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“It has been an honour and a privilege to provide more positive on screen representation to the queer community- my community. And I would not be here today without all our fan’s support. I would not be here today without all of our fan’s support. I also want to thank everyone at smokebomb, shaftesbury, shift2, and my mom who’s my number 1 fan who made my dress last night. And especially to my beautiful co-star who is the real backbone to the little web series that could. You inspire me to work harder every day, Elise, so thank you so much, to my onscreen love interest- and maybe my real life one sometimes. But this isn’t for me. I think this is for all my fans who feel like they don’t belong or feel like an outsider. I am very much still that little girl who used to get shoved into lockers so, this one is for all of you.”

Tired [Part: 2]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.

OMG. YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN SO KIND TO ME AT THE COMMENTS ASDFGHKL. Anyways~ Back to the point! This part 2 took me awhile! ^^”, I don’t really have much complete plot line for this story so yeah. And if you’re wondering, isn’t Gotham actually New York? Well, I knew that and this are two alternate universe conjoined to each other so mind as well say Gotham is different city in this reader insert, also Gotham isn’t really a popular city in this AU so yeah. Enjoy reading!

PART [1] [3] [4]

It was a long ride to New York and you were awakened around the afternoon to find the owner of the bus tapping you.

“Miss, this is the last stop.”

You groaned and hoisted, nodding at the old man and resumed on walking out of the bus. The city of New York was eventful, and you couldn’t help but gawk at how optimistic the people are here. In Gotham, people feared for their lives but here you could see children moving around freely, stands that aren’t broken and everything that is the opposite of Gotham.

You separated the hood that was covering your face off. People here don’t really know much about Gotham so why bother cover up like some paparazzi would start taking picture of you. The rumbling of your stomach disturbed your fantasy, and you started to find some restaurant or whatever eatery that could provide you food for your hunger. Your luck remained beside for you as you found a hotdog stand in a distant. You paid for the hotdog that was on a stick with ketchup that accessorized it. You sat on a bench that was shaded by a tree and started to eat the food. While eating you brought out your cellphone.

And to your fear he texted you.

“Shit, now he would start find me. Better keep a low profile now,” you winced at the thought. You always loved attention and just having a low profile is hard for the formal serial killer.  You threw the phone at the earth and started stomping on it, which made some civilians gaze at you with oddness. You just wanted to stare back at the people and threat but you reminded yourself that you’re trying a new life as a rational person once again.

“There, no tracing me.” You muttered but then you grasped at the reality. “Fuck, now I don’t have a phone…”

You heaved a sigh and clutched your bag and roamed around for a while, trying to find a cheap hotel before you get a job. But then life teases you so much as you made another turn and saw a Mall with an Apple Shop.  You smirked, “Maybe stealing for a second wouldn’t hurt.”

Dragging the hood and is now covering your face, you arrived at the mall in silence. You passed the security with a little trick that Jerome taught you once, just thinking about that name made you wince. As you passed, the guards nod and you’re now almost free to steal hundreds of things in this mall but an IPhone is the only thing you needed for now. Maybe a MacBook too, it was a good decision so you included it at the list to steal in your head.

You entered the shop, and examined for any security cameras. “Of course there would be,” you murmured as you sighted three.

You then went to a laptop, which was not occupied and sneakingly hacked the system and deactivated the cameras one by one. Now your next plan, which you weren’t proud, had, consist of aiming a pistol towards the cashier.

“I need a phone dear, the latest one. And if you don’t hand it over to me I’ll—” you shot one person at the head that was trying to escape.  “Do that to you,” you spoke. Aiming once again to the cashier. “Y-yes sir!” she complied and proceeded to give you an IPhone, “Also give me one of the MacBook Air.” The cashier once again nodded and gave you the bag of the laptop. You proceeded to put the box to your backpack but then heard the girl calling 911. You rolled your eyes then shot her but then you heard the speakers of the mall alarming people.

You took your time but then you heard someone behind you. “Whoa man, stop right there.”

Turning back you saw a man dressed up in a spider suit which was odd because spiders couldn’t possible have red and blue color at the same time, right?

“The fuck is this, child’s play?” you thought out loud. “I wouldn’t think of that if I were you sir.” He then proceeded to shoot some web trying to get the gun but you managed to toss it and catch it with your other hand, you were completely surprised. People in New York have supernatural abilities? This will probably be harder than you thought it would be. You then shot the glass wall and dived in and continued on running, gripping the two bags tightly. The spider boy continued to chase you, you tried to lose him but he was too fast. You started to climb a ladder of a building. You were really talented on gymnastics and parkour because of your job in the circus with Jerome.

When you were now at the rooftop spider boy was there, stretching.

Mister you need to give that back!” you could almost imagine him beaming in triumph. You grumbled then sprint towards him, which made him, shock for a moment but then recovered back, you proceeded to engage a fight with him. You swing some punches to him and tried to kick him, which he kept dodging. Unfortunately, he was too quick and when you avoided one of his fists your hood fell and revealed your ponytailed/hair.

Y-You’re a girl?!” he gasped but then you managed to kick him on the chest and made a run for it. But when you were about to jump off the building and land to another one with such a great distance. Spider boy achieved to fire some webs on your leg when you jumped and tugged you towards him and proceeded to shoot some webs on all of your limbs, straining you. Preventing you to flee. You wriggled frustration is getting you.


“W-whoa! Calm down ma’am.” He brought out both of his hand and raised it beside him in a mocking manner. “If you didn’t stole, you wouldn’t been in this situation.”

The man in spider suit advanced picked the bag and the other bag, which has the laptop in it, hopefully it didn’t broke “Let me just get this and call the police—“


The man stared at you as you started to cry and shout he was confused on why you were acting like that. A trick? No, it seems genuine.


The cops dragged you at the station while you were crying and freaking out. “Madam, that man is a psychopath. He could never love you, he brought you in this situation and you chose to believe him and now this is the punishment.”

NoJ loves me he loves me! He wouldn’t leave me in this son of a bitch jail…. JEROME!” you said, struggling. Some of your faith was vanished when the police said those words. No, he couldn’t possibly abandon you here. Isolated. Few ticks ago, you and Jerome slaughtered most of the children and some parents in a birthday party. One of the neighbors overheard it and called the police leaving you unalert but Jerome knew this. So when you started to blow a punch on one of the children on the face, Jerome said that he would be back with a surprise. This is the second time both of you had a murder spree, so you could call yourself novice. You nodded, grinning at him and heard the door shut.  You continued on punching, stomping, having the time of your life and releasing all of the stress that was buckled up inside you.

You heard someone unlocked the door and you turned back smiling, “Jerome! This is fun!”

But it wasn’t Jerome you saw. It was three cops raising their guns at you. Now, you could easily escape this now but you weren’t witty back then. And that lead to the condition you were, in a cold prison. How did you get out? An acquaintance of Jerome and you from the circus helped you abscond. It was successful but when she said that you shouldn’t do it again and that Jerome is a bad deal you didn’t consider her advice. The next day you went to the circus to find Jerome with a brunette playing some games.

Mr. J!” you called out, they both turned around. The girl was angelic looking but had an aura around her that you didn’t like, when you glanced at Jerome. You swore he looked disappointed but rapidly covered it up. “Oh hey (Y/N)!” No sweet calls, no welcome back. As if he didn’t care you getting sealed up in the dungeon of a jail for five months, no hugs, no anything. Your heart stopped; this was the first time your heart broke due to love. “Who’s she?” the girl inquired Jerome.

“She’s a close friend of mine, hun.” You stared at him, eyes like saucer. “Please excuse us for a moment.”

You were about to speak up for yourself when he held your hand and dragged you in a well dim place. He looked at you, smiled. “I’m happy you’re out darling.” This gave you hope, a small smile managed to creep on to your face. “Don’t worry about her, bug.  She is just my new play toy, I still love you so much. Now be quiet of our relationship darling, it will ruin the fun.” He whispered and pecked my lips, it was quick which you were disappointed about but at least he gave some of his attention.


After that, he continued to do that same act again. Making you trust him, but smash it, then having an affair with another woman but claims that the female is another toy to him and you’re his soul mate.


“Jerome, don’t leave me…. I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass, I’m sorry for disturbing your torture, I’m sorry for asking too many question about the different girls you brought in the house! I just want you to stay Jerome…”

Spiderman looked at you confused but gloomy at the same time.  He wondered what happened to your past life that made your life so miserable. He assumed it was this “Jerome” person you were confessing about. He started to believe that you didn’t seem to be a bad person at all. Well being a homicidal person is unhealthy and awful but you seemed just mentally ill and had a hard time on your life. He couldn’t believe it but he is actually convinced that you can be cured. He pondered to whether give you to the police or just probably help you cope up and have a sane life. He felt sympathy. You seemed really afraid of being in jail; all people are but you in different case.

He sighed, “I’m going to regret this.”

Spiderman!” he heard the cops call out. He then proceeded to slide down the building, landing gracefully on top of the car of the police. “Did you manage to capture the burglar?” the fat police said, while the other police searched for the robber.

“Sorry o-officer…” he gulped. He wasn’t really a good liar; he just hoped they bought it. “The thief escaped. I’m really sorry.”

The policeman sighed, “Well… It happens, not all heroes could do their job perfectly.” He winced, his reputation decreasing.

“Alright, I’ll just go…” he answered back, swinging and jumping back at the building. He saw you passed out, in exhaustion probably.

“Spiderman, helping a criminal. What a news, I just hope I wouldn’t get caught…” He anticipated, detaching his mask. He wiped his sweat and looked at the sunset, then back to you. “What was I thinking?…” Peter walked towards you and kneels down. “Well… Off we go miss criminal, I guess?” he questioned to himself before putting his mask on and picking you up then going back to his and his Aunt May’s apartment.  He was just thankful that Aunt May was on a vacation the one and only Tony Stark.

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“I am better than the ENTIRE WORLD” by Liu Fang Mu

This is written by the singer in Gu Hai’s point of view about his love and care for Bai Luo Yin ❤️❤️😭😭

「Bai Luo Yin, tell me…why do I like you so much?」

I will translate the song later T^T

I do think that [Helen and Nikki] would still be together. They’ve been through so much and worked out a lot of their problems. I just see them as a couple that would stick it through.

- Simone Lahbib, DIVA Magazine (September 2016)

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do you know if there is a transcript anywhere of natasha's speech

“Oh wow, ok.  Oh wow.  Firstly, congratulations to the other nominees.  I recently had the pleasure of working on Murdoch Mysteries and hey are both so lovely and it’s just an honour to be in their company.  Secondly, most of you are wondering who the heck I am, I’m sure.  Yeah.  A few years ago, when I booked the role of a broody lesbian vampire on a little youtube series called “Carmilla,” I would’ve never imagined standing here.  So thank you so much to all of our fans who voted for me.  

It has been an honour and a privilege to provide more positive on-screen representation for the queer community, for my community.  And I would not be here today without all of our fan’s support.  

I’d also like to thank everyone at Smokebomb, Shaftsbury, and Shift2, and my mom who is my number one fan who made my dress last night.

And especially to my beautiful co-star who is the real backbone of the little web series that could.  You inspire me to work harder everyday, Elise.  So thank you so much for being my on-screen love interest.  Thank you.  And maybe my real life one sometimes, shhh.

But this isn’t for me.  I think this is for all of my fans who feel like they don’t belong or who feel like an outsider.  I am very much still the little girl who used to get shoved into lockers.  So this one’s for all of you!”

- Natasha’s speech for winning the Fan’s Choice Award at the Canadian Screen Awards

So I’ve had a few people approach me about the future of ALBATROSS and if I intend to continue it. I have not had the time to in this year to work on it but I would very much like to continue the series. 

I can’t express my thanks for the support I’ve gotten for it, without it this story wouldn’t have happened, and I would love to know if you all are interested in seeing it continue.

7 Reasons Tom Holland’s Spider-Man MUST DIE (And 8 Reasons He Won’t)
Spider-Man is one of the most successful, interesting and awesome characters on-screen today. And that is exactly why he should die.

I’m struggling to remember an article by CBR which has been worse than this one. 

Let’s go through this point by point.

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“Oh, Oh wow, ok, Oh wow, um firstly congratulations to the other nominees. I recently had the pleasure of working on Murdoch Mysteries and they are both so lovely and it’s just an honour to be in their company.

Secondly, most of you are wondering who the heck I am, I’m sure, yea uh, a few years ago I booked the role of a broody lesbian vampire on a little YouTube series called Carmilla. I would have never imagined standing here, so thank you so much to all of our fans who voted for me. It has been an honour and a privilege to provide more positive on screen representation for the queer community, for my community.

And I would not be here today without all of our fans support. I’d also like to thank everyone at SmokeBomb, ShaftesBury, and Shift2 and my mom who’s my number one fan; who made my dress last night, and especially to my beautiful co-star who’s the real backbone of the little web series that could. You inspire me to work harder every day Elise, so thank you so much for being my on screen love interest, thank you, and maybe my real life one sometimes, shhhh.

But this isn’t for me, I think this is for all of my fans who feel like they don’t belong or feel like an outsider. I’m very much still the little girl who use to get shoved into lockers, so this one is for all of you. Thank you.” ~ Natasha Negovanlis (@natvanlis) at the Canadian Screen Awards 2017 (CSA), 12 Mar 2017



ChaBin /’Cha bean’ ‘Cha bin’/

noun: 1. Hakyeon loves Hongbin a lot, but Hongbin tends to tease him (says he doesn’t like N) 2. Both have known each other the longest since they were trainees 3. Hongbin thinks Hakyeons stage presence and affection towards members are one of his good points 4. N literally says the nicest things about Hongbin (He’s hardworking, skills are perfect like his apperance, etc.) 5. Did a dance cover of Britney Spears, “Toxic” at a concert once 6. Were in a web drama called, “얘네들 MONEY?!” (What’s up with these kids!?) 7. During trainee days, Hongbin felt he was “trapped” and quit. He managed to leave for about 2-3 months before N, personally, went and found him and convinced him to comeback. Hongbin, to this day, thanks N for making him who he is now

Synonyms: NBin

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Just want to do an Elise Bauman appreciation ask... because wow, I just attempted to watch /another/ web series and can't help but be reminded of how brilliant Elise is. What a difference it makes when the lead actress can hold the weight of the material... It makes a huge difference for a show like Carmilla, when Laura is so central to everything (and the camera)! And the ridiculous amount of lines she had to deliver! I can't wait to see Elise on screen again! Miss her acting so much!!!

I love how you said “attempted” LMAO

Elise carries the show for Carmilla that’s for sure.  She really understands and connects to her character, how she’s feeling, and really got into Laura’s head space very seamlessly.  Elise had the most lines and was obviously on camera most out of everyone and yet she was able to pull it off so well in just a couple of days EVERY season.  I honestly believe no one else could’ve done Laura justice except Elise.  Hell, if it wasn’t for Elise, I would’ve dropped season 2 solely because Laura was getting on my nerves (which isn’t a bad thing, it showed Laura had her flaws).  Elise was able to portray Laura in a likeable way even though her character was very flawed and that in itself is such a difficult feat, because like I said, having an unlikeable main character would make people drop it quick.  She made Laura so believably “pure” in that it was obvious Laura never had much experience with seeing the world as grey even though journalism was her major (her experiences would probably help her in that field in the long run).  Her mannerism and her voice speech, making Laura talk fast and the exaggerated expressions adorably fits the character so well.  She brought Laura to life in a way that I feel like she’s real, that she’s talking to us, that we relate to her, that she was a 19 y/o struggling, that she was growing and learning, and that she was in love.

We’ll see her again soon, hopefully!~

All the Web Series

Hey everyone!

So my lovely sister suggested that I make a masterpost of all my favourite web series, so I started off by listing all the web series I’ve ever watched………and there are a lot. So many that I think I might have an eensy bit of a problem. But moving swiftly along, here’s my own not so little list of all the webseries I’ve watched all-the-way-through and want to ramble about in alphabetical order. As always, these are my own thoughts and opinions, and you are perfectly entitled to have different ones. Because this list is so long, I’m putting it under a read-more (cause otherwise this would seriously fill your entire dash) but above the read-more I’m gonna put a list of the web series I talk about so you can see if there’s something you want to check out :)

Adult Wednesday Addams

Autobiography of Jane Eyre

Blank Verse


Classic Alice

East and West

Elinor and Marianne Take Barton

Emma Approved

Frankenstein M.D.

From Mansfield With Love

Green Gables Fables

The Goreys


I Didn’t Write This

In Earnest


Jules and Monty

Kissing in the Rain

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Misselthwaite Archives

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Nothing Much to Do

School of Thrones


Submissions Only

A Tell-Tale Vlog

Welcome to Sanditon

Wish It Inc

Writing Majors

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I had a rly nice afternoon/night with yael…, we planned to go on a dinner date so I dressed fancy (in my black velvet dress) but when I got to her house I realized how much fun I was having just hanging out with her and finn at the house so we ordered sushi? And stayed in! In our “fancy” clothes. And goofed around and she showed me a musical she’s been wanting me to listen to and then we got ice cream @ sonic and when we came back I showed her a web series I’ve been wanting to show her and then we watched Anastacia and then it was suddenly like 1am! We got to spend so much time together and my heart is so full. I love being near her I can’t wait to be near here More. I love summer bc it means, her


Web Series Meme || five: funny moments

↳ (3/5) Dancing Darling Brothers [TNAOPAW]

“I had a… bug in my pants. I was attempting to extricate it. It appears to be gone now, so I will resume normal movement.”

I’m making a bulletin board at my library to feature web series.  Any suggestions for my list?

(* marks those I have not yet seen but are on my to-watch list, ** means I’m currently watching it) I’ll be doing it this summer for next school year, so stuff coming out this summer is fair game. And it will be up all year, so…)

[EDIT: Italics are new additions to the list.  Also, I’m already going to run out of room, so unfortunately I’m not including series like Kissing in the Rain or I Didn’t Write This]

• Nothing Much To Do
• Lovely Little Losers
• Jules & Monty
• Any Other Vlog
• Call Me Katie
• Kate the Cursed
• Midsemester Night’s Dream
• Like, As it Is (New As You Like It)*
• Much Ado About A Webseries

• The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
• Emma Approved
• Autobiography of Jane Eyre
• Elinor and Marianne Take Barton
• Mars and Elly*
• Welcome to Sanditon*
• From Mansfield with Love
Project Dashwood*
North Hangin*

• New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
• Green Gables Fables
• March Family Letters
• Misselthwaite Archives
• University Ever After
• Grimm Reflections
• Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros

• The Jane Games
• The Writing Majors
• Classic Alice
• Tell-Tale Vlog

• Carmilla
• Frankenstein M.D.
• Notes by Christine**
• The Late Nell Avery

• In Earnest
• Nick Carraway Chronicles
• Jamie Watson and Sherlock Holmes
• Baker Street*
• East and West
• Masked*

Where are all the wlw rom coms?

I mean, seriously, where are they? I feel like this should be a hot market, because from what I’ve seen, queer girls like me eat up representation wherever they can find it, but the vast majority of it is drama or subplots or things like that. I want a cute movie with girls in love where they actually get a happy ending! Is that too much to ask?

So, since I was at a complete loss for quality wlw rom coms, I decided to make my own. The result is Dog People, a lighthearted 3 episode web series with special bonus: dogs! You can check it out here

Just look at these cuties! Ugh I’m so proud of it. If you’re like me, and you just want to watch cute girls fall in love, I’d appreciate it if you checked out Dog People! And if you have any other wlw rom com recommendations, send them my way!

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Who won on Taskmaster???

I was afraid that it will be Mel… Sorry, but I just don’t like her. Fortunately, she was on the 3d place, and Joe on the 2nd. Noel was only once winner of the first episode, but this didn’t stopped him to win the series! I’m so proud of him! Always loved him, now, I started to respect his challenging spirit, and, if you watched all the series, you could see, how much Greg Davies was on his side! Noel’s victory is deserved more than enough! He is the best!