not funny,” you mumble. He strolls over to place his hands either side of your knees. He laughs breathily and rests his forehead against the small of your back. “It’s kinda funny,” he tells you. “Well, you can laugh as you’re carrying plates.” “Can do, shortie.” 

Your foot gently kicks his butt as he walks away and he can’t help but chuckle as he hears a muffled “Arsehole”.


“(Y/N)?” Harrison calls as he walks through the front door of your and Tom’s apartment. “In here!” you yell back from the living room. He walks in to see you standing on the back of the couch trying to grab something from above the doorway opposite you. The doorways in your apartment with Tom were obnoxiously tall which means you can’t reach, even will a chair underneath your feet. “Oy, get down from there! Tom will kill me if I was here when you broke your neck from falling,” he scolds. “He’s the one making me do it! He put my fucking keys on top of the doorframe!” At this, Harrison doubles over in laughter. 

“I’d understand why,” he says, chuckling. “Why?” you ask. He snorts before replying cheekily, “well, I do have a really good view of your arse from here. It’s definitely not a bad sight.” That gets him a pillow chucked at his face.

I’m totally getting Tom back for this, you think with a smile on your face.


“Tom, this needs to stop. I can’t do anything around our house without getting on my tiptoes,” you berate Tom when he walks through the door. “I don’t see what the problem is,” he replies cheekily. “How’d you end up getting your keys?” At this comment, Harrison walks out from behind you into the hallway. Tom doubles over in laughter, “YOU CALLED HARRISON!” he shrieks amused. “Yeah, and apparently I have a nice arse,” you say and wink at Harrison. With that comment, Tom’s laughter dies and he begins to glare at his best friend. You turn to Harrison and get on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “Thanks, Haz. You were a big help, today.” Let’s just say Tom was a bit mad at the both of you for a few days.


You’ve gotten used to the height of everything by now. You’ve mastered counter climbing as well as chair mounting. Tom can’t help but smile lovingly when he sees your daily conquests to get a tea mug or the cereal box. He likes to watch when you stand on a stool and reach up because his large t-shirts you sleep in ride up your thigh. When you go to grab your jacket from the back of the front door, you instinctively kick your leg up. He doesn’t think he has seen anything better, though, than when you stand on his feet on your tiptoes just to lay a loving kiss to his lips.

“Babe,” he says finally. It’s a Sunday morning and you’re both in lying bed. You hum to acknowledge him. “I love you,” he whispers into your hair, “so, so much.” “I love you too, superhero.”

I love you more, he thinks.

“No, you don’t,” you tell him, still facing away from him.

“What?” he questions.

You turn to face him and snuggle into the pillow before grabbing his hand and wrapping it around your waist.“I can tell right there you were thinking ‘Oh I love you more, though’. But you don’t. It’s a fact.”

He giggles and tells you, “But I do, though. I love you to infinity.”

“Yeah?” You ask. 

“Yeah,” he tells you sincerely; a loving look in his eyes.

When you say, “Well, I love you infinity plus two.” He can’t help but laugh.

Dating Tom Holland Will Include:

Bold - Tom   Italic - You  Bold and Italic - Others

  • Him begging for you to join him while working out.
  • You as a lazy ass person, didn’t join him.
  • Him throwing a tantrum because of it,
  • “You’re such a baby.” but he can’t resist you, so it ended after 20 mins.
  • Your mostly getting the pleasure because he wants to show how much he loves you.
  • “I love you”s all day long.
  • You two planning a huge fancy date, but the date just ended up you two lying in the couch, watching netflix, eating snacks and making out.
  • him calling you babe, but you didn’t like it because it’s too cheesy. So he called you sweetcheeks. Even though you hate it so much.
  • “Do you want our baby to be a boy or a girl?” “a girl.” “but I want a boy…” “shut up tommy.”
  • Random kisses.
  • Harrison sometimes being annoyed at you two because too much PDA.
  • “Y/N, Tom, do you want more ice cream– I guess you’re enjoying yourself making out in public more than ice cream.”
  • Comparing tv shows. 
  • “that Riverdale tv show sucks,” “NO ONE ASKS FOR YOUR OPINION!!!”
  • “Hard or Soft sex?” “sleep, all i want is sleep.”
  • “Y/N I bought you CHOCOLATES! and tampons,” 
  • “are you sure you don’t want a boy for our child? Imagine him in spiderm-” “no.”
  • him being over protective.
  • giving every boy who look at you (including harrison) the “death stare”.
  • Him missing you dearly everytime he’s away for work.
  • “I miss her harrison, I can’t take it anymore.” “mate, we just got to the plane like 5 mins ago.”
  • Him making you jealous with Harrison.
  • “That’s not gonna work Tommy.” “ughh”
Praise the writers!

I get anxious leaving comments sometimes, which makes me feel bad as I want fanfic writer to feel appreciated for their writing. So here’s a shoutout to them 💞


Teen Wolf

American Horror Story

Harry Potter

Criminal Minds


Game of Thrones

Stranger Things

Multi Fandom

Please do leave other imagines accounts in my ask box that you think I’d be interested in! I’D LOVE TO ADD MORE WRITERS TO THIS LIST!
(I Low-key need more Gotham, MPHFPC & American Horror Story in my life) ❤

At The Beep (Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader)

Summary: A love story told through single sided voicemails.


Mi sol: my sun

Te amare por siempre, mi sol: I love you so much, my sun.

Este es mi último adiós: This is my final goodbye.

Hasta la próxima: Until next time.

Espero verte pronto: I’ll see you soon I hope.

pollito: little chicken (used as term of endearment to call someone cute)

Espero que sueñes conmigo: I hope you dream of me.

Me haces tan feliz: You make me so happy.

chulo: cutie

Tengo que irme, Te veo dentro de poco. Adios! : Gotta go, see you in a bit. Bye!

Mi querido: my dear

Madre: mother

mi hiji: my daughter

familia: family

cariño: sweetie

Eres mi sol: You are my sun

Feliz Navidad: Happy (Merry) Christmas

Hola mi sol: Hello my sun

Hasta pronto te amo: See you soon I love you

Mi amor: my love

Te amo con cada fibra en mi cuerpo.: I love you with every fiber in my body

Buenos días, mi amor: Good morning my love

Despiertate!: Wake up!

Warnings: character death, miscarriage, alcohol, swearing

Word Count: 2,782

Notes: This is my first fic so I got a bit carried away… also, I’m not fluent in Spanish, I don’t know anything about it really. I just thought it would be a cool idea to have the reader and Lin converse in Spanish so I apologize if I have made any mistakes. Please let me know so I can change them! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to message me anytime : )

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Things that happened

  • “Do I miss Jasmine? Yes. It’s probably why I’m on here.”
  • Singing of What the Heck I gotta Do
  • “Do your homework for you? I never did my home work in highschool. I’m doing your homework in spirit.”
  • Netflix series based on Stan Lee’s first movie as big project
  • “Wait For It” “That’s my favorite song. It’s lit.”
  • hella playing with his own hair
  • “Do you want to return to Broadway?” “At some point. Right now? Nah. Not really, but I love Broadway.”
  • Ben Rector new album hella excitement and singing
  • Denzel Washington talks
  • “How did you and Jasmine meet? Tommy had us sit next to each other and it was sight at first love. I was like DAMN GIRL can I have your numba?”
  • Difficult name pronunciations and admitting to failure about it
  • Confirmation of solo music coming out eventually
  • Physical self awareness
  • Thomas Sandars talk
  • “Are you and Jazzy gonna get married?” *whispers mysteriously* “I guess you’re gonna have to find out”
Guys! Barry and Kara’s vitals are all over the place

Dr. Snow, The Flash 3x17 “Duet”

Guys, did you notice, that after Kara and Barry found Tommy Mon-El and Millie Iris kissing, their vitals went all over the place. THEIR VITALS I tell ya! And yes, yes, Music Meister was using their energy and powers and drained em, but after they saw them kissing… it’s like Tillie’s kiss (aka in other words : to see the love of their lives kiss someone else) took Barry&Kara’s life with ‘em.

And boy if this is not true love I don’t know what it is.

so indie - edsheervns

1 atlas hands / benjamin francis leftwich
2 heartbeats / josé gonzález
3 hold back the river / james bay
4 all i want / kodaline
5 same mistakes / paper aeroplanes
6 the first day of my life / bright eyes
7 generator (first floor) / freelance whales
8 home / gabrielle aplin
9 riptide / vance joy
10 devil on my shoulder / orla gartland
11 bones / lewis watson
12 sos / ashley frangipane
13 waiting for the fall / tommy ashby
14 you always make me smile / kyle andrews
15 featherstone / the paper kites
16 lilo / lauren aquilina
17 neopolitan dreams / lisa mitchell
18 put on, cologne / donovan woods
19 play with fire / vance joy
20 skinny love / birdy
21 windows / lewis watson
22 the ground / orla gartland
23 as we are now / saint raymond
24 another love / tom odell
25 pictures / benjamin francis leftwich
26 how to save a life / the fray
27 i’ll keep you safe / sleeping at last
28 out on my own / gabrielle aplin
29 bruises / tommy ashby
30 turning page / sleeping at last
31 the river / saint raymond
32 youth / daughter
33 lost / gentle bones
34 bloom / the paper kites
35 5 years time / noah and the whale
36 heirloom / sleeping at last
37 dancing song / little comets
38 gracious / ben howard
39 favourite day / bombay bicycle club
40 generator (second floor) / freelance whales
41 butterfly culture / benjamin francis leftwich
42 jupiter / sleeping at last
43 cold snap / tommy ashby
44 cough syrup / young the giant
45 give me love (the live room) / ed sheeran
46 turning back around / rhodes
47 do you want it all? / two door cinema club
48 we are (live at the cluny 2 newcastle) / ed sheeran

http://8tracks.com/edsheervns/so-indie -

okay but i feel like a lot of people forget that nico Canonically loved percy!! remember this:
“I guess we’ll do anything for someone we love.” […] Nico stared at the cobblestones. “Yeah,” he said bitterly. “I guess we will.”
he didn’t exactly say “i am/was in love with percy jackson” but he might as well have!!! how can you deny that he loved percy/cared for percy deeply?! we know he cared for percy as much as/more than hazel at the time, despite nico and hazel being siblings, because of the quote “the one you care for most, plunged into tartarus?”. and some of y'all act like percy was just a phase before nico found Will. but put yourself in nico’s shoes. you’re born in the 1920’s, where being gay is unheard of. the person you fell in love with, who made you realize your sexuality or at least come to terms with it? you don’t go up to them, after YEARS of self hatred, come out effortlessly and then say they’re not your type unless you’re seriously in denial. like, fuck that.


I’ll make  your dang fries, but I’m gonna be very grumpy about it!

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What ships from Power Rangers do you ship (specifically the new reboot).

OMG Like all of them? 

- Totally ship Trimberly (is that Trini and Kimberly’s ship name CAUSE IM HERE FOR IT)

-The bromance between Jason and Billy! (Bason? Jilly?)

-Jason and Kimberly (maybe if Tommy is a girl and becomes Trini’s love interest?) 

-Genuinely just the rangers friendships because oml they all love and support eachother and it’s amazing  

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call me, beep me: a sergio ramos celebration playlist

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additional bonus tracks:

you can listen to the whole thing here.


Robotboy’s disguises are so friggen cute, I’m gonna cry. ;3;


SuperheRobotboy!! <3 <3