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that’s actually organized really well, all three mirrorverses. :D

Last year when I figured out that the Gambitverse was Padme’s mirrorverse, not Obi-Wan’s, everything snapped into place about it.  (Which is one of the reasons that the original title changed: “Queen’s Guard” puts the focus entirely on Obi-Wan, “Queen’s Gambit” puts it entirely on Padme.  Though for the first month or so I could not for the love of anything remember if it was actually called Queen’s Gamble or Queen’s Gambit, lol.)

But yeah!  Each universe is roughly shaped around what one member of the trio’s worst fear is, or what they think their worst fear is: Anakin’s is, um, canon (where he’s all alone and a Sith lord and he destroyed everything he cares about and he’s having his leash yanked by Palpatine all the time because he was just trying to do the right thing but gravely miscalculated), Padme’s is the Gambitverse (political chaos, still queen because maybe she didn’t know when to let go, maybe she dragged a Jedi down into the depths with her, and what if she is the one responsible for the galaxy falling apart, for everything falling apart, and what if she is a warmonger and a tyrant who’s lost all faith in democracy and negotiation?), and Obi-Wan’s is the Watchtower ‘verse (where the Sith won, where he can’t trust his own mind, where he’s become what he despises and he can’t help himself, and his own people hate him because he betrayed them, where he’s terrified he’s going to drag Anakin down with him because he knows that Anakin would follow).

So yeah.  That was the conception for the three main AUs in Ouroboros.

“You’re cute” - Peter Parker x reader

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: Cursing, fluff, sassy reader

A/n: It’s good to be back guys! I hope to be writing more now that it’s summer and I hope to get a lot of requests soon!

One could assume that despite how hectic my job environment was, plus how time consuming it tended to be, that I would be given a much longer lunch break. But like I said, one could assume. Most days, I got lucky if I could even leave the lab during the day, usually opting to just call in whatever I wanted to be delivered to STARK tower. Today however, was one of those rare occasions that I got away from work and was able to pop over to the coffee shop on the corner.

The space was rather large, despite that it looked small from the outside. It was lavishly decorated with earthy tones, giving the shop a very organic feel and that was why Y/n loved it. I leisurely placed my things down in my usual seat. It was in the back corner of the room, adjacent to the counter where you were supposed to place orders. Once I had put everything in its rightful place, I moseyed on over to the counter and told the nice barista my order. After the order had been called I made my way to my table, only to find someone else sitting there. Who the hell was this guy and who did he think he was?  

“Um, excuse me?” I asked blatantly, the confusion clear on my face. The stranger jolted and turned to look at me over the rim of his glasses, and I noticed in that moment how beautiful his eyes were. They were a deep brown color that seemed to hold me captive in his gaze, and it took me a moment to regain my wits. “May I ask why you’re sitting in my booth? Not that I mind, I just wasn’t expecting company.”

He sat there for a moment just looking back at me, and then swung his head back around to examine the tabletop, and I could see the blush quickly spread like wildfire across his cheeks and the tops of his ears.

“Oh my god I didn’t even notice there was another person’s things here! I haven’t slept well in months and I guess I was too tired to realize it, I’m so so sorry for this!” The boy scrambled to get up from the seat, gathering his things from their place beside him, but I quickly stopped him with a gentle hand on his shoulder.  

“I don’t mind the company, you can stay if you’d like,” I laugh quietly at his embarrassment and take my seat across from him. “What’s your name stranger?”  

He gave me a nervous glance. “My name is Peter Parker, it’s a pleasure to meet you…?”  Peter trailed off, waiting for me to fill in the blank.  

“My name is Y/n, it’s a pleasure to meet you to Peter,” I tell him earnestly as you give him a quick once over.  

He was wearing a long sleeve shirt with holes for his thumbs, his hair was seriously messy, and he had dark circles eclipsing under his eyelids. The poor guy looked like he hadn’t slept properly in months –like he had said- and I wondered why that might be. Despite his earlier moment of panic, he was relaxed now. Peter sat with his head rested against his propped up hand while the other encircled the warm cup of coffee he had ordered. When my eyes trailed back up to his face, I realized Peter was watching me check him out. His mouth was now tilted into a cocky smirk as he watched my eyes widen, and I couldn’t break eye contact with him despite m growing embarrassment.

“Is there something on my face?” He questioned me with an amused tone. I looked down into my cup of coffee. “N-No, there’s nothing on your face.” I managed to finally stutter out after a few seconds of silence.

“Are you sure? You were staring awfully hard.” Peter teased, adjusting to lean fully on the table. He had one eyebrow raised and a childishly large grin on his face. I wasn’t sure how I hadn’t noticed it before, but at some point he must have pushed his glasses back up to their rightful place, because now you could see directly into his eyes again. You held is his gaze for a moment, “I mean, there’s nothing on your face, but damn is it fine.” This boy was a complete stranger to me, right? So why not enjoy this interaction by giving him hell. Peter’s reaction was a mix of surprise and entertainment as he gave you a whole hearted smile. “Oh really, is it now?”

“Indeed it is, I mean, you could probably cut shit with how sharp your jaw line is kid.”

“Okay,” he laughs at you. “I guess that gives you a pretty good reason to stare then. You’re pretty easy to look at yourself, you know.” He gives you a sly look before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Damn straight, I’m hot as hell. Who are you kidding?” I say to him, copying his actions and taking a drink of my coffee as well. My expression matched his at this rate, the both of our faces adorned with cocky smiles. We let the silence prevail then, just sitting in one another’s company for a while. Peter read a book he had brought, and I worked on a paper for my English class. Despite having just met, the lack of communication was anything but awkward. We just sat there, two strangers in a coffee shop, enjoying the presence of a fellow human in comfortable silence.

What broke the silence wasn’t our voices, but the sound of Peter inhaling the last remnants of his coffee and laughing at how loud it was in the quiet space. I looked up at him, giggling at how dorky this boy was. I took a small sip of my own coffee, which was still mostly full, and went right back to writing my research paper.

The feeling of someone’s prolonged stare was beginning to bother me, so I glanced up from my laptop screen to find Peter stretched across the table with his fingers gingerly wrapped around my coffee cup. He met my eyes immediately, offering me a sheepish grin, but didn’t relinquish my cup. I smiled back at him sweetly, sliding my hand across the table top to grip my cup and slide it towards myself. I took a long swig of the lukewarm beverage, never breaking eye contact with Peter. I watched as his expression switched from that of being apologetic to being sarcastically annoyed as he levels his eyes at me. “That was quite rude of you Y/n.” He said jokingly.

I take another long drink of coffee before answering him, laughing a little as I think about my reply. “Well Peter, look at it this way. You’re cute and all, but I’m not sharing my coffee.” I wink at him as I finish the sentence. Peter gives me a flabbergasted look and clutches at his heart. “But Y/n, how could you say that! You said I could ‘cut shit with how sharp my jaw line is’, I thought that meant we had something special?”  He questions you hysterically; fake tears make his eyes shine in the brightly lit coffee shop.

“Oh Peter, sweet heart,” I reach across the table to grasp his free hand in mine. “We do have something special, but coffee and I…we have so much more than that. You understand that, don’t you?” I explain sympathetically, my head tilted slightly to one side. Peter sighs deeply, the breath coming out shakily. “Yes, I think I understand.”

There’s something about this moment, even though it’s blatantly fake, that makes it even more memorable. I decide this is something I want to have more of; I want to have more stupidly comical experiences with this boy. With that thought in mind, I squeeze his hand a little harder before releasing it. “But I must leave you now, my dear Peter Parker,” I snicker as I shut down my laptop and pack it back into my bag. Once you’d finished stowing it away in its rightful compartment along with the charger you looked back to Peter, who now had a genuine frown on his face.

“Will I see you again sometime? This was really fun; I’d like to do it again…” He trails off again, looking at you for an answer. I give him a genuine smile, “I’d like to do this again too, Peter.” I shoulder my bag and slip my phone into my back pocket. “I’ll see you soon?” I ask coyly, meandering to the door. Peter smiles at you, and how wide the grin on his face is seems to change the entire demeanor of his expression. “Yeah, definitely!”

I walk by the counter to drop a tip in the tip jar for the nice barista and make my way back towards the front door of the shop, but before I can walk out Peter calls out to me.

“Hey Y/n, you left your coffee!”

I smile to myself, a laugh escaping my lips as I turn my head to look over my shoulder at Peter. “I said I wouldn’t share my coffee even though you’re cute,” I say, my tone slightly questioning. He looks confused for a moment, “Yeah? What about it?” He asks.

I turn around fully now and look to the counter where the barista is standing there, smiling at the exchange she’s been witnessing for the past few minutes. “Hey Melissa? Can you give this nice boy my number for me? I’ve got to run!” Melissa nods at me, so I turn to Peter now as I place my sunglasses on top of my head. “You’re more than just a cute boy, Peter Parker.”

Peter listens to the echo of the overhead door bell as you walk out, feeling as if his entire world has been rattled by this you, and he can’t help but hope you’ll do it again.

Four dogs, a baby, and a husband in a small apartment in Vancouver can get a little hectic. There’s a lot of stuff everywhere doing doing laundry for everyone takes up half the day. Yes, I am that person that buys clothes for their dogs. They actually love wearing those little sweaters and boots too. But seriously, how does one make room for storage just to put everything in their place? What’s your go to must have storage item to keep your house organized?

Hound ate my white chocolate baguette and then had the nerve to act like she was starving. *grumble* But true love is ordering your wife a pizza remotely from across the country because you have the app and presets already installed and she is still moving through the stages of baguette grief.

The travel app problem is that I feel like I forgot so much about Botswana because I couldn’t get it all down! So I’m looking for a kind of…photo-and-journal on the fly app that will let me get everything down in one place, even if I don’t have wi-fi. I’ll put pages like this together later, but I need something just to get stuff down and organize. My memory is dreadfully fallible.

Day One 2 looks like the best app so far, but I’m poking at a few others. We’ll see what’s actually easy to use.

…I am one of those tiny post-apocalyptic survivors huddled in a cave who do not have Instagram.