i love those boots

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Starfleet boots appreciation post


I have a new favorite comic version of Bucky. Thank you Juanan Ramirez. Also, those boots. I love his undercover look but with those boots.

Also, he’s having a conversation with some kids offscreen, who he later eats popsicles with while watching Fourth of July fireworks.

If you have Marvel Unlimited, or can find it elsewhere, give this one-shot a read. Its got sexy shirtless Bucky, Bucky being cute with kids, Bucky having a secret stash of Steve related items that he tears through a crap ton of Hydra to recover. No really, not kidding. A newspaper clipping of The Invaders, his old dog tags (or Steve’s, its not really specific), the shells from the bullets that killed Steve during Civil War, and the star from Steve’s old uniform.

Also he talks about his shit constantly. ‘Someone stole my shit. I gotta get my shit back. You shouldn’t have taken my shit.’

Just go read it okay Bucky/Stucky fans?

A Year of Marvels: July Infinite Comic #1 (2016)

Family Day for those girls going through boot camp with their loved one, is the most amazing, wonderful day evaaaa. I was lucky enough that he was able to spot me before he started the moto run. He winked at me and smirked when he saw me and I just about died. | I have to say that all credit for the wonderful moments that happened on this day goes to God. Faith is such a beautiful thing and honestly what got me and my partner through the separation. 10.22.2015