i love this web series

😂 from an unexpected character too. Mainly, I hate Lydia from the book and from the 2 adaptations (1995/2005 especially the Lydia from 1995) that i’ve watched but this web series makes me love Lydia. She isn’t just an annoying character anymore she has a personality that a lot people especially young people can be related to (well not me bc I’m not really a rebellion ). And Mary Kate is awesome in it. I may not be a rebellion but I adore every rebellious character that I know.


[170314] XU WEIZHOU’s first variety show - Intangible person

→ Finally he has appeared!! The show is so hilarious even though I don’t understand Chinese. He’s extraordinarily adorable omg you guys should watch it, really.

I’m gonna miss that stupid little music so much.
And that stupid library.
And that brody vampire.
And that stupid, naive girl.
And that control freak.
And that weirdo.
And that Xena.
And that stupid puppy.
And all the stupid things that show made me love.
I’ll miss the hell out of the little web series that was about mystery, gays and tampons, but ended up being about love, sacrifice and acceptance.
I’ll miss you Carm.
And, you are still killing me Hollis.

love will have its sacrifices

when you think about it, Carmilla ultimately gave up everything she knew for Laura. her sister. her immortality- which, while it came from and bound her to an abusive parental figure, was really the only way she could clearly remember being

Laura gave up her chance for a normal life (because they may get domestic but I don’t believe those two can ever achieve “normal” with what they know and what they’ve been through). she kept her ideals but lost a lot of her innocence about the world and the evil that exists in it

I love the web series on its own, but I also love the idea of it as an origin story for the movie. two girls, traveling the world on the back of a motorcycle, fighting evil. one sunny and kind but so stubborn she’d fight a god; the other dry and sarcastic, her eyes hinting at an age far beyond twentysomething. lovers bound as much by what they lost as what they gained

who, to quote the book, died together so that they may live together

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Everytime Natasha posts an article about her win, I get a little more excited. She legit went from a virtual unknown to getting shined on by the Canadian media, all because of one humble, heartfelt speech. It also means that when the Carmilla movie is out, it'll hopefully get more media attention because now a lot more people are aware of the show and its stars. Still kinda sad they'll miss out on the big LGBTQ festivals by releasing it online but I'm happy for them and honestly can't wait.

“Just who the heck is Natasha Negovanlis?”

I kind of do hope they pimp out the movie bc it can be a standalone from the web series and other people who don’t want to check it out can at least watch the movie.  Or if the movie is good, people will be tempted to check out the web series.  I know it’s a “love letter to the fans” as it should be, but hey, more queer representation right?  And this is different bc Hollstein are already in an established relationship, that rarely happens in an f/f movie or from what I’ve seen.


Oh my… She’s very… Up front about things, isn’t she. LOL!! I love it! This show is fantastic so far!! Really short episodes, extremely fast paced, but still fun to watch. 

This would have been me as well: 

If you’re interested in watching you can see it subbed here: Lily Fever