i love those two so much to say anything bad about them

anonymous asked:

What are some good Christian bands???

Well Anonymous Darling, you’re about to find out!

Some listed i don’t listen to anymore…Just because I guess I grew out of them or my music taste changed.
So I’m saying some bands I don’t listen to now and I do not stand by anything bad they say now.

• Casting Crowns. Their music has a country kind of feel. They have many good songs.

•RED. Hard rock/Screamo band, I listen to some of their stuff but it doesn’t really speak to me persay. My friends really love them tho.

• King’s Kaleidoscope. They have almost a rock, but like a really soft almost country feel. I can’t describe it. I’ve heard only one or two songs, but I liked those ones. Otherwise I can’t really say much about them.

•Flyleaf. Now settle down my dear and let me tell you about Flyleaf. Original Flyleaf with Lacey Mosely (now Sturm) was hard rock/Screamo and it was on the verge of not Christian but Christian kinda deal. Their best album, in my opinion, was Memento Mori. I haven’t heard every album, but I did hear quite a few. Now new Flyleaf is led by Kristen May, I’ve only heard their album Between the Stars, which I think is the only album they have. It has more of a rock feel…With maybe some pop idk how to describe it. I have in fact heard Kristen’s own album, which is ten times better then this. In this album she almost pushes her voice to sound like Lacey.

•Lacey Sturm. Her album is Life Screams and dear God it is good! Rock. With the exception of an acoustic song at the end, Run To You (wanna hear God’s unconditional love? BAM That’s the song)

•Thousand Foot Krutch, or TFK. They are a rock band, I used to listen to them but don’t anymore. I haven’t heard their new stuff, if they even have any. My favourite album was Phenomenon.

•Nine Lashes. Rock band however their most recent album I have heard sounds pop. They are good.

•We As Human. Hard rock band I guess would be the correct term.

•Barlow Girl. I guess a rock band, I used to listen to a lot. I don’t now but who knows, maybe they have some really good stuff.

• Lecrae. Rap, but he’s good. His most recent stuff I haven’t heard, but what I have I have enjoyed.

•KB. Also rap, my favourite album is Weight and Glory. Probably the main album I listen to, haven’t heard much of his other stuff.

•Andy Mineo. I have heard some stuff and it was interesting. My friends love him, and swear he’s one of the best Christian rappers however I tend to disagree. I don’t listen to him usually unless it’s in a mix or a playlist.

•Relient K. This band is…more of an acoustic, well back in the day it was. I haven’t listened to their most recent album, but they are good.

•Family Force 5. Pop rock band I guess is the term, maybe a hint of electronic. Don’t bash me cause I can’t think of the right terms. I don’t listen to them now persay but when I have heard them they are good.

•Crowder. More of a country feel. Good band, my favourite song by far is Lift Your Head Weary Sinner. They have had many good songs however.

•Mandisa. I used to listen to Mandisa a lot back in the day, now I don’t. But hey, she’s on this list.

•Skillet. The most recent album has a different feel from their normal rock, but it is really good. I’ve heard most if not all of their albums, and I’ve enjoyed most of them. (Literally this and one of TFK’s songs take me back to my ‘i am emo but still a Christian’ phase) Still love Skillet.

That’s about all I can think of right now, I know there are many more and if anyone wants to add on they definitely can. I don’t listen to some of them now, or I don’t listen to them at all except in playlists. I’m letting you make your own decisions but my favourites would be Skillet, Flyleaf’s album Memento Mori, and number one is Lacey Sturm.