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“Hey girl, I’m gonna run over to the clubhouse real quick. You wanna come? I just have to drop something off for Gemma then we can go out for breakfast.”

Your best friend smiled and nodded.

“Sure. See what all the hypes about.”

You rolled your eyes and waved her off, her turning around and heading off to the guest room she was staying in to get ready. She’d been on this side of town for less than a week and already, people around town had found out she was new and were warning her about SAMCRO. She’d been your friend since the two of you were children but life happened and the two of you ended up going about your lives and getting separated. Only in terms of distance though, as she was still your best friend and you still loved her as much as you did the day she moved. But now she was back and in need of a place to stay until she got everything settled to get back on her feet. Things had changed in both of your lives and you’d discussed them over coffee one day when you realized that every time you said ‘the guys’, she didn’t know who you were talking about.

You’d spoken to Kozik first of course, making sure that it was ok for her to stay with the two of you. It was the house that you’d bought together and you wouldn’t just bring someone in if he wasn’t comfortable. He was though and had encouraged you to bring her, having no problem giving her a place. She was your friend and if you trusted her, he wasn’t too worried.

Having her in the house though, you’d realized there was a lot she was unfamiliar with. The stash of weapons in the house being one of them. But she wasn’t problematic about it, simply curious. As anyone would be. She was investigative but respected your space, only asking about things she didn’t understand and last night you’d spent explaining to her that the club would have a fight tonight. Not a bar fight, or a brawl outside of a club, just a fight. A club fight. A concept your friend was having a tough time grasping. But she was more than understanding and accepting and you figured you’d take the day to show her around and let her see what your life was like now, club included.

With her dressed, the both of you hopped in the car and made the short drive over to the clubhouse. As you pulled in, she looked out of the window like a small child, looking at all of the motorcycles parked in their neat row.

“That one is Kozik’s.”

You looked at the bike she was pointing to and nodded but she wasn’t asking. More of just pointing it out as she got used to everything and started feeling accustomed.

Getting out of the car, you saw Gemma standing over by the office door of TM, watching you. Keeping your face neutral, you talked out of the corner of your mouth to your friend.

“Don’t let her see you sweat. She’s a tough bitch but she can be nice. She’ll try you though. If your uncomfortable, just shoot me a look.”

Your friend laughed softly but nodded. As the two of you came up to the door, Gemma smiled and reached out to pull you into her arms.

“Morning baby.”

She pressed a kiss to your cheek and smiled softly.

“So this is the fresh meat.”

With a roll of your eyes, you nodded towards her.

“This is my best friend.”

Gemma stuck her hand out for the girl to shake, which she did.

“Im Gemma. Y/N talks about you often. Been looking forward to meeting you. We all have.”

Your friend nodded and smiled.

“She talks about you all a lot too. Couldn’t wait to meet her family.”

The three of you smiled and Gemma stuck her hand out to grab the paper from your hand.

“The boys are inside. Most of them were up last I checked.”

“Good. I’ll go get the introductions started.”

With one last hug for Gemma, you turned with your friend and began walking with her towards the clubhouse. From a distance, you could already see Chibs sitting on the picnic table, a cigarette hanging from his lips. He saw the two of you coming and stood with a smile, opening up his arms to you immediately.

“There she is. How’ve you been love?”

“Good. Just bringing my girl by so she can meet everyone before the party tonight.”

“Ah. Good idea. Nice to meet ya lass, I’m Chibs.”

They shook hands and you could tell that she wasn’t afraid of him. You just wanted to see how she’d react to Tig. You hoped he’d retain himself, at least for the first time meeting her. You walked into the clubhouse with Chibs and her, ready to introduce her to the men that were your family now.


“Do I look ok? It’s not too much right?”

“You look fine.”

She smoothed her hand down over the front of her her dress, reaching over to grab your hand as you walked into the clubhouse together. You gave her hand a squeeze and smiled.

“You’ll be fine babe. Just stay by me. If you wanna leave, just tell me or Koz and we’re gone.”

Hand in hand, you walked further into the clubhouse, the music blaring. You watched as she looked around, taking in her surroundings and smiling every now and then when someone smiled at her. She looked at the guys gathered by the bar, laughing and talking and drinking. She looked at some of the older members, sitting off in the more calm corner, discussing things amongst themselves. She caught sight of two Croweaters, effortlessly swinging themselves around the poles in the corner, Sons watching them. She even laughed as she noticed another Croweater on her knees in front of a prospect, right on one of the couches.

“A lot of confidence and freedom around here huh.”

Her grip on your hand loosened and you took it as a sign that she was not as nervous anymore, maybe even beginning to enjoy the atmosphere. Walking over to the bar with her, Jax, Chibs, Tig and Juice noticed the two of you, the boys waving at her as they remembered her from earlier. She waved back and took the beer that Chibs was offering her, taking a seat on a stool beside him. You smiled as you saw her open up and begin having a conversation with the guys, them wanting to know when the two of you met and how. Kozik came to sit next to you as well and the both of you smiled as you saw her slowly but surely open up.



You laughed lightly as your friend flinched and gripped onto you after Happy landed a particularly nasty blow to Tig’s jaw.

“They just beat each other like that? I thought they were friends!”

“They are. They’re brothers. They love each other. It’s just for fun. Entertainment if you will. They give everybody a show and they get to let off some steam. They’d never seriously hurt each other, not on purpose anyway.”

She nodded hesitantly and turned her attention back to the ring where now Happy took a shot to the ribs. Bobby hurriedly intercepted the two before it got too out of hand and the two of them pushed him out of the way, roughly embracing each other and laughing together, congratulating each other. You looked over at her from the corner of your eye and saw a small smile beginning to form as she saw you were right. It wasn’t something that she would get used to in one night. Not with the sex and the violence, but she was being open to the new experience and you could see that beginning of a twinkle in her eyes. The same one Kozik always said you had when he first met you and you had a feeling that before long, she’d be one of you.

Imagine scaring Tig with dolls.

Walking into the clubhouse Gemma was the first to see you and she knew you were pissed. “Uh oh, what’s wrong baby?” she asked, her hands on her hips “He forgot again.” you said grabbing a beer and sitting down at the bar. This was the second year Tig had forgotten your anniversary, and it’s not like this was new to him, you had been together 9 years and married for 7. “How did he forget 2 years in a row or at all this year, you’ve been reminding him for a month?” “I don’t know but now it’s time to get even.” you said, a devilish smile spreading across your face “What’s Tig afraid of more than anything else?” directing the question at Gemma Lyla and the couple croweaters around the bar “Losing you?” Lyla asked “Ha no baby.” Gemma replied “Dolls.” her grin now matching yours “Yep, dolls, petrified of them. So here is where you guys come into play, I need every doll all of you own and all of your friends own. They will all be returned in perfect condition, I just need them to fill our house for a day.” “”Wow, you and Tig really are perfect for each other, you’re both fucking psychos.” Lyla said with a chuckle “Yes we are.” you said with a loving smile. 

You ended up with 6 enormous boxes full of dolls of all sizes and colors, some old some new some weren’t even complete dolls. Knowing Tig would be late tonight you seized the opportunity, there was not an area of your house that was safe. You made sure to tell Tig he had to call you before coming home because you had a special surprise for him that he couldn’t just walk in on. Finally around 9pm your phone rang “Hey babe, just getting ready to leave the clubhouse now.” “Oh good, I can’t wait until you see what i have for you.” he could hear the smile in your voice. You made sure all the lights were on and grabbed a scarf to tie around his eyes, you were going to walk him to the back of the house so he couldn’t turn and run out the door upon seeing them. 

You were waiting on the porch for Tig as he pulled up, walking up on the porch he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you hard “Well hello to you too.” you laughed “I’ve got quite the surprise for you.” winking you walked behind him and blindfolded him “Oh, oh I think I’m going to like this surprise.” he growled. Taking his hand you led him inside to the back of the house, you had a couple cameras set up to capture his reaction and to share with everyone later. Walking behind him you reached to remove the scarf, “Happy Anniversary” you whispered in his ear “Oh shit” he replied as you let the scarf fall. His eyes fell upon hundreds of dolls, a look of sheer panic spreading across his face. Screaming he started running through the house trying to find the quickest exit and get away from all the terrifying dolls. His legs gave out and he fell to the floor beginning to hyperventilate. 

Tig had managed to crawl out the front door and onto the porch, with no more dolls in sight he began to calm down. Coming out and meeting him on the porch you crouched down to be eye level with him, a camera in your hand “Aww Tiggy are you ok? What happened?” you said with a sarcastic laugh “Fuck you I hate you so god damn much.” “Aww I love you too baby, bet you won’t forget our anniversary again will you?” “Not as long as I live.” back in the house you had started to box everything back up, walking up to you with his eyes covered he felt for your face and kissed your cheek “I’m sorry babe.” “So am I even tho that was the funniest shit ever. Now go shower, you’re taking me to dinner.” “Ok, be back in a bit.” you were folding one of the boxes shut when you heard a scream from the bathroom, suddenly you remembered you hid a very large blow up clown in the shower, you hit the floor in a fit of tears and laughter “FUCK YOU!” you heard Tig scream. 

Sitting around the bar in the clubhouse you were sharing the video with everyone, laughter and tears filled the room “Ha ha, very funny.” Tig said as he walked by you “I will get you back.” “No you won’t.” you laughed. A few minutes later you heard Lyla gasp, turning you saw Tig standing inches behind you with a snake wrapped around his shoulders, you let out a scream and bolted from the clubhouse “Ok shithead now we’re even!!!” you called from the top of the picnic table “Get rid of the god damn thing.” you said with a slight laugh “Yep, perfect for each other.” Lyla said laughing with Gemma. 

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Ok I have to go ahead and burst their bubble. I live in the US. Since they love to use their narrow personally experiences here are mine’s. I have had several well educated well contacted people in the Northeast US mentioned BC to me. One in Barns/Noble. One a college professor invited me to see Hamlet. One a wife of a lawyer friend and her son who works for HBO asked me if I had seen TIG. Hamlet sold out so much here you couldn’t get tickets even with several encore presentations. TAB ditto sold out. I get these creeps have a very high opinion of themselves. However, Tumblr is nothing. Chris Bale has no massive Tumblr/Internet following, and won an Oscar after the Internet hated him. Daniel Day Lewis the average American wouldn’t know if he bumped into them on the street yet Hollywood knows the man is possibly the best actor alive today. Tumblr has nothing to do with legit actors and their careers if anything it held BC back, he was already getting buzz post Atonement(and came out of that movie the only actor with universal high praise). I get they live in a fantasy world of their own great importance. However BC fans aren’t delusional women on some fan site who worry about if their actor is perfect(who the hell even talks that way in the world), BC fans are grown adults with brains who will pay to see Hamlet(the crowded theater had people of all ages races and genders when I saw it). BC’s career is now based on how many in Hollywood think he is talented(a lot) the fact that everything he touches makes money, the fact that the Chinese market which right now is saving Hollywood’s ass per the NYtimes/New Yorker, loves him. I get it makes them unhappy and proves how little power they have clearly, but this is the real world not their sad ass fantasy.


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