i love to see my team guys smiling

I have this headcanon that all the guys on Team Mustang like have this low-key competition of sorts to earn Riza’s approval and praise.

Like it started really simple, one day after a long meeting Havoc puts a cup of coffee in front of Riza coz he can see she looks tired, and she gives him this lovely smile and the rest of the gang are like “so pretty. how can I get her to smile at me?” So it becomes this challenge to get Riza to smile and give out praise. And they’re all doing little things, like Breda sometimes buys her a sandwich when he goes to get his lunch. And Fuery brings treats for Black Hayate, and helped fix Riza’s phone when it breaks one time. And Falman is there with random facts that he knows Riza will find interesting. And then the Elric brothers come along. And Alphonse is super sweet all the time, and one day they’re in the office and Riza is in civilian clothes (as it’s her day off and she popped into the office for a minute) and Ed says she looks really pretty, and she thanks him and leaves. Then the others let the brothers in on the competition.

And Roy has no idea that this competition even exists. Until one day Ed compliments Riza, and she thanks him and gently ruffles his hair, and Ed, being the little shit that he is, smirks at Roy. Which is his light bulb moment. And Roy is in this state of shock as it all comes together and he realises that he’s been left out of it. So then he gets involved and suddenly there are seven guys all trying to get Riza’s attention and what was once a subtle competition has just exploded. And they’re all trying to one-up each other and it ends up getting really ridiculous. 

Like one day Roy comes in and is like “I hear you enjoy bread sticks. So I got you these.” And pours this giant box of bread sticks on Riza’s desk. And Ed and Al are transmuting little figures of Black Hayate for Riza (like they did for their mum) and so Riza has all these little figures on her desk. 

Riza of course realised what was going on rather early into the competition. But she acts as if she doesn’t know, because she knows it makes them happy. 

Day 162: did you guys see last nights ep of legends????? mick was sO EXCITEd about those ninjas!! Imagine him telling len about these when he returns fhsjwodisbqjodoshajld

Your Second Choice - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Your Second Choice – TW Imagine

Prompt/Request: Hi!! Can I have a Isaac x reader x stiles imagine where the reader catches Isaac cheating on her with Allison at a party and stiles ( who has been in love with the reader since like forever) comforts her and they end up being together somehow?

A/N: There will be a part 2 to this! I promise! I’m sorry that it’s so short, I hope you like this xo

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 898

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Your POV

You and Isaac held hands as you guys entered a lacrosse team mate’s party. You wore a white romper with some white air forces. You were lead to the kitchen by Isaac, seeing Allison.

“Hey Alli!” You smiled, waving.

“Hey Y/N! Oh my god, you look stunning!” She gasped, looking at you up and down.

“Thanks babe!” You gave her a quick squeeze.

It was weird though, she only held you with one hand. When you let go of her, you saw a surprised look on Stiles face from the side, he was holding a drink in a red cup.

“What?” You frowned, mouthing to him.

Before you could see his answer, Isaac interrupted.

“Hey Y/N, could you maybe get some drinks outside? They’re more fresh and chill.” He grinned.

“But there’s some in the fridge-“ You were grabbed by the wrist, being dragged outside by Stiles.

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Being a girl is hard.

Being a girl is hard.
Avengers x Reader

Request:Hello there! I was wondering if you can write me a request where the reader and the Avengers genderswap for a day. The reader has to deal with the guys exclaiming over the problems girls face (ex. boobs), while Nat just goes over and flirts with other girls. Please and thank you!

A/N: I love this request so much! Oh my gosh! lol I hope you like it Anon:)
And I noticed that I kept talking about boobs haha

You were one of Nat’s best friends and she invited you to the tower.She wants you to be part of the team even though your power is useless,
but you were really good at kicking butt.

“Hey guys,this is (y/n),my best friend,"Natasha says to the team."I thought I was your best friend,"Clint says,"but nice to see you again (y/n).”
You giggled and smiled at Clint.
“ANYWAYS.I thought (y/n)….could be a part of our team?"she asks.Steve looks up and stares at her,then at you,then back to her."It depends.
What can you do?"he says.Your mouth opens up but you were interrupted by Natasha."She’s the BEST at kicking butt!!and…..she has…powers,"she says.Now everyone’s head shot up and started looking at you with their eyebrows raised."M-my powers are useless though..,"you mumbled.Steve looked at you and smiled,"I’m pretty sure it’s not useless,whatcha got?"Nat smirked and said,"she’ll show you."You looked at her and nod your head no and Steve said,"it’s okay,show us."You sighed and said "fine,"and snapped your fingers.

"Woah…what happened,"they said.
You looked at them and gave them a sheepish smile.The first one that notice was Pietro.His eyes widened as he stares at what’s on his chest."I-I ha- ,wh-,WHY DO I HAVE BOOBS,"he yells.All of them looked at the speedster,Tony laughs at him and says,"Woah speedy you need a bra."Pietro looked at him and glared but his narrow eyes were replaced with wide ones.He looked around confused and lost."Wh-why are the guys girls and the girls guys?Except for YOU!"he says pointing at you,"your still a woman!"You put your hands up in surrender and said,"You guys asked to see my powers…so..”
Steve looks at you and said,“Th-this is your power?"You nod and said,"I told you it’s useless.”

The rest of the day was mostly the boys complaining about everything.“Ughhh I can’t run!Every time I do it’s just so painful!"Pietro says holding onto his chest as he tries to speed off.Tony comes into the main room and said,"I’m such a hot girl but I have a freaking mustache!?!?"You roll your eyes and said,"why don’t you just shave it?"He looks at you with his hand on his chest."You do know this is art.Right?"he says pointing at his mustache beard thing,"I don’t want to have a naked face when I turn back into a man."Thor walks in and your eyes widened.He walked in……without a shirt."Uhh….Thor…wh-why aren’t you wearing a shirt?"you ask.He looks at you and said,"I just finished training."You walked up to him and said,"Thor.You’re a girl now.You can’t be shirtless!!You have boobs!”

You guys decide to go to the mall and see what’s it like being a different gender in public.

While you were at the mall Natasha would flirt with every girl that passed by.She even got a girl’s number.Some guys even flirted with the ‘guys’.Steve and Bruce just looked all embarrassed and uncomfortable.

You guys got some Starbucks and Wanda and Pietro both drank a venti in like under 2 minutes and a few minutes after they both said,“I need to go to the bathroom."Wanda went in the girls and Pietro went in the guys and you ran over to stop them ,"you guys!don’t forget,you’re not a girl right now and you’re not a boy!"The twins both looked at each other and their face paled as they both switched and went to the bathroom.
You went to the bathroom with girl Pietro."Uhh…where’s the urinal?"he asked.You looked at him and laughed,"Pietro.We’re girls,we don’t use urinals.You pee in the stalls.”

When you got out you saw Wanda with a terrifying look on her face.“What’s wrong Wanda?"Clint asks."H-how do you pee standing up?"she says.You all burst out laughing and the 'boys’ explained.

When you got home the 'boys’ flopped on the couch and groaned.
"Uhhhhh….my back hurts!"they complained."How do you girls do this?!You guys have like 3million pounds on your chest!"Pietro yells.
"Yeah…and how do you…deal with guys who hit on you?"Steve says turning red a bit,"o-one of them slapped my…..butt."You all burst out laughing,"You do have a nice butt Cap,"Nat says winking.Steve blushes and said,”(Y/n) can you turn us back to normal?“You laughed and said,"okay okay,"and snapped your fingers.

"YES!I CAN RUN FREELY NOW!"Pietro said before he left with a blue blur.Steve laughs and said,
”(Y/n).Welcome to the team.“