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y’all this fic by @blizzaurus is the greatest thing to ever happen to my weak kabby heart 


Captain Treville & Cardinal Richelieu (The Musketeers BBC):

“I’m familiar with the roles we play Captain. I am the grand deceiver and you are the bluff honest man of action…”

"Do you have any rare pairs?”

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love your au! I was wondering if you have any personal spideychelle recs? something light and fluffy? could be ao3/tumblr. thanks!



Okay so here comes all the fluff:


Summary: Senior year sucks. After the Infinity Stone War and Thanos, senior year is super unexciting for Peter Parker. He was expecting John Hughes and instead he’s got a whole lot of anxiety about college and MJ. That second one he wasn’t expecting.

Summary: peter parker comes to an earth shattering realisation during decathlon practice. with the help of tony stark, ned leeds and a very vague article about having crushes, peter decides to get the girl once and for all (in a non-sexist way, of course because god knows the girl in question would kill him if he ever said that).

Summary: Four drink Michelle is a little more forward with Peter Parker.

Summary: Peter has been acting weird and Michelle tries not to care (and fails).

Summary: Michelle finds out Peter’s big secret and they somehow end up on a date.

Summary: Michelle’s parents always warned her about the drugs on the streets, but never did they say anything about ones with brown eyes and a beating heart.

Summary: Peter is a dumb teenage boy who just wants Michelle to think he’s cool.

Summary: 5 times they pretended + 1 time they didn’t.

Summary: The first time she kissed him, it’s a joke. Michelle knows that it’s Peter under the mask. He was supposed to reveal his identity to her.

Instead, he kissed her back.

Summary: Twin confusing things are happening to MJ. One, she’s getting an unusual amount of attention from their friendly neighbourhood superhero, Spider-Man. And two, she might be starting to develop a crush on her ridiculous dork friend and teammate Peter Parker. More to the point, she thinks he might actually… like her back?

Being MJ, it isn’t long before she manages to put two and two together. After that, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to be a superhero love interest.

Summary: After the take down of the Vulture and the absence of his long-time crush Liz, life gets extremely boring for Peter. But after accidentally discovering MJ’s big secret, he forms an unexpected crush on the girl in school that hates him the most.

Summary: Peter Parker believes that life might go back to how it normally is - swinging about rooftops and handing in Math homework; Michelle Jones hopes that life will go back to how it used to be - before she had a major crush on Peter Parker.But life is not nearly so simple. So when Spidey swings by to help Michelle find her stolen bag, she becomes determined to uncover the webslinger’s identity. And with said emerging crush seriously not letting up, what could possibly be worse than a crush on Spider-Man developing as well?Sometimes Michelle wishes her life was just normal for a change.


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Despite the few hiccups going on, I thought i would spread some love on my fav part of @gibslythe fic!
I literally fell in love with these two falling in love, anyways. here’s some gross klance dances <3

Living with a dearth so dismal,
Thinking it’s our cross to bear,
Seldom stopping to demand why
We cheat ourselves out of our share.

Especially when we give so much
To start depleting our reserves
Till it dwindles drastically down.
Love returned is what we deserve.

—  It works wonders for a heart to know it’s loved back

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Okay but you had a diverse childhood, like you said. Its different for people who didn't. People can't normally write what they're not. Sorry you're a freak of nature. Sincerely, the rest of the writers on Tumblr.

“People can’t normally write what they’re not?”

Then I guess that makes Mary Shelley an 18th century mad scientist.

I guess that makes J.R.R. Tolkien an elf.

I guess that makes Stephanie Meyer an incredibly average teenage girl who turns into a vampire.

I guess that makes Gaston Leroux a hideously deformed guy who lives in the basement of an opera house.

I guess that makes J.K. Rowling an eleven-year-old wizard.

I guess that makes Victor Hugo an escaped convict.

I guess that makes Suzanne Collins a winner of the Hunger Games that got sucked into a government conspiracy.

I guess that makes Charles Dickens a greedy old dude who needs to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

I guess that makes Rick Riordan a demigod, a descendant of the pharaohs, and a literal Greek god.

But sure. People can only write what they are.

  • me: (craps out words with my fingers) welp it's 3am time to post fic without proofreading while blinking endless rheum from my eyes
  • lovely readers' comments: your writing's so beautiful!! i cried!! i love ur fic!! beautiful writing!!
  • me: (confused)
  • me: (happy!)
  • me: (keeps writing)

Let your prepositions dangle
Don’t add confusing clarity
You trip my tongue
With awkward structure

Let your prepositions dangle
Leave it at implied
I don’t want to know
What we are

Everytime I see this…

I’m like…

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But when I see this good shit…

I’m like…

My bullseye zine review

So I just got my zine even though I said I’d rather not have it and get my money back so I know it went to those charities and there are multiple things that I see wrong.

First off I got the hardcover of the zine along with bundle 1 and with shipping the total was 47 dollars.

The cover of the zine is really well designed but sadly my zine was damaged when I got it because of shipping.

Another thing I found odd was that the hardcopy felt cheaply made like if I ran my fingers down the front it felt like the colors would come off(remember when chalkboards were a thing and you would run your hand along the rail that held chalk and the chalk dust. It kind of felt like that)

Next up when I opened it I noticed that there were two blank pages which makes it look unprofessional as most books have one blank page.

Now for the stories that all those amazing writers did. Ahh I love this one it’s called… it’s called… blank? There’s no title on any of the stories, not even a name to the wonderful author

And another thing I found rather odd was that it would go a few pages of a story (or stories as there isn’t really a dividing line to tell if there’s a new story or not) and then a drawing or two and then more stories. I haven’t had a chance to read the stories yet so if the art is supposed to fit with the story then good if not… then why?!

Now I’m looking through the art and I instantly tell that it’s been cropped

Some of the artists names have been cropped out.(Also rip ones of hanzos dragons) and there are multiple pieces of art that do this.

Another thing is the credits… for some reason it looked like the credits and the table of contents were smushed and crammed into the back… but hey the credit is there for the writers and artists but their names should still be on their work as well as in the back.

Now for bonus pack 1… in this bonus pack I was supposed to get a sticker sheet, 2 mini prints, a charm, 2 stickers and a lanyard.

First off I didn’t receive the lanyard as it was apparently canceled by Lynn and not really said to the public (and partial refunds for the lanyards were not offered either) however I did get the rest which are all amazing and I love all of the artists who made them as well as the writers and artists in the zine.

(Also yes I’m doing this in my car and on my phone don’t judge and yes that is a legend of zelda notebook)

Overall I’m ok with it… the lanyard I’m sad about because I really wanted it. The art and stories are nice I just wish I knew where one story ended and another one began without too much effort. And the fact that there isn’t really a table of contents in the back and it was just crammed into with the credits as well. I’m gonna try to focus on all the stories and art but it’s gonna be hard because of the bad layout and my ocd is like… well the gif below explains it…ish.

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So that’s my review on the zine, if you have any questions feel free to leave an ask

Also one more thing, please support the artists and writers who were in the zine as due to all that has happened with this zine, they could really use the support.

Artists/writers support page https://mchanzinecontributors.tumblr.com/

once, i loved purple
echoes of my voice on repeat
gaze on your hunched body
clocks ticking to the sounds of our breaths
fingers tracing skin
hours to myself
fingers tracing, still
almost sightless eyes
mind, occupied
ambition, grace, and goals to the stars
purple just as far and removed
i could never love purple like purple could.
—  purple, colours of those i loved | wt.
Perhaps you’d like to know...

… that the greek subs for “I thought the world of you” read “Σε αγαπούσα”.

Which means “I loved you”.

I swear to god that’s how they translated it. I watched “Thor: Ragnarok” a second time to make sure.

And as I read that line on the big screen  I felt as if I was watching that “Vikings” scene where Ragnar tells Athelstan “You cannot leave me, I love you!”. 

Like, one of those rare precious moments where the writers (or in Ragnarok’s case, the translators) were bold enough and generous enough to have two men admit their feelings to each other.

It felt as if heaven opened its gates and paradise was a reality. I almost heard angels singing.