i love this wireless remote


Femme Spock Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

I’m not sure people realize how much effort goes into a cosplay like this. Gab ( startrekrenegades ) applies special makeup techniques, draws on very realistic eyebrows, blends in the ears. Not to mention the fact that she made a screen accurate dress all on her own. I love photographing passionate people and I hope I continue to have amazing subjects like Gabriele in the future. 

You can see a bit of the lighting setup in the last shot. My idea was to black out the background to symbolize space. I added a blue rim light to give an otherworldly feel. I chose to keep one side of the face in a bit of shadow to really accentuate the blue backlighting. I used a blue gel over my flash and then flagged it with a rouge flashbender. That is a very handy velcro attachment that helped keep any blue light from spilling on the background. You can also form them into snoots or giant bounce cards. They are a must-have if you are doing a lot of work with speedlights.

And I used my flashzilla setup as the key light. 3 Yongnuo flashes firing into a silver umbrella allowed me to shoot at f/8 + ISO 100 and get extremely sharp pictures. All flashes were triggered wirelessly with yongnuo transcievers. These transceivers can trigger any flash within 100 meters. You can combine as many as you need and even use one as a wireless shutter remote if you like. I love these things and can’t recommend them enough for the price. Yes, pocket wizards have more bells and whistles, but I think I actually prefer the simplicity of the yongnuos. 

I definitely made some mistakes in this shoot. I did a lot of editing in post production that I could have avoided. But I’m confident that I won’t make those mistakes again. Experience seems to be the greatest teacher.