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Scandal re-watching : 103




okay let’s be serious for a sec here :

- Olivia and Amanda’s scene 

This was quite cute actually. Olivia knew she was telling the truth so she took her as a client because she was hurt but she thought it was going to be as easily resolved as any other cases (#whatistheendgame?) because at the end of the day all she wanted was to get back at Fitz not gut him.

It’s like what she said to Sandra later on “the girl wants money, you have a lot of money, you only have one son : SETTLE!” => translation “the girl wants a sitting, you can make it happen, you only have one true love: SETTLE!” 

- Olivia and Cyrus’ scene

“he’s not sleeping

“Cyrus neither am I” 


- Fitz and Cyrus’ scene :

“Olivia wants a meeting” 

*Fitz smiling, looking straight into the camera like this is the office*

is this real life ???

*sighs* I love him 😊


Fitz finds out about the sex tape and Cyrus messes with his head! 

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Fitz don’t listen to him! you know it wasn’t her! she wanted to put everything to bed! you know she loves you she was just hurt but she would never do that to you :’(   

- The state dinner 

that was such a rollercoaster :’( Fitz you were right! she’s not blackmailing you, she will forgive you! there’s going to be a happy ending!!! 

“don’t look at me.” 

“how come” 

“because everyone would know” 

“i can’t not look at you” 

“this all will be over in a minute” 

“this is ridiculous. Everything is ridiculous. How did it all get so - damn it just look at me , look at me. Meet me at our spot in 10mins”


“I’m not spending anymore time away from you” 

“stop it, we’re in public, look away”

“I know I don’t have the right, I know you don’t trust me but uhh I love you”

“you wife is 10 feet away”


“what about Amanda”


“our spot.10mins”

“you can’t leave your own state dinner” 

“watch me”

*dramatically stop applauding* 

I can’t! the sexual tension, the eye contact, his demanding sexy voice #you are very bossy ;) 

BUT then… cyrus! omg! sometimes I just forget how much I hate him!! he used to be the monster I liked to hate but after what happened in 616 I just want him to commit suicide with Jake already! 

actually can they add Mellie to the mass suicide group please ? because SHE KNEW ABOUT THE AFFAIR AND SHE ENCOURAGED IT BECAUSE IT WAS GOOD FOR HER!! people need to stop forgetting about it and making her some kind of martyr! she’s sooooo not! and Olivia doesn’t owe her anything!  

side note: can we talk about Billy Chambers. How nice -he allowed olivia back into the WH, and fun was he??  “I’m trying to figure out a way to sexually harass you and get away with it’ . That scene was so cute “or there’s another guy..? and here comes the other guy :)  

- Sandra and Olivia’s next scene 

“You love him, you do. But you can’t fix everything for him, you can’t! he’s playing you because you let him. You give him everything he asks for and you clean up his messes and you believe him even when he lies to you and that’s- that is not love.” 

So sad. Did I mention that I hate Cyrus ??? I hate how he plays on Fitz and Olivia’s insecurities and make them doubt each other’s feelings 😡😡 

- Olivia and Amanda’s second scene 

the best for last… 

“you’re afraid that it was nothing. That he’s forgotten it already. Tossed you like yesterday’s paper and moved on without another thought. And if he’s forgotten then it’s almost like it never happened. That what you had with him wasn’t real. And that makes you feel completely and utterly alone.”

“I’m pregnant” 

well that escalated quickly. Olivia wasn’t expecting that kind of revelation. She was just upset because of what CYRUS (you lil bitch) said to her.

Once again this episode was proof that back then (prior to Rowan and Jake), Olivia wasn’t power hungry. Her ties to the WH were only emotional. Fitz and her had been broken up for a while but she managed to handle herself professionally quite well. However on the personal front she was quite a mess (”I don’t date”).  She didn’t leave the WH because being too close to it was turning her into a big dog just like her going back there wasn’t about power either. I think she was actually willing to wait for Fitz for the next 4 to 8 years (like she said to Mellie “it doesn’t have to be over”). She did it all out of love because she already had all the power she needed at OPA, she was the badass fixer but somehow her dad convinced her that it wasn’t enough –” 

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Sawamura to Miyuki: 7 things I hate about you by Miley Cyrus and True love by pink!

“True Love” -P!nk

Anon, please show me how you are so I can give you a kiss. I LOVE THIS SONG AND I DIED DRAWING THIS, I has to stop and laugh so many times! Excellent Miyusawa song choice hahahaha!

Everyone, please listen to this song if you don’t know it!! AND KEEP THE MUSIC -> ART REQUESTS COMNG! 


“ Oh, I see how it is. Everyone in this fandom can ship Bill with a 12 year old, but once I ship him with Stanford suddenly I’M the weirdo???” 


1) Meryl Streep - Mamma Mia! 2) Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s - My Boyfriends Back 3) Counting Crows - Accidentally In Love Nighcore Cover 4) Oingo Boingo - Violent Love 5) Air Supply - I’m All Out Of Love 6) Miley Cyrus - 7 Things I Hate About You  7) Lady Gaga - Judas 8) New Boyz - You’re A Jerk 9) Blink 182 - When You Fucked Grandpa 10) Weird Al - You Don’t Love Me Anymore 11) Cascada - Everytime We Touch Death Metal Cover 12) Nelsontyc - My Heart Will Go On Otamatone Cover 13) Weird Al - One More Minute 14) Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart 15) Theremin cover of - Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

My real life problems with white feminists lately

I’ve been wanting to join this (supposedly) diverse feminist activist group in my city. I know a few people involved but they are all white. Idk how I became friends with one of the white members on Facebook but awhile ago she posted an article and called president Obama, chocolate Reagan. I didn’t read the article but I know that is definitely not okay to say. You don’t call poc food and there really isn’t a reason to point out his race. She could have just said he’s another Reagan. Anyways a bunch of people called her out, including black people and she would not back down. We told her that phrase is not okay. She claimed some black people used it (and maybe said its okay for her to do so)and we told her it doesn’t matter and the usage of that term and whether or not it’s okay to say it is for black people to decide. It’s a community issue. She really didn’t get it and just kept using her pass instead of listening.

White people don’t seem to get that if there’s disagreement among poc about something related to other poc then it becomes a community issue. As a white person, you should choose to stay out of it. It’s not your business and it’s best to remain unseen and unheard in that conversation.


I made some new (white) lady friends in my neighborhood. I’m always hesitant to befriend white people and I think even more so when they claim to be activists or intersectional or whatever. My experience is that in trying to empathize with poc they overdo it and overstep boundaries.

I don’t know how but we got into the topic of racist family members and I told them
“I’m mixed and some of my family is racist. I literally had to unfriend some people on Facebook and I’m worried about the holidays.”
One woman responded “yeah it’s really difficult for me too!!” Or some bs like that.

No white people. You cannot relate. They don’t hate your people. Your family does not hate your people and people like you. You don’t understand.

They don’t get it. I know she was trying to relate or show she understands and is aware or something but that is not the right way to go about it.

White people…The proper thing to say is something like “wow that sucks. I can’t imagine”

Because really… You can’t imagine. You don’t know and will never know what it’s like.


Last night I was at a karaoke bar with another new white lady friend and “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus comes on. I love this song and I hate Miley… It happens. Anyways I exclaim to my friend “I love this song but I hate Miley Cyrus” and this white woman butts in and apologizes for eavesdropping and says “yeah I know some people hate her so much but I’m like whatever just let her do her thing” and I fake a “yeah i know :):):)”

She was so oblivious to the fact as to why i would be saying that I dislike Miley. She assumed i disliked her for same reasons as her… Which is not true.

White people… Please quit assuming woc experience the world as you do. We don’t. The world treats us differently. Woc are not just treated as a woman. We are treated as a woman and a poc. We cannot separate the two.


In all of these situations I didn’t really speak up as much I could have. I’m just exhausted. I don’t want to spend my free time educating white people, especially these (white) feminists who act like they understand all women’s issues, such as woc. I feel like woc in mainly white spaces have to do so much more work to really help our causes as women. We have to really help these “allies” and we constantly need to make sure these white women stay woke otherwise they will leave us behind. They are only partially awake and some of them don’t really want to be woke.

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to believe that we can all fight for our rights together but do we really have a choice?

– Jay