i love this video so much


 Finally finished a video about No Control Project. It includes audio and video from radio stations who played it, video reactions of fans, 1D and even TV-fooking-NEWS. That’s my way of saying THANK YOU all those amazing people who worked and support this project, because it was so much fun and i loved every second of it. Best. Thing. Ever.

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What do you think of Alexis and Jay?

LiKe R u serious?!? GOALS GOALS GOALS!!!!! OMG I LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH THEY ARE MY IDOLS!!!!?! WHY? OMG STOP ASKING I OBVIOUSLY AM JUST OBSESSED WITH THEIR BEAUTY AND OMFG!! I WANT TO BE THEM EVEN THOUGH THAT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE?! OMG CRYING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IM NOT ALEXIS 😢😭 I wish I had someone to slap my ass and film it?!??? I wish I had someone to bite my bum and put it on his INSTA then delete it. I wish a had a love so pure he did the same cute videos and bum slapping with previous hot babes. I wish I could be a model and model with my boyfriend hire a Lamborghini and bring popcorn on an airplane BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE SO INSPIRATIONAL OMG GOOOAAAAALLLLSSSS!!

In all seriousness. They take AMAZING photos. Both beautifully blessed. Jay is exceptionally talented at producing visually captivating content that creates an illusion of a “perfect life”.

This perfect life does not exist. That is my only problem. As a content creator I see their life on social media as highlights/edited/planned/exceptionally lucky. I do not see it as “goals”. They do not share their values or personal thoughts/feelings. I have no idea who they are or what they stand for. That isn’t a bad thing, I just don’t think you should idolize someone/ a relationship based purely of visually appealing content.



Let’s just talk about this video for a moment, because it’s a masterpiece.


This fandom is so talented and I want to thanks all the people who make incredible videos like this one, draw amazing fanarts, who write the fanfics, the reviews and the crazy theories from the spoilers.


Special thanks, bless your heart girl, to https://twitter.com/EMILYYBETT amellybettrickards for this wonderful video. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve already watched it.

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I feel like Spy Kids 3 is such an underrated movie like they literally go INTO A FUCKING VIDEO GAME?? Who couldn't like that?

spy kids 3 is fucking awful but at the same time it’s literally a cinematic masterpiece honestly i love it so much

real talk though robert emms’s acting in these few seconds of video. he goes through like a hundred different facial expressions

first shock, then kind of silently squealing that icarus was basically on top of him and he glances quickly to icarus as if in disbelief that that actually happened, then he seems to relive what just happened and it makes him smile because he loves him so much, then he looks confused because he’s starting to realise just how much he is in love with icarus and fuck it if he’s not going to remember this moment forever.

robert emms is such a goodactor im

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Do you happen to have the video links to where all these Utopia gifs are coming from please?

I haven’t watched it yet but here’s the links;


① Opening Interview+Middle Interview+Ending Interview [X]
② The Parade of Black X [X] 
③ 다칠 준비가 돼 있어 (On & On) [X] 
④ 저주인형 (Voodoo doll) [X] 
⑤ 어둠 속을 밝혀줘 (Light Up the Darkness) [X] 
⑥ Secret Night [X] 
⑦ Performance – Surgery [X] 
⑧ After Dark [X] 
⑨ Talk [X] 
⑩ Say U Say Me [X] 
⑪ Love Letter -Japanese Ver- [X] 
⑫ 청춘이 아파 (Youth Hurts) -Japanese Ver.- [X] 
⑬ Performance – Mother [X] 
⑭ Hyde [X] 
⑮ Beautiful Killer [X] 
⑯ 기적 (Eternity) [X] 
⑰ VCR – End of the World [X]
⑱ Error [X] 
⑲ Encore -이별공식 (Love Equation)+ 대.다.나.다.너 (G.R.8.U) [X]

 Thanks to Pinker Bell m^v^m

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Honestly, it's so clear you no longer enjoy vlogging /posting videos on youtube. It's sad but don't feel obliged to do that if you don't care as much as you used to. Love from esp xx

Please check this out: http://kaeandlucy.tumblr.com/post/116562890882/youtube-the-next-step

It’s not that we ‘don’t care as much as we used to,’ and I think that’s an unfair assumption. We’re just really, really busy at the moment. YouTube isn’t our job, it’s just a hobby that we enjoy, so right now, other more important things (like our jobs) are taking priority. We’re working hard at carving out our careers, we’re moving house this week, Kae’s family are visiting the week after, and Lucy’s friends are visiting the week after that. We have a ton of stuff to do, that’s all. When things calm down, it’ll be back to normal. Please do not make assumptions, thank you.


so can someone explain to me y he’s so hot like y???!!!!!!!!!


“So lately I’ve seen a girl around her who looks a heck of a lot like me. Pretty much exactly like me, except she’s got boobs and I’ve got a…well, you know.”

“She’s awesome from what I’ve seen! Not only is she British, which in and of itself is cool because of the accent, she’s a gamer and a mechanic!”

“And I love a girl who plays video games, and one who’s not afraid to get dirty in the garage! Female mechanics are kick-ass! Not to mention, she’s just as beautiful and sexy as I am~!”


Today I finally went to Mir’s mother’s café Esugoroke! It was so weird to meet Mir’s mother after seeing her on pictures and videos so many times, but she was so kind and sweet to us! The bread was so delicious and the cafe itself was so cute, with all the pics of Mir and MBLAQ lol she’s really their number 1 fan ㅋㅋ Anyways, due to language barrier we couldn’t speak much to each other, but I think my message got through quite clear how much I love Mir lol she asked who our favorite member is and when I said Mir she laughed lol but looked proud and happy ^^ I showed her my background pic of Mir on my phone and she laughed again lol she also said MBLAQ gonna have comeback next month! When I asked her that MBLAQ should please come to Europe she said that they want to! :D She also asked where we are from and where we live right now in Korea. ^^ Besides that, I think I told her countless of times that I really really like Mir lol I also told her that I’m studying Korean right now and wanted to go to Korea just because of MBLAQ, and she asked how long I’ve been in Korea. ^^ I’m wondering how many foreigners have visited her café tho, I’m guessing it’s not that many which makes it even more awesome bc then I’m more rememberable lmao I’m just imagining her telling Mir about me ㅋㅋ

I also gave her some presents and a drawing of Mir, and she seemed very happy and surprised about it and searched for a place on the wall to put it up *-* before we went out I asked her to say hello to Mir from us and she said she will~~ 

 Also~~~ I uploaded the pics on my Twitter and she replied “Thank you😄” which is crazy and I’m still screaming inside bc I met my mother in law and she replied to me on Twitter and knows my Twitter account loloolollol and now I’m just happyyyyyyy I really wanna see Mir too but maybe soon!!!!!!! It was so surreal meeting his own mother like wtf this is the closest I’ve ever been to him for now and this is the person who knows him the best and gave birth to him and I’m just dead.

I wanted to make this video to show Taylor how much we all appreciate everything she does for us. She always says that she wouldn’t be where she is now in her life and career without us but most of us wouldn’t be where we are right now without her either. So Taylor, if you ever see this, I just want to say thank you on behalf of everyone, we love you just as much as you love us.

ps. this is my first ever attempt at a video edit so sorry it’s not great!

Really short video of some pictures of taydreaming and I at the Big Weekend, I also included clips where we are 99% sure Taylor was singing/looking at us and stuff :) 

taylorswift you put on such an amazing show and waiting in the rain in the same spot for 9 hours was worth every minute. Thank you for giving us so much happiness and so many great memories, WE LOVE YOU :) 

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I honestly look up to you so much, you're unreal. You're makeup is always flawless, and you're so talented and I love your voice and videos and wow, you are goals. I hope one day I'm as talented and confidence as you are. <3 thank you for being such a great person.

You’re beautiful


Hey everyone! balletfever89 and I have teamed up again, and this time it’s a bit different :) not exactly the way we had originally planned, but we had so much fun making this and ultimately we love the way it turned out! 

Hope everyone enjoys this one!! :)