i love three days grace!!!

Anti And Dark Playlist

1.Melanie Martinez-Mad Hatter
2.Melanie Martinez-Tag You’re It
3.Twenty One Pilots-Heathens
4.Rusty K-Dark Eyes
6.The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)
7.KSHMR-The Spook
8.Get Scared-Sarcasm
9.Zeds Dead-You’re Trouble
10.Spag Heddy & Anna Yvette-Hide (Dubstep)
11.Bvrnout x VOVIII-Apache
12.Panic At The Disco-The Emperors New Clothes
13.RE7-Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Official Soundtrack)
17.JT Machinima-Resident Evil 7 Rap “Shadow Of Myself”
18.Mikky Ekko-Who Are You Really?
20.Hollywood Undead-I Don’t Wanna Die (Nightcore Edit)
21.Ghost Town-You’re So Creepy
22.Set It Off-Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
23.Set It Off-Partners In Crime
24.Set It Off-Nightmare
25.The Chordettes-Mr Sandman (RaceCarBed Trap Remix)
28.Emily Browning-Sweet Dreams
29.Unlike Pluto Ft. Mike Taylor-Everything Black
30.UTAU Original-Biohazard
31.Starset-My Demons
32.MrSuicideSheep-I Do Love You
33.Three Days Grace-Animal I Have Become
34.Simon Curtis-Pit Of Vipers

favorite things about the consequences ep of the mercs arc

1. locus sitting on the trunk of the car and being adorably nonchalant about everything “well it could yield positive results”

2. also wow just him being really pretty????? gosh dem eyes am i right also that jaw and general face wow

3. everything about this screen cap. locus being a little bit too tall for that chair, felix with his hip jutted out like a fucking suburban soccer mom ordering pizza for her screaming kids. not pictured, siris tapping his finger on his gun like he’s casually waiting for the bus or some shit.

4. the moment siris and locus realize, holy shit the beanpole is like seriously into this kidnapping/being a bad guy thing how have we not noticed how much his moral compass is lacking until now

Anyone else get through early childhood/teen depression actually listening to Evanescence and become super disappointed to see it become a meme?

I genuinely, unironically listened to Linkin Park and Three Days Grace and etc. and I still love it cause its so nostalgic. I wish people didn’t turn everything that was once popular into something embarrassing or intolerable afterwards

Kol Mikaelson Playlist
  1. Better Than Me-Hinder
  2. Centuries-Fall Out Boy
  3. Give Me Love-Ed Shreeran 
  4. Pain-Three Days Grace 
  5. I Hate Everything About You-Three Days Grace
  6. Monster-Imagine Dragons
  7. Nine In The Afternoon-Panic! At The Disco 
  8. Wonderwall-Oasis
  9. 21 Guns-Green Day
  10. Let Her Go-Passenger 
  11. I Don’t Love You-MCR
  12. Throne-BMTH
  13. Sugar, We’re Going Down-Fall Out Boy
  14. Monster-Eminem 
  15. Run This Town-Jay Z
  16. In The End-BVB
  17. Just Like You-Three Days Grace 
  18. Animal I Have Become-Three Days Grace
  19. Death Of A Bachelor-Panic! At The Disco
  20. Numb-Linkin Park
  21. When I’m gone-Three Doors Down
  22. Remember The Name Fort Minor
  23. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams-Green Day
  24.  You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid-The Offspring 
  25. All Of Me-John Legend 
  26. Without You-Usher 
  27. Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
  28. Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
  29. What About Now?-Daughtry
  30. The Fighter- The Fray
  31. Drop In The Ocean-Ron Pope

Again, some of these represent the character, some of them are imagine based, like what songs go with him when he’s in love or whatever, but anyway, enjoy!

Requested By Anon

lets go on dates and spend hours in a record shop
—  when i meet you


if you ship destiel then you need to listen to this song

someone please make a destiel fan video w/ this in the background seriously i will love you forever