i love this ver


Well … this count as a Au?? I don’t know??

Anyway, “Sincerely me” but Connor and Zoe are writting the fake letters (sorry if I make a mistake writting or this didn’t rhyme (??) english isn’t my first languague) 

anonymous asked:

Can you do hip hop unit ver. of along their best friend out?? I love your blog btw xx

Sure! thanks for the request!

S.Coups: He’d try to appear like he’s not scared. But really he is. He would pretend to be confident and ask out his friend, secretly expecting the worst.

WonWoo: Shy, shy, shy.. Can’t believe that he’s actually asking his best friend out in the moment. Almost stops completely in the middle of asking them out on a date.

Mingyu: Doesn’t see anything weird about asking his best friend out. He feels as though the friendship is so strong that even if they say no, it won’t be awkward afterwards. He’s pretty confident.

Vernon: This kid is gonna be rambling on and on before he even gets to the point of asking them out. He’ll tell to them about how their such a good friend and it’s really cheesy but sweet. Then he’d ask them out quickly, with a grin on his face.


She doesn’t know what was going on in Hannah’s life. 
                                 You don’t know what’s going on in hers.


Have I mentioned I like Kliff

Sigh why must he be in a game without an MU……… I didn’t mind not having an MU until I wanted to marry him… KLIFF DON’T LEAVE ME AT A KLIFFHANGER

(I still didn’t get a hang of drawing him when I drew the first pic so it’s…too manly for him even after going through a fix orz)


Ha nyár lennél,
Én szellő, mi simogat,
Ha villám lennél,
Én dörgés, mi mindenkit riogat,
Ha virág lennél,
Én méh lennék, ami beporoz,
Ha fenyő lennél,
Én a rajtad logó toboz,
Ha óra lennél,
Én a benned lévő percek,
Ha az angol királynő,
Én a büszke herceg,
Ha dolgozat lennél,
Én lennék benned a hiba,
Ha te Duna lennél,
Én lennék a Tisza.
Ha fa lennél,
Én a rajtad csüngő levél,
Ha könyv lennél,
Én a benned lévő regény.
Ha vers lennél,
Mindig olvasnálak,
Soha nem találnék én
Szebb verset nálad.

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