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I met Ray Toro from My Chemical Romance a few weeks ago. He was legit one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.

He didn’t act like a “celebrity” at all. Yeah, he was meeting a fan (and others too), he was giving out autographs and taking pictures, but he was still humble and all around great with us. There were only a few of us there meeting him and the others were all around 12 or 13 (I’m 17 currently), and he was so nice and patient with all of us.

He seemed kind of amused watching us all flip out over meeting him, but he didn’t act like he was some big celebrity. He was just chill.

TL;DR : Ray Toro is officially the best. Carry on.

ID #33081

Name: Bailey
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello! My name is Bailey, and I am a 17 year old girl. I am always busy, and love being involved in my school and community. I love music! I play the piano and flute and am an experienced singer. I love photography- I bring my camera everywhere. I love people, but sometimes I prefer to be alone with my books- the Harry Potter series and The Book Thief being some of my favorites. I love movies, especially Marvel ones… I love spiderman and Captain America the most. I’m on the cross country team, and though I complain about it a lot, I love running so much. I love pressing flowers and hoarding cactuses and basically anything that has to do with plants. I can’t keep them alive very long though… I have a passion for art and am an aspiring graphic design artist. I’m the oldest child of a large family and an ENFP personality type. I love God, I love people, and I love my life. I’m loyal, trustworthy and I’ve been told I’m quite funny. I love making others happy. I love hiking and basically anything outside. I’ve got super long eyelashes, which makes sunglasses a pain, and long brown hair. I snort when I laugh.

Preferences: International, guys 16-18

Can we take a minute and talk about how fantastic Harry’s voice sounds on this song?  It’s rich, it’s not strained, his technique is on point for rock.  his falsetto is clear and pure. The beginning in particular is clean and precise.    His belt at the end is open and fully supported.  His breath control is spot on.  And the little details like the way he transitions from chest voice to falsetto in the bridge on “will we ever learn?” is SO SMART.  He’s using such strong dynamics.  He has grown so much and I’m just so incredibly impressed.  And so incredibly proud.