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Nemo and his impact on the Jones Brothers

(I know, it’s such a good and expressive title, right?)

I said this in another post, but I wanted to make my own post too, because everyone need to hear this. 

Let me start by telling you that I loved the relationship between Nemo and Killian since the first second they’ve been together on my screen in “Dark Waters”. I love Nemo and his impact on the Jones Brothers and I would love to see him in more episodes. 

Nemo IS a father figure for Killian and maybe even a father for Liam 2. 

Killian grew without a father because Brennan left him and Liam. All he had when he was a child was Liam, Liam took care of him, Liam helped him, Liam was his eveything. Liam, for Killian, was his hero, an example for him when he was growing up. When Liam died, Killian was left alone, his hero, his role model wasn’t there anymore. He became a pirate, he met Milah, he loved Milah and then he was left alone again.

At the same time, Liam 2, grew up without a father too, we all know why. But we still have to find out so much about his life. Did anyone took care of him after Brennan died? Was he alone? An orfan? How old was he when Nemo took him on the Nautilus? I want to find answers to these questions, you know? 

A big difference between Killian and Liam is NEMO. Nemo took care of Liam, he helped him, set him on a good path and I am sure that Liam started to see him as his own father, because as we’ve seen in ‘Dark Waters’, Liam loves Nemo a lot. Nemo tried to do the same with Killian. He tried to give Killian a home, a new family on Nautilus, but we know how Killian was back then. He was angry, he wanted revange and Nemo knew this, but he still tried to make him understand what is the right thing to do. I think, if Killian wasn’t so angry back then, he would have stayed with Nemo (this and the fact that Liam wanted to kill him)

Now, 30+ years later, we see a different Killian, he is now a man who wants a family, a better man, a man prepared to get married with the love of his life. But his past comes back to bite his ass and Nemo makes an apparence again. This time Killian wants to hear what he has to say, Killian needs advices on what to do and Nemo says the right things again, he gives Killian the right advices, he really wants to help him. 

This is what a father does when his children need help. He helps them, gives them good advices. 

Nemo is the best father figure Killian can have. He and David are perfect at this job (being fathers), and I’m really happy Liam 2 had and still has him and now Killian has him too. He can go to him when he needs some advice and he can’t talk with someone else. 

Last night, Nemo called him “my boy” and my heart just melted because do you ever think about how long has it been since someone called him ‘my boy’? Because I DO and I want to cry when I think about it.

I want to see more of their relationship, because it has such a big big potential! I want to see more of Killian going to Nemo, I want to see Nemo being happy for Killian, I want Killian and Liam to bond, I want to see Liam and Nemo together. I want all of this and more because Killian has been alone for more than 300 years and he needs a family. Yes, Emma, Henry and the Charmings are his family, all of them love him dearly, but I also think Killian needs deserves more. 

PS: I think Faran agrees with me

Mister mister!! I bought this water bottle today and it’s soooooooooo cute!!!! It has my name on it and I love it so much!! It makes water taste a little bit weird, but I just thought it was reallyyyyyy cute and needed to show you it. Thank you for everything mister!

awww its very cute. hopefully it is both refreshing as well as hydrating and brings you hours of thirst quenching enjoyment! Thanks for sharing


Victuuri Week - Day 4 - Free for all (Cooking!)

Yuuri makes the cutest bentos and Viktor spends the whole lunch hour taking a million pictures of them for instagram (after he wakes up from the initial passing out from the power of love)

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  

Apparently all I needed to get out of my funk was a change in fanart! I love how Percy can just sit at the bottom of the ocean, completely dry and comfortable-like, in a bubble if he wanted LOL. I absolutely love this series! (this is also the first time I’ve actually tried drawing a shark… they’re a pain 0___0)


demyx + battle quotes