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Letters (TenxRose)

Rating: General 

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John Smith gives his best friend a present before he leaves for Uni, creating an odd reaction in her.

In fulfillment for @doctorroseprompts prompt:   “I’ve been in love with you forever and in a fit of excitement/emotion/drunkenness I just kissed you and now I’m afraid about what will happen”

In hindsight, the night before John went to Uni was a great night for a party, but not a great night for Rose to drink for the first time.

She wasn’t smashed, per say, but she was uninhibited. Enough that she had cried to Shareen in the bathroom of the club because her best friend was leaving her all alone in London when she still had another year of high school left to get through.

Shareen just rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything. She knew nothing would keep John from seeing Rose.  He’d only come back and visit if he missed her (which he would).

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Left Feet

Left Feet

“Wanna go to the dance with me?” The boy leaned against her desk, his face bright red and his eyes hopeful. Two other boys stood whispering at their friend’s bravery.

Molly wondered if he’d been dared to ask her. She’d never even talked to him before. She couldn’t, for the life of her, think of his name. “Erm… No, but thank you for asking.”

The boy’s face fell, and he shifted away from her. “What? Already have a date?”

“Um… No. I just… I don’t know you. And I don’t want to go with a stranger.” She propped her book up, a flimsy barrier that she ducked her head under.

To her surprise, a hand tugged the book down, the boy’s frowning face revealing itself once more. “What? What’s wrong with me?”

Molly sighed, pulling her book closer, and skimming over the history chapter they were supposed to read for homework.


And suddenly, her book was out of her hands and snapped shut, the boy’s face red and his mouth in a petulant frown.

“Look. Do you even know my name?” She felt a headache building at her temples, but she forced herself to meet the boy’s eyes full on.

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