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I dunno which people actually truly care where the fk I am xD but I’m saying night anyway! I know there must be at least three of chu. <3

I love you all~ <3 just so you know. Wonderful writing again today~! Loved all the positiveness I saw from @ruinosusangelus, what a kind munmun-chan. Got to talk to muh little star (aka @littlestarmaiden) and muh precious @the-daemon-chancellor. Those two were lovely as always!! I LOVE YOU THREE SO MUCH. Talked to some other people, like literally talked— mostly the whole time— they hardly said a word ; 0 ; and then I got annoyed by some stuff but regardless I feel it’s best to always just dislike it in your head or to your friends and support zee peeps. 

Anyway I didn’t get any threads done. I’m a fail x) but it was because I spent σ(≧ε≦o) THREE HOURS on my new head canon, which who knows if anyone will even read or enjoy ; v ;………. I like it, a lot TBH. Better then my other one. Anywayzies chocobeaus I will for sure reply to every thread tomorrow in the morning. I have to get up soon to take meh kiddo to school. Yes, I’m old :) 31 to be exact and my ex hubby is a POS. I’m not a young 16-18 year old like I’m sure most of you are~! <3 Which may be why a lot of junk annoooooooooys me because I’m getting too gosh darn old!



Love, peace and chicken grease

Gen-mun <3

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@klancemasweek: Day 3 - Cold / Warmth (a tad bit late but I loved this theme so I wanted to wark a little harder on it)

Fire being his natural element, Keith hates the cold. Good thing he has a warm boyfriend to snuggle up with!


Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


I know what’s said about me behind my back. Whispers of infidelities. My husband’s heard them. And I suspect, given the look on your face, you’ve heard them, too. Thomas and I are not bothered by them. The only question that remains is… are you?

When he finally concedes to take a honeymoon, months after the spur-of-the-moment ceremony Donna officiated in Jody’s driveway, Baby’s hood doubling as an altar, Dean’s only criterion is to get Cas alone. He’s dismissed every one of Sam’s suggested itineraries, and Cas doesn’t expect breakfast in bed or rooftop jacuzzis or al fresco dinners for two. But as the one-year mark creeps up along with the heat of summer, guilt gnaws at Dean like termites.

He comes up with the idea watching milk splash onto his corn flakes. Cas had recorded that documentary about supervolcanos and Dean’s always wanted to see a geyser. By the time he rinses his bowl, he’s checking down a mental packing list (boots, sunglasses, camera) and tells Sam, when he lumbers in for coffee, that he and Cas are taking a trip for a few days. Sam doesn’t ask for details but drinks his coffee through a smirk.

Cas doesn’t question him when Dean tells him to get his coat mid-afternoon. He places his book text-down on the nightstand and follows Dean to the garage. Dean points to a map and they head northwest, a single suitcase in the trunk.

Yellowstone is a thirteen-hour drive. Cas takes the overnight shift and Dean comes to in the parking lot of a Super 8. The sun is coming up. They get a King-size room for three nights and a bottle of champagne from the liquor store in town. After stuffing himself on a country fried steak and eggs, Dean puts out the “do not disturb” sign and pulls Cas into bed. The park will be there tomorrow. 

He burns to memory the taste of champagne on Cas’s lips.