i love to cook!

anonymous asked:

You say a lot about her but what about you?Other than her, what are the things you love the most? What are the little things you do? What keeps you awake at night? What smells are your favorite?

Well, I had to think for days when I saw this ask because it’s so easy for me to talk about her, but when it’s awfully tough when someone asks me about me. After days of thinking, I guess I have a rough idea on how to answer your ask.

I love a warm cup of coffee in the morning, and an iced coffee by lunch. I can’t function well without at least 2 cups of black coffee a day. I love cooking, and according to the people around me, I cook pretty well. I love fountain pens and writing using them. It’s a bliss when the nib smoothly glides on paper. Overall, I love my family and her, the most.

I tend to think a lot. I think the moment I wake. Sometimes, she would ask what I was thinking about, because of the look I had on my face in deep thoughts. I have the habit to writhe the ring on my finger, and I stare at faces without even realizing it (and when I do realize it, I have no choice but to give a smile and a nod because it’s rude to stare).

Lately, the only things that keep me up at night are projects, assignments and not to mention, exams.

I love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and cookies. And her hair.

carolbeldays  asked:

Hey! Love your podcasts. I usually listen to them while I draw, cook, clean, etc. You give really good advice and are not shy about bringing on the truth bombs! So, I ask you, how do I get "noticed" around tumblr and twitter? I know I need to do draw more fanart and post it on reasonable time frames. But am I missing anything else? What would be your advice? Should I continue doing what I'm doing and hope I catch a break? Or is there anything else you recommend?

Like i said before to someone else check out the Twisteddracona Podcast Tab in my youtube playlists 8> we talk all about networking and how to get commissions in detail


Victuuri Week - Day 4 - Free for all (Cooking!)

Yuuri makes the cutest bentos and Viktor spends the whole lunch hour taking a million pictures of them for instagram (after he wakes up from the initial passing out from the power of love)


Diana being precious and supportive with kids remains the Most Important Content, reblog if you agree.

(Click on pictures to see issue number and year, captions under the cut for those who need them.)

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louis: *breathes*

louis: * looks in his general direction*

louis: *sighs very deeply*
harry:  *all 4 nipples perk up*

louis:  *gets annoyed at things*

louis: *yawns* 
harry:  *screams internally* I would die for you

louis: *tries to cook pancakes*