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if it's alright, could I have some comfort komaeda? maybe just playing with reader's hair until they fall asleep? I've been so stressed and down lately, any comfort would help... 'v'

A comforting Nagito would be a lovely experience for anyone, knowing that he can fulfill the person he is holding onto hope, even if he ices in a few unsettling comments and slides in irrational topics, he would only want to let the person—his only Hope—feel as if they are worth it since they are.

You were falsely accused to be in on a plan with one of the murders that were recently held, and your recent classmate was executed by Monokuma after he was found out he committed the crime. Unfortunately, half of the students believed you were in on the plan, and even if you tried to deny the facts—since it was true you weren’t a part of the plan—they didn’t believe you.

During the trial, this frustrated Nagito endlessly, he began to feel a sudden despair feeling but he didn’t want it surround him knowing it involved you—because he actually had a large fond with you and he cared about you that much.

Your wrists were strained tightly with strong rope, it burned your skin as the tears were prickling your stained cheeks, and you were held in the old building since it was abandoned ever since ByaKuya Togami passed on. It was upsetting knowing that your classmates had to tie your ankles together and even muffle your mouth with a cloth—and even Mikan claimed that was too much but a lot of people wanted it.

There were loud footsteps heard near the empty hallway, and dirty waves of white hair was shown as the dining hall lights began to flicker, nearly frightening you. It was Nagito Komaeda with a glass of water in his hands and he gave you a heartwarming smile, walking towards you.

As you tried to speak out to him, you closed your eyes tightly, knowing that he was sent to end you since most of your classmates don’t want you to cause anymore danger in the group.

He knelt down to you, placing the glass down on the floor with the wide gaps, and he untied the tight knot formed on the back of the cloth that was muffling your voice from echoing throughout the dusty building. As you lost contact with the cloth, you coughed out loud and nearly croak out a small cry, and Nagito picked up the glass, letting the tip touch your lips that were soaked from your dripping tears.

“Ah, you must be thirsty, which is why I brought you some water,” he broke the silence as you began to take little sips from the glass. You wished Nagito would untie you from the rope, but there was no way he could untie it with his bare hands since the material was too strong.

“Th—tha—thank you,” you smiled at him and nodded once.

It was quiet for a brief moment before he broke the awkward tension again, “I know you weren’t in on the murder, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened. “Wh—what?”

“I mean, it’s obvious you weren’t!” he chuckled out loud, running his hands through his tangled waves and nearly grinned. “You’re literally a person beaming with hope, it overwhelms me, but seeing such despair hit you during the trial… it really… it hit me, Y/N, to see you like that, so I’m here to help you fall into those feelings of hope again, and have the others see—see you that you’re only the one to be overjoyed with hope!”

You blinked at him, and he wasn’t sure how to respond to your silence. He felt as if he said something wrong, and you knew how Nagito was, you questioned his cheerfulness at first but when you realized his true colors during the first class trial along with private conversations, you knew that he wasn’t someone that was ‘crazy’, only a boy who was lost functioning the mental processing in the hope versus the despair world.

“Pl—ple—Nagito,” you sighed, sniffling quietly to yourself and sighed. Nagito stared deeply at your figure, you looked so weak—so hopeless, and it ached him that you had this type of feeling—because he saw himself that he was the one that should only feel hopeless and not you; he saw himself with so much despair and negativity, he could never want those feelings engulf you.

“Yes, Y/N? What can I do for you?” he asked, still beaming a smile, but it was slightly fading.

“I ne—need—I have to tell them I’m not a murderer, I’m not a killer, I won’t ever—I won’t—I can’t—”

“They just lost hope in you, Y/N,” he let out an exasperated sigh. “If anything, I’m on the same boat when they tied me up here… and I was in so much despair but then you came to feed me and take care of me, and I will do the same for you.”

“You—you don’t need to.”

“Oh, but I want to, Y/N, you’re my only Hope, the only one I can keep myself aboard, for some reason, I feel this connection with you that I could not even let despair tear my relationship with you apart—”


“I mean, relationship?” he gave a surprised look, his eyebrows rising and sweat began to trickle from his forehead. “I—I didn’t—I wasn’t talking about like… boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever! I mean, nobody would—no one would want to go out with someone as worthless, stupid, and awful like me. I’m nothing special.”

Nagito covered his face with his palms, almost as if he was crying but you knew he wasn’t, he only kept himself to stay at a steady breathing pace and before he could look at you, he licked his lips and straightened his posture, now allowing himself to meet you in the eyes.

“You’re—you are special, Nagito, why don’t—do—don’t you see that?” you asked him, desperate for an answer why he was so lost on the difference of hope and despair, wondering why he was hard on facing what hope and despair actually were.

“Be—because… that’s—that doesn’t matter right now.”

“But you do matter, you have always mattered to me.”

“Oh, Y/N!” his cheeks began to flush as he rubbed the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb. “I haven’t actually been complimented by you in some comment as if I actually mattered or… you know, so—thanks. Thank you, this is why you’re my Hope!”

“Tha—thank you, I guess.”

“Oh, I’m sorry… I must’ve made you think I’m a sad fool, ah, I’m sorry. I won’t be surprised if you want me out of your life, for I am a worthless human being anyways.”

“Nagito—no! That’s not—!”

He chuckled once more before his eyes began to lit up, confusing you. “But that’s okay, because I can continue moving on with my life since you’re my hope and the one I can always count on! Be—because you matter to me too, Y/N, you always have.”

“Nagito… thank you,” you smiled at him.

The Ultimate Lucky Student leaned towards you, wrapping one arm around your neck and as you began to cry softly into his chest, he placed a warm kiss on your forehead to comfort your overwhelming desire to rip your skin to be freed from the restraints of the rope. “I will make the others have faith in you, to have hope in who you are as a person like I see you as my one and only to keep me going,” he comforted you, rubbing your back in light circular motions.

“Soon… please,” you despised yourself for begging but since you were already a prisoner within the island itself, you didn’t want to suffer being tied up as well with no interaction with the others.

Nagito nodded, moving to your left and he kissed your forehead once more. “You must be tired. Here, lie down on my lap, please.”

As he insisted—and of course, you couldn’t refuse—you laid down on his lap and inhaled a few deep breaths, and he feathered your hair with the tips of his fingers. He hummed to himself a shallow tone, almost as if it was a song that was meant to be upsetting, but you let him do what he wanted to do, and he continued to play with your hair.

“You should sleep,” he suggested, nearly whispering to your ear.

“But—but the others—you have to—”

Nagito interrupted you, “no, they don’t matter right now. As of now, the one that provides me hope needs to be taken care of.”


“What is it, Y/N?”

“What if you get killed? I don’t know how I will continue on without you,” it was quiet for a few seconds until you continued, “I won’t be able to have hope if you’re not here,” you decided to go with his ‘hope/despair’ pep-talk since that’s basically what he usually discusses or portrays within his conversations.

“Do—don’t think about that, I won’t leave you in such despair, I can’t—it only hurts me knowing that I can be an easy target ever since the first trial.”

“I wish you didn’t have to plan something in order to give us hope, Nagito. The knife, Byakuya, Teruteru… why did you have to plan everything?”

He sighed, sliding his hand that was once petting your hair to be placed on top of your fists that were tied together, and he caressed the harsh, red burns slowly. “I already explained this at the trial, Y/N. Do I have to explain it again?”

“No—no! That’s fine, like, you don’t have to.”

“Hmm, well alright. Go to sleep.”

“But—but you have to go in the morning, you can’t—you have to sleep in your dorm room, isn’t that part of the rules? Monokuma will—”

“To hell with that, I just—I’m staying here. I want to.”

“Okay,” there was no stopping him. “Well um, thank you.”

He raised his eyebrows in a puzzled manner, “why thank someone worthless like me?”


“Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so negative again, but answer my question.”

“Because I feel that connection too, like you mentioned earlier—the one you had with uh, with me. ‘Cept I have it with you, heh.”

Nagito nodded to himself and smiled, portraying a glimpse of happiness upon his lips and he pushed himself down to plant a soft, delicate kiss on your cheek, with his lips grazing onto your skin. “I’m glad, then, now go to sleep. I’ll wake you in the morning—or Monokuma will probably wake us with his announcements.”

“Oh—okay, good—goodnight then.”

“Sleep well, Y/N.”