i love to be a gator hater

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Get a load of an anon on Gator's site who ripped Gator a new one! Really laid her out for what a hateful bully she is. Gator's reply: "And I’m not the one sending in anon hate to someone with a different opinion/outlook on something, so how am I the bully? ". Gator, you know what you do is bullshit & hateful bullying. All the Septics love to bully anyone who dares say anything positive about BC's wife. Haters have driven countless tweeters off twitter for posting that they have seen SHC with BC.

I haven’t seen it, I’m on holiday at the moment and wifi is a bit sketchy (no 3 or 4g in the Scottish countryside either). But yes, Gator and her idiot friends love to scream bullying, yet they’ve harassed no end of people off social media. Gator herself has harassed people associated with BC on twitter. She’s a nasty piece of work and the biggest ‘narc’ of them all.


beach with taehyung! pt.1

dedicated to my amazing kidd @taehyubi

  • the first time you go to the beach with taehyung, is when he decides to surprise you with both your last summer goodbyes before heading off to college.
  • you didn’t want to spend it with taehyung because he was moving to Seoul while you were staying back in Daegu, but you’re both great friends and he didn’t care if you kept saying no to the beach.
  • “you and i are going to have lots of fun. trust me!”
  • “we don’t need to go to a beach to have fun!”
  • “why? jealous because girls will look at this finely toned out body?” and he strips his sleeveless white shirt off.
  • you have liked taehyung for damn knows how long, but he always played the eye to eye brotherly and sisterly relationship you that your hopes of being forevermore with him wilts. 
  • taehyung on the other hand, wasn’t going to drop his pride and confess first. he liked you so much that no matter how many hints he dropped, you’re too dang oblivious to his feelings and he’s going to make sure you confess first. it’s what girls do, right? confess before the boys?
  • he begins flirting with other girls when you’re basking under the sun, and you were becoming annoyed with his acts. why did he even bother taking you here if he’s just going to completely ignore you?
  • “you know, that girl just asked for my number. should i give it to her? she’s kinda cute, dontcha think?”
  • you let out a grunt at your best friend and walks away when picking up your beach towel and hand bag.
  • “i wanna go home.”
  • “what? but we just got here and stayed for only an hour. we haven’t even swam yet. you need to taste the ocean! let your skin have a drink!”
  • “i don’t feel very good. i just wanna go home, tae!”
  • he runs after you without bringing any of his belongings, because he was going to drop his pride at this moment. you’re angry - damn furious, and if you’re not going to confess, taehyung will just have up the game himself.
  • “why are you so complicated?” 
  • “excuse me?!”
  • he carries you over his shoulder, causing you to drop your things as he speedily runs on the mini hills of the sand.
  • “tae, stop! stop!!! you’re going to drop me!”
  • he just laughs excitedly until you’re both dipped under the cold salt water and a mild wave drowning you two for a second.
  • “kim taehyung–” but you’re stopped before you could yell further because taehyung’s lips are on yours. kim fucking tae to the HYUNG aka your damn BEST FRIEND just kissed you. 
  • he pulls away to find you stunned in expression, and gives you a boxy grin before trying to wipe his mouth.
  • “yuck… salt water tastes nasty.” 
  • “that was my first kiss, you punk! give it back to me!”
  • “so by giving it back… you mean you want me to kiss you some more?” 
  • he puckers his duck lips towards your way, and you laugh at him, anger from before washing away when splashing water at him
  • heading home after confessing to each other and having flights of fun running around with chasing one another, taehyung locks your fingers with his and you melt almost immediately in your seat.
  • “so… are we going to try on this long distance relationship thing?”
  • “we are not going to try. we are going to work with it and make us forever.”
  • “ewgh, you’re so goddamn cheesy. i hate you.”
  • “WHAT? So your confession was a lie?”
  • “mhm! i dont like you ONE BIT!”
  • “oh yeah? well i super love you so much that i’ll make your hate turn into love~”
  • “cheese sap”
  • “hater gator”