i love this video tbh

i’m binge watching jude and cody videos and i am a soft baby boy and it fills me with happiness to see comfortable and happy trans people whose entire identities aren’t about being trans and also their relationship is so loving and supportive so basically if ur a trans ball of sadness like me u should watch some jude and cody videos 2 cheer urself up !

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The blog Amy just uploaded with their trip to the dessert is so fucking sweet I got cavities in every single teeth I have in my mouth, I swear it's so adorable

Ohhh it was so cute! 

her videos give me hella good vibes tbh, i love how passionate she is about the places she visits!


100 Days of AmazingPhil → 1/100


my favourite vines


Favorite female villains in video games.

until my feet bleed and my heart aches by @kazliin

“Either you actually do care about Viktor, even a little bit in that stupid fucked up head of yours, or you’re using him just like everyone thinks. So I’m giving you a choice. If you do feel something for him, you tell him and stop fucking him around. And if you don’t, you stay the hell away from him. Got it?” 

song: lowlife (slushii remix) - that poppy


written for us [flint and hamilton]