i love to see u dancing

buffylovesfaith  asked:

buffy n faith get married and their speeches are so beautiful that giles is sobbing and willow n tara's daughter and also faith's dog are a bridesmaids and dawn introduces everyone to her first serious girlfriend

im cryign clementine this is so beautiful and canon!! when faith sees buffy in her dress she cries. giles dances with buffy & faith dances with dawn after the wedding and dawn catches the bouquet (buffy and faith both throw it. at once. is that possible) at some point demons crash the event but everyone has brought weapons and it’s All Good. all in all, it was a Gay Success

You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night (x)

can we please let them slow dance in their pyjamas or something?
lil’ thingy for @sarawh, love u buddy

Pokemon Sun and Moon in a Nutshell Part 2

Hala: These sandals are a symbol of my power!

Olivia: God dammit why am I single?

Nanu: *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Okay. Whatever.

Hapu: Talk shit get run over by a fucking horse boi.

Ilima: I’m so fucking pretty. <flips hair>

Lana: I like fishing. Btw there is a Kyogre in here. LOL JUST KIDDING LOLOLOLOLOL GET REKT

Kiawe: I am much more serious than expected NOW WATCH MY POKEMON DANCE

Mallow: Finish your food or your ass is grass AND ILL MOW THAT SHIT!

Sophocles: I will only feel comfortable talking to you if you turn off the lights, cover yourself up with a bag, and go all the way into the corner where I can’t see you.

Acerola: Lets go into that abandoned mall! It’ll be so m u c h F U N : D

Mina: I represent love and peace maaaaaan.

Samson Oak: I’m Professor Oak except Alola Form! GET IT?!

Professor Burnet: I’m married to Kukui. Haha.

Mohn: Bean Daddy is actually a BEAN DADDY

First Reaction vs Now - Seventeen Edition

First 3 videos I watched: Very Nice Dance Practice, Mansae Dance Practice and Adore U Dance Practice

then: manly body A+

then: who is this pretty girl
now: who is this pretty boy

then: okay I swear I see a white man
now: what a Good Meme™

then: *searches height on google*
now: it’s a lovely day to appreciate Lee Jihoon for all that he does

then: i just remember when everyone fanned him at the end of very nice.
now: a smile that brightens the darkest of days

then: first boy to catch my attention!!!
now: nobody will ever love Mingyu as much as Mingyu loves Mingyu

now: a sophisticated cat

then: his gaze actually intimidates me
now: a sweet peach who’s grown up so fast

then: for some reason i didn’t like hoshi!!! frick @ me!! i suck. 
now: amazing choreo and sex appeal

then: a cute boy next door
now: Diva /red alert/ make way/ no time for peasants 

now: an angel

then: really caught my attention in the VN practice video. woah woah woha. he was SO good
now: awkward (and adorable) beansprout

The 8
then: awe oh my goodness he is so precious
now: look out it’s thughao 

(thank you for reading!!)

angel dumott schunard walked up to a perfect stranger, asked him “oh my god you okay honey?” took him home, dressed his wounds, gave him food and let him stay with her for the night, the next morning he brought her to meet his friends who were like family to him (the trust!!) and she invited them both to life support (“on christmas?” “some people don’t have anywhere else to go today” like if u cry everytime) and as they were leaving did a little dance to cheer up roger, someone she literally just met, because she didn’t want to see him sad, her friendship with mimi and mimi’s story about how she always helped those in need, i can’t remember where i was going with this but i literally love angel with my whole entire being and want to let everyone know she deserves everything that is good in the world

jaebum……….jamming to free하게………………………………………………thank u to the world thank u to @heesunnam_89 of instagram for recording it via her beautiful phone………. i love day6…… i love boyfriend jaebum dancing to freely……….. life is beautiful



WIP snippets from The Force Awakens / Avatar AU (because of course it was only a matter of time before this happened…. I am sorry

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞  ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  

the thing is: i love all SHINee members nd i really think they r so damn talented nd have improved a lot through all these years. so thats why i want SO badly that everybody sees that TAEMIN is more than a dancer this kid really sings well; that MINHO is not just a pretty face he can sing not just rap nd his acting skills r becoming better; that KIBUM isnt just a fashion guy for gods sake he can dance sing act is there anything this boy cannot do?; that JONGHYUN is more than a cry boy (or a sexy guy) he makes art he writes composes and produces his own songs he even wrote a book!; that JINKIs occupation is NOT break things with his finger (!!!!!!!hELp) his voice is pure honey his acting is amazing wth is wrong with those tv shows?! idk… i just wish ppl could hv more respect for who they r nd what they do. is there any sense in what im saying? whatever~


Heart and Clover doodles I’ve accumulated in the past few months! Do you ever just like daydream about your character’s story and forget about the passing time? I just love that. ;//u//;

More scribbles of these two nerds under the cut! 

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Hello! It’s Ten..! ㅠㅠ 2016 passed just like this ㅠㅠ when I think about it again, it was good because I had many memories and experiences. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎ
For me, 2016 was a very precious and meaningful year. :) I’m really happy I could do things I love like dance, rap and sing to the fans by doing activities in NCT U with “7TH SENSE”. Even though I haven’t been able to show you many sides of me, thank you for loving and cheering for me. I will always keep working hard so I can show you a different side of me next year! Just wait a little longer! I’ll see you! Let’s spend 2017 happily and joyfully with Ten!
NCT Fighting
Thank you my lovely fans (sound of a kiss) 💋

trans cr; fy!ten
please take with full credit
Secret Admirer - Mark Lee Scenario

Originally posted by oh-prankster

hello there! ^^ could I please request a fluff mark scenario where you’re a new trainee that he’s been eyeing in sm, & he always sees you dancing in the wee hours in the studios so he always leaves food or encouraging messages & one day he gets caught lolol (cue shy & stuttering mark hehe) thank you so much you guys are amazing <333

A/N: i’m really really really sorry that i’m posting this so late,i’ve been so busy w school lately ;; i hope u enjoy this and i actually loved to write this so much akfhjhr anyways enjoy!! <3

Word Count: 991

“Practice makes perfect but remember to take care of yourself, have a break now with the food that’s inside of this bag~Enjoy it with a smile~” You read.Smiling down at the neat handwriting, you put the note away in your backpack and decided to dig into the food your secret admirer bought for you.You wondered who it could be as you took a first bite out of your food.

You’ve been getting all of these encouraging notes and food ever since you were officially announced to debut in the next group.Every time you left to go to the bathroom or accidentally fell asleep while practicing, you would find a bag filled with food and a small note on top of it.

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arodasi123  asked:

A concept: Yuuri and Viktor slow dancing, whenever they're alone as an old, married couple. Even without music 🎶 Opinions/thoughts? Idk, I couldn't get it out of my head, so I decided to consult my Senpai, Braveten/Maddie. Love your work! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this ❤️

Oh my gosh yes!!!! (And tysm <3 <3)

They’re retired and living in Saint Petersburg, and they take long walks to the park and everybody in their apartment building knows & loves them. They’re both still very fit for their ages, albeit a few joint problems.

In the park, there’s a young street artist playing the violin and Victor takes Yuuri’s hands, swaying them gently back and forth. Yuuri starts laughing because Victor manages to surprise him even now, as he always has, and dances with him, no longer drowned by anxious thoughts or reservations. Now, he’s just happy and in love, and that’s all that matters.

A few people gather to watch as they dance – the movements are rehearsed, surprisingly tactile for men of their age. Yuuri dips Victor and he laughs, leaning forward to kiss him and cupping his cheek. Long after the music has stopped, they’re still dancing, even as the sun falls, they’re still dancing.

“It feels like our wedding again,” Yuuri tells him, and Victor’s heart clenches as he nods, tears stinging at his eyes at the memory of their first slow dance, Yuuri’s head on his shoulder and hand on his hip.

“I’m so glad I met you,” Victor responds, and he touches the ring on Yuuri’s finger, the ring that still fits.

Yuuri laughs at that, and when he reaches up his hand to swipe at his cheeks Victor realizes that he’s crying, too. “And I’m glad that I met you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”


💞 C A I T L I N 💞

“The small cute girl that everyone loves. Most likey always dancing and singing around. almost always brunette and adorable with a cute voice to match that cute little smile. the most caring person you will ever meet.”


Dancing To Their Song (BTS)

(my name is jeena if you wanna use but I don’t mind if you don’t and I love your blog❤) can I get a reaction of bts when they find you dancing to their songs? Thank you so much!” 

(gif credits to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
He would stop in his tracks, being careful to not knock anything over, and stare at you in complete adoration. He’d be a lil’ embarrassed that it was his song which you dancing around to like no tomorrow - but happy to see you happy. He’d apologise profusely when he made you jump (from not noticing him there before). He’d just be a stunned cutie.

This is why I love you.”

Originally posted by baebsaes

(i want a sign that says “fite me if u think kim namjoon is ugly”)

It would take no time for a massive grin to form on his face. He’d have to hold back a chuckle as he watched you jive around like a fool to your favourite songs of his. Then, he’d swoop in and surprise you. His arms would pull you in so tight, iterating how adorable you actually are and that you are his favourite human in the planet. He’d sway you from side to side from behind and would nuzzle his face in your neck.

You never fail to make me smile jagi!”

Originally posted by minseokked

(do u ever cri bc ur sharing the same oxygen as a literal flawless person: bc that’s me @ jin)

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keys-that-wont-open-doors  asked:

Do you think you could do the 2p's reaction to hearing someone talk smack about their 1p?

2P: *hears someone talking bad about his counterpart*

2p!america: what the fuck did u just say about alfred yOU THINK YOU CAN TALK SHIT HUH??? ohHHH come here ur dead kiddo

2p!china: lmao you should see him in the morning doing his weird morning dances omfg he’s so old and lame i love him

2p!england: *looks cautiously from side to side, then slowly leans in, whispers discreetly* …, and have you seen his COOKING ???!

2p!france: well that’s a first….. i thought like, everyone loved him or some shit

2p!russia: *sighs* i agree, he may be childish and immature, but strangely i harbor these protective feelings regarding him and i would appreciate it if you did not speak so wickedly of him,, at least when i am around thx

2p!italy: ikr ??

2p!germany: whoa whoa wHOA what in the fuck bruh ludwig is the greatest ok shut ur whore mouth

2p!japan: excuse u *glareglareglare*

2p!canada: ………,, i’ma give u 5 seconds to run

2p!romano: *waves cheerfully* HI HATER *gets in close to face* YOU A JEALOUS BITCH

2p!austria: *nods* tru

2p!prussia: *listens but is too insecure to speak up, turns away* ……. *malfoy voice* my 1P will be hearing of this


So I just saw the new animated film Ballerina and I’m shook.

It’s a rated U, animated film for little kids so the only reason I went to see it was because of the dance aspect and for Maddie Ziegler and Dane DaHaan but I actually left the cinema quite emotional…

  • I cried
  • It made me cry 
  • Multiple times
  • wtf
  • the story and plot was actually really inspiring
  • as a ballerina myself i related a bit 
  • i think one reason i cried is cuz it made me realise why I’ve been dancing for the past 12 years and why I’m currently studying dance at college
  • it made me remember my love for dance
  • also kinda made me feel a bit shit cuz after 12 years of ballet i can’t lift my leg higher than 90 degrees and I’ve only recently started pointe
  • whilst Félicie could do all that stuff after like a week of training
  • some of it was inaccurate: 
  • Félicie wouldn’t go en pointe when she first learns to train that would be incredibly risky and harmful
  • plus she went en pointe in shoes other than pointe shoes
  • thats impressive 
  • but i ship her victor so much
  • i also loved the character development for maddie’s character
  • like you think she’s a horrible brat but it turns out her mother has raised her like it and Camille just wants some love very much like Draco Malfoy my poor lil slytherin
  • I really want to find out about Odette and the stage fire
  • was kinda hoping for a flashback 
  • the plot was very clearly inspired by Annie
  • there were a lot of parallels:
  • Félicie being an orphan
  • leaving the orphanage finding someone to live with who becomes parental figure
  • evil lady chasing her trying to kill her
  • even Félicie climbing up the ladder just like in Annie 
  • but the message of the film was beautiful
  • I really hope it inspires children to take up ballet 
  • and i hope it helps inspire ballerinas who lack motivation just like it did with me
  • overall an amazing film

also before i sleep and regret ranting tomorrow morning WHY ARE YALL SLEEPING ON WINWIN AND TAEILS FRIENDSHIP

they literally have a handshake/dance that includes bumping butts

taeil VOLUNTARILY does AEGYo for WINWIN because he thinks winwin is cute and winwin disLIKES IT??!!?!?!?!? 


my ideal date ideas:

• I take u out for froyo. Then I take u so see my grandma. She loves u. I love u. We’re in love

• we buy party mix and watch spongebob all night

•I FaceTime you just to look at u for 9 hours because I love you

•we cuddle on ur basement floor while watching stranger things

• I lay my head on your shoulder while we watch all the star wars movie while pulling an all nighter. brownies are involved

•u come to my house. I dim the lights. We change into shorts and a tank top bc we know we’ll get sweaty….we have a dance off

•we bake a cake. It’s rainbow. I’m gay.

• I tell you I love you. We watch the breakfast club.

•I take you to the park. We pass a stream and jump over rocks and I take pictures of you for your mom to see. We swing on the swings while rapping to songs we don’t know

•we MAKE OUR OWN heart shaped pizza. I eat it all. You still love me.

•I show u my collection of wholesome memes

• we have a sleepover and we bring our dogs to each others houses. the dogs have fun and we do too

• we listen to Arctic monkeys and Nate Ruess and A Great Big World and sing at the top of our lungs

• we draw eachother. Yours looks amazing but I accidentally make you look like a frog. It’s ok. We’ll be in love!!

•we give random people compliments

•we go to the library and drink coffee from some hippie place downtown even tho I don’t like coffee but u do and I love u. we get kicked out bc we’re being too loud. Bonus points if the librarian is homophobic and gives us looks the whole time

• we spray paint on the sides of an abandon building with colored hairspray

• I make u cookies and u make me hot chocolate. It’s good

• we go to the mall and hold hands and have chick-fil-a

• I tell you my problems and u tell me yours. we hug for a long time and fall asleep in each other’s arms

•we build a fort

• the next morning we knock it down and lay with eachother under the blankets all day

I’ll keep adding to this list. The end. Hope u enjoy my loneliness.