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Oh please I need hc about friendships between the boys❤

Totally man. SO these headcanons are based on the boys canon friendships. So there may not be many, but still I hope you like them anon. Enjoy!

Nathaniel & Armin:

  • They have a very good bond, already. They just click together.
  • The two of them have spent sleepovers together, usually playing video games.
  • Nathaniel has unintentionally scared Armin with crime documentaries,, couldn’t slee[ without the light on for like 2 days
  • Nath can whoop Armin in video games, Armin is very petty about it
  • Armin sometimes calls Nathaniel ‘bro’ and Nath has yet to understand the reference-
  • The first time Armin offered a fist pump Nath was  co n fused as HECK
  • They both get really scared of horror movies, like Armin will fall off of the couch and Nathaniel is the type to jump
  • Both of them talk about sibling struggles
  • Armin has spammed Nathaniels phone with the bee movie script + puns.
  • Nathaniel is slayed by Armin in online gaming,,
  • Armin had scared Nathaniel with fake spiders before and he ignored him for 3 days 
  • Armin has been kinda a bad influence, but has placed some fun into Nath’s life

Nathaniel & Kentin (canon in Amour Sucre manga):

  • Nath and Kentin are sweet types of friends, like smol friends.
  • Kentin tries to get Nathaniel to be less uptight and to think of other things
  • Both are scared of their dads, that’s no lie
  • Nathaniel taught Kentin some boxing moves and Kentin taught Nathaniel some cool military moves
  • Nathaniel actually got Kentin into some crime novel books, but it didn’t last long since Kentin got sad on some cases
  • Both have vented with each other about their dads
  • Kentin is pretty good at making Nathaniel calm down, I can see him just going like ‘you should chill out’ and Nath tries to maintain himself.
  • Kentin got Nathaniel to go running once, but Nathaniel nearly died
  • Kentin doesn’t bring up Amber with Nathaniel, he just doesn’t think it’s nice man
  • Nathaniel was invited by Kentin to come and bake at his house
  • Nathaniel is NOT a baking guy, but liked to watch Kentin decorate

Castiel & Lysander:

  • Their friendship is just unbreakable.
  • Castiel probably swears a lot around Lysander, thinks he should swear less
  • Castiel is totally the dominant one, drags Lysander everywhere 
  • They straight up talk to each other, anytime after class or when they can.
  • Castiel has become a lot more aware of Lysander after his accident a secret mom friend
  • Lysander likes to sometimes do Castiel’s hair, sometimes in a ponytail
  • These two totally man hug, straight up man hugs
  • Castiel has spammed Lysander’s (even Candy’s) phone when he doesn’t reply
  • They have sleepovers, usually at Castiel’s place.
  • Lysander is the mom friend, he advises Castiel most of the time of what not to do
  • Castiel takes a lot of pictures of he and Lysander together, especially dumb ones
  • Castiel has tried to show Lysander vines but…Lysander is just ?? He doesn’t get it.
  • They wouldn’t fight over Candy…but if they both liked her, the bf would be upset to let the other know,,
  • Lysander sometimes gets lost without Castiel, he just spaces out and walks somewhere
  • Lysander has probably won all arguments he and Castiel have
  • Castiel CAN’T bring himself to ignore Lys, even if he’s being petty
  • Castiel bought Lysander a stuffed toy rabbit, he keeps it in his locker 
  • Lysander bought Castiel that guitar pick
  • Again, these two are unbreakable.

Kentin & Alexy.

  • Kentin is open to Alexy anytime, asks him for relationship advice
  • Alexy is always the one who finds out the crushes in the school, always.
  • Kentin shares his sweets with Alexy in the class, kinda just passing him some
  • Kentin accidentally made the first move with Alexy, never regretted it
  • Alexy loves being taller than Kentin, ruffling his hair and calling him ‘Kennykins’
  • Kentin has tried multiple times to ignore Alexy, but he just can’t man - that bond is strong
  • Alexy tried to take Kentin shopping, Kentin went 0 to 100 out of that door real quick
  • Kentin sometimes invites Alexy over to his place, they usually talk and play some video games
  • Kentin also told Alexy that he was afraid of his father and Alexy gives him advice
  • Alexy loves Kentin’s baking
  • Alexy has tried to confess for Kentin but Kentin would always find a way to make him s hu tu p
  • Alexy openly rants to Kentin about the schools fashion and Kentin is just very lost.
  • These two, are totally great for eachother, best friends man
play (xi)

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❝i was a fool to have not loved you❞
→ byun baekhyun
→ written in his perspective on the same day as part ten
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, ?

Today was just as yesterday, waking up to the sight of beer bottles by his bedside table, none of them empty however. He didn’t want to let himself have the luxury of forgetting his mistakes, his numerous missed chances.

Pushing himself off the bed, Baekhyun stared out of his window, the only source of light in his dark and gloomy room. He let out a small sigh before moving his eyes afar from the cursed thing. The memory hit him like a train, and he was no more than a wreck after it.

Baekhyun closed his eyes as it replayed in his drowsy mind, a tear slipped down his cheeks when he remembered the deep sadness and loneliness he saw in your eyes.

“What a hopeless love we have, Byun Baekhyun.“ He heard you say once again, he can almost imagine the way your body depended on him for stability as the alcohol took its grasp around you. “A woman head over heels for a man who refuses to fall in love.” What a fool he was to be so ignorant, so arrogant.

The bathroom seemed too far of a walk for Baekhyun, shaking his head, wanting the regret to drown away from his mind and the heartbreak away from his heart.

Why had he treated you so badly? Why did he have too be so…

Baekhyun couldn’t even find a word to describe the way he treated you. It only pained him more as he remembered the way he flirted with Nana in front of you, the look in your eyes were enough to kill him, yet for a strange reason, he continued to bring tears to your eyes and a crack in your heart, even when it hurt himself.

It made him think when was the last time he’s seen you smile. Either his memory was hazy or he had never brought happiness to your life, but Baekhyun could only remember your tear stained cheeks and hurt filled eyes.

Baekhyun felt his legs grow weak, holding onto the doorframe of his bathroom before stumbling in. The first thing his eyes landed on was the mirror, and the reflection it showed was the disheveled shell of a soul filled to the brim with remorse.

But he doesn’t let himself pity the way he looked, the way he felt, what he missed, nor what he did. Baekhyun wanted to regret each beat of your heart that he missed, each tear that slipped down your cheeks, each day that passed with him not realizing that he could love and that he was loved.

He combed back his hair, feeling the slight grease of it through his fingers, pulling at it as his hand gets to the top of his head. He hoped that maybe this headache of his would go if he caused a greater pain, but he too didn’t want to realize that a heartache was the greatest pain of all.

Curses left his mouth as he pushed himself away from the mirror, wanting to clear his confusion as he undressed and got into the shower.

As water warmed his body, Baekhyun kept his eyes closed, allowing his body to be fully drenched. He didn’t move, he didn’t dare move. He had somewhat found a small clarity and peace of mind underneath the rain of his shower. Oh, how he missed being with you, the hidden laughter and smiles you could get out of him, the feeling of a blush was always constant when Baekhyun was with you.

Baekhyun smiled as his tears joined with the droplets of water that rained on him. What a fool he was, truly what a fool. He’s never been so sorry in his whole life for what he has done to you, to act like you were nothing but a play toy he could dispose and use at any moment, for not realizing that it would have been easier to suck up his pride and to tell you the way his heart raced in his chest whenever you looked at him. It would have been so much easier if he wasn’t afraid of falling in love.

Years even before he had met you, love has never took a liking on Baekhyun. The worst was when he knew of a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. What he didn’t know was the wickedness behind her pretty eyes and shy smilies; a far worse cruelty as he had shown to you. He was left broken and devastated by her. He was left behind by love, unwanted and lonely.

Since then, Baekhyun turned his heart into stone, unmoving and untouched. He never wanted to feel the love he felt for her, he never wanted to be broken again. But when you came into his life, taking down his walls so easily by the way you took his hands into yours, holding onto them gently, Baekhyun had to take action, never again would he be weakened by this feeling they called love. He took his revenge on the world, on love by destroying you the way that woman did, but Baekhyun’s walls were so close to crumbling that he pushed it too far; calling and flirting with Nana in front of you, pretending that he had slept with her several times when he had somewhat of a relationship with you.

Now, he knew the truth. It wasn’t because of his fear of love but his cowardice to be rejected, to be broken, to understand that love worked in many ways; in failure or in success.

Turning the knob of the shower, Baekhyun stepped out, drenched to the bone wet. Slowly, he was accepting his punishment for hurting you, for taking his anger upon you who only loved and cared for him.

He didn’t think too much as he dressed, the only thoughts roaming his head were of those rare moments your lips were turned into a smile. Baekhyun too unconsciously smiled, only to start crying the second he realized that while you made him feel like he was soaring above the earth, he made you feel like the ground beneath his feet, constantly being stepped on and looked down upon, no care for the world that supported him.

Baekhyun wiped away his tears with the back of his hand, sniffling a bit as he continued pulling up his denim jeans. He quickly took his phone and wallet from his bedside table, stashing it into his pockets of his jeans.

Lazy and heavy steps sounded through his home as he walked towards his kitchen. Through the corner of his eye, he imagined the figure of you sitting on his counter with him right in front of you, smirking as you smiled at his teasing kisses.

Baekhyun placed his attention elsewhere, walking away from the kitchen and towards his living room. The visions were inescapable from, he realized as your sleeping form appeared before him. Baekhyun remembered the painful way he would leave you asleep and alone at your bed, leaving you to wake up to the side of your bed cold and empty.

He too remembered the way he couldn’t sleep whenever he slept beside you, always staring at your beautiful and peaceful face as you slept, probably dreaming of a place happier than where you were at. Baekhyun knew the truth of his actions on you, yet his cold heart never had the courage to act upon it.

A fool and a coward he was.

Baekhyun’s hands reached up to his head, holding it as a pang of pain vibrated through it. He let out a small cry and groan, hurrying to his medicine drawer and quickly swallowing a painkiller without a glass of water.

Small tears collected at the corners of his eyes when the medicine went down his throat. Baekhyun didn’t care about the dryness of his mouth or throat, not bothering to have a sip of water. He picked up his keys, went through his door without looking back, without having to see the many dreams and memories of you in his home.

Gray clouds were forming as the day grew dark despite what the time indicated. He was running a few minutes late to the rehearsals, cursing not as he thought of the pain in the ass director but you, meeting you there after… how long has he not seen you? How long has it been since he’s last seen a smile on your face?

The ferocious rain may have appeased Baekhyun’s thoughts as he stepped out of his car, but it didn’t ease the headache he was still experiencing despite the medication he took.

As his steps made sounds against the wet ground, pools of muddy water gathering in some areas, Baekhyun knew that some pains cannot be relieved by mere pills or tablets. He wished he didn’t know though as he stepped through the doors of the theatre, cool and refreshing air breezing past him.

The bustle of workers had already begun. Many staffs were walking around, headphones on as they spoke their the microphones to each other, each with a clipboard filled with the play’s details in hand. Others had makeup brushes and blush, while others held costumes and shoes. Some more fortunate ones held trays of food and drinks, giving out the much needed energy to start the busy day with. Same went for Baekhyun as he strode to the nearest one, hands grasping a cold bottle water before quietly thanking the person.

He didn’t waste much time to get to his dressing room, or maybe because he was trying to convince himself that he wasn’t scared to meet you. Baekhyun’s heart raced against his chest as he hurriedly went into his dressing room, opening and closing the door with a huge star with his name of it before he could exhale the breath he was holding in.

If he had seen you outside, Baekhyun wouldn’t know what to do. He left you raw and hurt, he didn’t want to do things that would only further push you away from him. He was afraid of himself, each movement and thought he feared, hoping and praying that he wouldn’t stretch the already deep wound your relationship has.

The warm bitter taste of caffeine went down his throat, yet Baekhyun found it sweet in comparison to the way things turned out.

He was the one ignoring you, leaving you to chase after him, breaking your hair each step of the way, and when you got too tired of how cold your side of the bed Baekhyun laid on the next morning, you stopped in the middle of the bait, walking back slowly away from him. Baekhyun was now the one looking at your back, chasing and chasing you as your eyes turned blind, your ears turned deaf to him.

Lying down on his couch, Baekhyun rested his head on one of the shoulder rests while his feet were propped up by the other. A small source of relief as he felt the strange sleepiness he’s been feeling for the past few days. Baekhyun’s eyes started to droop, closing ultimately as the tiredness took him into its grasp, but before it could envelope him in its embrace, a soft and familiar voice echoed from behind his dressing room’s door that was left slightly ajar.

The voice of a woman who led to his doom entered his room as she spoke, jealousy and seething hatred evident in her words. “When will you finally learn that he doesn’t love you? He never has, he never will, Y/N.”

Silence enveloped the hallways and Baekhyun’s dressing room, Baekhyun moved silently, his heart beating against his chest.

Lies, she told. He was ready to appear at that moment and ruin her few seconds of shining glory. Baekhyun wanted to clear things up, he wanted to glue together the broken pieces. Unfortunately for him, Baekhyun hasn’t realized yet that it was beyond repair.

“I’m glad this play is ending soon. Baekhyun’s been doing better without you, and once you’re gone, he’ll be back to normal. I’ll- We’ll finally be able to get rid of you, Y/N,” Nana said, the desperation to hurt you made Baekhyun want to laugh. He looked through the small gap and saw your back facing him. If he hadn’t been able to tell the truth before, he shall now, and he was, pushing the door slightly until Baekhyun heard you talk.

“I couldn’t care less, Nana. I couldn’t care less if Baekhyun loved you or not. I’m over him. I’m over his lies and cowardice. I can’t wait for this play to end, so that I don’t have to deal with you and Baekhyun anymore.”

And Baekhyun finally understood the way you felt when you were with him, constantly feeling that deep heart break with his small actions or words. A tear slipped down his cheek, he didn’t bother wipe away the following ones as he watched you walk away from Nana and away from him.

Baekhyun wasn’t late in realizing the metaphor when you walked away; walking away from him for life, never allowing him to have a shot at your heart again.

Miserable and depressed, he returned to his seat and sank down his chair, hands grabbing his hair as his elbows were propped up on his knees. How could he heal for this? Why had he been so selfish, so ignorant, so arrogant, so flawed? Why couldn’t he had loved like a normal person? Why couldn’t he accept your love?

Baekhyun watched as his tears collected on the floor, his cheeks and eyes now swollen from crying. He’s never felt this shattered, this vulnerable, this empty.

“What have I done? What am I going to do now?” His question sounded forlorn, voice now deep and croaky from crying. His heart never hurt this badly.

It was more than a bad decision to play with you. It was the worst decision Baekhyun’s ever made.

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Hello~! I loved the kitty post you made! I was wondering if you could do MTMTE Rodimus, MTMTE Tailgate, MTMTE Swerve, and MTMTE Rung reacting to their human s/o having a cat as a pet aboard the ship (a friendly one)? Let's just bend our imaginations a little and say that's possible. :P Thank you~!

Meow meow :3

-He likes the cat a lot and thinks it’s adorable
-He likes playing with the cat and thinks it’s funny when it chases after the lights
-He laughs every time when the cat randomly runs around the ship

-He calls it a furry baby and likes to hold it like one
-He likes copying the cat by making purring noises, flexing his fingers, and laying with it
-He pretty much is a cat parent

-It’s his bar’s new mascot
-He sets out food for the cat and made it so he can climb around and not be stepped on
-When he has a rough day, he likes to sit with the cat and ramble to it while scratching behind it’s ears

-He borrows the cat for therapy sessions, the patients seem calmer with the cat purring
-He likes to do paperwork with the cat in his lap
-He has a spot for the cat to stay with him in his office with everything the cat could dream of

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My crush loves musicals and I love musicals, so we're always singing together. I met him at a Super Smash Bros. tournament, so we play games whenever we have free time. Also, he's started playing some games cause I mention them a lot + watches series I like because of me, and I do so likewise. He makes me run and laugh, smells nice, has a smile that can light up the entire world and magic in his eyes I'm so far gone, honestly

i think u should propose to him

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How about the coconuts scene? 😘

Confession… that coconut scene was the equivalent to “hanging out and watching TV in the dark” and nothing will convince me otherwise…

You know what I mean… “let’s sit in close proximity, all nice and cozy like, completely innocent, would you like a drink? Here you go… i’m feeling sleepy, let me just stretch my arm out over the back of this tree trunk couch for a while. What’s that love? Didn’t quite hear you over how loud the fire movie is… speak closer to my ear…”

I’m just saying… if the parentals weren’t sitting directly across from them, snuggling and flirting would have happened. MAYBE IT DID? WHO KNOWS?

Maybe when the warmth from the fire died down and Emma got a little chilly, he covered her in his coat, playing it off as nothing. And her light comments about him not needing it spurred on a string of innuendos about him being ‘hot enough’ began?

And maybe when Snow and Charming retire to their bed roll and the other two have gone somewhere to talk and it’s just Killian and Emma sitting there, they get to bantering and shuffling closer, talking in hushed whispers as not to wake the others and leaning in veerrryy closely to hear each other….


No but how embarrassing to have their first date be a double one with the in-laws though??

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how 2D would go about helping his autistic SO out when they start to get sensory overload in public?? love ur blog!!

A/N: Thank you so much! Alright so on a personal note I’m not autistic but I experience sensory overloads for other reasons I’m not trying to dive too deeply into right now. So basically I feel comfortable writing about this topic but I’m honestly not sure if I experience them in the same way!

  • It first starts up in the department store. What started as a quick run for a rice cooker quickly became overwhelming. A couple of kids were crying throughout the place, different music was playing in different parts of the store, bright lighting, a phone kept ringing by the bedding section that no one would answer, and peoples shoes were exceptionally squeaky against the tile. He notices you seem anxious but generally doesn’t like being overbearing so he brushes it off.
  • You respond less and less to his chatter before you grow completely silent, stiff bodied, with a massive headache. He asks if you’re feeling okay and when you shake your head he asks if you feel comfortable enough speaking. Another head shake, then a nod after he confirms nonverbal communication is best in the moment.
  • After getting approval to grab your hand, he leads you out to the carpark. He holds out his sunglasses for you before you reach the door. “It’s sunny out, I don’t know if the light is botherin’ you.” You nod and accept them.
  • He opens the the door for you, closing it gently before wrapping around the back to find a jacket and a three day old water bottle. He looked at it for a minute before deciding something was better than nothing and sets them near you.
  • He sits in the drivers side quietly checking his phone for a while so you have time to calm down to feel comfortable on the road home.

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5 things you’ll find in my bag: 

  • water bottle
  • library card
  • notebook
  • inhaler
  • like 5000 pens

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • endless textbooks
  • a stuffed pikachu
  • radio
  • blankets
  • so many jumpers

5 things i’ve always wanted to do in life:

  • study at oxford/cambridge
  • see the northern lights
  • learn to play piano
  • see a broadway show
  • fall in love

5 things that make me happy:

  • my little brother
  • knitted clothing
  • candles
  • rewatching shit british comedies
  • having a life filled with good people

5 things i’m currently into:

  • history boys (sorry cecil, copying you on that one)
  • hamilton
  • rent soundtrack
  • louis theroux shows
  • flowers

5 things on my to-do list:

  • email student services
  • finish my research project
  • start planning my seen essay exam question
  • reply to a few friends
  • do my washing up

5 things people might not know about me:

  • i’m a psychology student
  • i don’t speak any languages apart from english
  • i am a mug hoarder
  • i don’t have anything else i’m really bland haha

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omg i love your new icon


Thank you(for both comments)!! Daisy’s face is just too cute. And the sky is the result of this wonderful lighting mod, if you’re interested :)

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I hope everything works out and you get a new computer very, very soon!

And needing a new one to play Sims is a very common and natural thing, do not fret.

Thank you! That is also my hope! 

Oh good, spending time around humans who don’t have sims blogs always skews my view of what is normal and what isn’t ;)

How is your computer situation going? 

@acquiresimoleons replied to your post: novellam rambles under the cut…

I’ve been working on a plan to build a new gaming computer… the one i have is ok but it was a “get me by” fix until i could get a good set up… don’t worry; we’ll still be here :) hopefully you don’t suffer too badly without sims!!

That’s exciting! If you have an tips for me about things I should look for in my new computer I would be super grateful because I’m a little out of my element. I think I will find a way to survive, mainly by playing extensive amounts of prison architect.

Lartis Playlist. Part 2 :3

Welcome to the second part of my Lartis playlist bitcheeesss :3

P.S: I hope you enjoyed the first part but now we will continue with 3 more songs. Ready your ears, some may be to heavy for your tastes… IDK xD

But let’s get it started, are you ready? :3 @positivelyamazonian @anentireamazon @luluvonv @kimpoedel (Again sorry If I didn’t tag you, my memory is disgusting)

4) Killing Me- State of Mine

Why this song? Well, I’ve discovered this band recentely and… DAMN They are Hella good! Actually, “Killing me” is a personal favorite of mine from this band and… Fuck, the lyrics are so Lartis! Lara is the “queen of hearts” I imagine while Kurtis is the poor victim of her, succumbed by lust and love.. Just perfect <3

When the lights go down she comes alive 

the dirty games she’s playing with me 

she sets me on fire 

it’s the hell that I live 

it’s sapping 

oh please I give my life to her 

but she’s slowly killing me “

5) I Love The Way You Hate Me - Like a Storm

Why this song? Like a Storm always makes nice songs, even if for my tastes they are not as heavy as I’d love xD But they aren’t Disturbed c’mon xD Anyway… “I Love The Way You Hate Me” brings me back to the Louvre Chase and to the Airlock, before the Sanitarium. Because I think that Lara hates Kurtis in those moments, even thourgh I think she’s struggling with her feelings in that moment… And Kurtis simply loves the way she hates him…

I think I could make a short tribute to them with this song, It’s so Lartis in my opinion :3

“You say I’m insane
I say you’re afraid
I get stronger from the pain
I love the way you hate me”

6) Fallen Angel - Three Days Grace

Why this song? Okay, maybe it’s a little too fluffy this song but It’s perfect for them :D Call me crazy but for me is perfect,  It’s kinda of a fluffy song but It’s still heavy and wonderfull.

I can see it from Kurtis’s point of view… How he could “save” Lara? That to his eyes she’s a fallen angel? Try to listen to it, trying to listen to it from Kurtis’s eyes… I think it’s puuuurrrrfect

How can I save

A fallen angel, in the dark
Never thought you’d fall so far
Fallen angel, close your eyes
I won’t let you fall tonight
Fallen angel “

and that’s all! Let me know if you want the third part of my Lartis playlist, there’s some saucy stuff and I think you might like it :3 I have a total of 6 parts of my Lartis playlist if I’m not wrong.

I hope you enjoyed it and see you. Kisseeeessss :* 

One of my favorite things about overwatch as a whole is how much of their energy went into the character animation. Every single one of them has mannerisms that are all unique even down to their “Hello!” hand-waves. Seriously, there’s a difference between Soldier’s slow and minimal open-palmed wave and Ana’s salute, between Sombra’s curly-fingered long nailed wave and Reaper’s wave seeming more like he’s trying to grab something, between Bastion’s choppy finger-wave and the repair module waving in sentry mode and Genji’s short bow with a distinctive hand motion. It’s all completely unique to each character to express something about their personalities even with the same general motion.

This isn’t even the half of it. Compare EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER’S seated emote for example. Even if characters are in the same pose, like McCree and Bastion and Lucio? The way they ENTER those poses is completely different. McCree holsters his gun and sets his hand on the ground before seating. Bastion spreads their legs a bit, balances with their arms, and then PLOMPS onto the dirt unceremoniously. Lucio fuckin BREAKDANCES into his seat, how extra can you get, what a show-off, I love him.

And the guys who take a knee instead of sitting down??? Also completely different. Pharah does a little flourish with her weapon before kneeling. Soldier just sweeps into it, all no-nonsense and efficient. Ana sweeps her cloak behind her first and gently eases into the kneel. Reinhardt fuckin hefts his hammer murder-side down and kneels like a knight, gazing slightly upwards to some imaginary monarch he’s in the service of. Zarya clonks her whole gun on the ground and kneels beside it, and it really starts to make sense just how BIG and HEAVY that thing is when you see it beside her like that.

The meditators? Fuckin. Nothing is safe from the character quirks and differences. Genji makes some kind of hand pose on one foot and balances into meditation, keeping his hand near his face. Zenyatta hovers a little lower, bows his head, and his orbs spread out to chime like prayer bells. Hanzo sets his bow down and sits seiza, with his hands on his knees. On that note, Mei also sits seiza but doesn’t meditate, instead awkwardly looking around and glancing at snowball for confidence.

And the COMPLETELY unique poses are probably my favorites. Junkrat wants you to paint him like one of your French girls, fingers tapping on the ground and OOZING such misplaced confidence and insanity that I can’t NOT love him. D.Va reveals her stash of snack food and plays on her Future GameBoy for a while, completely uninterested in what else is going on. Symmetra’s too pompous and confident to sit on the ground, so she creates a seat for herself out of hard light to sit on instead.

Just. I fucking love this game.

Description of Broadway's  guys voices
  • Leslie Odom Jr.: A red velvet cupcake fresh out of the oven with cream cheese frosting in the middle
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: That Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb that just explodes with color when you drop it in the bath water
  • Daveed Diggs: Tap dancing. Just tap dancing but also rapping at the same time
  • Michael Arden: Butterflies in your stomach that are so strong you want to pull a Julie Andrews and start spinning happily in a circle
  • Andy Mientus: Fuzzy socks and hot chocolate by a warm fire with tons of blankets while having a Disney movie marathon
  • Aaron Tveit: The cold side of your pillow that feels oh-so-good in the middle of the night
  • Jeremy Jordan: Dressing in a cute outfit and strutting around while everyone is checking you out and you KNOW you look hot AF
  • Ben Platt: To take a bath with relaxing music and suddenly felt the heat in your body and your cheeks blushing
  • Darren Criss: When you adopt a new puppy, who has been living on the street starving, and now all you wanna do is wrap him in a blanket, cuddle and give him love
  • Jonathan Groff: That one commercial for Coca Cola that they play at Christmas Time that makes everyone laugh,smile, and cry
  • Alex Boniello: When you’re home alone and put on full concert mode very loudly with light, fume and special effects all over the room

Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater

Lana Del Rey: Wild At Heart

Courtney Love: Is this the mysterious Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey: Is this the one and only Courtney Love?

Lana Del Rey: So, we could just talk about whatever… Like those burning palm trees that you had in the ‘Malibu’ video. I didn’t think they were real!

Courtney Love: Back when rock’n’roll had a budget, you mean? Oh my God, Lana, setting palm trees on fire was so fun. You thought they were CGI?

Lana Del Rey: Yeah.

Courtney Love: God, you’re so young. I burned down palm trees. In my day, darling, you used to have to walk to school in the snow. So, since I toured with you, I got kind of obsessed and went down this Lana rabbit hole and became – not like I’m wearing a flower crown, Lana, don’t get ideas – but I absolutely love it. I love it as much as I love PJ Harvey.

Lana Del Rey: That’s amazing because, maybe it’s slightly well documented, but I love everything you do, everything you have done – I couldn’t believe that you came on the tour with me.

Courtney Love: I read that you spend a lot of time mastering and mixing. Is that true on this new record?

Lana Del Rey: Oh my God, yeah, it’s killing me. It’s because I spend so much time with the engineers working on the reverb. Because I actually don’t love a glossy production. If I want a bit of that retro feel, like that spring reverb or that Elvis slap, sometimes if you send it to an outside mixer they might try and dry things up a bit and push them really hard on top of the mix so it sounds really pop. And Born to Die did have a slickness to it, but, in general, I have an aversion to things that sound glossy all over – you have to pick and choose. And some people say, ‘It’s not radio-ready if it isn’t super-shiny from top to bottom.’ But you know this. Whoever mixed your stuff is a genius. Who did it?

Courtney Love: Chris Lord-Alge and Tom Lord-Alge. Kurt was really big on mastering. He sat in every mastering session like a fiend. I never was big on mastering because it’s such a pain in the butt.

Lana Del Rey: It is a pain in the ass.

Courtney Love: I think my very, very favourite song of yours – you’re not gonna like this because it’s early – is ‘Blue Jeans’. I mean, ‘You’re so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer’? Who does that?

Lana Del Rey: I have to say, that track has this guy Emile Haynie all over it. I remember ‘Blue Jeans’ was more of a Chris Isaak ballad and then I went in with him and it came out sounding the way it does now. I was like, ‘That’s the power of additional production.’ The song was on the radio in the UK, on Radio 1, and I remember thinking, ‘Fuck, that started off as a classical composition riff that I got from my composer friend, Dan Heath.’ It was, like, six chords that I started singing on.

Courtney Love: You have that lyric (on the song), ‘You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip-hop.’ Did you really grow up on hip hop?

Lana Del Rey: I didn’t find any good music until I was right out of high school, and I think that was just because, coming from the north country, we got country, we got NPR, and we got MTV.

Courtney Love: What I hear in your music is that you’ve created the world, you’ve created a persona, and you’ve created this kind of enigma that I never created but if I could go back I would create.

Lana Del Rey: Are you even being serious right now? I don’t even know if your legacy could get any bigger. You’re one of the only people I know whose legacy precedes them. Just the name ‘Courtney Love’ is… You’re big, honey. You’re Hollywood. (laughs) Touring with Courtney Love was, like, an Elizabeth Taylor diamond (for me).

Courtney Love: You know, I met Elizabeth Taylor. I was with Carrie Fisher at Taylor’s Easter party and she was taking six hours to come downstairs.

Lana Del Rey: I love it.

Courtney Love: I looked at Carrie and I said, ‘This is not worth it,’ and Carrie said, ‘Oh, yes it is.’ So we snuck upstairs and, Lana, when you go past the Warhol of Elizabeth Taylor as you’re sneaking up the stairs and it says ‘001’, you start getting goosebumps. And then you see her room and it’s all lavender, like her eyes. And she’s in the bathroom getting her hair done by this guy named José Eber who wears a cowboy hat and has long hair, and I’m like, ‘What am I doing here? I’m not Hollywood royalty.’ And the first words out of her mouth are, like, ‘Fuck you, Carrie, how ya doin’?’ She was so salty but such a goddess at the same time.

Lana Del Rey: She was so salty. The fact that she married Richard Burton twice – and all the stories you hear about those famous, crazy, public brawls – she was just up for it. Up for the trouble.

Courtney Love: You know what, darling? I started real early. I started stalking Andy Warhol before I could even think about it. And you kind of did the same, from my understanding. That ‘I want to make it’ thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Lana Del Rey: No, there’s not. There’s nothing wrong with it when you do the rest of it for the right reasons. If music is really in your blood and you don’t want to do anything else and you don’t really care about the money until later. It’s also about the vibe, not to be cliched. And the people. I think we had that in common. It was about wanting to go to shows, wanting to have your own show – living, breathing, eating, all of it.

Courtney Love: Can I ask you about your time in New Jersey? Was that a soul-searching time?

Lana Del Rey: Oh, I don’t even know if I should have said to anyone that I was living in that trailer in New Jersey but, stupidly, I did this interview from the trailer, in 2008.

Courtney Love: I saw it!

Lana Del Rey: It’s cringy, it’s cringy. (laughs)

Courtney Love: You look so cute, though.

Lana Del Rey: I thought I was rockabilly. I was platinum. I thought I had made it in my own way.

Courtney Love: I understand completely.

Lana Del Rey: The one thing I wish I’d done was go to LA instead of New York. I had been playing around for maybe four years, just open mics, and I got a contract with this indie label called 5 Points Records in 2007. They gave me $10,000 and I found this trailer in New Jersey, across the Hudson - Bergen Light Rail. So, I moved there, I finished school and I made that record (Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant), which was shelved for two and a half years, and then came out for, like, three months. But I was proud of myself. I felt like I had arrived, in my own way. I had my own thought and it was kind of kitschy and I knew it was going to sort of influence what I was doing next. It was definitely a phase. (laughs)

Courtney Love: But you have records about being a ‘Brooklyn Baby’. You can write about New York adeptly and I cannot. I tried to write a song about a tragic girl in New York, going down Bleecker Street – this girl couldn’t afford Bleecker Street, so the song made no sense, right? (laughs) I did my time there, but it chased me away. I couldn’t do it because I wouldn’t go solo. I had to have a band.

Lana Del Rey: I wanted a band so badly. I feel like I wouldn’t have had some of the stage fright I had when I started playing bigger shows if I had a real group and we were in it together. I really wanted that camaraderie. I actually didn’t even find that until a couple of years ago, I would say. I’ve been with my band for six years and they’re great, but I wished I had people – I fantasized about Laurel Canyon.

Courtney Love: I wanted the camaraderie. The alternative bands in my neighbourhood were the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. I knew Perry (Farrell, Jane’s Addiction frontman) and I went to high school for, like, ten seconds with two Peppers and a guy named Romeo Blue who became Lenny Kravitz. I remember being an extra in a Ramones video and he stopped by when he was dating Lisa Bonet from The Cosby Show and it was a big deal.

Lana Del Rey: See? You didn’t really see that in New York. When I got there, The Strokes had had a moment, but that was kind of it. LA has always been the epicenter of music, I feel.

Courtney Love: LA is easier. People have garages. And then as you go up the coast, in Washington and Oregon people have bigger houses and bigger garages, and people have parents. I didn’t have parents, and you – well, you had parents, but you were on your own.

Lana Del Rey: Yeah. You know that song of yours (Awful) that says, ‘Just shut up, you’re only 16’? I think there are different types of people. There are people who heard, ‘What do you know? You’re just a kid,’ and then there are people who got a lot of support from the line, like, ‘Go for it, go for your dreams.’ (laughs) And I think when you don’t have that, you get kind of stuck at a certain age. Randomly, in the last few years, I feel like I’ve grown up. Maybe I’ve just had time to think about everything, process everything. I’ve gotten to move on and think about how it feels now, singing songs I wrote ten years ago. It does feel different. I was almost reliving those feelings on stage until recently. It’s weird listening back to my stuff. Today, I was watching some of your old videos and this footage of you playing a big festival. The crowd was just girls – just young girls for rows and rows. I was reminded of how vast that influence was on teenagers. And – going back to enigma and fame and legacy – you know, those girls who have grown up and girls who are 16 now, they relate to you in the exact same way as they did right when you started. And that’s the power of your craft. You’re one of my favourite writers.

Courtney Love: You’re one of mine, so, checkmate. (laughs)

Lana Del Rey: What you did was the epitome of cool. And there’s a lot of different music going on, but adolescents still know when something comes authentically from somebody’s heart. It might not be the song that sells the most, but when people hear it, they know it. Are you a John Lennon fan?

Courtney Love: When I hear ‘Working Class Hero’, it’s a song I wish to God I could write. I wouldn’t ever cover it. I mean, Marianne Faithfull covered it beautifully, but I would never cover it because I think Marianne did a great job and that’s all that needs to be said.

Lana Del Rey: I felt that way when I covered ‘Chelsea Hotel (#2)’, the Leonard Cohen song, but when I was doing more acoustic shows, I couldn’t not do it.

Courtney Love: I don’t have your range. I’ve tried to sing along to ‘Brooklyn Baby’ and ‘Dark Paradise’ and this new one, ‘Love’. You go high, baby.

Lana Del Rey: I’ve got some good low ones for you. You know what would be good, is that song, ‘Ride’. I don’t sing it in its right octave during the shows because it’s too low for me. But I’ve been thinking about doing something with you for a little while now. Then after we did the Endless Summer tour, we were thinking we should at least write, or we should just do whatever and maybe you could come down to the studio and just see what came out.

Courtney Love: When we were on tour, our pre-show chats were very productive for me.

Lana Del Rey: Me too. That was a real moment of me counting my blessings. I just wanted to stay in every single moment and remember all of it, because it was so amazing.

Courtney Love: Likewise. It was really fun coming into your room. My favourite part of the tour was in Portland, getting you vinyl that I felt you needed. (laughs)

Lana Del Rey: When you left the room, I was just running my hand over all the vinyl like little gems, like, ‘I can’t believe I have these records that Courtney gave to me, it’s so fucking amazing.’ And we were in Portland, too. It felt surreal.

Courtney Love: Yeah, I don’t like going there much but I went there with you. We have this in common, too: we both ran away to Britain. If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d live in London.

Lana Del Rey: If I could live anywhere in the world other than LA, I’d live in London. In the back of my mind, I always feel like I could maybe end up there.

Courtney Love: I know I’m going to end up there. I know what neighbourhood I’m going to end up in, and I know that I want to be on the Thames. I subscribe to this magazine called Country Life which is just real-estate porn and fox hunting. It’s amazing. OK, so, if you weren’t doing you, what would you do?

Lana Del Rey: Do you have a really clear answer for this, for yourself?

Courtney Love: Yeah, I would work with teenage girls. Girls that are in halfway houses.

Lana Del Rey: That’s got you all over it. I’m selfish. I would do something that would put me by the beach. I would be, like, a bad lifeguard. (laughs) I’d come help you on the weekends, though.

Courtney Love: Do you like being in Malibu better than being in town?

Lana Del Rey: I like the idea of it. People don’t always go out to visit you in Malibu. So there’s a lot of alone-time, which is kind of like, hmm. I’m not in indie-rock enclave Silver Lake but I love all the stuff that’s going on around there. I guess I’d have to say I prefer town, but I’ve got my half-time Malibu fantasy.

Courtney Love: The only bad thing that can happen in Malibu really is getting on Etsy and overspending.

Lana Del Rey: Oh my God, woman… (laughs) Tell me about it. Late-night sleepless Etsy binges.

Courtney Love: Regretsy binges. OK, so, lyrically, you have some tropes and one of them is the colour red. Red dresses, scarlet, red nail polish… I kind of want to steal that.

Lana Del Rey: You need to take over that because I think I’ve got to relinquish the red.

Courtney Love: Well, I overuse the word ‘whore’.

Lana Del Rey: You take ‘red’. I’ll trade for ‘whore’. I’m so lucky.

Courtney Love: I love this new song ‘Love’.

Lana Del Rey: Thank you. I love the new song, too. I’m glad it’s the first thing out. It doesn’t sound that retro, but I was listening to a lot of Shangri-Las and wanted to go back to a bigger, more mid-tempo, single-y sound. The last 16 months, things were kind of crazy in the US, and in London when I was there. I was just feeling like I wanted a song that made me feel a little more positive when I sang it. And there’s an album that’s gonna come out in the spring called Lust for Life. I did something I haven’t ever done, which is not that big of a deal, but I have a couple of collabs on this record. Speaking of John Lennon, I have a song with Sean Lennon. Do you know him?

Courtney Love: I do, I like him.

Lana Del Rey: It’s called ‘Tomorrow Never Came’. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way, but when I wrote it I felt like it wasn’t really for me. I kept on thinking about who this song was for or who could do it with me, and then I realized that he would be a good person. I didn’t know if I should ask him because I actually have a line in it where I say, ‘I wish we could go back to your country house and put on the radio and listen to our favourite song by Lennon and Yoko.’ I didn’t want him to think I was asking him because I was namechecking them. Actually, I had listened to his records over the years and I did think it was his vibe, so I played it for him and he liked it. He rewrote his verse and had extensive notes, down to the mix. And that was the last thing I did, decision-wise. I haven’t mixed the record, but the fact that ‘Love’ just came out and Sean kind of finished up the record, it felt very meant-to-be. Because that whole concept of peace and love really is in his veins and in his family. Then, I also have Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd. He is actually on the title track of the record, ‘Lust for Life’. Maybe that’s kind of weird to have a feature on the title track, but I really love that song and we had said for a while that we were gonna do something; I did stuff on his last two records.

Courtney Love: Do you have a singular producer or several producers?

Lana Del Rey: Rick Nowels. He actually did stuff with Stevie Nicks a while ago. He works really well with women. I did the last few records with him. Even with Ultraviolence which I did with Dan Auerbach, I did the record first with Rick, and then I went to Nashville and reworked the sound with Dan. So, yeah, Rick Nowels is amazing, and these two engineers – with all the records that I’ve worked on with Rick, they did a lot of the production as well. You would love these two guys. They’re just super-innovative. I wanted a bit of a sci-fi flair for some of the stuff and they had some really cool production ideas. But yeah, that’s pretty much it. I mean, Max Martin –

Courtney Love: Wait, you wrote with Max Martin? You went to the compound?

Lana Del Rey: Have you been there?

Courtney Love: No. I’ve always wanted to work with Max Martin.

Lana Del Rey: So basically, ‘Lust for Life’ was the first song I wrote for the record, but it was kind of a Rubik’s Cube. I felt like it was a big song but… it wasn’t right. I don’t usually go back and re-edit things that much because the songs end up sort of being what they are, but this one song I kept going back to. I really liked the title. I liked the verse. John Janick was like, ‘Why don’t we just go over and see what Max Martin thinks?’ So, I flew to Sweden and showed him the song. He said that he felt really strongly that the best part was the verse and that he wanted to hear it more than once, so I should think about making it the chorus. So I went back to Rick Nowels’ place the next day and I was like, ‘Let’s try and make the verse the chorus,’ and we did, and it sounded perfect. That’s when I felt like I really wanted to hear Abel sing the chorus, so he came down and rewrote a little bit of it. But then I was feeling like it was missing a little bit of the Shangri-Las element, so I went back for a fourth time and layered it up with harmonies. Now I’m finally happy with it. (laughs) But we should do something. Like, soon.

Courtney Love: I would like that. That would be awesome.


((James and Sirius played by the lovely @kapitan5o and @asktheboywholived)) 

-The full moon is bright and moments from rising as Remus lays curled on the ground, breathing painfully- 

Sirius: How it was the light in the darkness, how even on the worst days it would be there to save us, now i just-

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💙‘ My Jolly Sailor Bold’ Mermaid Love Spell 🌊

a sea witch’s spell for drawing in a lover, or draw one back from leaving often

🌊  gather: pink sea salt, a fishnet stocking, pyrite, lemon peel, sea-water, a jar, a blue and a pink candle, and a coin. 

🌊  play, or sing along to the shanty “my jolly sailor bold

🌊  light the two candles on either side of the jar

🌊  fill the jar with pink sea salt and lemon peel.  

🌊  bury the coin, place the pyrite in the jar. 

My heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,
There is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold.

🌊  fill the jar with the seawater, and cover the bottle with the fishnet, tie off. 

🌊  seal the jar with a kiss and the two kinds of wax



Ayyeee.. I wasn’t really tagged but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

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Notes: I did a girls edition (or at least the more relevant girls that I have). Fenix looks like god either way and tbh for the sake of this I gave her a little more makeup than usual because I normally don’t have her wear lipstick. With Ani I’m very happy I did this because I didn’t realize how much I actually LOVE her with a complete bare face. She looks so different and kind of like this one girl I wanted to model her after.. so she might just wear some tiny lashes from now on and call it a day because I’m into it. And finally there’s Jaide.. she wears the most in game makeup because I spent the least amount of time on her custom skin. I wish I could get her lips the same texture as the one she wears in game.. also her eyes look so different without eyeshadow lol.

P.S. If you did this already then please disregard.. and if I didn’t tag you it’s because I already seen you do it ^_^

Imagine - Protective Tony x reader

Originally posted by alberto-rozende

@vivi-ccw Request: “Tony and the reader are close friends and during the situation with the tapes the relationship grows into love? and that Tony is always really protective when someone tries to flirt  with her or yeah I don’t know something like that maybe 🙈🙃”

You and Tony had been best friends since you two were only children, which is understandable considering that the two of you were neighbours. Your parents would always bring you over to Mr. and Mrs. Padilla’s house for play dates with their son. Which is how Tony and you became inseparable. You told Tony everything, he was your shoulder to cry, your light in a dark room. Tony was your sun, he brightened up your life and made everything seem more bearable. As long as you had Tony beside you, you could conquer anything.

And right now you really needed Tony, and Tony really needed you. Because Hannah Baker, your friend, one of the sweetest girls that you have ever had the pleasure of meeting, had just killed herself… And you had no idea how to cope with that. You’re not really sure if Tony knew either, but he seemed strong on the outside. He was always so cool and collected that it was hard to depict what he was feeling.

The night Hannah killed herself, you were at Tony’s. The two of you were cuddled up on the couch, watching a horror film. The two of you saw Hannah walk up Tony’s drive way and leave something at his door. But at the time, you thought nothing of it, ‘if it was important, she would’ve knocked, right?’ How wrong you were…

Tony opened the door to pick up the box that Hannah left on his door step, a couple minutes after she left, and the two of you read the note that she left.

Hannah was going to commit suicide.

The minute that you read that, you and Tony rushed outside to his car and sped to the Bakers household. But you were already too late… You saw them drag Hannah’s body out, saw the devastated and heartbroken looks on Mr. and Mrs. Baker’s faces. You felt sick. Knowing that you could have somehow prevent all of this from happening. If you would’ve  opened the door when Hannah came to drop of the tapes… She could’ve still been alive right now…

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highlights of 4x09
  • raven “I’m awesome” reyes MY QUEEN 
  • marper is adorable tbh 
  • “You’re a hero, monty” FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT 
  • I love Clarke and Roan’s friendship tbh 
  • Ilian is so good and pure I love him 
  • Becca’s so hot 
  • “Who needs food when you have love” when did Murphy get so soft 
  • Where has Gaia been this whole show like she should be everywhere 
  • WELLS 
  •  Omg Monty stayed behind for Harper!!!!! This makes me so sad but oh my god they love each other 
  • Murphy finally apologizing to Raven!! 
  • That soft lighting and their theme song playing KILLS ME