i love to sing a


이게아닌데 - TAEYANG cover by HOYA




I started to draw this like… some days after watching “Sing”.


Btw, this comes right on cue! I know that yesterday Rock Dog was released in America! Hope you guys enjoyed the movie, if you have seen it!
Personally, I loved it!

I was waiting for the main song from December! FINALLY I CAN LISTEN IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN! the ship is so strong in that song omg

It’s a pity that probably the italian version will never be uploaded on YouTube-
I liked that so much! *cry

Anyway, I love to think about an AU where Sing and Rock Dog characters coexist together! That idea makes me so happy I can’t

Angus Scattergood and Bodi (Rock Dog,  Ash Brannon;  Huayi Brothers,  Mandoo Pictures)
Sing ( Garth Jennings; Illumination Entertainment)

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Ah nice to see a fellow La La Land fan :) perfect film is perfect

YES, TALK LA LA LAND TO ME. I saw it twice already (cried even more the second time) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop. The cinematography, the colors, the continuous shots and the music just blow me away. Fingers crossed it wins the Oscar for Best Picture tomorrow! <3 

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*in a Hamilton theatre camp*
  • Me: *singing Laurens' part*
  • Director: Oh no we don't have enough people singing the "Me, I loved him" part. Could we get you on it?
  • Me: Yeah totally
  • Me internally: Ohhhhhh buddy little does she know that he shoulda been singing it in the first pl-
  • Girl next to me, shrieking: IT WORKS BECAUSE HE'S GAY.
  • Whole classroom: *falls deadly silent*
  • Director: Moving along....

Listen to this and let your ears be blessed😭


Hello! My name is Lauren. I’m super gay. I’m 18 and I’m an aspiring artist. I live in Pennsylvania (in the Pittsburgh region) and Ohio. I’m looking for a relationship, but friends are cool too. I love art, music, singing, movies, Netflix, gaming, plants, animals, cooking, traveling, and most importantly cuddling. I collect mugs,teacups, and pop figures. If there is something else you want to know, just ask. 😊
IG: Disassembledsunflower
Snapchat: Lily120

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Hello, I'm a sophomore in high school. I have thinking about becoming a music major in the future. I may also want to teach music. But lately I have been falling away from my love for playing my instruments in band. I love to sing though. It has been a rough few months of confusion and trying to find myself. Can you help in any way?

First: you probably don’t want to hear this, but you’re 15, maybe 16. At your age (six whole years ago!) I was still torn between wanting to go into Cognitive Science or Civil Engineering. Maaaaaybe I might have considered theoretical Math. Now here I am, graduating in three months with Music and Business degrees. You have SO much time to figure out what you really want to major in. A couple months of confusion over which instrument you like or don’t like is not the end of your music major.

Second, the great thing about college is that, even in the music degrees, you have some leeway to take classes in different areas to see what you like. You can try voice lessons, and instrumental lessons, and take an Ed class or two to see what you like. You usually aren’t /allowed/ to declare a specific music major until your sophomore year of college.

Basically, you can relax. Do things you enjoy, keep up with your practicing, and you’ll figure it out when the time comes.


Hello!!!👌🏻 I’m Holly from Utah🌄 19 years old I love reading, writing, singing/composing music, I’m into girls so I guess you can say I’m gay but I hate labels cause LOVE IS LOVE🏳️‍🌈 avid hot coco/coffee/tea drinker. I love the outdoors. I penny board. Figure skater! I can go from being super girly to very relaxed 😎 haha. I’m and introvert with extroverted heart.
Message me I don’t bite. @thelifeofbelle

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I love your gifs :) I love when Alex is 'singing', "I'm a liar, I'm a cheat/a leech, a thief," his eyes look so sweet and it's like, nope, you're just a cutie

Aww, I’m really happy to hear that! <3 I know!! that was my exact thought when I first saw the video, he actually looks so soft while singing that verse. Like, that could be the face a liar would make to convince someone that he’s innocent but we all know that Alex can’t lie for shit so yeah - you can’t fool us tiny man, you’re just a sweet lil pumpkin

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who’s the cuddler: Temari , we all know she has a big heart at the end of the day

who makes the bed: teamri ;)

who wakes up first: not shikamaru since he is lazy for sure

who has the weird taste in music:  Maybe shikamaru?

who is more protective:  Temari . I love it when the showeh us her protectivness with gaara

who sings in the shower: Shikamru

who cries during movies: noone of them lol

who spends the most while out shopping: shikmaru for choji’s food lol

who kisses more roughly: temari

who is more dominate: Teamri 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 8.5

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I love how billie is a fan of boybands lmao

honestly….i love boybands…billie knows what he’s talking about ✨i don’t really listen to them but if the backstreet boys happen to come on i will 100% sing along also i love justin timberlake