i love those writers

Let your prepositions dangle
Don’t add confusing clarity
You trip my tongue
With awkward structure

Let your prepositions dangle
Leave it at implied
I don’t want to know
What we are

"Do you have any rare pairs?”
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I organized all my fics that are specifically about the magnificent and kickass ladies of TMNT on AO3, and just wanted to encourage you all to go check them out.

Only the first two are currently connected in terms of AU-verses, but they’re all really awesome in my opinion. Definitely worth the read.

Please go check them out! Show these ladies the love they don’t get in canon! We all know they deserve some, at least from the fandom!

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Despite the few hiccups going on, I thought i would spread some love on my fav part of @gibslythe fic!
I literally fell in love with these two falling in love, anyways. here’s some gross klance dances <3


And I always will. 

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I hate you, but I still have that little piece in me that loves you. It’s a small piece really, but when I stumble across it I remember the man I fell in love with, not the one I fell out of love with. I remember the smirks and giggles, the tickle fights, the forehead kisses, the late night conversations about nothing, and the train station where it all began. It’s really bittersweet because that was the best part of us, even if it only was 20% of us. I have to remember that I chose to hate you because of the 80% of us - the part where you completely changed.
—  Confessions of the Soul
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If they had the choice (and the choice was obviously theirs to make) why would they choose to redeem Mary? That is literally the least interesting path for her character, and even Mary didn’t buy it completely. Let her be evil. She could have been better (worse) than Moriarty. Hell, she could have actually been Moriarty. She could have been smart. She didn’t want to be a housewife and mother.. she didn’t want to give up everything for the man she loved! The writers wanted those things for her, but I refuse to believe that she did.

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did the 11th doctor really love river? did river marry the Teselecta? did the 11th doctor marry her because he loved her or did he marry her because she didn't want him to die? thanks ^^

*cracks knuckles*

Yes, he loved her. Watch their last scene together in the Name of the Doctor. Stephen Moffat followed in RTD’s somewhat annoying footsteps (in this regard) in not wanting the Doctor to say the words, “I Love You.” I don’t like that the writers hold those words back from the Doctor, but it is what it is. River and Eleven’s entire last scene in the Name of the Doctor was clearly meant to be him saying it without saying it.

The Teselecta was controlled by the Doctor. She did not marry it; she did not marry a non-sentient robot suit. That would be like if I showed up in a full gorilla costume (mask and all) to my wedding, and someone asked me if my spouse married the gorilla costume or me. Obviously, they married me. If River has ever married robots, I assume they would be of the sentient variety

There is no reason he would have had to marry her because she didn’t want him to die. This is something that gets floated around tumblr, but I have no idea why. Go back and watch the scene. She says precisely, “I can’t let you die without knowing you are loved by so many and so much and by no one more than me.” 

First important thing to note is that she doesn’t say she can’t let him die, but that she can’t let him die without knowing that he is loved. That statement suggests that she can let him die once he knows that, so there’s no reason for him to have to marry her to convince her of this. She’s highly conflicted, obviously, and she doesn’t want to kill him, but she also seems somewhat resigned at this point. 

She tried her hardest to figure out how to save him, but she couldn’t, and so she took him to the top of the pyramid to let him know that everyone in the universe wanted to save him. Once she says her speech, she’s listening to what he has to say, and she readily lets him tie her hand to his before she even knows what he’s doing. No one is forced into anything at that point.

And he doesn’t have to marry her to tell her his secret. He could say, “I need to tell you something that I can’t tell anyone else, but i want you to tell you because I want you to know everything will be ok…,” then whisper in her ear, and tell Amy any lie he can come up with about what he just told River. Instead, he chooses to marry her, which has a level of commitment attached to it that just telling her his secret does not.

To me, the marriage is more of a promise from him to her that he will come back for her on the other side. He’s making a commitment to her, and it doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not. He’s doing it because he wants to, and from then on she is his wife. 

Is it a traditional marriage where they settle down and raise a couple kids in a house where they live until they die of old age? No, but neither of them wants that life. They entered into a marriage that works for them even if it isn’t a traditional 21st century earth marriage.


I hate the fact that Jimmy and Amanda created so much hype for this issue like it was going to be one of the best issues about Harley and Ivy….What did we finally get? the same undercover that doesn’t show how real is Harley and Ivy as a romantic couple. I mean, you has to be blind to not see how much they love each other not just as “best friends in the world”.
There are real cute moments between these two characters (I’m not gonna lie, I love those moments), but the writers never accept the bond of a couple how it REALLY IS! We were able to see the acceptance of this couple in DC Bombshells and most of the people loved it and if the people accept that, I don’t see why they can’t show us beyond the flirty thing, the double meaning, puns, etc, etc..???? I make myself clear?
Don’t make hype for something that isn’t “new”.

Dear Fanfic Writers,

I love reading those hot man on man shower sex fics as much as anyone, but PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, stop with the soap/body wash/shampoo as lube substitues.  Keep in mind that using any of these items as “lubricant” is essentially the equivalent of a soap enema and I PROMISE sexy times will be ruined by explosive diarrhea and severe cramping.  I understand that sometime Dean and Cas are just so worked up and rock hard for each other they just grab whatever is handy, but PLEASE remember the inexperienced readers who think this is a good idea.  Take a hint from the gif, there is ALWAYS time for lube.

Thank You,

A Nurse Reader xxoxx

That’s Right Baby (Sam Wilkinson)

“A hella dirty Sammy imagine is needed and I don’t really care how you do it cause ik you’ll do great. Thanks x” 
“ I LOVE your blog! You are an amazing writer and deserve all those followers and notes you get! Can you please do a Mr Wilkinson smut?”
“Can you write a really smutty imagine with Sammy? Idc and if other people have requested sammy smut then u can combine them but i love ur blog!”

–These are just a few, but I’ve been given a lot of sexy Sam requests so here you are, I’m so excited, let’s go! 

“Is that the last box?” You question as Sam puts the box down, you were moving into an apartment together and had been moving all day.

He nods, flexing his tired muscles, he runs his fingers through his hair yawning, “Yep, everything is officially here.” You look around the apartment, admiring it. This was major step for your relationship and it felt wonderful. You had set up your bed, a put a few things into the bathroom earlier as well as clothes so you and Sam were able to go get ready for bed with few issues, “I’m gonna take a shower,” he admits, slipping his shirt off, he tosses it into a pile and disposes of his pants as well. 

You watch him, sitting on the edge of the bed as you slip your shoes off, rubbing your aching feet. You were both hot, sweaty, and sore from the massive day that started at 4:30 AM. 

“You coming or am I gonna have to enjoy this first shower by myself?” He peers at you from the bathroom, a welcoming smile toying with his plump lips. You stand up with haste and follow him into the bathroom, stripping of your garments as you do so. Sam turns the water on, to where it was slightly above room temperature and steps inside letting out a groan as the water hits his sore muscles. You step behind him and he turns around, giving you enough room so you can both stand under the water. You run your fingers through your hair wetting it, pressing your fingers to the spot just at the nape of your neck that was aching. 

“It hurts,” you complain, wincing as he pulls you closer, his arms edge you to turn around so your back is against him and he gently presses his thumbs against the sore spot, weaving out any knots as he massages it. You sigh deeply, resting your head against his shoulder, “Sam,” you murmur as his lips soon replace his hands and he finds new ways to relax your muscles by kissing your sensitive spots. His fingers trail down your stomach, and he’s soon massaging you ‘down there’ making your breathing speed up as you let out a moan of relief. Within moments, Sam slips a finger in and slowly begins to pump it in and out of you, afore slipping a second one in your eyes flutter shut and your face scrunches up while you let out another, slightly louder moan. 

“That’s right baby, I know just where to touch.” He whispers in your ear as his fingers rock back and forth. As you approach your climax, his speeds up, water steams from his hair dripping down onto your neck as he places affectionate kisses. 

“Mm you do, you do,” you agree, stomach muscles tightening as you climax. 

Sam smirks in your ear and turns you around, connecting lips with you as he presses your back against the wall. By his hard on against your leg, you can tell that tonight had just begun. You smile against his lips, and let out a screech as he lifts you up. Sam laughs and presses kisses to your chest, you tangle your fingers in his hair and teasingly rock your hips against his as he tries his best not to slip on the wet tiles. Back pressed against the wall, he stands with the water hitting his back and pushes himself into you, rocking his hips a few times as you adjust. Letting out a groan in unison, you crane your neck and capture his lips. 

He kisses you deeply, not parting once as your hips move in perfect sync. You tug at his soaked hair lightly and sigh deeply against his lips. Groaning, Sam murmurs your name against your lips and you break away to kiss his jaw which takes him over the edge, “Oh god babygirl.” You rock your hips harder, making each thrust harder and deeper which felt better for you both. 

“Sam, oh my god.” You moan, as he swears against your skin. You bite his jaw, trailing marks along it and down his neck, over the ones from a few nights ago that were fading to a light pink. He was close, you were closer and the steam was making your breathing even harder, “I’m so close, just a little-” you can’t even finish your sentence before you climax, letting out a moan against his neck. 

Sam finishes soon after you, with a few long, hard thrusts and sets you back down on your feet giving you a loving kiss, “moving in together was a great idea.” 

I feel like that wasn’t nearly dirty enough–sorry I’m so incapable I’m so tired rn oh my goodness. Hope y’all enjoyed anyway xoxo - B 

Wes Flashbacks

I loved the flashbacks with Wes. I think they brought us some closure while also divulging some information about Wes’ relationship with the other Keating 5. He was always with Laurel and Annalise and we never really got to see what he was like outside of those relationships. I love the writers for doing what they did this episode and showing the deeper connections Wes had with these people. Wes deserved it and so did we.

I miss those times
when I loved you so deep
that all I wrote was
about the universe that lies within your being.

Eyes, voice, smile, skin, hair,
the way you walk and talk,
your personality and mind,
everything of you
is the perfect constellation of a Virgo
up there in the endless night sky.

—  rezarusandi

I love all of those sites that let you search music by mood and theme but none of them are helpful when your theme is something overly specific like “wistfully not-quite unrequited love songs that would be sung by a Modern AU!Poe Dameron who is a kind-hearted indie-folk musician moonlighting as a wedding singer”