i love those freckles

i. my mother tells me:
every time you’re nervous,
say you’re excited, it’ll help
your anxiety
and i said:
okay, i’m willing to try anything
ii. when you look at me i feel
little arrows shooting through me,
a falcon wing, a feather quill, a
poem writing itself on the back of my skull
iii. what if when i talk to you
all that comes out of my mouth
is a jumble of letters,
a mumble or worse talking too much or
not enough or what if i accidentally say the wrong thing
and we never talk again or what if
iv. i’m excited i’m excited i’m excited excitedexcitedexcited
v. good morning how are you, good morning
you’re so pretty i get flustered when you speak,
good morning i love those freckles and
the dimples of your cheeks, good morning that sounded
really creepy, good morning my name is, good morning,
hey, how ya doin, yo, oh my god i’d never say yo what is this
the 90’s, i’m trying to hard aren’t i, i’m not trying enough
maybe, okay again try again - good morning
vi.  you look at me and 
vii. i’m excited.
—  r.i.d/inkskinned

hinata has a first-years only sleepover and natsu sees yamaguchi and absolutely has to use her star stickers <3

hhh ok so ive been noticing a lot of people bein freakin rude to the precious bean and i wanted to draw so
//jazz hands//
also i lost my stylus and cant draw digitally unless you want me to draw with my finger lmao but traditional it is >:3c

@cosmiipu you are presh and dont change for anyone else but yourself, artists are always inspired by other artists and it affects their style, therefore everyones is always similar to someone elses. but that doesnt mean its not special in its own way. honestly id take off anon asks :\ cuz you dont deserve that hun.

ok I was discussing this with a friend. So it’s likely that draco malfoy spent a lot of his time in the sun playing quidditch. But what if he got freckles???? and he covered them up with a spell or something because ‘malfoys don’t get freckles’

Misha is a bit of a masochist. If he knows something is bad—potentially painful to look at, or will probably eat away at his brain if he thinks about it too long, he should turn away from it. But instead, he runs to it with open arms and welcomes the torture like an old friend. 

This is how he ended up reading Cockles fan fiction until three in the morning.

Most of it was enough to make him want to wriggle out his skin with embarrassment. All those scenarios of how he and Jensen apparently get together—or the AU’s where fuck all could happen .. it was … intense. And now he has images in his mind that will surely never leave until he’s long dead. But, with reading so much, he did start to find common themes throughout that were intriguing; and he’s guessing that the things that are repeated are the things that fans enjoy thinking about the most.

Jensen singing to him is a popular one; and there’s an obsession with his thighs for some reason that somehow always makes Jensen  want to fawn over them … and then there’s all the “Destiel is finally becoming canon” and “oops, now we love each other” shit. They are all rather amusing in the end, but … Misha understands their allure. One thing he hadn’t really expected though and –  well, he can’t really laugh at it either, is the common desire to see him obsess over Jensen’s freckles. Of course, he—the real him, has noticed the guy’s freckles a dozen times. They’re hard to miss when you’re up close to the man, but he can’t say he’s ever truly dwelled on them.

Not until he read all that damn fan fiction.

Now, here he is—sitting next to Jensen and staring at the little speckles that are running over his cheeks, splashing across his ears—down his neck and disappearing beneath the collar of his shirt. Misha is sitting here, head resting on his fist, daydreaming about the patterns that might splay out along the man’s chest. He’s actually curious and he’s mentally kicking himself for never taking a close look during the times he’s seen Jensen without a shirt. 

Why though?

Why should he care? Why should he want to know at all? Except … he does and he wants to solely blame the fan fiction … but with this level of interest, he’s not sure he can. 

“What are you staring at?”

Jensen’s question yanks him violently out of his internal warfare and back to the present– the present where they aren’t fucking. They aren’t singing to the other one or reading out long love sonnets– the present where  they aren’t secretly yearning for each other … at least, they shouldn’t be.

Misha pulls his head up and looks into those “fan fiction” green eyes—fuck, he needs to never read that shit again. “Your … your freckles” Misha admits, knowing that he’s too old to lie over such silly things.

Jensen looks at him a long time, a small twitch to his lips as he ponders the statement … and Misha can’t help but notice the little specks that are hiding around the corners of his friend’s mouth.

With a small laugh and a steady sigh, the man beside him finally smiles—standing up slightly to scoot his chair in closer to Misha’s space. Once he settles back down, Jensen leans in, turning his head to the side and glancing into blue eyes from the corner of his. “Well …” he says with a glint of shiny, white teeth. “How many are there?”

Three cinnamon rolls from Karasuno!! It was actually pretty hard to draw …


Herc: He blushes at almost everything.
John: If you say his name a certain way he blushes.
Laf: He blushes when you tell him you love him too, so cute~
Alex: *inhuman noises*

anonymous asked:

Confession time: I never had a thing for guys with freckles until Prompto and now they're like my biggest turn on. Like oml when I see those little sun kisses on a boy's skin I just lose it! I just automatically want to kiss each and every one of those little angel spots! I just love freckles!

YEEEEES freckles are so lovely!


I love tol namjoon
I love smol namjoon
I love eggy namjoon
And rap monster namjoon
I love him in jeans
I love him in shorts
I love him with dark hair
I love him with colored hair
I love his smile and those dimps
I love his eyes
I love all his little freckles
I love his hands
I love his long legs
I love his style
I love his voice
I love when he raps
I love most when he sings
I love his brain
I love his thoughts
I love how he gets shy
I love how I have endless reasons to love him
I love how he loves BANGTAN
I love how he created Bangtan
I love namjoon!!!!!

Hey I love your prompts so I thought I send you a prompt of my own… In Casino Royale we can see that James quite a lot of freckles on his shoulders and I think it’s really cute so… 00Q fluff? 😊 Q would love those freckles for sure! – tentitoo

Short, but catatonically sweet! Jen.

(Please note that continuation requests need to be submitted in the ConsultingWriters inbox, rather than post replies. Thank you! Jen)

“… it’s a bit creepy to watch people when they sleep.”

Q was amusingly unapologetic; with Bond officially awake, he had the green light to start documenting every inch of his skin with fingers, with kisses. “You have a lot of freckles.”

Bond tried to turn over, stopped by Q’s hands. “… what freckles?”


Bond laughed lightly, body beautiful in the dim light casting through the curtain. “What do you mean?”

Q continued, fingertip dotting every single freckle, every single mark. The dapple of Bond’s skin, a part of him that was wholly Q’s: Bond never saw it, nobody would see it. A part of him that part-time lovers might notice but not care about, the flicking beauty that Q saw differently every morning, every night.

“I love you,” Q murmured, instead of an answer. “I don’t really say it enough.”

Bond was a little stiller. He always was, in the moments Q was demonstrative: it wasn’t their way. Words were unimportant, words were easily exchanged and more easily lost. Bond never quite trusted words.

Q did. Just once in a while. Words could have weight, if he tried hard enough.

Bond didn’t reply. Q pressed another kiss to the back of his neck, Bond’s skin prickling now with goosebumps, an odd shivering. “I love you too.”

Q’s grin was hidden.

Abruptly, Bond twisted, and dragged Q over; he let out a startled yelp, smothered by Bond’s lips pressing against his.

“Good morning”

Q kissed him again, deeper, twining his limbs around Bond and keeping him there.