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I am 7 years late to this fandom

Idk why but I’m bringing back the Newsies and glasses because I want to so there.

  • Jack has hugely framed glasses, probably tortoiseshell colored. 
    • He sometimes wears contacts but not often bc they annoy him.
    •  His frames have paint all over them and he usually has at least one colored fingerprint on the lenses and it drives Crutchie crazy but Jack can somehow ignore it.
  • Crutchie has brightly colored round glasses, probably bright green, pink or red. 
    • He loves them and they’re always super clean and tidy. 
    • He carries around the little cleaning cloth and screwdrivers just to be safe.
  • Dave has the classic nerd glasses, probably complete with tape around the nose piece.
  • Specs obviously has his little round specs
  • Spot has little rectangle reading glasses that he keeps a careful secret
  • Race has 20/20 vision and most of his friends hate him for it
  • Romeo wears contacts mostly but he has cute little cat eyes that he loves but only wears at home or if he runs out of contacts/ they dry out
  • Finch has a bunch of different colored contacts, so his eyes range from completely black irises to like, purple and pink. 
    • Only a couple people actually know for sure that his natural eye color is light blue, which is why the contacts work so well on him.

It’s been two years since I made this blog! Happy anniversary to me.

I guess the reason frodo/sam (or aragorn/legolas, or merry/pippin) has always been appalling to me is the gross over-exaggeration of romantic love of our age and this weird assumption it’s the ultimate way for people to connect and find meaningful relationships with each other.

I want and I need to read it as a story where love between friends is just as valuable and powerful as in any love story.

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29, 30, and 15! For that questions ask meme you reblogged

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29. three songs that you connect with right now.


1. Contact - Kyo

2. いいんですか?- Radwimps (ok but this clip might have something to do with it… but it’s so sweet? jfc it’s impossible to be sad when this is playing)

3. The Stroke of Return - Big Data

i’m actually really bad at this, bc i just picked the first three songs that popped into my head D:

i love music so much but i’m so bad at remembering it lmao

30. pick one of your favorite quotes.

If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” - Sun Tzu

15. five most influential books over your lifetime.

five that influenced me personally? aaahhHHHH this is hard! but i’ll try!

in no order:

  • Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance by Irvine Welsh
    I… didn’t know that people could write like this? I didn’t know that… this… I read this (and a few others by Irvine Welsh- he’s incredible) when I was around fifteen, and I was so ????

    I didn’t know that people could write like this? To write in accents, to have so many stories that all seem to link, to have these disgusting circumstances with charming characters, to understand, just… shit. Honestly, this book is probably why I want to write so much weird shit.

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    I think that this was the first thing I’d ever read (then watched, in various forms, and read again) that had that #miscommunication in it.

    And it killed me. Like, I was only a kid when I read it? I think I’d read the book and seen Colin Firth’s portrayal both before I was ten? So?!?! This killed me?!

    I wasn’t prepared?! I love this story so much, and I love that it doesn’t really say more than it has to? It’s so innocent by today’s standards, but… it’s so perfect. I want to write love stories like this and sdkjgshg

  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat - Oliver Sacks
    This isn’t fiction, but it really shaped how I saw the world when I was younger (thank u mum, for letting me all number of strange things when i was a kid). I mean, I just… it was so interesting (everything Oliver Sacks has written is interesting tho), but also opened my eyes to so much? We all know that not everyone sees the world the same way we do, but this really drove it home.

    God, I love Oliver Sacks.

  • The entire Harry Potter series - I loved HP so much, omg. I remember first reading it in… year 6, i think? i would have been elevenish, and it was just so good. Not just because it’s a cool series or an excellent way to escape reality, but because the books aged as I did? The themes became more mature with each release, and by the time I was 17/18, they were dark. It was just ??? skljh fucking hell, honestly.

  • Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer (and the few others in the series I managed to get my hands on!) - I STILL LOVE BUTLER AND I WANTED TO BE ARTEMIS. I’M NOT GOING TO EXPLAIN THIS. IF YOU’VE READ THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND.
After years of grey fog clouding the mind, and hours of questioning what was outlined.
After moments spent deep in the darkness,
and time spent drowning in starkness.
I now come to realise the light that love can bring,
I now come to realise the wholeness one can upswing.
You brought me not only love for another person,
You brought me the love for you, and vise versa.
—  Love Vise Versa - Charlie Beaty.
Self love can also come when you fall in love with someone else.

today i had to get rid of my kitten, leyrin. he was too much for us mentally. kittens are very hyper and clingy, and were already so busy. we also had no money to feed him. he was living off of scraps (eggs, lunch meat, and even hot dogs) bc we couldnt afford actual cat food
dad was also suffering from his allergies so bad he almost got really sick a couple days ago. i didnt like seeing him so stressed

hes with someone whos able to care for him better now, but i cried my face off on the ride over. he was so calm about the ride too. just curled up on my lap and all sleepy..

though, for a couples days we knew this pretty kitty outside that we named cream. she was starving and its getting very cold out, so we took her in. i doubt we will keep her (again, we couldnt really feed her that much to begin with) but shes a beautiful sweetie pie

sorry if i start getting flip flopped with my mood. im very connected to cats, and this was a lot. but it was for the best of us and leyrin. i tend to jump between emotions so im sorry if im suddenly rly angry then rly vent-y aa

we could still use the money to at least feed cream for a bit, and other things such as food and house appliance things. i have a commissions post up for im unable to get a job atm (i want to go back to school first, and jobs around here are hard to get when youre younger than 18). donations n junk would be awesome! thank u!

Me falling in love with a book:

Choose a book:

Start reading said book:

Start ignoring everything else that’s going on around me: 

Start smiling at the book like a stupid idiot:

Intense emotional response to pivotal scene in the book: 

Wanting to tell everyone what the book is about:

When people actually want to borrow it from me: 

Finally having someone to talk about it with once I let them borrow it:

And I’m in love: