i love this web series so much


“It has been an honour and a privilege to provide more positive on screen representation to the queer community- my community. And I would not be here today without all our fan’s support. I would not be here today without all of our fan’s support. I also want to thank everyone at smokebomb, shaftesbury, shift2, and my mom who’s my number 1 fan who made my dress last night. And especially to my beautiful co-star who is the real backbone to the little web series that could. You inspire me to work harder every day, Elise, so thank you so much, to my onscreen love interest- and maybe my real life one sometimes. But this isn’t for me. I think this is for all my fans who feel like they don’t belong or feel like an outsider. I am very much still that little girl who used to get shoved into lockers so, this one is for all of you.”

how are we still alive rn. i mean natasha just won that award. her face was so pure and happy. her fuckin mom made her dress last night like what. she cares so much about “our community” and representation. she loves elise so much for being her “on screen love interest. and real life one sometimes.” the shaking. the smiles. HOW ARE WE ALIVE???

hereisgina: To have both Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal is almost an overload on #MovementMondays and for many these two are not new news. I met them both in the film Y Tu Mama Tambien and I just fell in love. Diego Luna, a Mexican actor, producer and director and star of the most recent Star Wars Rogue One. Gael Garcia Bernal is a Mexican film actor, director, and producer. He and Diego Luna founded Canana Films in Mexico City. He is mostly known for his performances in the films Bad Education, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Babel, and in Amazon Studios’ web television series Mozart in the Jungle.
I can list their credentials and this post would be a mile long but I will leave it to you to see their incredible work because you should. Research and watch and support and uplift because these two have and continue to do so much for the community and humanity. Last night at the globes Diego Luna was poised and bilingual. It made my heart glow. I love Mondays for this reason, I get to share the work of those I love and admire and you can do the same. Join the movement. Post those that inspire you and represent you in a way that makes you know you are capable of anything! #MovementMondays

I’m gonna miss that stupid little music so much.
And that stupid library.
And that brody vampire.
And that stupid, naive girl.
And that control freak.
And that weirdo.
And that Xena.
And that stupid puppy.
And all the stupid things that show made me love.
I’ll miss the hell out of the little web series that was about mystery, gays and tampons, but ended up being about love, sacrifice and acceptance.
I’ll miss you Carm.
And, you are still killing me Hollis.

love will have its sacrifices

when you think about it, Carmilla ultimately gave up everything she knew for Laura. her sister. her immortality- which, while it came from and bound her to an abusive parental figure, was really the only way she could clearly remember being

Laura gave up her chance for a normal life (because they may get domestic but I don’t believe those two can ever achieve “normal” with what they know and what they’ve been through). she kept her ideals but lost a lot of her innocence about the world and the evil that exists in it

I love the web series on its own, but I also love the idea of it as an origin story for the movie. two girls, traveling the world on the back of a motorcycle, fighting evil. one sunny and kind but so stubborn she’d fight a god; the other dry and sarcastic, her eyes hinting at an age far beyond twentysomething. lovers bound as much by what they lost as what they gained

who, to quote the book, died together so that they may live together

I’m making a bulletin board at my library to feature web series.  Any suggestions for my list?

(* marks those I have not yet seen but are on my to-watch list, ** means I’m currently watching it) I’ll be doing it this summer for next school year, so stuff coming out this summer is fair game. And it will be up all year, so…)

[EDIT: Italics are new additions to the list.  Also, I’m already going to run out of room, so unfortunately I’m not including series like Kissing in the Rain or I Didn’t Write This]

• Nothing Much To Do
• Lovely Little Losers
• Jules & Monty
• Any Other Vlog
• Call Me Katie
• Kate the Cursed
• Midsemester Night’s Dream
• Like, As it Is (New As You Like It)*
• Much Ado About A Webseries

• The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
• Emma Approved
• Autobiography of Jane Eyre
• Elinor and Marianne Take Barton
• Mars and Elly*
• Welcome to Sanditon*
• From Mansfield with Love
Project Dashwood*
North Hangin*

• New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
• Green Gables Fables
• March Family Letters
• Misselthwaite Archives
• University Ever After
• Grimm Reflections
• Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros

• The Jane Games
• The Writing Majors
• Classic Alice
• Tell-Tale Vlog

• Carmilla
• Frankenstein M.D.
• Notes by Christine**
• The Late Nell Avery

• In Earnest
• Nick Carraway Chronicles
• Jamie Watson and Sherlock Holmes
• Baker Street*
• East and West
• Masked*


i moved to california and all of these amazing opportunities came my way. i freaking was on a tv show, the amazing race, i have had many short films and web series and a youtube red show and multiple books… i guess that answers the question, ‘why do i vlog?’. because it’s something that i absolutely freaking love to do and it’s changed my life and made me connect with so many people around the world who have changed my life and have made it so much better.”

It’s still unbelievable to me that our little tiny web series on youtube is becoming a movie this year. When I walked into that audition years ago, I never expected that my life would be where it is now. So many things are still the same though, like my lack of knowledge with technology and most things involved the internet. But most things have changed so much, and sometimes it’s hard to feel like my feet are firm on the ground. Hi, I’m Elise. And I don’t know even know what’s going on in my life most of the time.


Today (March 17, 2017) marks exactly one year since I came across the beautiful web series Twelfth Grade or Whatever.

After reading about 12gw on a LGBTQ media list, I immediately opened a tab for Youtube. LGBTQ Twelfth Night? So up my alley, it had a parking space.

That night, I watched every released video straight through. What I found was a clever, impactful adaptation that was more than I could ever have dreamed.

Taking the journey with the characters across the following months, finishing their story alongside them, meant so much to me.

Beyond this wonderful show, I was introduced to a supportive, friendly community of people who love literature and adaptations as much as I do. It has led me to other, equally amazing web series.

12gw has given me so much, had such an impact on my life, and I am so, so grateful that it exists.

I'm living Lovely Little Losers

So I just started my sophomore year of college and I’ve now been living here for a week.

I was wondering why this situation felt so familiar and now it dawns on me that it’s very much like lolilo.

I’m in a gender inclusive apartment with two girls (including me) and four boys. One of the boys, N, and my roommate, J, had a brief relationship last year but they remained really close friends afterward. They’re best friends and he is still highkey pining over her and we all know it.

Two of the boys, E and C, are in long distance relationships. E’s is very stable and C’s is on the rocks from the lack of contact.

I have a minor crush on the last boy, Z. Literally everyone knows except for him. He is SO OBLIVIOUS.

But it doesn’t matter anyway because we all signed a housing contract that says that apartment mates can’t be in relationships with each other. If anyone breaks our contract and they’re caught then we are all separated and have to leave our apartment.

Oh also I’m the brand new bisexual trying to spread my wings.

anonymous asked:

Dear Cat, almost every day I check your web site looking for a new short stories from Blood for blood. Those stories were my life when I finished Mafiosa and felt my heart broken by the end of the serie. I know you're working on other book by now, but do you plan post others stories about Blood for blood soon? I feel like there is so much more to know about all those amaising character, their feelings and thoughts!! I'm also waiting for your new book!! XO from Brasil!

This is really lovely, thank you! I might do some more short stories at some point down the line (maybe six months or so) but my focus is on other projects right now. Thank you for all your love and support :)


Can you believe it? These suckers can FINALLY grow old together and I think that’s so beautiful!! Smokebomb, U by Kotex, The whole Carmilla - Team, thank you for this wonderful ride! You gave us so, so much, and you’re still making a movie, bless you!!! Season 3 was amazing and you pulled every resource to make this web series such a big deal!  Thank you!


“Very excited to release part one in a web series that I am directing called “ RISE ” . I have been blessed with an incredible dance family and beautiful experiences but like any girl in the world I have faced challenges along the way. I wanted to express myself the best way I know how, through movement. Great dancers are expected to look effortless but I wanted to show another side, the “real” person behind the dancer and the fight for every leap, turn and sustained movement representing a women of power in a tough world… always rising above. My first piece is choreographed by the one and only Teddy Forance who has been an incredible inspiration in my dance career.”


Each episode of “Carmilla” is unique. Love and relationship that develops between Laura and Carmilla is amazing. Thank you so much for the"Carmilla" web series. And thanks Creampuffs, we’re the best fandom! <3 I can’t wait to see season 2 *.* I need to see more Laura x Carmilla kisses <3