i love this video hehe

Please look at Hoseok patting all the backup dancers backs one by one as they we’re leaving the stage ㅜㅜ An angel ㅜㅜ


Okamoto Nobuhiko

Nishinoya Yuu + Accelerator (Okamoto Nobuhiko)

  • glassanimals the time I convinced joe to put an entire orange in his mouth at once. hehe
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A fan gave Hoseok a Sex Pistols Bearbrick, and he obviously just read the word “sex” and couldn’t stop saying “WOW WOW WOW!” I LOVE HIM.

anonymous asked:

I'm watching the nuest videos you posted and it seems like the staff really love the boys (like cheering for Ren when he was dancing to pick me and when JE was dan in to ma boy) I think it's really cute!

Thank you for watching the videos! 😊 It is really cute how the staff cheer! It’s impossible not to love them hehe I don’t have this video on the list bc I forgot to add it but if you watch their HeyoTV episode where they perform Face again (I think they’re all wearing either black or white in the video) the staff are cheering too and the host is a really big fan!