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im looking up some facts abt yamazaki susumu in honor of jimmy’s bday and it’s making me so sad…. it doesn’t seem like anyone knows a whole lot about him, but he was a doctor and the physician he studied under, matsumoto jun, described him as gentle and taciturn. he also studied literary and military arts under his uncle growing up. and he was apparently one of the most loyal and trusted members of the shinsengumi, and was loved by kondo. he even got along really well with saito hajime (shimaru’s historical counterpart), who was known to be very introverted. 

and after he died in the line of duty, kondo isami (or possibly hijikata toshizou? i could only find two accounts of this and they conflicted with one another) gave a very tearful condolence speech in his honor…. everyone else apparently cried, too…. and he died pretty young, probably in his thirties (although wikipedia lists his birth year as 1843, which would have made him 25, but that… doesn’t really make sense, since the general consensus seems to be that he was probably two or three years older than hijikata, who was born ten years before that). 

he just sounds like such a nice guy, loved by all, and everyone was apparently really heartbroken when he died…


diverse lit: [2/6] lgbtqa characters // angela montgomery, the lynburn legacy

“How are you doing with the whole ‘enveloped in fire’ bit?”
“Basically how I feel every day when people ask me to do unreasonable things,” said Angela. “Things such as get up early or talk to them in a civil manner.”

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I know you asked for prompts the other day and that you also have a bit of writers block but I would love some fluffy beadick fic (is it AU if ben says screw the rules and sneaks bea into the flat after curfew to spend the night? Because I could really use some not canon, secret rule-breaking, beadick fic. getting caught is optional). I know it's vague so do what you like with it! By the way, I love how you write ben and bea! thank you!!

Aww, thank YOU! I’m so glad you like my Team B fics, and it was my pleasure to write this one just for you. Thank you so so much for this prompt, I honestly had a ball with it. Sneaking-around!Beadick is the Beadick we deserved, honestly, even if logistics kind of prohibit it in canon. But we always have AU fanfiction to fill in the blanks! The following is AU, though almost entirely canon-compliant in all ways except for the shenanigans ;) Well, that, and early-in-LLL Beadick being a little more self-aware and open about their issues. If only, right? It does have lots of kissing, the most intense such scene that I’ve actually ever written, so please be nice to me about it if you read, I’m a little nervous. Nothing more than kissing, though, in case you were worried. Anyway, have some fluff and rule-breaking courtesy of Team Blessed! The post on AO3 is linked and can be opened by clicking the title. Enjoy!


           One afternoon, they’re sitting in the kitchen of the flat, chairs pushed close together at the small table. Beatrice is playing an app game on her phone while Ben works through his homework, occasionally stopping to read interesting passages of Marlowe out loud to her. Every once in a while, they accidentally (on purpose) brush hands.

It’s nice to just spend time together, doing their own respective things in silence without any rule-related pressure or suspicion on their shoulders. They have the flat to themselves, so they have their privacy.

That is, until Freddie gets home.

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Stupid dumb babies in love 

(sort of requested by @nilo2207)

When I knew....

When I knew something was wrong is when instead of saying you hi to me, you looked at me blankly; instead of smiling and laughing you just walked silently next to me. When I came to talk to you your eyes didn’t meet with mine. Your headphones would be in and you’d slouch. When usually you gave me your full attention but now you didn’t . Our conversations were now just exchanged looks with the occasional “huh?…what?”
Whenever I wanted to talk to me you said “not now, I gotta go” and pushed me off.
But everyday I kept trying. I was persistent in not losing you.
But that’s when I knew something was wrong Your eyes didn’t light up when you laughed anymore, the edges of your lips didn’t curl anymore when you smiled, you looked down when you walked and ignored everyone around you. You didn’t say good morning or goodnight to me anymore. When I told you to “have a good day!” You looked at me with sad eyes and said “yeah…”
That’s when I knew you weren’t mine anymore

okay so there’s this fic (A Peculiar Situation, by marispots on ao3)  in which alya and nino direct a class play about the superhero duo and marinette ends up being cast as chat noir and adrien as ladybug 

and there’s one part where adrien tries on his costume, and it comes with a yo-yo, and clip-on earrings and everything, so of course it comes with the ribbons for the pigtails as well right? right? 

well, to me he is definitely wearing the ribbons until proven otherwise, so have a super rough doodle of the cosplaying catboy :3c 

B.A.P as inspirational quotes

Daehyun: You have to be odd to be number 1. - Dr. Seuss

Youngjae: Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein

Yongguk: If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl..but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Jongup: Life is tough, my darling, but so are you. - Stephanie Bernett Henry

Zelo: Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. - C.S. Lewis

Himchan: It always seems impossible until it’s done. - Nelson Mandela