i love this twitcam too much

Twitcam Imagine for Isabella

Anon: Imagine where Calum is doing a twitcam and I come home from the store or something and we answer questions? My name is Isabella :)

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“We’ve been working on the new album alot.” Calum smiled and starting to tell them about how the album was coming along, making sure not to slip up and reveal too much. He was sitting on his bed, laying on his stomach while doing a twitcam alone. His girlfriend, Isabella had gone out to the shops to get a pair of shoes she had been saving up for for over two months. In the middle of Calum’s sentence he stopped when he heard the front door open and the quick click, click, clicking of Isabella’s sandals against the hardwood floors as she jogged up the stairs.

“Calum!” She swung open the door, shoebox in her hand.

“Got the shoes?”

“Last pair too!” She cheered, jumping up and down.“ I literally cried on my way here.” She laughed, taking a seat next to him on the bed.

“Say hi to the fans, babe.”

“Hi!” She waved at the camera and told Calum to scoot over a bit so she could fit on the bed. “I just got these shoes that were 186 dollars, and I’m beyond happy.”

“She’s been saving up for two months.”

“Those last four paychecks were so worth it.” She pulled out the heel, admiring it.

“I tried to buy them for her, but she was being stubborn as usual.”

“Because you surprised me with these very expensive earrings and I didn’t want you to waste anymore money.”

“I can afford it, and since I can afford it I think I should be allowed to spoil you.”




“Fine.” He groaned and smiled when he read multiple comments saying how adorable the two of them were.“Let’s answer some questions, Bella!”

“Okay.” She agreed, laying down beside him.

“Uh, where did you meet?” Calum read out the comment. “I don’t remember.”

“Calum!"She hit his shoulder and he laughed.

"Michael introduced us at this party because she reminded him of me.”

“He was beyond wasted that night. He puked on my shoes!”

“That was amazing.” Calum laughed and Isabella couldn’t help but to laugh along with them.

“First kiss?” Bella read out and Calum smirked.“ Keep it PG, please.”

“But our first kiss wasn’t PG. It lead to some amazing sex, actually."He licked his lip, remembering the first time he got a piece of her.

"The fans didn’t need to know that, Calum.” She rolled her eyes and he laughed, placing a kiss to her hand.

“It was like three months after knowing each other and we decided to get wasted at my place. One thing led to another and then afterwards we were a couple.” Calum explained to the fan that had asked what exactly happened.

“Worst habit of mine?” Calum read out and Isabella sighed.

“This one’s hard, you have a lot of bad habits.”


“Uh…you’re naked like ninety five percent of the day.”

“That’s not a bad habit.”

“Well, it became a bad habit when my parents were over and you walked downstairs butt ass naked asking to ‘cuddle’.” She reminded and his cheeks turned pink.

“Do not remind me! They couldn’t look at me for months after that.” He laughed, covering his face.

“Favorite place to hang out?”

“We go to the arcade a lot. That or Froyo, because she really likes frozen yogurt.”

“I do.” She confirmed, nodding her head.

“Favorite thing to do with eachother?” He smirked as he read this comment and she hit his shoulder. “I think you already know.”

“Calum!” She whined and he shrugged.

“Just being honest, but another one of my favorite things is when we just chill around the house all day, eating junk food in our onesies.”

“I like when we randomly decide to wake up at three in the morning and cook breakfast and dance around in our underwear.”

“Okay, guys this one is the last question of the day.” Calum announced,“ What little moment do you share now that you look forward to later in life?”

“Waking up to you everyday, well atleast when you’re not on tour. I like rolling over on top of you and knowing that I’m yours.” Isabella smiled and laced their hands together.

“I like napping naked on top of you.”

“Wow, so romantic.” She said sarcastically and rolled her eyes, 'causing him to chuckle.

“I don’t know what it is about it, though. I’m not completely on you, but our legs are tangled together and my head is on your amazing pillowy tits.”

“Okay, seriously, Calum.”

“And you’re scratching my back and running your hands through my hair."he laughed, continuing his answer.” We don’t say anything to each other, just enjoying the silence. That’s what I’m looking forward to when we get married.“

"You’re going to marry me?” She questioned, a huge smile on his face.


“Awww, Calum!” She cooed, attacking his face with kisses while he rolled over to his back so she could now straddle his waist. “ I love you so much.” She mushed the side of their faces together and he laughed.

“Love you too, Bella.” He told the fans goodbye and ended the twitcam.“ Now how about a naked cuddle?” He asked and watched as she sat up to take off her shirt.


Yesterday  I watched the twitcam of Louis and Harry and a moment Louis shows his phone to Harry and say “ me too” with such a soft voice, and Harry smiled like an idito and made a small laugh. Imagine a fan tweet  " I love harry “ and Louis show the tweet to Harry beacause he love Harry too


Harry come in the Louis’s room  when the twitcam so we can think that Louis called Harry and ask him for coming in his room for the twitcam

but a later in the twitcam, we can see Harry take his phone that is plugged in, but before that, we don’t see him connecting his phone

So Harry was in the Louis’s room befor the twitcam and spent much time in because he  left his phone in the room

#87: His twitcam shout out to you


“I’m boring, I’m sorry guys. There’s like millions of you guys watching me sit and doing nothing,” you smiled and giggled at your boyfriend Ashton. If only you were there. He was on tour, and you couldn’t go. You missed Ashton way too much. He was scrolling through his laptop, who know what’s he’s doing on there. “I’m stalking Y/N to much,” he chuckled. The comments blew up. The fans were teasing him. “I am not a creepy stalker! I just miss her!” he giggled. Oh how you loved that giggle.

“Oh here’s a question..” his face lit up and smiled. “How’s Y/N? Do you miss her? She’s fine, I bet she’s watching the twitcam or sleeping. And I miss her alot. Y/N if you’re watching this I love you, I’ll be home soon and you’re amazing,” he giggled again. You decided to text him. “I love you too you dork," Ashton smiled and then locked his phone.


Luke was so bored, him and the band were doing a twitcam. He was just scrolling through his phone and then put it on the table. He pouted his lips. "Hey Luke, you know it’s your girlfriends birthday right?” Calum said. Michael looked at Luke and began laughing. “O-OH OH MY GOD! LUKE FORGOT Y/N’S BIRTHDAY!” Michael began clapping and laughing. “You’re such a bad boyfriend Luke!” Ashton started to giggle. 

You began to laugh, you were watching the twitcam. Luke blushed. “Y/N IF YOU’RE WATCHING, I’M SORRY I FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, WHEN I GET HOME I’LL GIVE YOU YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I’M SORRY BABY,” Luke blushed and covered his eyes. “They’re gonna *wink wink*” Calum hinted and the boys laughed. “No we’re not!” Luke laughed. 


You kept texting Calum, and was watching his twitcam. “My girlfriends an idiot,” he laughed. “I hope she isn’t watching this twitcam and heard this..” you texted back,  “I heard you Hood" and he laughed. "Damn it Y/N! You’re so lucky I love you. She’s watching this twitcam guys,” he groaned. 

“I love you Y/N, when I get home, I hope you realize you shouldn’t of watched this twitcam,” he winked. “Are you trying to make me get punishment or something? Cause it’s not happening mister," you sended the text and smiled victoriously. He rolled his eyes, jokingly and shut his phone off. Oh he’s getting major payback. 


Michael pouted that you were sick. He’s seen your instagram and tweets saying you were sick. "Give Y/N some get well please,” he begged. “She’s really sick, and she’s in the hospital,” he frowned. “Y/N if you’re watching, I love you a lot and please get better,” he gave his cute grin and you smiled. You were watching the twitcam in the hospital room. You tweeted, “I love you @Michael5SOS. You’re such a cry baby with me ;)" 

And then you ended up getting millions of "Get well Y/N”’s and Michael tweeted you back. “@Y/T/N you love me” “@Michael5SOS yeah no. I love video games and pizza than you,” “@Y/T/N DAT E ME PLZ”. You heard Michael giggle. “Y/N you’re such a adorable dork,” he said. Making you smile and ended up twitter fighting with him. 

-Kelly :] x

It makes me really happy how much 5sos say they love us before, during, and after twitcams and on twitter and keeks like sometimes I’m really sad and then I hear them say that and I just smile really big because I love them too

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Top 10 narry moments

Oh man. Okay, um, under a cut. Also, no particular order. and it’s almost become like a master post, oops. okay so to be honest it’s more like “top 10 things that niall and harry do and here’s a bunch of pics/gifs to show it”  AND FUCK I HAD TO CUT OUT SO MUCH STUFF. OH MY GOD WHAT IS MY PROBLEM. #sorrynotsorry #ilovenarry

also you should know that in a word document this is 36 pages….

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What us an Ashton Irwin? Can u tell me all of your wisdom?

ok then seems like it’s ashton’s turn now


well he is the oldest member of 5 seconds of summer (5sos and theyre all pretty cool).

He’s 20 years old but can giggle like a school girl (let’s just say it’s a talent)

He drums like the professional, talented person he is whilst also singing, now if that isn’t ultimate coordination then I don’t know what is. His smile could light up the world because he is literal sunshine and he cares so much for people that i struggle to understand how anyone can ever be mean to him.

He is damn good at drumming those drums that sometimes when listening to a song you can’t help but be amazed at how well he can play them

LIKE LOOK AT HOW HARD OUT HE GOES AS HE PULLS FACES OF CONCENTRATION, JUST WATCHING HIM MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM. he also sings like an angel and every time i recognise his voice in songs, my heart starts to melt and i just wish he sang more. and you think THAT is talent BUT HE CAN PLAY OTHER INSTRUMENTS TOO…one of which is the guitar (just so musically oriented) 

and when guitar ashton comes out it’s just goodbye to ashton girls (rip)

he’s also the guy in the band that makes 70% of the videos and enjoys thanking people so much that if you don’t see a personal video update from him in a week at least, the whole fandom starts to panic.  

and if you were to look up the definition of adorable then you will find his picture right next to it bc THOSE DIMPLES ARE SO DEEP THAT IT CAN CARRY YOUR TEARS IN THEM



tell me you didnt just smile looking at that gif, i told you his smile lights up the world

*rethinks life choices bc i want to be a block of chocolate* 


he is also v v funny bc he makes hilarious comments

especially in twitcams bc i fall in love with ashton all over again from laughing at him and i srsly don’t know how twitcams would roll without ashton bc he just keeps it going and tries to entertain everyone

i could start talking about his beautifully shaped body but that will make me cry so im just going to say biceps


i could talk forever about how beautiful ashton irwin is inside and out but i need to stop myself bc im already on the floor with a pool of my tears


5SOS Preference

Celebrity Series

Part 1 | Part 2

Part 3: You Personally Find Out That He Likes You

It seems like I focused on Twitter a lot, and that might be annoying, but that’s just because it’s a clear form of social media that people use to talk to each other and I think it’s also one of the easiest. 


“Y/N?” Your agent caught your attention as you stared out the window of the car. You were on your way to another photo-shoot, and having been in the exact place the day before, you were petty tired and sort-of out of it. “Yeah?” You replied, still glancing out the window. “I just got you a new job. Would you want to be in a music video?” Your head shot over at her, smirk appearing on your mouth. “What kind of music video?” You asked, fidgeting to look at her better. “Not sure yet, it just says ‘we’d really like to have Y/N Y/L/N, per request of the drummer.” You furrowed your eyebrows, “Let me see it.” You snatched the phone out of her hands, looking at the email. As you were skimming, you found that in-fact the drummer of the band, aka Ashton, had personally told the band’s manager to send this email along to whoever would receive it for you. You giggled at the thought of a drummer, and band, and let’s face it, you were going to be in a music video. Later on, during one of the breaks shooting, you searched up the band and watched their other videos, finding that you were really looking forward to this new shoot. 


On the set of your brand new movie, it wash hard for you to catch a break. You were always either on set or catching up on sleep in your trailer. Recently, you had also been doing a lot of promoting for the movie, doing photo-shoots or interviews to get the word out of the project as much as possible. You’d tweet stills with the other cast, making your fans go crazy. Along with tweeting spoilers, you had also been tweeting Michael a lot more. Now, although you hadn’t actually met in real life, there was a distinct tone of flirtation in the way you would tweet and the emoji’s you would use. One day, as you went on to tweet a selfie, you noticed you had a new direct message, and not one from a fan asking you follow people for them. You smirked when you saw it was from Michael saying, “I think you’re amazing, and I hope this doesn’t come off as weird or creepy, but I was hoping to get your number so we can talk more. Maybe even meet up sometime in the future?” Biting your lip, you brought your thumbs to the keyboard typing back, “Actually that sounds perfect. And p.s. I think you’re amazing too :)”


Your new single had just topped the ITunes charts and you were beyond extatic. “@Y/T/N: Thank you sooooo much to anyone who has bought the song! I love you all more than I love my lip-gloss <3” Seconds after sending the tweet, you saw that someone with the blue check next to their name favorited and retweeted it. Since twitter often gave random notifications, the blue banner appeared at the bottum telling you that Luke Hemmings was the one behind it. After their twitcam, where he revealed to his fans that you were on the top of the list of his favorite people, word around twitter got around and ended up finding its way to you. There were gifs everywhere of the scene and after you saw it, of course you found him super hot and needed to know more about him. Now, you noticed that he had mentioned you in a tweet, “@Luke5SOS: You’re so *hearteye emojis*” You chuckled when you saw it, tweeting back, “Can I say that your even more *hearteye emoji*?” There was no harm in flirtation that sent everyone in a whirl, right?


In your dressing room backstage, you sat on the couch, scrolling through twitter, asking people who they would like to see on your show. What caught your attention the most was the reoccurring, “5SOS! Calum’s obsessed with you!” Each worded a different way, but still getting the point across. Curious, you searched them up and what you found did make you blush. When you scrolled through his tweets, you were kind of creeping, you saw the RT’s and favorites that were yours. You wondered why you never noticed them before, maybe because you were just to busy or never payed attention to it. As you were creeping, an idea popped into your head and you shot out of your dressing room, only minutes before the show. “Adam! Adam!” You yelled down the hallway, searching for the show’s manager. “What? What?” He mimicked with a smirk. “I know who I want on the show, you know how you asked me like last week. Well I know.” “And? Who is it?” He flipped a page on his clipboard. “Well it’s this band called 5 Seconds of Summer.” “Do you want them as a gues-” “Yes.” He laughed at your eagerness, and went right to it. You only had to count down the minutes until you got to tweet the good news. 

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on july 27th, 1993, someone very special was born. he was a beautiful little boy who graced everyone he met with happiness. he wouldn’t know until he was 19 that he would be making people smile everyday. whether it’s a cheeky smile or a cheerful hello, he makes anyone’s day a million times better. he doesn’t wear a cape, but he’s a hero to so many people. happy 21st birthday george paul shelley. i hope you have a day as amazing as you are. :)

I can’t exactly put into words or explain how much you mean to me, but since you’re officially the lucky 21, I decided I would list just 21 of the millions of things I love about you.

1. Your big heart and the way you truly care for people. I will never really understand how this earth was lucky enough to be blessed with someone as stunning on the inside and outside as you. The world doesn’t even deserve you, it can be so cruel and hurtful, which is the exact opposite of you. If someone is having a bad day, you always try to cheer them up. You always go out of your way to make people smile, and never fail to find a way to make someone laugh, which is something I always admire about you.

2. The way you treat your fans. I hope one day I am lucky enough to meet you, give you a huge hug, and tell you all of the things you’ve helped me through. You are always finding new ways to interact with us and make us happy. Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitcam, Snapchat, the list goes on. You always take time out of your day to reply to tweets, dm us, and follow us. You don’t have to do these things, but you choose too. You always show your appreciation for us, I can’t explain how much that means to me. You treat us like family, not just fans.

3. The way your eyes squint and your nose crinkles when you smile big/laugh. I know this is something small to love, but it’s a beautiful sight because it shows your happiness. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy.

4. The meaning behind your tattoos. I love how they’re both so special to you. The coordinates are a reminder of where this journey started with the boys, and shows how far you’ve come. The feather is a reminder to keep dreaming and motivation to keep going. Those little things are so special because they mean something to you. They’re beautiful.

5. The way you use your past as motivation for the future. It’s inspiring to me how you take what bullies have done and use it to push you even further, just to show them you’re more successful than they ever will be. Proving everything they said to be wrong because you have achieved your dreams. All of the crazy things you’ve accomplished, and where are those bullies now?

6. Your ambition and passion for what you do. I love watching you on stage, barely able to keep the smile off of your face as you do what you love. You don’t just do this for fame or fortune, you do it because it’s your dream. You have pushed yourself to achieve your goals, and that motivates me to do the same.

7. The way you are completely optimistic and positive. Finding the bright side of a dark situation. If someone were to ask you if a glass is half full or half empty, you’d say half full. Everyone has bad days, but no matter what you always seem to try and find something good in them.

8. Your obsession with monkeys. It’s actually the cutest thing in the world. 🙈🙊

9. The way you aren’t afraid to be yourself. You’re never fake, never putting on an act. You show the little things that make you different from everyone instead of trying to be something you’re not, and so many people are afraid to do that. You stay true to who you are. You’re one of a kind, and this world needs more people like you honestly.

10. The way your eyes light up and you speak really fast when you talk about something you care about. I could listen to you talk forever. 💖

11. The little phases you go through in your wardrobe whether you’re into wearing bandanas, or checkered shirts, or different rings. Seeing you grow as a person and experiment with different styles makes me smile. (And honestly, you pull off anything 😝).

12. Your voice. It’s so beautiful and light. You have the perfect tone, it’s just so unique and heavenly. It’s different and stands out, and it gives me chills. You really have the voice of an angel. I could listen to you sing anything endlessly, even if it was about something completely random.

13. Your giggle. It’s probably my favorite sound. I can’t help but smile when you laugh at the most random times. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in your head. 😜

14. The way you handle haters. You never put them down or fight back. You never make them feel bad, even if they say the rudest things. It’s really amazing to me how you just ignore them or kill them with kindness. I don’t even understand how anyone could say hateful things to you, but I will always admire how you still stay so kind, even to mean people.

15. You never give up even at the hardest times. Even when people put you down, or said you’d never make it, you still kept trying. You worked hard everyday and even when you felt like it wasn’t going to happen, you tried again. You have a dream and you work at it until it becomes reality. I think that’s something everyone admires. Seeing how you keep going to chase your dreams makes me want to aswell.

16. You keep me strong everyday. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. A lot of things happened in my life that made me just want to give up, but just by watching one of your goofy Snapchat videos or reading one of your tweets, I instantly smiled. I instantly felt happier, even if it was just a few seconds. Seeing the way you are so positive and happy made me realize that I can be too. I am the happiest person now, and I always make sure to think of the positive things around me, all because of you.

17. Your hair — is that okay to say? I’m sure that sounds so uber lame, I mean it’s just hair, but it looks like a cloud I just want to take a nap in it. (This just got weird lmaooo 😂😂).

18. You stay grounded. Even with all of the success you and the boys have had, you manage to not let it get to your head. I can’t say that for a lot of artists nowadays. You haven’t become ignorant, you don’t have a huge ego, you’re still the same boy you’ve always been. Thank you for staying you.

19. Your humor. You never fail to make me laugh at your funny facial expressions or cheesy jokes. 😊

20. How you write songs with just the help of your guitar. You really have a way with words because your lyrics are all perfect. I still love listening to “Smile” because the lyrics really do make me smile. You honestly have so much talent when it comes to music; writing lyrics, singing, and playing guitar.

21. Lastly, I love you because you are you. Everything about you. Inside and out. From the top of your fluffy hair all the way to your toes. All of this writing doesn’t even begin to explain the extent of what an incredible person you are. I tried to keep this short, but I could probably write a book. You are my sunshine. You keep me smiling. Thank you for sharing your kindness and talents with the world. Hope you have the best birthday, I love you.

So, this is my second follow forever. I know the photo above is Christmassy even though Christmas’ over but I don’t really care. Just don’t mind it. So, if you’re here, thank you very much for making my dash fab and tumblr experience amazing. I seriously love each one of you even if I don’t talk with some of you. Well, if we’re not talking, I hope we will talk more because all of you are just so fab, gorg and perf. So here is it!

The Homies:

5secondsofdorksSerious-fucking-ly, Lillie. You’re so beautiful like I look a potato in that twitcam next to you. And you’re very amazing person and you’re funny too. Remember, I will always ship #lielum whatever you do. And you owe me one for giving you such a beautiful ship name with Calum. And I know you’re a 5sos girl because you can’t pick one so let’s just call it that way. Just stay fab girl and I love you so much.

abovelukeOkay, Sarah, I don’t know where to start with you. Like, should I go directly to how kinky you are? You’re kik-ing me you like the word kinky while I’m still sleeping, seriously? Well, even if you’re dirty freak like me, I still love you a lot. And your blog is seriously v rad like you’re v cool person too and I love kik-ing you. Hehehe. I love you so much, birth canel. Hahahaha!

bradfcukI know we don’t talk a lot Bea but I still love you. And you’re so fab like you’re one my favorite bloggers before, until now, of course. And I really consider you like a real life friend, I don’t even know why. I consider all of you in the pinoys as my real life friends because I feel so close with all of you. I miss you loads, baby. And I love you too.

cliffohconda: Oh my god, Kristen. I forgot to add you here because I forgot your url. I’m really so sorry. Well, you know how much I love you even though that happened. And you’re so fucking beautiful like why you no share your beauty with me? You still look so gorg even though it’s one in the morning. Just stay pretty and I love your blog too. I love you loads.

eiffeltsHi, Tessa. I know we don’t talk a lot but you’re still so special to me because you guys are one of my first friends here in Tumblr. And I will always love you even if we don’t talk now. Just stay perfect, girl.

fukcsmichael: I’m still sobbing with all the smuts we write together, Jana. And I know you still love me even if I woke you just to ask if we can do rates together. And you’re pretty amazing person even if you’re so kinky like me. I guess that’s why we go on so well because we’re both dirty bastards. I love you a lot and I’m looking forward on writing the Luke’s smut with you so soon. And your blog is the best. Stay fab.

gayroldsI’m really really happy that we’re friends, like, I just used to adore your blog before and I’m afraid to talk to you before because I’m thinking that you’re v cool and I’m not cool enough for you. Hahaha. Well, I love you a lot even if we don’t talk a lot now. Stay amazing, Karen.

hxrryslegsOkay, Megan. I know you love me so much even if you don’t admit it. And you know that I will never leave you even if I already know that you love me too. You’re so fab person and also your blog so just stay perf, girl. I love you so much.

lieselholmesTrish, you know that my sociable-self here in Tumblr started with you. I owe you a lot, honestly. Like, I guess I will never have this shitload of friends here not because of you. Like, you make me release this inner friendly side of me by creating the ‘the pinoys’ network. I really love you a lot and I miss you so much. I will never forget you.

lukeyharryYou’re so fucking fab, I’m crying. You know how happy I am that we’re friends and everything. And always remember how beautiful you are, Peachy. And your blog is just perfection and I don’t know what else to say. I really hope that I will meet you someday because I would really love that. You’re amazing and very nice person. I love you a lot, Peachy.

lvkehemmingsOkay, Niamh. I know we just started talking recently but I love you a lot. Like, your blog is amazing and v rad. And you’re a dirty freak too like me. Hahahaha. I like crying over 5sos with you and I really really like your blog. Also your url. Just stay amazing, okay? Tree roots will always remind me of you. And always remember that I’m not Australian so I don’t get the Aussie slangs you’re sending me.

sarcalsticOh my god, Esther. I know you’re currently drunk right now. Well, I really hope that someday you will not be scared of snaps anymore. Like, I don’t still get it why you’re scared of my snaps. Hahahaha. Well, I love you a lot, girl. And I really really like your glasses. You look very cute with them on. And you’re a nice person too. Stay perf.

underashtonYes, Megan. You’re so amazing and so is your blog. I remember just admiring your blog because it’s just so fab and now, we’re both friends and I’m really happy. I really really love you so much, Megan. And I hope we will talk more often because you’re so fab. Hehehe.

warpedcliffxrdHi, Jordan. I know that we recently just started talking but I still love you a lot. I don’t know if I have your kik because I forget things so easily so if not, then send me your kik and I’ll add you. And you’re very beautiful too for a thirteen year old. Like, I look very awful when I was thirteen. Just stay perf, girl. I love you so much.

whoalucasHello, Jessica Elyse Cortez. Wow, Jess. I don’t know what to say with you because I don’t know where to start. Like, I remember just going to your blog to read your writings and now we’re friends. We just actually got closer today because of that twitcam. Well, just always remember that I will always ship #caka no matter what. That’s one of my otps forever. And I know you ship #luza too, go on. Just ship it. And #lielum and #michaten. Those better be everybody’s otps. Well, you’re so cool person and your blog is v rad and I love you a lot. I really hope the three of us, me, you and Peachy, will meet someday.

whoamikeyHi, Ashleigh! I know that we just started talking earlier but who cares, right? You’re now my close friend whether you like it or not. I know you like it because you love me too. I really like your url a lot and your blog is v amazing. You’re so beautiful too like I’m watching you to straighten your hair awhile ago. Hahaha. That might sounds too creepy but whatever. I love you so much, Ash. Stay perf.

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+thepinoys - I love each and everyone of you! You guys are the best and amazing. Thank you very much for everything. Stay awesome, all of you.


If you’re not here and you’re following me, I still love you, okay?

I hope this will make you smile. Hehehe. :-)