i love this twitcam too much

It makes me really happy how much 5sos say they love us before, during, and after twitcams and on twitter and keeks like sometimes I’m really sad and then I hear them say that and I just smile really big because I love them too


Yesterday  I watched the twitcam of Louis and Harry and a moment Louis shows his phone to Harry and say “ me too” with such a soft voice, and Harry smiled like an idito and made a small laugh. Imagine a fan tweet  " I love harry “ and Louis show the tweet to Harry beacause he love Harry too


Harry come in the Louis’s room  when the twitcam so we can think that Louis called Harry and ask him for coming in his room for the twitcam

but a later in the twitcam, we can see Harry take his phone that is plugged in, but before that, we don’t see him connecting his phone

So Harry was in the Louis’s room befor the twitcam and spent much time in because he  left his phone in the room

#87: His twitcam shout out to you


“I’m boring, I’m sorry guys. There’s like millions of you guys watching me sit and doing nothing,” you smiled and giggled at your boyfriend Ashton. If only you were there. He was on tour, and you couldn’t go. You missed Ashton way too much. He was scrolling through his laptop, who know what’s he’s doing on there. “I’m stalking Y/N to much,” he chuckled. The comments blew up. The fans were teasing him. “I am not a creepy stalker! I just miss her!” he giggled. Oh how you loved that giggle.

“Oh here’s a question..” his face lit up and smiled. “How’s Y/N? Do you miss her? She’s fine, I bet she’s watching the twitcam or sleeping. And I miss her alot. Y/N if you’re watching this I love you, I’ll be home soon and you’re amazing,” he giggled again. You decided to text him. “I love you too you dork," Ashton smiled and then locked his phone.


Luke was so bored, him and the band were doing a twitcam. He was just scrolling through his phone and then put it on the table. He pouted his lips. "Hey Luke, you know it’s your girlfriends birthday right?” Calum said. Michael looked at Luke and began laughing. “O-OH OH MY GOD! LUKE FORGOT Y/N’S BIRTHDAY!” Michael began clapping and laughing. “You’re such a bad boyfriend Luke!” Ashton started to giggle. 

You began to laugh, you were watching the twitcam. Luke blushed. “Y/N IF YOU’RE WATCHING, I’M SORRY I FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, WHEN I GET HOME I’LL GIVE YOU YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I’M SORRY BABY,” Luke blushed and covered his eyes. “They’re gonna *wink wink*” Calum hinted and the boys laughed. “No we’re not!” Luke laughed. 


You kept texting Calum, and was watching his twitcam. “My girlfriends an idiot,” he laughed. “I hope she isn’t watching this twitcam and heard this..” you texted back,  “I heard you Hood" and he laughed. "Damn it Y/N! You’re so lucky I love you. She’s watching this twitcam guys,” he groaned. 

“I love you Y/N, when I get home, I hope you realize you shouldn’t of watched this twitcam,” he winked. “Are you trying to make me get punishment or something? Cause it’s not happening mister," you sended the text and smiled victoriously. He rolled his eyes, jokingly and shut his phone off. Oh he’s getting major payback. 


Michael pouted that you were sick. He’s seen your instagram and tweets saying you were sick. "Give Y/N some get well please,” he begged. “She’s really sick, and she’s in the hospital,” he frowned. “Y/N if you’re watching, I love you a lot and please get better,” he gave his cute grin and you smiled. You were watching the twitcam in the hospital room. You tweeted, “I love you @Michael5SOS. You’re such a cry baby with me ;)" 

And then you ended up getting millions of "Get well Y/N”’s and Michael tweeted you back. “@Y/T/N you love me” “@Michael5SOS yeah no. I love video games and pizza than you,” “@Y/T/N DAT E ME PLZ”. You heard Michael giggle. “Y/N you’re such a adorable dork,” he said. Making you smile and ended up twitter fighting with him. 

-Kelly :] x

5SOS Preferences #41 - You're famous

Ashton: Actress. “Ashton, are you ready yet? The limo’s here. I’m going to be late to my own premiere!” You huffed. The new film you were in was having its premiere and of course, Ashton was keeping you. “Ok ready darling!” He smiled running down the stairs and kissing you. “Beautiful as always! Now we have a premiere to go to…” Once you got to the premiere, you and Ashton walked down the red carpet and you did some interviews before going inside. “I am so incredibly proud of you [y/n], I love you so much!” Ashton told you before the movie started. “Thank you Ashton. I love you too!”

Calum: Olympian. “So I haven’t done a twitcam in so long, so QUESTION TIME!” You grinned. You had just finished a gymnastic competition and came first, you’re first competition after your injury from the Olympics. “My favourite member of 5 Seconds of Summer is Calum!” You said answering the question.
Once the twitcam was over, your mentions on twitter were blowing up, you saw the tweets then went to Calum’s profile. ‘@Calum5SOS @y/t/n check your DMs’ you checked them and saw Calum had sent you his number. After that day, your relationship blossomed into something great

Luke: Singer. “Luke?” You asked as you walked into the study where he was writing songs. “Yeah babe?” He smiled turning round to face you. “My record label want you to feature in one of my songs and and you and the boys in another one as well. Please will you do it?” You begged taking his hands. “No need to beg, of course I’ll do it!” He laughed giving you a kiss. “What song is it?” “The one you wrote with me, and the one for us and he boys is one I wrote with Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz!” “It sounds great babe, I’ll do it, and I’m sure the boys will to. It’s going to be great!”

Michael: Youtuber. “So I have forced my loving boyfriend Michael to join me in a video today. Say hi babe!” You smiled nudging him. “Hi [y/n] viewers!” He waved. “We’re doing a tag video today. I’m asking, he’ll answer and I’ll win!” You stated before beginning. Half way through the video you guys were already ‘arguing’ about an answer. “Michael, you took me bowling then went for a walk on our first date!” “No that was our first ‘I love you’!” He argued. “Our first ‘I love you’ was in front of the opera house when we went into the city one day…” You sighed. “Oh yeah!” Michael laughed remembering. “You’re right baby. Love you!” “And that’s it for this week. Bye lovelies!”

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