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Okay, so I follow Jennifer Tilly on Instagram, right? I’m going through my feed and look what I see!!! TELL ME THIS ISN’T LOTTIE’S OUTFIT! Red dress, coat, Mary janes! I don’t even care if she doesn’t know this blog exists, a girl can still fantisize! I have died and gone to heaven! Yes😍😍😍

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teen wolf plot bunny: Matylda ‘Tilly’ Stilinski

“Stiles I swear If you make one more ‘Matilda’ joke-”
“Hey at least people can pronounce your name!” 

Matylda Stilinski has grown up doing her best to pretend she isn’t associated with her weird twin brother, rising to the top of the social food chain without him. But that all changes when strange things start happening in Beacon Hills and it all seems to lead straight to Stiles and his equally irritating best friend. 

But while it’s easy to hide her secret relationship with Jackson, there seems to be a new pile of secrets building up between the Stilinski twins and it’s only so long until they both get in way over their heads.

My sis @j4m-ch4n made two oc’s in Night in the Woods and this is one of them which I HAD to draw out… 

Their name is Tilly (nonbinary so goes by they/them pronouns), they move place to place quite often but always finds themselves in the countryside of Possum Springs. They work at a old fashion drive in theater during the summer before leaving for anywhere else before the winter. Also they love old fashion scary movies and have a HUGE fascination with cryptids too… 

More to come soon hopefully! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

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you really need to check out billy and todd on coronation street! they are hot! lol. i think they have more passion to them than robron. i love robron, but tilly (as they are called) have a passion and kiss better that you dont see with robron

So I’ve been told. =;o) … Though, I’ve also been told that they’ve just had a falling out, and I’ve been able to gather that they are both ‘soft shells,’ and there’s nothing wrong with that, but, in my entire life, I have always been somewhat apathetic to any one who’s not a hard and/or burnt shell kind of person/character. I have nothing against that type, if any thing, it’s more against myself for not being able to find that kind of virtue relatable enough to really care about those who have it. For me, relatability wins out over passion every day, and, luckily, there is still (come on, don’t let me down, @vh1​) a queer television couple that makes no sacrifices for viewers like me whom seek necessary roughness, passion, commitment, pure love, and fluff on the inside when they’ve cracked each other …

(I’m a constant whore source of free publicity for this show and, as far as Robron, my imagination and fan fiction are quite good at filling in what blanks there might be.)

Regardless of all of this, I’ll likely end up marathoning their storyline at some point, because I’m always starving for more queer representation in the media. I’ll probably end up being pleasantly surprised.

… Suggestions for where I should start?