i love this version of you


I do believe my role as girlfriend is to be a source of comfort and support. I’m here to encourage and love and remind him just how amazing he is. It’s not my job to tell him what to do or who to be. I see him as he is and want him to be the best version of himself, for himself. I wish I could say I always felt this way. I grew up thinking being in a relationship was just finding someone you liked and who liked you back. But the way his love for me is set up, he is and has always been my biggest cheerleader. It caused me to change how I see relationships. I see it as two people, going through life together, and that when life is hard, the love they have for each other makes that hard life easy. I’ve learned that from the way he loves me. A love that I didn’t know I needed until God gave it to me. So to be a source of comfort and peace for him is the least I can do for the man that has showed me the love God wants for me.

So I have seen so much funny/amazing stuff in the fandom about 80’s voltron and why I should be watching 80’s voltron, I decided to jump in with Lauren Montgomery’s most memorable episode, ‘The Sleeping Princess’, and oh my gosh? what have I been doing with myself?? when I could have been watching 80’s voltron?/??

there was

next minute

bewitched dagger near-death experience kidnapping SIGN ME TF UP :DDD

and the team are just having the best spring ever??

as a theatre major I love when someone executes the Power of Drama

worse than this medieval carriage is when someone takes ‘you can sit up-top’ too seriously…

>:’>  ~~~~~  :CCC

and then at the very end when Lotor and Haggar are making a getaway, I was so so ready to see the cool 80’s version of Lotor’s spaceship… 

and instead… he got into…

a jet-pack coffin???

Keith and I had similar reactions tbh??

TL;DR I love this, I love them, they are all my favourite in every reality 😭💜💜


I made some stickers! I’m thinking of doing more but who am I kidding what will I do with all of them?

So! I was thinking do you want them? Are you willing to give me your address so I could send 5 pieces of stickers that their digitally version will never see the post button on any social media websites, ever?? And a personal hand written letter for you?! Weellll you’re in luck! Since I reached a milestone (1,000+ followers) I am giving this guys off to my lucky 3 followers!
All you gotta do is message me! How easy is that!! You could’ve paid for this but nuh-uh I’m gonna give this to you for FREE!!~  Cuz I love you all (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧

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So you remember that epic scene right after Robert figured out Chrissie was framing Andy and he sneaked off to the back of the Woolpack and went rooting through a handbag pretending he needed a tissue? And Aaron caught him and saw through him in a second and looked absolutely at the end of his goddamn tether because Robert is the most obvious person in the world, why does he think he’s stealth incarnate???

I need an updated version where Aaron gets back from France, sees Lawrence and Robert together and pulls him aside, like, so… do you want to explain what’s going on here? And Robert just casually declares that he and Lawrence are deeply in love. (With that kid-caught-lying expression on his face).

I need for Aaron to do a double take, be unable to think of anything to say for a good few seconds, pinch the bridge of his nose, half walk off, walk back again, and then be like: Oh okay, that makes perfect sense. Sorry to have bothered ya. ROBERT WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???!!!


More like “suggestions” but I’m always happy to get requests whether or not I take them!

That said there are definitely some things I’m more likely to draw on a whim than others… Cute, snuggly, sumptuous, chubby woman are always welcome! Always nice to draw a cute pinup between panels or when I’m trying to figure out how I wanna arrange a scene. Honestly I’d even be happy to draw any chubby girl OCs you might have or just plus-sized versions of your OCs. Also characters with a dark color pallet are nice cuz i can hide my mistakes in their clothes/hair/complexion. Oh and bonus points if you have a character that carries most of her weight in her waist. Most of chubby girls I get to draw are either hourglass or pear-shaped (mostly myself to blame for that last one cuz i love thick chubby thighs </////<), so I’d love to have a greater variety of body types! X3

All of THAT said though really send anything! You guys have sent in plenty of great stuff I mean the entire Shadow Day arc spawned just because somebody asked if I could draw Angel being nice to kids. So I never know what I’ll run with. I always love hearing from you guys and I still have a ton of asks I’ve been meaning to get to! ^w^

Mimzy and Vaggie (and Niffty’s in a few scribbles back there. And also the silhouette wolves I retooled the jebus out of) belong to @vivziepop and Millie (who is normally much smaller but Kat let’s me draw her extra soft) belongs to @kat-ozkosar.

Of course we would have liked to see the DVD already subbed, since there are so many fans out there of this series who do not speak and understand Japanese. Nevertheless, the play was already beautiful watch, no matter if you didn’t understand the language.

But to make it even more perfect and accessible for everyone, a team was assembled to sub this huge project.

So who isThe Inu Subbing Team anyway?


Several weeks of hard labor paid off and we are happy to present you the subbed version of the play ^^

I would really like to thank @fast-moon, and @animaniacal for their help ^^

Information about the stream can be found here [x]

No money is made from this English subbed version.

It is made by fans for all other fans over the world who enjoy and love this series so much.

InuYasha ©2000 Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan - Yomiuri TV - Sunrise

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Uuuugh part 3 was sad but so gooood. Stop pulling on my heartstrings, mate. Love your blog, and give the Driver twins my love <3

Aw, I wouldn’t call it sad. Sometimes uncomfortable situations happen and people get their feelings hurt. They’re adults, and it’s not like it’s the end of their friendship or anything. If it helps, you can imagine an alternate version where the last few pages are just them violently making out.

I’ll pass the love along.

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Ahh omg I love your art and I love your fics! For the art you did of MSA, are the last two pictures (with iz//ku and ka//chan) of future events in the fic? I love all your work and i get super happy when you post anything! Keep up the amazing work!! <3

the second-to-last picture (as captioned) is concept art i did a while ago of a future scene… i don’t know what the form the final version will take but i didn’t want to let that art go to waste haha

the last picture is just vent art

The Deciduous Single Woman

When I left 

the only man

I married,

I shed weight,


arguments for staying,

my old time


and taking one

for the team.

By team, I mean

someone else’s 


of a one sided


When I left the man

I truly first loved,

I shed hair,

no Rapunzel 


no hair for you to climb

and rescue me

from my tower.

I watched

my fantasies


with every season

of realization.

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Dude, your Frankenstein drawing is like a straight up renaissance painting, it's so perfect the way Eggsy is draped and Harry is holding him. I loved all of your 30 day OTP stuff and was so sad it ended but that makes me even happier every time I see something new. All the Halloween stuff is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing <3

Thank you! The inspiration was actually classical depictions of Pieta so you are correct. It felt fitting as I was thinking more about romanticised book/ National Theatre version of Frankenstein than the Universal monster.

thatcloverguy  asked:

Who first made Loan Loud and why is she always a nervous wreck? And I love it that the Sin Kids now have a big sister.

She was originally designed by @sb99doodles but at first she was just another version of Lori. Then a user by the name of Faganon pitched her as this nerdy girl.

So i expanded upon that by turning her into this anxiety filled who hasnt left her home for the past 16 years because her mothers been filling her with the dangers of the outside world. To the point where she’s had so little human contact that she’s resorted to talking through text alone.

So you know, its like a fun group project.

A hidden gem:

“Everything in that realm was just a twisted version of the truth. Like a cracked mirror. You’re not real.” 

“I’m as real as the day is long.” 


So, everything we saw happen in the wish realm was the truth… but different? 
Like… a parallel?

So, basically, all those wish realm Swan Queen metas were right?? 

Sounds like it to me! 

Oh. And tell me more about cracked mirrors, hmm?

Swan Queen is true love, even if it’s forced to remain hiding in subtext and shadows. It’s there. It’s true love. 

And they used Emma’s last episode to confirm it, once again. 

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o great clownmaeda(s?) please help. i cannot find a way to add you on clowny run. could you provide me with a line account id so i can be your clowny run pal. i love you

hello my clownmaedaling. this is mod 4. unfortunately, i do not have the line version of clown run. i only have clown run: honkybreak. i am so sorry. Maybe one day when i upgrade my clownophone i will download the line version and add every single clown. thank you.

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i know this is a bit random but has Yifan ever had a name his calls his fans? or do we have an unofficial name fans came up with that we can call ourselves?

Oh Yes! His fandom is called ‘Mei Ge Ni’. In chinese its written ‘每个你’ and translates to 'everyone of you’. And he used to say stuff like “我爱你,每个你.” To his fans saying: “I love you, everyone of you.” very often. And then over time the chinese version of 'everyone of you’ became the name he gave his fans.

He uses this quite frequently, I think he used 'Meigeni’ on a weibo post like this week even. ❤️

And if you ever see the movie “Somewhere only we know” you would know that he has a young daughter in that movie. And he got the chance to name her movie daughter himself and he choose the name “Ni Ni” dedicated to his “Mei Ge Ni”. (This man is so sweet I cried when I first found out the meaning behind Ni Ni’s name in the movie.)