i love this yarn to pieces y'all


Hey y'all! So, as many of you know, I was given a callback with Spirit of Atlanta. I’m planning on returning in April, and I will be trying my hardest for a contract. If I get a contract, I will owe the corps a LOT of money in about a months time. To keep money from being the reason I can’t March, I’m selling handmade beanies. I have two types, as shown above. Regular beanies are set at $12.50 piece, whereas drum corps themed are set at $15, though some options may be slightly more due to the type of yarn I use. I will be taking orders, and if I get enough interest in them, I will be opening an etsy. Please, message me if you’re interested in one, and reblog this to help spread the word. I have every world class corps planned out currently, but I only have Cadets, Crossmen, Spirit of Atlanta, Carolina Crown 2015, and a Spirit-Crossmen sister corps made. Thank you! (Also s/o to my lovely model @tortexandcobalt he’s rad y'all should follow him)